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Half-Life & Portal Movie News

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Tyler News Network : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0AxeyOzP_o&ab_channel=TylerNewsNetwork Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the history and new info on the long awaited Half-Life and Portal movies by Valve & JJ Abrams. Sources : http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/03/12/jj-abrams-portal-half-life-movies-still-happening http://www.polygon.com/2013/2/6/3960102/half-life-portal-movies-jj-abrams-valve http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/09/29/jj-abrams-a-portal-movie-announcement-is-coming-soon
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Text Comments (956)
Saatvik Dube (5 days ago)
Yes... years
Night Owl (2 months ago)
Hopefully during interviews for Star Wars episode nine an interviewer asks him about the current status of the film/s, obviously he hasn’t been working on it as much because Star Wars I suppose you could say is kind of popular
Galactic Gameing (3 months ago)
Hmmmm uhhhhhhh we're working ummmmmm it's 2018 uuuuuuuuuu still don't have a clue uuuuuuuuuuuu I cal bull crap on this guy
Mummy Napkin (3 months ago)
Bro, cloverfield is half life
21gomez (4 months ago)
All the news I could find on these movies are all September 2016 wtf happened??
dragoisadragon (4 months ago)
i'd like to see a left 4 dead movie
Jules (5 months ago)
would be nice if the half life movie were centred around the rebels, the state of their life and/or family
Jules (5 months ago)
half life 3 movie version confirmed
crystalfunky (7 months ago)
Please not JJ Abrams. His movies suck. Christopher Nolan could do it. With Hans Zimmer. They can create the horror and frightening atmosphere of half-life 1. Or even other people who can tell stories.
Max Weakly (8 months ago)
I want the movie now
Anthony Cervinka (8 months ago)
Still no new info...
Randall Klaver (9 months ago)
watching this in 2018
Masterzz (9 months ago)
now where the fuck is the portal movie?
Kombiice (10 months ago)
Still nothing! But still hopeful !
Kombiice (10 months ago)
TDA Gamer (11 months ago)
I just hope they don't fuck up on the movie adaptions. cuz we all know how videogames that got a movie turned out.
Jackson 12Ten (11 months ago)
A movie of the original Half Life would be amazing. Portal would also be amazing
Addison S. (11 months ago)
*hands JJ Abrams Blue Sky* there your work is already done just make this a movie
Hazardous XD (11 months ago)
They better make a Half Life movie. Portal is so bland and boring and doesn't have much or any action that is suspenseful and surprising. Now HλLF-LIFE2 is the complete opposite, it is the best game ever made and can be told from any perspective and you would still get the same information about the plot because it is so good. So they better make that game a movie cause then my life would be complete, it would be the same as getting another Half Life game.
minindo (1 year ago)
if it has cave Johnson they better do j k Simmons or I'm gonna be MAD
The Anime Father (1 year ago)
I'm happy they're taking a while. Means they are taking their time making sure everything is right.
doug rattman (1 year ago)
Dimitri Shaddaa (1 year ago)
JJ Lens Flare Abrams
Metroid Fanatic (1 year ago)
ah good, more franchises for jewjew to Michal Bay-ify
C (1 year ago)
A year later...
Me (1 year ago)
Can we get John Lassender to release an R rated Team Fortress 2 Pixar movie?
Miles Gaming (1 year ago)
In the Half life movie, Darren Doane better be Gordon Freeman
Commando Turtle (1 year ago)
so half life 3 is a movie
AGTV (1 year ago)
why not mix portal and half life together for the movie?
helium73 (1 year ago)
Ok Basically this is why there isn't a portal or half life 3. Linear games are being killed by Mobas. Most gamers would rather battle each other and aren't interested in immersive experiences. People who want immersive experiences probably don't have jobs and can't afford to buy a lot but Moba gamers have jobs and think nothing of buying hats. Why not just get a percentage everytime a non-employee works hard on a hat than spend time yourselves making one time objecs even if it is for a game. Half Life games are non-repititious so every infinitesimal moment has to be diametrically different from the previous one. To create that detailed a story and turn it into a game is like making an amazing movie and then turning it into a game without ever releasing the movie itself.
Ed (1 year ago)
I'm not gonna get hopes up when jj said soon. When Seth McFarland said soon for family guy movie I never expected 5 years
keybladejb (1 year ago)
me and my best friend what to see the portal movie together
Super Marithonk (1 year ago)
is this a possible portal 3?
Albenation (1 year ago)
in 10 cloverfield.lane there's a Left 4 Dead Easter egg
HavocCorgi (1 year ago)
Christopher Nolan or Peter Jackson should direct Half life
Brain Hacked (1 year ago)
honestly, a movie on either would be trash because it is not just the story that made everyone one love them so much, the some of biggest factors in both is the immersion. i just feel like a movie would ruin that.
Wendigo Dragon (1 year ago)
Abrams, I only have this to say... Don't you *dare* fuck this up.
Gavozuee UwU (1 year ago)
I want a portal movie!!!!!
Marv3Lthe1 (1 year ago)
I demand Gordon freeman to be portrayed by Ben Wishaw.
TheLiving Bluejay (1 year ago)
I want a garry's mod, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2.
pokeclank (9 months ago)
Monster Eflame (1 year ago)
I know I'm impatient, but can we please just get a trailer? please?
Jade Okay (1 year ago)
**waiting patiently**
Art Of Ages (1 year ago)
You guys need to understand this simple rule: A movie of a book and a book of a movie will never be the same. Take "To Kill A Mockingbird" for example. The movie is way different from the book. Some lines are changed, some parts from the book are left out in the movie (like the house burning down). Now, let's apply this to making a movie from a video game. Same thing. Lines will be changed, maybe parts will be left out, and, yes, the storyline is gonna be different. There's just no changing that. Now, all I can suggest is to not judge this too quickly, and look at it from a different point of view. There's no hiding the fact that it's gonna be different from the game. If it were an exact copy, it would be predictable and boring, since most of us already played the game. Try and give it a chance, okay? (And really, no one flips their shit when a book becomes a movie. What's up with that? Not mad or anything, just saying.)
Blue Behemoth (1 year ago)
Confirmed by gaben himself on his AMA
Hunty yet Punty [GZ] (1 year ago)
Half life is a bigger franchise than portal. I would rather watch a half life based movie
NinelivesBobcat (1 year ago)
Hmm, well I've seen a few (well, only two) good video game movies before, so I don't think it will be that bad considering that most of the crappy video game movies are old-- oh wait it's being made by Hollywood. Fuck.
polymetric (1 year ago)
if anyone should direct a half-life/portal movie, it's jj abrams
Monster Eflame (1 year ago)
All I have to say is if they make a portal movie wheatley better be in it.
Elite Films (1 year ago)
The best filmmaker + best game = best movie ever made
brazwen (1 year ago)
Meh, I personally don't like the idea of games becoming movies.
Mason RobertsTV (1 year ago)
I'd prefer a tf2 and l4d movie
Mason RobertsTV (1 year ago)
You think they would release it on Netflix? Nobody in my house really likes taking me to pg - 13 movies (besides me being 14 😂)
RcesarR (1 year ago)
Mason RobertsTV Dude this movie is gonna come out when you're like 17 or 18
Shadow muffins (1 year ago)
Edgy Veggie (1 year ago)
The director of 10 cloverfield lane directed a portal short film that was really good so I'd love to see what he'd do if he directed a movie based on portal.
Reed Smith (2 years ago)
I really want a tf2 movie
ᶘ ᴖᴥᴖᶅ (2 years ago)
Please make an animated Film :3 I just cant see how it would work out if they would make an live action movie J....Just keep the style of the games m´kay?
Lee Torry (2 years ago)
I just want a movie based on the 7 Hour War
Purple Snake (2 years ago)
PLEASE make Half-Life BEFORE making Portal! That's how the lore goes (as I understood it) in that universe, and so it should stay in the movieverse.
BradenCrombie (2 years ago)
We need a portal movie
I'm ready for some Half Life memberberries.
Jack Griffin (2 years ago)
I think a Portal movie would be pretty cool, but I think I'd like a Half Life movie more.
Koyote (2 years ago)
Song name?
RealisticBadger (1 year ago)
Wait no it's Shared Loneliness! He does a lot of albums sorry I got confused :3
RealisticBadger (1 year ago)
Drown by Mindthings He's a French artist
Rory Horgan (2 years ago)
i hope they don't end half life with a movie! :/ I want a game! XD
Hanro50 (2 years ago)
The problem is, if a half-life movie releases, a sequel will be created that'll end on a cliff hanger, followed by a eternity before the third movie
Hanro50 (1 year ago)
+RcesarR and then we'll never get ep 3
RcesarR (1 year ago)
And like ep1 and ep2 obviously
RcesarR (1 year ago)
Hanro Lareman And the sequel will be a part 1 and part 2 type of sequel like Harry Potter 😂😂
Terra (2 years ago)
portal and half life movie just kinda fills me with dread, i mean J.J.Abrams is probably the best one for a movie like that but still, videogame movies dont tend to do well
Ellendil12 (2 years ago)
Not Jar Jar. Please not him. I hate his movies. Especially since he takes on franchises that I really liked or cared for.
Gerhard Wasowski (2 years ago)
this is interesting but i dont trust jj abrams
Entry Fragger (2 years ago)
A movie in the half life world not centred on Gordon Freeman might be cool
The Siphon (2 years ago)
I would rather have a new Valve game instead of a movie. Last game released was Dota 2 in 2013. 3 years ago.
Dinners 4 Sinners (2 years ago)
I would be excited for a Portal movie if it is about the backstory, or perhaps the events leading up to GLaDOS's activation. However, if they make a movie featuring the in-game events I will NOT be excited. In my opinion, that is why movies about games fail spectacularly. You simply cannot convert the interactive experience of a game into a movie.
Antonluisre (2 years ago)
I would LOVE a Half Life movie!
Ian (2 years ago)
portal isn't story-driven, though; the story is more of a support. now half-life, on the other hand...
UnfortuneLess (2 years ago)
When is the portal anniversiry? (Bad english).
AppleCinnacat (2 years ago)
I'd want two movies, Half-Life and Portal. Both would make good movies.
Mr. Epic Waffle (2 years ago)
better be portal
TEAMSC8 (2 years ago)
counter strike movie XD imagine
Mistergamer9892 (2 years ago)
The Half-Life movie will be amazing! I can't wait to hear what great dialog Gordon will say!
Terradyn86 (2 years ago)
Portal movie? Has portal even a storyline? I mean storyline, not like in porn movies... Why portal is first? OMFG...
Sufu _ (2 years ago)
what's the song playing in the background?
RealisticBadger (1 year ago)
Shared Loneliness by Mindthings
KungPooFighting (2 years ago)
What if the half-life movie and the portal movie, Are the same movie... 0.0
NewClarion (2 years ago)
Half Life 2 Episode 2 Part 2 is a movie. Calling it.
Crimson Doodlebear (2 years ago)
Bryan Cranston as Gordon Freeman.
brb224 (2 years ago)
i would perfer a half life movie
Corrupt (2 years ago)
Take a shot every time you hear uhh
The Half Life Guy (2 years ago)
portal movie or half life movie = BIG FAILURE
Khorne Flake (2 years ago)
Don't know why JJ's talk about those movies reminds me of Gabes about HL3...
Armando Calderón (2 years ago)
why valve enthusiast me ?
Cubic Studios (2 years ago)
Armando Calderón yes
jk frn (2 years ago)
Come on Gabe you want this and we want this why dose the covenant want with the borealis prepare for unforeseen consequences
TACO CLOCK (2 years ago)
Gabe newell who is that.. Do you mean GABEN?
coolkid (2 years ago)
I thought this was abandoned like the FNAF movie.
Harper Maitland (2 years ago)
the portal movie could be a prequel, i hope it is anyway
MrTNT6000 (2 years ago)
I feel like if it happens it will be a decent movie because if it turns out really bad valve would probably cancel it
retardomorph (2 years ago)
I will watch that movie over and over
Rakinjo2 (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that Half-Life is better suited for a TV series than a movie? Especially if it's directed by JJ. A LOST-Style Half-Life show set somewhere in the same universe would be mindblowing. It could even be set between Half-Life and Half-Life 2, finally explaining exactly how things went down.
Tasty (2 years ago)
"I'm hoping there can be an announcement very soon" is something you really had to morph to get "he's expecting an announcement soon"
Tony Goodman (2 years ago)
Although I call myself a Portal fan, I've only played the first game which is good, but doesn't have a big enough story in comparison to the sequel. I'd buy it, but I need to save space on my laptop.
Fitzgerald Krox (2 years ago)
JJ Abrams... and Portal... a video game movie... That's disappointment spelled trice.
Pylon (2 years ago)
What about a tf2 movie?
NervE (2 years ago)
LMAO 2:50 if u watch with subtitles it say " earlier he expects an announcement soon on a porno movie"
Mr.Dmitri (2 years ago)
I hope Bryan Cranston plays Gordon in the Half-life movie

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