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Sunrider Mask of Arcadius - Part 8 Miner Escort Side Mission

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As promised from the Steam forums, I'm releasing this video a day early since people are having trouble. I made a mistake adding up the amount of CP I actually spent here. Vanguard Cannon is 2500, and the other three commands are all 750, meaning I spent 4750 CP in this battle only to get 4650 in return, but I also came out about $3000 ahead. If you have to get some kind of specialized upgrade to pass this (that won't help in future battles), it is not really worth doing at all and you're best moving on with the story. It would be nice if you could find out what was inside of the ship that caused PACT to feel the need to send a good portion of their fleet at you. It would be kind of cool if it were actually something important to the story rather than some unknown item to put players through this ordeal rather than just putting them through it. I was also hoping for some kind of additional reward since I lost 100 CP for doing this. A 10% discount or something at Sophita's shop would be pretty cool. People are talking about how the value of some of the units is pretty bad and with the way upgrades get so expensive later on, you do have problems. The devs have mentioned looking into things, but this playthrough is already complete, so whatever they come across is not my concern. Some rebalancing may be needed, but it also depends on long term plans I guess. As for my upgrades, I edited the whole screen out since I sat in there for almost 10 minutes trying to calculate things (and I was sitting on 2k and the Wishall). To summarize, I had the following: Sunrider: Hull lvl 6, Reactor lvl 5, Evasion lvl 2 Kinetic- Damage 6, Accuracy 5, Cost 4 Flak 3, Armor 3, 1 Repair Drone and the Vanguard upgrade Liberty: Hull 3, Shield 3, Range 2, Armor 3 Bianca: Hull 4, Shield 2, Range 2, Armor 3 Paladin: Hull 3, Reactor 5 Kinetc- Damage 6, Accuracy 6, Cost 4 Flak 2, Armor 6 Seraphim: Hull 4, Evasion 2, Armor 4 Kinetic- Damage 7, Accuracy 5 Phoenix: Hull 4, Reactor 3, Evasion 3 Flak 2, Armor 6 Blackjack: Hull 5, Reactor 5, Evasion 2 Laser- Damage 6, Accuracy 5, Cost 5 Flak 2, Armor 6 The Sunrider upgrades are good to know for when I put up one of the endings. After spending all of that money powering it up, I think I have the right to lose my cool.
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XenoAlex2222 (3 years ago)
Well done you're doing a great job! Thanks for the help! :)
TheHeroOfLight (3 years ago)
+XenoAlex2222 Glad I could help

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