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Faceit London CS:GO Major - Coverage & Predictions

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WarOwl travels to London for the Faceit London CS:GO Major. Nah just kidding, I'm just talking about the games a bit and giving my predictions. Join us on Twitch for a chill cast of certain matches. Twitch: http://twitch.tv/warowl
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Text Comments (805)
Mastershooter 63 (11 days ago)
0:15 when you realize that you have no milk left for your cereal
Ian Matthew Lua (12 days ago)
hey warowl hahaha unfortunately u got the prediction wrong on navi vs astralis oh well, u got about 6/7 which is pretty good so i'm still giving u that sub on twitch :D!
Spear (14 days ago)
5:04 fak
Tom LAG (16 days ago)
Almost 100% prediction!
Luke Harris (17 days ago)
so close to that sub bro
Alex (20 days ago)
Why the hate on MIBR?
LtSMASH324 (18 days ago)
Because you can't just make a top team by adding players from two good teams together.
RatusNatus (22 days ago)
Its not just in your head. Most pro players are not heavy at all. They do know a lot of smokes, nades and flash but tha is it.
Kristijan Jozić (23 days ago)
Astralis won ☺
decaffeinated depresso (23 days ago)
So close on that prediction....so so so so close
endorphin_2x steam (23 days ago)
you just killed me in fortnite, I was endorphin_2X. You both had shotguns and shield and height, while I had a grey ar. I got your friend low
Jurgen Volders (24 days ago)
Soooo close!!!!! Great prediction!!!!
Comkio (24 days ago)
But WarOwl, what happened to solo queue to global? :(
SillyBlyper 112 (25 days ago)
Will u make a fpl series??
Jake Jascob (25 days ago)
Watching your videos almost makes me wanna play counter strike again
DarkOwl2 (25 days ago)
thought he was gonna get all the teams right but nah :(
Andrew Hicks (25 days ago)
Im a G2 fan, my teammate is an miBR fan. I messaged him talking about how G2 2-1 FaZe (esl one new york) today. He said "why do you care the major is over" I responded 'Because im not talking about the major' to recieve "the major is the only important event"
Dannypicacho (25 days ago)
You were so close to getting the ladder perfectly...
arjun roy (26 days ago)
Creepily on point prediction except for the finals.
Matt Summ (26 days ago)
WAROWL make a guide on AUDIO/SOUND settings (I wasn't asking...)
Kobe Keats (26 days ago)
did i hear streets of rage?
Samarth Munzni (26 days ago)
nuri metin önal (26 days ago)
man you need to put more educational videos. I dont see any channels can reach your content quality
Nikos gamer (26 days ago)
WarOwl got only 1 wrong in his predictions thats amazing
KaNem (27 days ago)
Thank you warowl i grinded to mg1 with your help climbing fast thank you very much you are my inspiration to play cs <3
Da CoStA (27 days ago)
Fuck he got everytging right
Da CoStA (21 days ago)
+Viva las Vegas ohh yeah i forgot he said navi
Viva las Vegas (26 days ago)
Da CoStA except Astralis beat navi
Iftikhar Shipar (27 days ago)
Holy shit
t0fu.K (27 days ago)
Top 10 Pranks That Went To Far. Astralis winning over Na'Vi
Virtuoso (27 days ago)
Cameron Sergeant (27 days ago)
Hahahahha so close
amir b101 (28 days ago)
Wow you're pickems were so good, if only you chose Astralis over Na'Vi
Marisa LaBlue (28 days ago)
Keep up the awesome work! :) I would love if we both supported each other<3
Adoptedturtle (28 days ago)
Your predictions were right about everything but the finals ...
WoozyTuber (28 days ago)
Dear WarOwl , i know you dont make mm academy anymore but, could you teach me how to play? My favorite fish is the sardine and if you reply i'll give you the demo.
Takk (28 days ago)
Sry m8, our predictions were almost the same,.. except I never doubted Atralis. You shoulden't neither. They got the chair the rest of this year, until every team watches their demos.
Matyas Fekete (28 days ago)
I think NaVi will lose the final tho. :/
SilverRonald (28 days ago)
You got everything right except the finals
Ace of Losers (28 days ago)
RIP Twitch Subs
Thomas Falk (28 days ago)
Yet Astralis won
E M U (28 days ago)
Hymnjyoti Das (28 days ago)
why the fuck navi lost :(
Hey.There (28 days ago)
Bro so close....But astralis won....But still I'll sub to your twitch
Sagnik Nath (28 days ago)
Were going good, until you met Astralis. Still subbed <3
Otterly Cute (28 days ago)
Astralis won.. but will still sub.. XD
GTX___XTG CodeBre6er (28 days ago)
Do people still play L4D2?(left 4 dead 2)
perniciousgreg (28 days ago)
close on the picks
Vad Vad (28 days ago)
Can you keep making tips and tricks for the last version of cs? :(
Justin Kenzie (28 days ago)
Astralis won what are you gonna do now
Maakola77 (28 days ago)
So close 👍
Dave (28 days ago)
Haha Astralis won war owl
ziggy nellemann (28 days ago)
Omg Best prediction ever made
Marc de Montbron (28 days ago)
Deals a deal. I'll be subbing to your twitch channel bruv.
Deusdekis (28 days ago)
Running regularly is great! Juste make sure you have good running shoes, especially if you’re running on a hard ground.
octachiron _ (29 days ago)
wow nice accurate prediction lol
FitaGamerTV (29 days ago)
almost almost right in the prediction lmao but nice
Rasmus Agergaard (29 days ago)
Well you were close :)
harpreet Sangar (29 days ago)
sorry no sub you got it wrong :3
D evilfish (29 days ago)
close call my friend. no sub for you!
GotNoChill (29 days ago)
<3<3<3 quite accurate predictions except the last one.....maybe they should replace the chicken with an owl next tym XD
A random guy (29 days ago)
Well, I guess we don't owe you that sub then...
Yathish Prabhu (29 days ago)
Aaaand Astralis wins!!!!
LOLquendoTV (29 days ago)
What a boring major final, navi got fucked
Socute Raptor (29 days ago)
Astralis win. Navi lose. You're almost right. :D
Bertram Andersen (29 days ago)
you where wrong my man ;I Denmark4Life
Bzorlan (29 days ago)
I had some hope for navi :(
eliezer dejano (29 days ago)
Wth you predicted the games 90%
jankkhvej (29 days ago)
Wow you are really close on the predictions it's still 50 min till the final begins tho
Marius Dan Ragamentu (29 days ago)
MuL (29 days ago)
Is anyone else freaked out with the eerie accuracy that he predicted so far?
Wubbywub (29 days ago)
WTF he's right, now we just wait for finals results
Vince Honorario (29 days ago)
HOLY COW this is almost accurate
Bzorlan (29 days ago)
Tuck your bloody shirt in boy
A random guy (29 days ago)
Hahaha wtf, he's predicted everything right. WarOwl sees into the counter strike future....
A random guy (29 days ago)
Jesus Christ, you actually might be right. It's Na'Vi vs Astralis now.
Razzix (29 days ago)
These pick ems are amazing lol i lost my gold coin bc i believed in my country. What a absolute dumbass move lmao fuck big
BuzzinTate (29 days ago)
4:50 wtf that third kill looked so sus
cr1pps (23 days ago)
Yeah it’s a problem with the demos.. happens to me sometimes.. kinda skips through a kill really fast and makes it look like some weird aimlock sort of thing
A random guy (29 days ago)
hahaha ikr, some aimbot shit right there
Housebreaker Official (29 days ago)
Update: 100% right until the finals which are coming up :)
IDeEI Bagira (29 days ago)
Oh shit he can see the future
MercYami (29 days ago)
Warowl the prediction God
Marc de Montbron (29 days ago)
So far your predictions are right mate.
Marc de Montbron (28 days ago)
+E M U oh yea! Haha!
E M U (28 days ago)
And he got the finals wrong lmao
Launders (29 days ago)
I think all of them are correct.
jOSHuA (29 days ago)
I think we're about to owe you a sub on Twitch
Infinity (29 days ago)
What iF WarOwl's "no closure" line is his closure. :O
Clorox Bleach (29 days ago)
Pretty accurate so far
馬來糕Malaigao (29 days ago)
Wow so far your predictions are completely correct .
wagagagaggag (29 days ago)
We all owe him a twitch sub so far....
ryan good (29 days ago)
Well Damn, you successfully picked both finalists, nice work.
cytone xd (29 days ago)
Sam.H (29 days ago)
Well, so far, your predictions are right...
Thomas Falk (28 days ago)
he was right all the way to the grand final were Astralis smashed Na'vi 2-0
Paolo Pavia (29 days ago)
The prediction of the semi's and final we're right lol
nicemelbs (29 days ago)
Everything about your prediction is correct so far. Finals match against Na'Vi and Astralis tomorrow.
Ripan Nath (29 days ago)
And Astralis won
deskpro256 (29 days ago)
Damn, you hit it 100%, Brent!
Vijyant Rautela (29 days ago)
Wow you have got all the predictions right! Damn! (Except for the finals, which will go down tomorrow)
Astaelian (29 days ago)
Well it's accurate up till now.
kumar ujjwal (29 days ago)
He is so fucking right till now
moosed0g (29 days ago)
He actually has all the predictions right as astralis is beating up luquid xd
Omkar Bhosale (1 month ago)
WTF! ur prediction is right man... Navi destroyed mibr. I hope astralis will win
Hello (1 month ago)
I swear to God I just saw you in the crowd of the Dust 2 map of NaVi vs MIBR. They showed this guy during the Twitch stream they looked damn near exactly like you.
Satvik P.S (1 month ago)
He got all the quarter final predictions right
Kiwi - Agario (1 month ago)
Didnt Fnatic 16-0 faze a long time ago?
HXASHI GAMING SHOW (1 month ago)
Pim van Keulen (1 month ago)
he got the quarterfinals right

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