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Many Unreleased Projects - Valve Leaks a Complete Makeover

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THE SITE WAS TAKEN DOWN AS OF UPLOADING Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the recently leaked, and subsequently taken down website refresh for the main website for Valve Software. It's offline as of uploading, but the details the site gave out were interesting. A new VR Headset, new Steam Controllers, small details on Artifact, The Valley of Gods, and Valve's behavior moving forward. As I said the site is currently offline, however it was available here : https://valvesoftware.com/en/ My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (994)
PocketDrummer (8 hours ago)
I'm pretty sure Gabe is the true G man, and all the developers they hire are never seen again...
Nemesi (9 hours ago)
"At valve we make games" OH REALLY? REALLY NOW?? should be... "At valve we MADE games"
kristofers lapins (15 hours ago)
Color change - bad Big changes- possibly bad But il except it all if we get half life thr- (muffled screaming and silenced shots)
K (1 day ago)
So VNN, does this mean we have to connect our PCs in order to play the games from the app on our mobile devices? I sure hope not.
Silley Doggo (1 day ago)
I bet they're gonna reveal some stuff at E3
Phoenix (1 day ago)
This is refreshing. Steam is getting a new makeover, too. I hope they can continue to add more content in TF2. Haven't been playing cuz of school, but I love TF2. :)
TheElviz86 (1 day ago)
fleetwoodsucks (1 day ago)
Steam consoles
fleetwoodsucks (1 day ago)
Steam / valve split
DJ L3G3ND (1 day ago)
I'm sorry but the steam controller is just hell to use and I'm mostly pissed that I wasted my money on it. How does anyone use those things?
DJ L3G3ND (1 day ago)
I'm actually not sure if I'll like their new games. They're not the type of games I like sadly. Still a big HL fan though. I don't even care a whole lot about this hl3 shet, I just love hl1 and 2
TheAutisticGamer (2 days ago)
This video brought a big smile to my face! VALVE Is my favorite developer besides Croteam and I'm super excited about this rebranding of the company. With them making games again, I'm super excited to see what happens if it's either Half Life, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike, Team Fortress or a New IP this is pretty exciting news! Praise lord Gaben.
Monica Bucci (1 day ago)
DommY CS (2 days ago)
Thank GOD. I've said for the past 3 years that they need a complete redesign and UI change and everything.
Draxis32 (2 days ago)
"We make games, Steam..." Yeah, more like capital letter for the only thing we really care! FUCK YOU GABE!
Wolfendoom (2 days ago)
The day valve releases or announced hl3 i will have a panic attack
Monica Bucci (1 day ago)
Valve returns to E3 after 8 year silence.
bazooka93 (2 days ago)
Ethos of a start-up. I barely finished the video and my sides just left the Solar System. Damn how worthless Valve became nowadays. I just wonder if it's just them being cunts or literally that retarded to not notice that people don't give a broken fuck about what they do and what they actually want.
Daeslender JDJM (2 days ago)
UH. Valve shows their 3 flagship titles. They say they're working on secret games. On the vid an employee has a Gordon Freeman statue on the table. They changed their logo to red. What else is red? The crowbar. AA
olesto (2 days ago)
Valve is dead to me
Leenat (2 days ago)
By now, The "Half Life 3 confirmed" meme is super dead, and yet seeing this re branding, inside me, I feel just a tiny glimmer of hope, of the Old Valve's return.
tonton9598 (2 days ago)
when I was a high schooler back in 2012, it was my dream job to work at valve. Now I am graduating University within the year. Thinking about it now doesn't seem exciting at all anymore. As cool as it is to be working on a big game studio, I dont want to work for a game studio who has poor connections with its community. As a gamer, I don't see any direction where Valve is going in terms of "We make games" Change my mind Gabe
Old Drifter (3 days ago)
So they just fuck off and never intend to do anything worth releasing. Good to know, ill now go back to not expecting shit from them.
The Outcaster (3 days ago)
All I want is Half-Life 3, Portal 3, and Left 4 Dead 3. Team Fortress 3 maybe and Counter-Strike I could care less about.
Ed Kalb (3 days ago)
I don't know about you guys, but I would LOVE that red theme for Steam. Though, some might want the black theme, so maybe they should allow custom themes? Also, THIS VIDEO MADE ME VERY HYPED. Thanks for keeping us informed, bruh.
Ed Kalb (2 days ago)
Whoops, I'm an idiot.
MCgoos09/BelgianCat (2 days ago)
Custom themes have been a thing for so long my man, you're missing out on a lot.
SY&H 7 (3 days ago)
"valve puts extreme effort to new Projects" meanwhile Need 3-5 years for simple fixes in csgo^^
Shadow Might (3 days ago)
I swear man VALVE's fans are a bunch of moping bitching cunts...
Sympathy (4 days ago)
Valve is more like a laboratory than a game company.
Internet Gangster (4 days ago)
Only speculative bullshit so you can make another clickbait video, fucking retard
Andrey Ramos (4 days ago)
Alguien noto en los controles los nombres "DOG", "ELI" y "CHELL"?????!!!
EZ PZ LEMON (4 days ago)
Valve pls, Just start make your own console with PC exlusive title Hahahaha
Zhadarin (4 days ago)
Site is back up now.
cronos12346 (5 days ago)
Oh man, Valve is going to shut so many mouths at once that the universe as we know it will not longer exist.
David Calhoun (5 days ago)
Tyler, What do you think of Project Borealis?
Opalium (5 days ago)
I lost all but a tiny shard of hope with Valve in recent years. Please... please prove me wrong for once, Gaben...
Papillon Effect (6 days ago)
Half Life 8 confirmed!
Papillon Effect (5 days ago)
lol that's the joke.jpg dumbass.
Monica Bucci (5 days ago)
WRONG! It’s 3!
PlaYeR ToE (6 days ago)
Remember valve was actually making games? cause i dont.
Kavukamari (6 days ago)
charlie brown works at valve :O
Elmer J Fapp (6 days ago)
you filthy swine you're deluding the public, there are no prototypes or upcoming anythings all that you saw where excuses to make it look like they're still doing things, when we all know they don't have to do anything but run steam long enough to become gods of cash. its all misleading propaganda to make us have faith in the fallen kings of valve
Monica Bucci (6 days ago)
A brand new set.
Half life 2 Portal 2 Left for dead 2 Website 2
Monica Bucci (6 days ago)
Darkitz (6 days ago)
Hey Valve. Please dont do Red. keep black
Monica Bucci (6 days ago)
Lychy (6 days ago)
It's back online and replaced the old one.
agdgdgwngo (6 days ago)
Dude I have it on good authority Valve is gonna drop HL2 E3, HL3, TF3 and Portal 3 in 2020. All bundled in the "Pink Box", physical release only, and it doesn't come on a disk, it comes on a Hard Drive.
Maximouse (6 days ago)
I applied for a job there recently, wish me luck!
red w0lf (6 days ago)
im getting to old for this shit. I dont have time to wait decades.... while exciting.. it really doesnt do much for me any more..
Woodywoodmc (6 days ago)
TF2 Expert doesn’t roll off the tongue very well so Other Expert probably works better
maulCS (7 days ago)
Good, they seriously need to get their shit together.
SHADOWxWOLF (7 days ago)
i hope they dont make steam red.
Syprene (7 days ago)
I dislike their new design. Gamers and developers like DARK website themes, not light themes. Their previous website may have had been out-of-date, but I wish they would've stuck with it's previous theme.
_Sitzkrieg (7 days ago)
im actually going to be pissed if they change the UI from their current, sleek color scheming to an ugly red
Ryan Jacobs (7 days ago)
it's back up...
wedge_one ► (7 days ago)
new steam machines! yay! how... exciting!
Shonen Time (7 days ago)
Please, I just want Ricochet 3, I'm tired of waiting.
Monica Bucci (5 days ago)
Ricochet 2 seems fine.
Festiff (7 days ago)
I just wish Valve stays working for many many years to come - it's my dream job to work there and I don't want all that effort I put to work towards getting there wasted . Let's hope we won't see a "Valve downfall" anytime soon,or anytime ever really.
Blin 1 (7 days ago)
new website is live wtb
the page already works again :D
Creeper Nation (7 days ago)
I hope steams theme color isn't red. I don't think that will be pleasing to look at. If it is, at least we can change the skin to something else. My steam has a green color theme. In hoping that valve can succeed in whatever they are doing. The fact Valve is still trying to make games, improve their platform, and I guess rebrand a bit shows that they care about us even if they got quick cash grab stuff like hat simulator... Ermm, I meant TF2. And their card game no one asked for.
Cremesent (7 days ago)
half life 3 confirmed
Monica Bucci (5 days ago)
Of course!
Br1koo (7 days ago)
i want a new Day of Defeat game. ;(
Jwm Tech (8 days ago)
Sites back up
Dynasty Star (8 days ago)
huge overhauls kinda scare me. I'm scared Valve will be stricter on what they let onto the site and I won't be able to buy anime tiddy games on there anymore(even if I have to download an 18+ patch)
Chin Chin (8 days ago)
They are working on building vr can't say much more
Mahikan Nakiham (8 days ago)
"since then we have released dozens of titles" Lol what? They haven't even made more than 1 dozen.
Where is the HL3???
Cartoon Nearby (8 days ago)
Can you please make a CS:GO beta/cut content video? I'm interested in the beta but I'm honestly lazy to research.
nochtczar (8 days ago)
Valve seems content to be a big toy bin/lab for they employees while they rake in obscene dosh from their near monopoly of pc game sales. I don’t see any reason to get excited about their projects which will be tossed into the bin once they lose interest
bateen618 (8 days ago)
The site has been re-uploaded
slowmotion Milk (8 days ago)
Half life 3 confirmed
Admgokussj4gold Mar (8 days ago)
well, we could say valve is finally working on something different from Steam, this company has got talent to make videogames, i hope they will continue their job
Mirwais F (8 days ago)
Vote Gaben for president! That way there will never be a world war 3!
John P (8 days ago)
Wall Played (8 days ago)
"It's all red" * communism intensifies *
IceSage (8 days ago)
Theme wise, they should just stick with Blue / Dark / Grey themes. It's sleek. I've always admired their Steam / Steamcommunity layouts. Solid work. If they wanna brand their corporate website red for some reason, sure, whatever. But things are really nice as they are. VALVe needs to focus on fun new ways for MORE GAMES to be created. They need to do things like create a better game editor, so people who pull their hair out at hammer and don't know anything about the Source engine can create something as beautiful as any modder. Gabe's always been about "Free to play" software, meaning, you give a freelance person a piece of expensive software, and it basically pays for itself right back. I feel like the best way this company could go is to create better "Creation tools" and ways for the community to print more money for the company.
FlyingPenguins (9 days ago)
Glad to see Valve getting back into the development scene. It's long overdue
Connor McHarney (9 days ago)
Ok, I like the thumbnails representing Counter Strike:GO and Dota 2, those make sense to me. Counter Strike's has the soldiers looking out with guns. Dota 2 has a band of characters looking all tough. So why is the pic for TF2 a screencap of the Scout from Meet the Spy looking shocked at the reveal of the photos of the RED Spy with his mom? Why not a group shot or something?!
Lucas de Abreu (9 days ago)
WHOA, A NEW CORPORATE COLOUR! SO EXCITING! BTW, I really doubt there's one single game that's coming out in the next 5 years from these "secret project" things. Valve gave up on us a long long time ago.
The Gamer Dragon (9 days ago)
Monica Bucci (5 days ago)
FantasticLog (9 days ago)
it's all one big project
Reflexion555 (9 days ago)
Oh no, the Valve logo is slowly turning into an error message!
Mirahno (9 days ago)
The Red Flag is rising. Join us.
Sector_Alpha SCP-636 (9 days ago)
If Valve MADE their own ORIGINAL Game I think it's gonna be good if they ARE gonna made an Valve original game then I buy it just valve if you create you own game please put it "Valve original:(Game name)" so we know it
Phantom Limb (9 days ago)
I'm happy for them. I'm hopeful we'll get a proper triple A title from them again in the future. However, I won't hold out hope for HL3. I've moved on.
olucaspc (9 days ago)
man, now that I thought about it, making a channel about game news from Valve gotta be really depressing
kittyface (9 days ago)
I hope we don't get a red theme, I cannot fathom getting rid of the current theme
RunninglVlan (9 days ago)
The site can be accessed through internet archive - snapshot from 20180511133916
therandomdot (9 days ago)
I think valve is finally getting it through their head that if they want to stay relevant (since the steam store is turning into a flea market), they need to make the leap to publisher. Other companies are publishers (zenimax, ubisoft, EA, etc), and they desparately want to make the leap to popular online store. They want the trifecta: 1) game studios enslaved under them like employees they can regulate pay on 2) publishing company gets to hoarde as much profit as they want and is shareholder-backed 3) massive online store that's popular to sell things through Most publishers already have 1 & 2 going... they really want 3 to happen. Which is why a lot of publishers will only sell their games exclusively on their own online store instead of Steam; to drive folks to using their store hoping it will become "a thing" for customers. But, Steam is still the largest online gamer store there is. It's just over the past years it's gotten bloated up with bargain bin shovelware. Steam has tried to reduce the shovelware.. but they finally realize that all that money they have (as a private company) is only useful if you use it. And if you're REALLY interested in keeping your store relevant, you need to populate your store with good games. So.. take your "phat cash" and start using it to fund quality development studios you take under your wing in order to populate your store with exclusive titles that are amazing and raise peoples' hopes for Steam being a quality store again. Since Valve is privately owned, they don't have to worry about shareholder pressure constantly pushing them to make stupid decisions for the sake of constantly rising profits / share prices. (EG: EA pushes microtransactions, not b/c customers love it, but b/c shareholders want more cash). I'm just amazed it's taken Valve this long to finally make the leap to full-blown publisher. Their store has been acting like a vetting process for quality indie game studios for a while now, and they could have made the leap years ago. I don't know why they waited. Guess they wanted their Scrooge McDuck bank vault to be bursting with cash before they decided to take a chance on being a publisher.
ManofgoD (9 days ago)
Everyone watching this video: now he will say anything about HL3, Portal 2, left 4 dead 3...
Heavenslight (9 days ago)
Funny how Chris Remo is listed as a game designer when I mostly remember him for the Firewatch soundtrack. Didn't know he worked in several disciplines.
ivanasw1 (9 days ago)
Put Gaben into jail and shut this fukin company.
iRey (9 days ago)
Хуи пинает
fuck mylife123 (9 days ago)
Red Theme For Valve? Insert Your Communist Jokes (here)
PRYVTgomerPYLE (9 days ago)
Is Valve beginning to open up about their company and their practices? Might be a good move... :D
Mr.Hpr52 Pie (9 days ago)
I feel like it half life 3 might be starting now
Matthew Wilson (9 days ago)
Tone down the nihilism my guy ecks dee.
Monica Bucci (9 days ago)
The website is gone now you need to wait.
Monica Bucci (6 days ago)
The website is back now.
Ayham Ismail (9 days ago)
love the excitement in ur voice
GLaDOSCake122 (9 days ago)
My god, what are you doing?
de chef (10 days ago)
Will they fix TF2?
Monica Bucci (5 days ago)
Johnny TennisBalls (10 days ago)
You might not hold yourself in the light that I hold you in, you are super helpful and make my life a lot easier when it comes to finding interesting and useful information about valve and the games I love. Please keep up the good work Tyler.
Linkz (10 days ago)
I think Gabe Newell is wearing a mixed AR-VR headset.
Rainfall (10 days ago)

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