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CS 1.6 Pro-Gaming Zombie Plague

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Pro-Gaming Zombie EvilNight'VIP+Bank+KnifeMenu Online : Yes IP address:
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Text Comments (51)
breackcraft toore (2 days ago)
why Trelex you 1sec Duck ?
VIVEX ARC-V (2 days ago)
Unaiz Shaikh (1 month ago)
give me server ip bro
Gui_ Dragon (1 month ago)
T!Rellex you VIP?
اخ ياوجع (2 months ago)
I was in it and I was VlP Can I appreciate I was a lover I love her so much but I have problems Ahlih I miss my friends and I have friends of Hell 😢😢😢😢😢
GameS- HaCkeR (3 months ago)
Nice Lm
GameS- HaCkeR (3 months ago)
admin Free
Aleksa Grbušić (3 months ago)
That is not pro gameplay you stupid, they are just AFK
Banat TV (5 months ago)
count strike
Arda Ertas (8 months ago)
Cok iyi yaa. Ne ozledim o gunleri
Nojaus Vlogai (8 months ago)
hi trilexx can u give me this cs 1.6 link please
XMiki MunjaX (8 months ago)
how did you record with no lag on Bandicam??
Rai Chad (11 months ago)
Trilexx i am innocent gopal#1
ZAKI CoMa PIzZA (11 months ago)
faut yo
ZAKI CoMa PIzZA (11 months ago)
السلام عليكم يا شباب يا قمر ربنا يوفقك و
Macedonian Games IG (1 year ago)
Tr!lexx go back Aki-King Destroyer s admin or I tell Jehon get your owner aki boosted with money idiot
AbuAhmd _ (1 year ago)
no`t working
jo da (1 year ago)
october cing99 (1 year ago)
did u made this room because u can change the gun
Freddy Enrique (1 year ago)
maldita de perraldsdowlady h
o tr8lex qysh duhet me i qit laser mine plz broo tregom
atomei dutu (1 year ago)
atomei dutu кинь ип
Sola Star (1 year ago)
iip plz
Phoeni'X unnamed (1 year ago)
Suksese Vllaqko
MIKE CSO (1 year ago)
Give me the map name so I can download
Counter Gaming (1 year ago)
noob sv go 151?80.57.79:27016 best sv NO LAGS and free Admin
Zap Monster (1 year ago)
why no one wants to subscribe to this guy he's vid is amazing
XMiki MunjaX (1 year ago)
yes HE Best!!
Zap Monster (1 year ago)
Tr!LeXX (1 year ago)
Moab Casallos thnx ☺
Am Ine (1 year ago)
i subcribe him
xXroyalgamerXx (1 year ago)
new ip pls
hamdy saad (1 year ago)
Online : NO :(
hamdy saad (1 year ago)
hamdy saad (1 year ago)
Qual é o número desse mapa
LDShadowLady h (1 year ago)
Tr!LeXX you are noob
AWPZ AWP (9 months ago)
Like are you retarded he the Co owner he has access to commands idiot
Macedonian Games IG (1 year ago)
he is co owner or head admin on all servers sometimes he s pro noob
XMiki MunjaX (1 year ago)
new ip plzz
skakif ismail (2 years ago)
give me vip
skakif ismail (2 years ago)
plz trilexx how to buy vip
Puzzless Firulovic (2 years ago)
sta je sa servera mozda me znas jos trilex Sp0nGGeBOZZ!
Lasma Stupmane (2 years ago)
Nice combos of weapons
BORN TO PLAY COC (2 years ago)
wow amazing

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