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EPIC THUNDER & RAIN | Rainstorm Sounds For Relaxing, Focus or Sleep | White Noise 10 Hours

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Buy Epic Thunder MP3: https://goo.gl/NLY0Vs Up here in the mountains, this thunderstorm just got real. The thunder rumbles across the jagged landscape. Rain pelts down on the cabin porch in an even rhythm. There's something mesmerizing about nature's sonic symphony. I'm pretty sure this storm is going to last ten hours, so sit back and enjoy. © Relaxing White Noise LLC, 2015. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
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Text Comments (14798)
Textra1 (4 hours ago)
15k down votes? Who down votes this? O.o
Alex Sandro jr (5 hours ago)
this + blues= <3
Get out door Dk (5 hours ago)
Get out door Dk (5 hours ago)
You da Best
Dave Johnson (11 hours ago)
Kathya I cannot wait until we can listen to this for real in the Philippines together
Butera Queen (16 hours ago)
Goodnight from Oklahoma❤
TheDuke013 (18 hours ago)
This helps m3 sleep thank u for makeing this I love thunder storms in the United states we don't get thes very often so thank u O by the way subscribe to reblewolf39
Stop commenting and get to sleep! 😴😬😂
Epsea Grey (22 hours ago)
Nice no midroll adds 😎
Aidan Heneghan (22 hours ago)
I got school tomorrow 😤🤬
Bo3 And More (1 day ago)
Good night from USA🇺🇸
Vilox (1 day ago)
Can someone make this shorter so I can download it pls (cuz this drains a lot of my phone batteries when I sleep
angie bloom (1 day ago)
In 13 n my mum always sing lullubies for me to sleep Buh she went on a business trip n I couldn't sleep bcox there was no lulluby But I came to YouTube and saw it I hope i fall asleep soon
SM4_Sy1h3 (1 day ago)
Marie Pagod (1 day ago)
*I nutted*
Mattdillon KONG (1 day ago)
I only Got to 7:52:21
Mattdillon KONG (1 day ago)
I only Got to 7:52:21
J B (1 day ago)
thx u so much for that sound it help me often to calm down and sometime to sleep ♡
Ugh!!! I wanna see how this video ends!
Noelle Zabinski (1 day ago)
Watching this at 12:00 in the morning
MaoriCheese (1 day ago)
Parents: Go to sleep Me: One more video *goes to this video*
Apollyon (1 day ago)
Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Apollyon (1 day ago)
Whats the song at 2:00:00
Lucy Hall (1 day ago)
I do something relaxing like colouring when I listen to this
Nicole Merrill (1 day ago)
"Bonne soirée", d'une canadienne française
Stephen Byrne (1 day ago)
Beautiful, serene. My children fall into deep sleep attending to this. Gratitude.
Rowan Stemmer (2 days ago)
This is so relaxing Oo< I tired now... Gnight peeps ;p *Falls asleep* You:*Pokes Rowan* Me: DA FOY I SLEEPIN HERE! You: .-. Okay srry. Me*Falls back asleep* You:Shh! Dont wake her up! XDD
Shyzoo Phreniacc (2 days ago)
Goodnight from France everyone, wherever you're on the world this video makes you sleep, sweet RainAddictCommunity member SweetDreams mates
Collin VanNoort Vlogs (2 days ago)
I got to 6:02:06
Martin Kuska (2 days ago)
It's really cool to watch it
Urièl Chamberlain (2 days ago)
This is really good!!! So soothing! Love it! Thank you!
clexa the 100 fan (2 days ago)
Listening to this while it's raining and there's thunderstorm too
abdi olow (2 days ago)
Goodnight form Canada 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😝😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 gucci gang ice
HyperWhite7 (2 days ago)
😴Good Night From Boston🇺🇸
jim davis (2 days ago)
Goodnight from Texas 🇺🇸❤
Nintendo Fan27 (2 days ago)
It's literally raining like this where I live.
Jules The God (3 days ago)
I like it if you could make another with Louder thunder as well thanks
marijnleo (3 days ago)
Goodnight from The Netherlands!
Stephanie Ivey (3 days ago)
R Ra Rain Rai Ra R
Stephanie Ivey (3 days ago)
(°○°) | | | | |
craft holic (3 days ago)
lovely video!
علي فارس (3 days ago)
جميل جدآ
Liyah Armstrong (3 days ago)
this really help me sleep I really luv this❤✨🌒💀😎
shrek 2 (4 days ago)
i listened to it 4 hours and i studied the whole time. do u think i'll pass the test?? do i need mooore studying??
Cookies Videos (4 days ago)
This is bob (>~<) / | \ / \ His family always has party’s so he does not get any sleep 😴 2 likes = no music playing in his house
Paul Wolf Fagan (4 days ago)
Thank you.....
Amy Richards (4 days ago)
I feel like I'm a kid again when the power gose out and me and little brother Rin around w/ flash lights on!!😋 Lol
Yayo Les (4 days ago)
goodnight from houston🤘
M NAWFAS (5 days ago)
im almost can smell the rain.
Tarot Healer (5 days ago)
I love it
Tarot Healer (5 days ago)
Wow so relaxing
Wompa Stompa (5 days ago)
Thunder and lightning, very very frightening.
OtherworldlyEntity87 (5 days ago)
Greatly needed especially after you're coming off a 3 day bender and conventional methods for falling asleep haven't been working out
g man (5 days ago)
backwards this reading keep, quickly sleep To
Emily Fagner (5 days ago)
I dare the person reading this comment to watch the entire thing without falling asleep comment if you did!😉👍👌😎😁 and please no liars
Stella Marsh (5 days ago)
Hey, why we texting? Its bedtime everyone!
Littlejeeper 7 (5 days ago)
Boi if you don’t get yo sleep - Mom
Dcage Pcutta (5 days ago)
I cant find my joint with the mug in the window. That was the one. This one is obviously a hit.
GalaxyKiKiez (5 days ago)
*_epic from epic gamessss_*
suzie Marie (5 days ago)
Im here because my boyfriend plays this so we can sleep but he's not here tonight...
Grew Tame (5 days ago)
spoiler alert: it rains
Grew Tame (5 days ago)
k now i feel bad
Amber Jones (6 days ago)
Make it like 10000)00000000000
Marius Weber (6 days ago)
Lyrics: ayayaya ayayayaya let it rain over me.......
Anas Pro (6 days ago)
Gamingoff King (6 days ago)
Ꮢa‏Ꮇi (6 days ago)
Good night 🌙 From Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦.
Ꮢa‏Ꮇi (6 days ago)
مطّر وقُران❤️.
Kevin Olivares (6 days ago)
I only got to 5:03:34
Gian Nakpil (6 days ago)
Tony Ewald (6 days ago)
Aim not from texas. Aim from holland.
y0uonlyburnmy bridges (6 days ago)
I don't know why I would rather listen to this than the real thunderstorm outside my house right now
Desheryviev (6 days ago)
Good Night from Rio de Janeiro 🇧🇷
Ricky Brown (6 days ago)
Good night from Detroit Michigan
Ella Havia (6 days ago)
It helped me sleep :D
eezrock (6 days ago)
night from Utah (no, not mormon)
Hashknight Gaming (6 days ago)
Zamariya Clifton (6 days ago)
Goodnight 😘❣️
Brenda Ferrell (6 days ago)
ron willcox (7 days ago)
I just recorded 10 hours of sunshine …..but I couldn't hear nuffin as I had heardfone s on
Mel Owens (7 days ago)
LYRICS: *continuous rain sounds*
Sean Warren (7 days ago)
Could use a distant Taps on a bugle at the beginning and a reveille at the end.
therealxbomb (7 days ago)
it made me sick
The Texas Tickler (7 days ago)
Howdy goodnight from Texas. In reality I'll probably be up a few more hour, but none the less. ✌️
Conquer _YT (7 days ago)
GoodNight from New Jersey,get some rest
Everyone that is going to sleep good night
Kelvin Young (7 days ago)
I got a 220 gallon planted aquarium , stocked with tropical fish & LED light that has lighting effects on it. Man this rain and lightning storm on my Bluetooth speaker is to much ... I literally fall asleep almost every night in front of it...
Ja'La Hall (7 days ago)
Good night from Minnesota 👋🏽😴
neonkitty23 (7 days ago)
Love this 😁
abdi olow (7 days ago)
Goodnight form Canada
ShyZz (7 days ago)
Goodnight from the uk 🖤🤗
Claire Bear (8 days ago)
Goodnight from Antarctica 😊⚪
Nap Monster (8 days ago)
Full blast AC with this Bgm..is really helpful to find my sleep...happy sleeping guys!!😁
Larry Koopa (8 days ago)
( ° °
If anyone is wondering why there's so many dislikes, my guess is it's because this is not a live recording.
Emma Chan (8 days ago)
I slept for 7 hours bc of this!!! TYSM!
Adrián Medina (8 days ago)
I only got to sleep in 7:45 of the vid :/
TOFOR AdamYT (8 days ago)
Not Amazing Realy
Fandom's Nerdy girl (8 days ago)
*(°_ °) < | > /\
HyperWhite7 (8 days ago)
Good Night from Massachusetts

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