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CS:GO - How to Drop your Team!

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This happens once in a blue moon. Thanks for sending in the clips!: 1. http://youtube.com/TheBrenanaExperience 2. http://youtube.com/user/HillbillyJim619 The last time it happened: https://youtu.be/MmM7ztlEpBg Song: [Future Bass] - Kasbo - Again [Monstercata Releases] Link to song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuJ6cHeEx4Q Label channel: https://www.youtube.com/monstercat Support on iTunes: http://monster.cat/1KUNJ6E Support on Beatport: http://monster.cat/1Irrqor Support on Bandcamp: http://monster.cat/1hnYBAi Looking for my twitch?: http://www.twitch.tv/Sparkles I haven't started streaming yet, but plan on doing so on that channel as soon as I get better internet (2015). Come join Sparkles Ninjas steam group!: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SparklesNinjaGroup Need cheap, fast, reliable hosting? (Teamspeak, CS:GO, CS:S, Minecraft, etc), check out PKR Hosting! Use code "Sparkles" for 15% discount. http://pkrhosting.co.uk/sparkles In a generous mood? Donate CS:GO skins!: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=509&token=3JYtM5Hs Do you have sick demos you think I'll be able to use on my channel? (Only CRAZY footage, I do not take 4k's & reject 98% of what I'm sent) If so, click here to submit them!: http://eddstanton.com/sparkles/ ----------------- Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SparklesYT
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Text Comments (530)
zenkyn (1 year ago)
Bro What just happened...
Daniel Jawffei (1 year ago)
my whole futurebass playlist is in ur old videos....
Bram Bovens (1 year ago)
*idk why i watched this like 4 times*
Patrick Chen (2 years ago)
hasan oubeden (2 years ago)
best teamwork ever :D
Treior Gaming (2 years ago)
Omg that was sick
Jai (2 years ago)
AtaKemaL Günsal (2 years ago)
Rafcio (2 years ago)
I don't understand the second (bonus) clip, what is going in this?
Nemere Zsombi (2 years ago)
Soos (2 years ago)
i see one beeter on dust 2 with awp
Mark Pluse (2 years ago)
Русские кушать?
Obito Uchiha (3 years ago)
What Deagle is that?
MasterYoshitaka (3 years ago)
Ok that's pretty damn funny and nicely played.
Ryan Milligan (3 years ago)
He must have been like "thanks, Jesus"
Kajetan Borawski (3 years ago)
Eric Serobyan (3 years ago)
HEY GUYS OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ______________________________________ I started out making cs vids and have a lot of great footage. Please check out my vids, share them, and give me tips on how i can make em better! THANKS YOUTUBE!
g kx (3 years ago)
last ct looks like a sissy
badvinsky (3 years ago)
Mm-m-m-m-m-MONSTER KAT
Ozzy Jones (3 years ago)
Im doing a giveaway right now. Come see!!! http://www.twitch.tv/ozzyjonez
teamjnd (3 years ago)
I ALWAYS COME HERE TO GET HYPE FOR CS:GO, if I want to play or not I hit up sparkles to see if I am hyped up to play and it usually works. I also train to some of the tracks hes used for his edits. I have also discovered music artist that I now love thanks to this channel, KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!
BeggerStager (3 years ago)
Care package inbound.
Cha Marquez (3 years ago)
Sparkles, use 10 Glock 18 Water Elementals, you get a M4A1-S Cyrex
Cha Marquez (3 years ago)
I cant be the only one that saw he type Monstercata
Matt Cole (3 years ago)
*cue dramatic music* Coming this summer, the Ak that could.
dyllan vidaña (3 years ago)
LOL this clip made me cry hahaha its so awesome
Simmesand 1 (3 years ago)
Song name
Sandy (3 years ago)
Weather for this evening: Cloudy with a slight chance of AK-47 drops
Simon Petrikov (2 years ago)
Turah Wobo (3 years ago)
keanewarrior (3 years ago)
i believe i can fly
Paklas (3 years ago)
LOL that was cool :)
Silent Mongoose08 (3 years ago)
Love the music.
Gustavo Peixoto (3 years ago)
kkkkkkkkkkkkk essa foi boa
Sigtedaunt Sigtedaunt (3 years ago)
Goat (3 years ago)
wizwicher (3 years ago)
sparkles i have the sikest ninja defuse on mirage last round last seckond BUT have do i find my downlode demo plss show totorial sorry for bad english. awnser fast!!!!/wizwicher
Felipe Lima (3 years ago)
that ak drop was 100% calculated. Kappa
Eric Fleming (3 years ago)
I'm that person that eats cheez-its while watching your videos
Silent Mongoose08 (3 years ago)
Imagine if the AK saved someone from an AWP shot!
Gizmo OG (3 years ago)
This has to be the sickest clip I've ever seen. Holy fuck
Kaljan Makuinen Olut (3 years ago)
1 - Skill 2 - Hacks
Max958 (3 years ago)
Godsend a AK-47
Julius Merzlikinas (3 years ago)
The site is bugged :(
JBFilms (3 years ago)
Nice Camera Movement Sparkles =)
Tomas Molina Ehrman (3 years ago)
husk (3 years ago)
Zac Gan (3 years ago)
wtf, clearly 1 deaged and not ded..... wot???
Charley Castle (3 years ago)
Zac Gan (3 years ago)
+Charley Castle:o
Charley Castle (3 years ago)
+Zac Gan the flash saved the guy by blocking the bullet
Jorge Silva (3 years ago)
I am a MG1 and i'm looking 4 a team (Clan) if anyone is lf1 please tell me, u can test me if u want :D
Exotics UK (3 years ago)
A gift from the gods
vinni I (3 years ago)
Dude, did you just take this straight off Reddit?
DanielSd // OlegVeDani (3 years ago)
DanielSd // OlegVeDani (3 years ago)
hey saprkles can you show your view model plz i have you crossair all ready
anderas knudsen (3 years ago)
Bola (3 years ago)
AHAHAHAH to good :)
CourtexGaming (3 years ago)
Dat Is Meh (3 years ago)
Okey, i was on steam market and looked at Five-SeveN Case Hardeneds and i found one that is 90%-100% blue for the same price as the realy bad ones. So i bought it as fast i could. And i've checked over 200 of them and to find one as good as mine the price is 10 times much. Are they overprice or is Blue Gems worth THAT much more. Was i just very lucky that someone probably didn't know that Blue Gems are worth more?
fruitdealer007 (3 years ago)
Allahu akbar<3
Im1LetterShor (3 years ago)
Lmao dope
Soner ve Sener oyunda (3 years ago)
BennyK (3 years ago)
The odds
Probably (3 years ago)
I have been saved by flash once it's so cool because sparks cover up your screen
Tony Ventouris (3 years ago)
You know who's awesome? Look at the first word :)
Harry Morris (3 years ago)
Saved by the flash? ;)
Black jesus (3 years ago)
If there was stickers on Flashbangs,decoys,grenades etc.. He would probably have luck is skill
elefent (3 years ago)
Can i get VAC ban for this?
Mr.Bouda (3 years ago)
checkout my channel for nice csgo videos :D
weiser manning (3 years ago)
Yah these are old from like 5 days ago on reddit wtf explain sparkles!?
Dali Bf (3 years ago)
can you make longer videos? :3
Dawid Henryk Starejki (3 years ago)
People who liked this must have dick in their's eyes. What a shitty edit. xdddd Sparkles worst community xdd
Wen Ryean (3 years ago)
sparkes's giveaway is incoming…
FREYZ (3 years ago)
Go ti My Chanel for cs Go videos and more plz subscriber too. If i get 50 subbs i gana have a givawey
Dofu (3 years ago)
+FREYZ go ti my cannl for salf advertissing1!!!111 pls subscriber to me i will doo awpe drakon lor gifawey111!!
SpaceJam 2k (3 years ago)
can you do more NINJA DEFUSE montages?
Qwaentos (3 years ago)
viewmodel pls
Trihard12345 (3 years ago)
A bird can fly but a fly can't bird.
Wowmoregaming (3 years ago)
CopperTFox (3 years ago)
Sparkles you could write the name of the people who send you the clips in a corner...would be interesting to know who send you this clips c:
Ethan Porter (3 years ago)
Sparklez, why u fall behind, music is old and clip is repeat
StormyEdits (3 years ago)
NGT Community (3 years ago)
You should post full gameplays of CSGO Competitive please. Also awesome A's give to your team mate
Generic (3 years ago)
i cant watch these vids anymore because i see them on reddit like a week prior
Xtelm (3 years ago)
Есть кто?
Althios (3 years ago)
That's so amazing lol
Endangered Species (3 years ago)
Sparkles.... You are cool and all, but your music taste sucks.... For all montage videos
Marcelo Salum (3 years ago)
Where is the 900k giveaway?
bodyrockerlv (3 years ago)
You are the best remember that
bodyrockerlv (3 years ago)
In steam I am $$$GreenSnakeGamer$$$
bodyrockerlv (3 years ago)
Sad that I didn't get a drop from you I have a bad luck
bodyrockerlv (3 years ago)
Sparkles you are the best cs go gamer ever
Jenn Ferley (3 years ago)
That's awesome :D wow :D
Tom Whitehouse (3 years ago)
Were are ur risky trade ups
ZanderDogz (3 years ago)
This clip was on reddit a few days ago...
reddit clips op
mish4291 (3 years ago)
try to do that drop 100 milion times and you'll never succeed
Ralph Wiggum (3 years ago)
Wouldn't it be cool if that was a strat used by pros xD
Amias (3 years ago)
Sparkles Senpai I sub and unsub like 3 times a week to see how many subs you're getting every week. dont hate me Q_Q
Zorruus (3 years ago)
DaddyChan (3 years ago)
Saw the flash save on reddit first :3
luis badboy king (3 years ago)
luis badboy king (3 years ago)
When u start streaming :(
TheRealYWF (3 years ago)
i dont understand what happened in the 2nd clip?
TheRealYWF (3 years ago)
+Ali Zolfaghari oh right :)
Ali Wz (3 years ago)
+TheRealYWF - Top Quality Gaming Content! bullet hit the flash so he didnt die

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