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"Obsörve". 1. Download the map surf_beginner: http://gamebanana.com/maps/167953 2. Open the 7z file and extract the .bsp file. Put it in "csgo\maps" folder. 3. Start the game, go to console and type "map surf_beginner", it should come up 4. Remove bots "bot_kick", and "mp_warmup_end", and "mp_roundtime 60" for 60 minute timer. 5. Sv_airaccelerate to one of the following: Hard: 100 Semi hard: 150 Medium: 200 Easy: 400 Fun: 800 Extra easy: 1000 6. Have fun! The other maps I played were surf_eclipse and surf_ski_2_go. Big thanks to tobyscs.com You can follow me on: Instagram - http://instagram.com/MaximGBG Twitter - http://twitter.com/MaximGBG Twitch - http://twitch.tv/MaximGBG You like Bananas? More awesomeness! Homepage - http://bananagaming.tv Play on ESEA now for a cheat-free environment! Use the link below to register: https://play.esea.net/?r=1278291 License Overall Music - http://www.epidemicsound.com Intro Music - http://incompetech.com Intro Font - http://www.dafont.com/foo.font Intro Icon - https://openclipart.org
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Text Comments (1802)
MonopolyMan7 (9 days ago)
so this the video the story tellers watched
wellplayed-goodgame (10 days ago)
I read the title as "Simple smurf tutorial"
TotallyMarioBro Gaming (1 month ago)
I am about to play my first game of csgo today wish me luck
beramal amal (1 month ago)
Tq banana
Lightfoot_evan (1 month ago)
sv_airaccelerate 400, sv_airaccelerate 800, sv_airaccelerate 1000
Fmce00 (1 month ago)
Really helpful, thanks
LiamYTO (1 month ago)
how do you download the beginner map?
A3 Iceez (2 months ago)
hey guys im never surfed before how do i get surf on csgo on pc
That JS Kid (2 months ago)
How do you open the console menu
LilGamer - Gaming (2 months ago)
I can't find cs go folder 😭😭😭
James Simpson (2 months ago)
when ever i try to launch the map through the console it crashes my game can anyone help
David Bucur (3 months ago)
thank you!
KaiRBLX (3 months ago)
Where do I download CS:GO
Dude Destiny (3 months ago)
b-but parachuting
Miller Harding (3 months ago)
Turning up airaccelarate does nothing, can someone plz help
PuR3_trickplay TTV/YT (3 months ago)
zxphii (3 months ago)
When i try to jump at the end of the ramp i always just slip down :/
Memesauce Tully (3 months ago)
How do you even start to surf???
Liam De Luca (3 months ago)
I can’t even get past the first jump after trying for an hour
Miles M (3 months ago)
Jarrettastic (3 months ago)
I’ve tried everything. I still can’t do it :/
Minh Quan Vo (3 months ago)
so we dont need to hold W, just press D if we on the right side and A if we on the lelf side, sorry im new at this
Zombiecraft (4 months ago)
only the server admin can change the airaccelerate settings
Sentient2x (4 months ago)
I was trying to surf fo like an hour and getting really mad before I realized I didn’t have sv acceleration on
Nilpilt (4 months ago)
cant do this
Kostas Deligiannis (4 months ago)
For some reason the sv_airaccelerate does not work, I tried 800,1000 and nothing, I fall as soon as I touch the ramp
Richard Rene (4 months ago)
when I try it crashes my game
Liquid Plasma (4 months ago)
the game crashes everytime i try to load the map
BuzzWeed (4 months ago)
I was told to use cheat codes
bernando susanto (4 months ago)
Do i need to press w? Or just a and d
DoNuTMK Boi (4 months ago)
How do you change the sv thing it says I can’t lmao
BLOODY GAMER X1XX (4 months ago)
how do i fly like when i droop
Blur (4 months ago)
how do you change the air accelerate setting
Ferdinand S (4 months ago)
why does firefox say the map is malware? :/
Edward Mendoza (4 months ago)
Thank you for this! Damn I'm enjoying surf maps now! :D
loaf of sandwich (4 months ago)
sv_airaccelerate 100
TheBoxedDinosaur (4 months ago)
how does he get that much speed
Bajan Friend Playz (4 months ago)
everytime i try to load in the map it crashes?
OneBushyBoi 1133 (5 months ago)
ICanDrawStuff (5 months ago)
why is my game crashing when i load in the map
Gamer XX (5 months ago)
what is the advantage of surf ?
Cute Pig (5 months ago)
ty so much i learned how to surf in hard mode its quite easy :)
Roman Fischer (5 months ago)
How do u open the console?
The five epic rainbros (5 months ago)
Is cs:go on xbox
Memeify (5 months ago)
WeazelDiezel (5 months ago)
How do you change air accelerate?
Game MYnd (5 months ago)
I am getting vlc file logo while downloading map
Jaime Abril (5 months ago)
omg ty
loaf of sandwich (5 months ago)
sv_airaccelerate 1000
Satanic Chicken (5 months ago)
omfg, i never tried surf before but mine was on 12
GrenadeTurkey .Films (5 months ago)
AwesomeNanny4 (5 months ago)
I just started CSGO and I have checked options and I could not find it can someone tell my how to and where to find it?
Trace Bowen (5 months ago)
How do you change air accelerate
Unkindled Soul (6 months ago)
How do you find the sv thing
fammy dumb (6 months ago)
where should i write the sv thing
Thanks. I will do my best
GentleMann Gaming (6 months ago)
Gnarkill (6 months ago)
LOL - Surfing is for autists.
Claps (6 months ago)
How do you open the consol
mr.legomclego Pants (6 months ago)
sounds like sernando
King Yawnus (6 months ago)
i'm clearly dumb how do you get to console , isn't it the button under escape
thelegend85 (6 months ago)
Where is sv_
Oscar Wong (6 months ago)
this helped me a lot
African Eskimo (7 months ago)
Ivan Bradic (7 months ago)
how do you change the acceleration?
Jam 31 (7 months ago)
How do I change my svaccelerate!!?
GNONED (7 months ago)
In gmod i play surf ZARPGAMING
Niftyish (7 months ago)
how do you get to the console
PopapaG (7 months ago)
How to jump
tanyataupier (7 months ago)
That’s bs the game doesn’t let me get past 200 speed
ItsJustStubby (7 months ago)
I like surf utpoia
DarkForest (7 months ago)
BananaGaming u r the best bro..... I've seen really lot videos but u are the best to explain
Stefanius Paralvicius (7 months ago)
Winner of a video, I've been looking for "good people surf" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Feyvid Surfers Semitist - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got amazing success with it.
Syed Amirul (7 months ago)
Where do you change sv_airaccelerate ?
Azrez (7 months ago)
What about tricksurf?
Greater Gamer (7 months ago)
lynxxyboy (7 months ago)
console wont even open
VenomThor2 (7 months ago)
its easier to bhop
Aiden Ready (8 months ago)
how do you change your sv_airaccelerate though?????.
Unknown (8 months ago)
you taught me so much. other tutorials dont even help me. thx a lot
Dobrin Koev (8 months ago)
Thanks bro now i can play in surf servers 😎😋😎😎😎😋😋😋😍😘😘😄😃😃😀😀😀☺
Nebula (8 months ago)
what is the name of the first map in the intro ???
Timsepticeye Septic (8 months ago)
Why do you sound like sernandoe lol
RΔILRIDΣR (8 months ago)
What is the surf map with the blue crystals
NukeV4 (8 months ago)
I found surf on roblox lol
Windex 38 (8 months ago)
How do you put acelerate on
THEFreezeMAN PRO (8 months ago)
thanks 4 the train !
Avaniite (8 months ago)
Only good for stage one and two, after that it's trash.
The Woodwind Wizard (8 months ago)
How do you open the console
D0ugh (8 months ago)
So, its almost like a bhop in the air
Monster Snipe (8 months ago)
nah stage 3 is impossible on that map
bakningsmedel 5 (8 months ago)
How do you open that command thingy and how do you actually JOIN surf
Titan IBU (9 months ago)
How i can play alone
TheSlimyNoodle (9 months ago)
Actually it is a for left d for right
Lukayyy (9 months ago)
sv_airaccelerate 1000
How can I open the console?
PlayerMcPlayface (9 months ago)
map crashes my game
Miguel Aparicio (10 months ago)
Sgt.Fritz31 (10 months ago)
Thanks Man because of you i know how to surf now
cstewart193 (10 months ago)
I️ hold d or a and I️ still fall off
PopsiCoolToys (10 months ago)
I liked this video because of the guy's name 👍

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