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Counter-Strike: Online 2 Mod for CS:GO / CS:S

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After the shutdown of CS: Online 2 a crew of modders are trying to save what is left by porting the game over to CS:GO and CS:S. CS:O2 Dust 2 and other maps for Counter-Strike Global Offensive: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1268685542 Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/ESCalationOffic
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Text Comments (103)
Arroys (6 months ago)
counter-strike offline 2 XD
doctor retarded (6 months ago)
The XD just makes it better
gigaia qutaiseli (6 months ago)
Savage Gui (6 months ago)
Or maybe people knewed it.
Savage Gui (6 months ago)
You stealed my joke lmao. xD
Takeshi (6 months ago)
Kurumi Muzukashii (15 days ago)
God I'll never forget what the made Vertigo into. Would like to see that shit in GO.
Hm...i'm like that css × cso2
AlphaLeader772 (1 month ago)
omg imagine zombie swarm with this, that would be amazing!
Xamer (4 months ago)
can someone seperate the weapons from that pack?
Kim Sama (4 months ago)
Still better than CSGO
Dale Amodia (5 months ago)
counter strike weaboo edition.
incredibil45 (5 months ago)
post the link to download the mod for css? ..
Tim Suetens (5 months ago)
So is it truly 100% impossible to play the real CSO2?
club csnz (5 months ago)
I'm still waiting for the release of the European version of counter-strike nexon zombies 2
Joshua Every (5 months ago)
Add CZ 61 Skorpion as replacement to mac 10
Daniel Berthellemy (5 months ago)
can anyone pass me csgo key ?
Some Random Guy (5 months ago)
Nirosa "rich mummy and daddy" You have no idea m8 Btw,sorry if thats what you want
Daniel Berthellemy (5 months ago)
ye fam give me 11$ and i will most definitely buy it, i say its expensive because i live in 3rd world country, i lost both my legs in car accident and im not capable of working anymore, my only monthly income is about 40$ from goverment wich is barely enough for me to not to die from hunger, you see not all of us around the world are lucky enough to live with rich mommy and daddy like you and not all of us are fully functional anymore.
Some Random Guy (5 months ago)
Nirosa no buy it Its only 11 dollars If you say thats expensive you're probably 12 years old and shouldnt be allowed to play the game anyways
Hyperox (5 months ago)
for the Half-Life 2: Survivor ik old video but it wouldn't get past the start up screen know how to fix?
Chaos Wolf (5 months ago)
Please man, give a link to the mod. Were begging you
Kim Noah (5 months ago)
i seed this version first..
Flex Gopnik (5 months ago)
Well if they make a new western version (only military and real terrorists...no bullshit weapons)
월월거림 (6 months ago)
I like that very much :D
Not Freeman (6 months ago)
News relating to China can be so different that sometimes i feel like there are two Chinas
Eko Nugroho (6 months ago)
Correction i mean game
Eko Nugroho (6 months ago)
I will buy counter strike if this mod was released because the fame itself is broken & the devs does not care
Steffen Hohler (6 months ago)
Good thing, I first thought I´m the only one with fps drops that happen very often but now I know it´s normal. I just continue to use a CSO2 skinpack for the original steam CSS.
Crack'n Crackers (6 months ago)
Where did you get the css mod?
mihkel maltsev (6 months ago)
where to download online 2 mod for csgo?
Some Random Guy (5 months ago)
mihkel maltsev steam workshop
3:23 , mr stark i dont feel so good..
Francis52 (6 months ago)
So like...you know damn well that people would want a download link to the version you played... is there any reason you didnt give us one?... did you just wanna annoy us? or was there some other reason... im not trying to sound rude... but... cmon man download link please
GunnerNii_™ (6 months ago)
it's literally like some cracked css you'd find lying around in some sketchy russian site
Ultrabyte (6 months ago)
Cso2 is shut down??!! But is cso1 played or is also shut down??
darklegended gaming (4 months ago)
Дима Травматов i would go with cso not the english one btw
CSO/CSNZ sucks, you really shouldn't play it. There are so much salty people, OP guns people like to use in every gamemode, with every update game tries to make you to donate. And it's not as fun as CSO2.
CSO and CSNZ are still alive.
Hydra (6 months ago)
It's basically autistic version of 1.6
Ultrabyte (6 months ago)
Paul Equinox rly??why??
Honzas1 (6 months ago)
Counter-Strike Games are dead :-( R.I.P. All Counter-Strike games :-(
Paul Equinox (6 months ago)
Honzas1 wat
OctaGearGames (6 months ago)
As far as I know somebody in SMC made a full extraction that you can download.
cute hvh kid (6 months ago)
Lucky Wave (5 months ago)
there no cso2 maps!
Francis52 (6 months ago)
https://mega.nz/#!YEMXyJYL!kpBwSs3e-cq12ONo7NG87xluFhAUWwLmfBWCMZZKg3E please don't ask where i got that
Olika120 (6 months ago)
We somehow need to mod the original cso2 so we can play it offline
Olika120 (6 months ago)
I found a way to skip the login but it doesnt allow to do anything afterwards except opening the settings and the console
I don't think it's really possible, but modders can try to do it...
Also, we need to create working servers for the mod.
Steffen Hohler (6 months ago)
That would be awesome. No ping probs lol.
Xenon (6 months ago)
You're so awesome
FreeBird0964 (6 months ago)
Weeb Strike
Xander Niles (6 months ago)
I hope they can release the mod to give it a try, it looks interesting despite having terrible gameplay mechanics.
Sharkboy1006 (6 months ago)
I expected this cool
sjain (6 months ago)
thank you so much for sharing
udese (6 months ago)
No link for the mod nor name of the modders?
Ratao Dantezudo (5 months ago)
Francis52 where did you get it
Francis52 (6 months ago)
https://mega.nz/#!YEMXyJYL!kpBwSs3e-cq12ONo7NG87xluFhAUWwLmfBWCMZZKg3E Don't ask where i got it
udese (6 months ago)
pretty sure that the one I downloaded but it doesn't look like the one in the video. I'll give it a try anyway edit: yes, it's the same as mine, his version has proper hands depending on the playermodel ,more playermodels and more weapons. edit2: custom maps don't work either...
Snow 344 (6 months ago)
Olika120 (6 months ago)
Takeshi (6 months ago)
CSO2 is strange. It's your average oriental pay-to-win FPS, and yet the devs still added many interesting things like new versions of classic maps and great weapons (Valve pls add Striker).
Kurumi Muzukashii (15 days ago)
yeah, i was riled up playing cso2 last year just to get the amethyst weapons for free. it's really good but sadly it closed down. a real bummer.
Kacpa2 (4 months ago)
Takeshi Striker shotgun sucks irl. Instead of it i would rsther have SPAS 12 and SPAS 15
TheAkrillion (4 months ago)
What I found about CSO series(well, CSN:Z/CSO1 only, tbh) is that compared to other similar F2P FPS games like CrossFire, Point Blank, etc., it's not that P2W. Sure, you can use real money to buy the decoders(loot boxes), but they're so easy to get even if you don't put any money into the game AT ALL. Fascinatingly, CSO is the only series where Nexon didn't fuck up with the F2P model. Well, at least, not by much.
WobbuffetSilverKing (6 months ago)
I wanna play the remakes of Estate , Tides, Prodigy they look great.
Rauhillah M (6 months ago)
Ok, i have CS:S. After i extract the CSO2 models/mode to CS:S, does the game still work after i extract CS 1.6 hand models only?
Rauhillah M (5 months ago)
GlitchGaming YT Ahhh! Ok man :)
Some Random Guy (5 months ago)
Rauhillah M no Its not a mod for cs source Its a completely standalone game If you extracted it to your cs source folder your game wont work anymore You dont need cs source in the first place What you should do: Reinstall cs source (if you installed the mod in your cs source directory,if you didnt than you wont need to do this step) install the mod in an empty folder Run the game after the mod has finished installing
guten tag
Lady13Paranoid (6 months ago)
ok wait next time I play cs with my boi he must get me a rubber hammer omg
Lady13Paranoid (6 months ago)
tiger pattern on riffle, cosplay girl, wow am I starting to like this game?
Omar Elkahky (6 months ago)
The characters are what made me began to like the game, I played the game last few years (I played it in the Chinese servers, I had high pings but I still played it like normal nonetheless.) before it was going to shutdown, it was nonetheless fun while it lasts. :(
Mr. Total Retard (6 months ago)
I played that CSO2 mod at a lan party. After two matches we had a gentleman's agreement that nobody will use grenade lanuchers. And that agreement was broken within minutes.
AlphaLeader772 (1 month ago)
pretty much like COD, lol
Takeshi (6 months ago)
P2W shooters in a nutshell.
Fergagame xD (6 months ago)
I like css. But not this shit haha... I hate this mod and cs online
Martyr (6 months ago)
Why not just play csgo lol
Blue Chan321 (6 months ago)
Osac Ikr, what's the reason to complain about more maps and mods, hater?
Osac (6 months ago)
Yeah but people are porting all the content to CS:GO, that's what this video is about. More maps, and gamemodes is not something to complain about.
Martyr (6 months ago)
csgo is free in china, you need to buy csgo in order to play that mod, there are BUNCH of fun game modes in csgo community servers and there are maps from good old days in csgo as well ofc from the community workshop. Literally no reason to play cs o2 dead game.
Does CS:GO have so many different guns? Does it have cool-looking character skins? Does it have quality remakes of old, unpopular maps from 1.6? Is CS:GO as fun as CSO2? Does CS:GO have a bunch of odd, but funny gamemodes? Is CS:GO free? The answer is "No".
Martyr (6 months ago)
Osac more maps can be made for csgo. I dont ser the reason why People just dont play csgo. Cs online is dead.
Martyr (6 months ago)
francisofthelamb (6 months ago)
csgo needs a remake of estateeeeeeee, since it is hostage it would make more people play that mode
+Takeshi So true.
Takeshi (6 months ago)
Estate was fun as hell, too bad it was an AWP whore's wet dream.
Kei Dasshu (6 months ago)
at 2:50 the crashing almost gave me heart attack because i though my actual computer was going to crash and give me blue screen
Gamerul Skeleton (2 months ago)
when that happened i though my display driver stopped working again
vernon roche (6 months ago)
Kei Dasshu same
ZortexFrags (6 months ago)
GenericGameplay (6 months ago)
Wtf this game is misleading af the background lmao Also thanks for letting us know m8.
Hamburger_619 (6 months ago)
L4D Archive (6 months ago)
L4D Archive (6 months ago)
you can never out first me!
Deadlydeal (6 months ago)
3 days!fuck

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