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Game of Thrones 6x09 - Battle of the Bastards Begins

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Scene from Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9 "Battle of the Bastards"
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莫健文 (36 minutes ago)
叶子 (36 minutes ago)
Delena Chihuahua (36 minutes ago)
Thokoz Mwale (41 minutes ago)
Laurentiu Stefan (4 hours ago)
logic fail?
efcpl (6 hours ago)
It was a good end this bastard coward being eating up alive by his own dogs.
Anthony Ciancio (8 hours ago)
I love the miss direction in this scene with the Music building to the Third Arrow but then the 4th one that comes out of no where hits
Scott K (9 hours ago)
Scott K (9 hours ago)
Give the giant a weapon. Battle over.
Yu Yang (10 hours ago)
Jon and Daenery are horrible people and horrible leaders.
Marcelo Fabiano de Souza (11 hours ago)
it was epic
RagnarisFellhanded (15 hours ago)
the battle got really bloody violent from the moment the cavalry collided..... holy crap
AKS World (1 day ago)
It’s like Sony’s PS4 against Microsoft’s X Box
yiledute (1 day ago)
In a way John was a complete idiot by making that decision of attacking by himself. But think about this, if the battle hadn't gone the way it did, the knights of the Vale would have crashed against the long spears ang massive shield of Bolton's army. The charge the knights did only worked because they attacked the rearguard of the formation
Chazy Swpon (1 day ago)
They should have made a 15feet long sword for the giant...
Rickon!!!! Dont be stupid, take his sword and try to kill him!!!!
Anyname willdo (1 day ago)
Thought it was a real good touch to show the difference between Ramsey and the rest the decision to fire and kill his own men
zfghty uuyghju (1 day ago)
Battle of the Fanservice
Deepak Kotian (2 days ago)
Should have brought the direwolf ghost to this battle😔
voteZDLR (2 days ago)
I love the part where he just looses the scabbard (the thing that holds the sword on his belt) and tosses it away, like "well, I won't be needing this anymore and it'll only slow me down anyway... besides, I am about to die, but I am going to kill as many of these motherfuckers as I can before that". More than anything else we get to see the difference between the two, it's not just the title of the episode and a literal battle between their armies, it's truly a battle between them. Pointing out all their differences. Jon fights with his men, Ramsay does not, among many other things. But yeah Jon is the only one who deserves to be the King in the end specifically BECAUSE he doesn't want it.
voteZDLR (2 days ago)
My boy Rickon should've been practicing his best RB jukes and spins and like... do what Alvin Kamara does.
Jackalofdeath (2 days ago)
worst character in the series, worst most inconsistent detached from reality scenario in the lore and writing. right up there with muh dragon deus ex bullshit
mikell (2 days ago)
Is it just me or Jon snow looked like Jon wick in this scene
Ashish Dewaker (2 days ago)
So he couldn't hear the army on horses coming behind ?
Planet Boom (3 days ago)
Why run in a straight line??? Why why why why
Satyam saxena (3 days ago)
run in zig zag u dumbfuck
Sana Ne Lazım ? (3 days ago)
glenn angelo (3 days ago)
If only rickon watched apocalypto 😭
Hanna (3 days ago)
Ramsey knew he would kill him, he wanted to taunt him.
Asdf (3 days ago)
R.I.P Rickon Stark, the least important Stark
James Van Oss (3 days ago)
The beginning of this battle is incredibly set up, it was nice to see two armies in formation with a no man's land in between. The set up was perfect for a legitimate medieval battle that respects historical tactics and strategy. The suspenseful music that intensifies while there is little dialogue creates tension and a sense of despair given the situation. However, once the battle starts, the writers show their lack of understanding of battle tactics. The battle turns from being a chess board with opposing armies on either side to the players saying "screw it" and just slamming their pieces together all over the board. This should have been a smart battle, showing Jon and Ramsey making cunning moves in an attempt to outwit the other and turn the battle to their favor, instead we got a typical "armies just charge into other" Hollywood battle. Such a wasted opportunity.
Yakup Bahceci (3 days ago)
One against cavaliers damn that was nice !
X4mat (4 days ago)
Yer basterds
Andrew B (4 days ago)
I'm going to go against the grain here and say that this scene actually made no sense. By the 4th arrow Rickon was so far gone the only way Ramsey could've hit him was with a sniper rifle. Just look at how long it takes for John to RIDE ON A HORSE towards Ramsey, and he doesn't even get half way there. John also showed himself a tactical novice, sacrificing position (and nearly sacrificing himself, THE commander), for purely emotional reasons. Ramsey played him like a fiddle here.
Tammie Powell-Bishop (4 days ago)
Ramsey deserved 2 die I only truely hate 10 actor who evil role (not photo just actor who that well I believe 4 that scene. Like themn .. Sone u need erlery she still jer.
Varencilator (4 days ago)
If Ramsay wasn't an idiot, he could have shot Jon instead
Tyler Winkle (4 days ago)
6:23 jon snow's motto: we dont need no strategery, charge!
While watching this I progressively got extremely frustrated with the lack of realistic battle strategies and lack of armor. BOTH Ramsay and Jon didn't have any armor to speak of that would help. No Gambison, no plate, no chainmail, not even any HELMETS. The fact they both use swords during the battle is a laughing stock of real medieval fighting. Swords are almost useless when fighting men covered head to toe in plate armor, especially in a battlefield scenario. It pains me to see how Jon survives this onslaught of arrows, armored foes, and CAVALRY. Jon literately flings a guy off his horse with nothing but a strike to his hand. Ramsay's battle strategy was hurtful to his army and nonsensical. Why would he send his beloved cavalry to fight first? He knows he has bigger numbers and that he is fighting in an OPEN FIELD. Killing Rickon was a good idea to lure Jon's army to advance, but sending his cavalry to fight head-on was a stupid idea and complete waste of his troops. If I were him, I would have had Jons army advance upon a long line of spears whilst my archers would group behind the spears and fire over my spearmen. Then, I would have sent my cavalry to loop around and flank his army with my superior numbers, Jon would have been the first to die as I would have had my archers all fire at Jon as he makes his useless solo charge. To say the least, I am disappointed with Game of Thrones.
solomun Pascal (4 days ago)
اعضم رواية من نسج الخيال في تاريخ البشرية
Erikk kenneth Deneke (4 days ago)
This battle os amazing but the name of the battle is so lame...
mahdogzbite (4 days ago)
Sansa's advice on not falling into Ramsey's traps wasn't so bad after all.
NWLR. TV (4 days ago)
why does jon kinda look like post malone
SadDoggo (4 days ago)
4:07 Nice sword you've got there Jon, what's it made of? jellow?
Hector Merc (4 days ago)
Demoncleanerrr (4 days ago)
fuucckkkkkkkk I miss seeing all this for the first time, this shit gives me the hugest boner. amazing!!!
Svetlana Malavina (4 days ago)
The most stupid battle beginning ever made. Epic but stupid
Fullmetal Alchemist (5 days ago)
How many died because of his stupidity and look how many morals sansa saved: revenge of his father, revenge of his brother, revenge of the Winterfell and revenge of the whole North. She is the queen we do not know we needed!
Grant Paulsen (5 days ago)
I love Spoils of War, Blackwater, and Hardhome, but to me this is still the greatest battle in Game of Thrones history. (So far at least) (Season 8 will probably change my opinion)
Gary Copeland (5 days ago)
forget your christian gods.. they're as real as Jon Snow without the backbone
Braydon Cahill (5 days ago)
Why did he say don’t- After the kid died by the arrow?
Ivanka2024 for POTUS (5 days ago)
Who misses this show?
Matt Heald (5 days ago)
Why why why didn't they arm the giant?
Wenzel Massag (5 days ago)
This was the nastiest and ugliest fight in GOT, ever.
6:26 lol
Tor Øksendal (5 days ago)
9:05 John stopped an arrow with his sword?? That's impressive!
Tor Øksendal (5 days ago)
9:19 John: "GOOD WORK!" Fellow soldier: "ARGH!..."
tommy towse (6 days ago)
Jonty Rosenow (6 days ago)
Why did Davos tell his men to Nock when he had no intention of telling them to fire? Like the friendly cavalry were always going to be on the line of skirmish
Trent Irvin (6 days ago)
I miss game of thrones so fucking much
notionSlave (6 days ago)
that giant could've won the war himself wtf
Victor Kings (6 days ago)
Noooo, it ended...Lol man I should just go watch the show...Sigh but the sex! There's too much it's bad for me...For my drive I should say, it'll be on till judgement day and the horns or whatever sound.
Lochlan Ellery (7 days ago)
how the fuck do they know who is on their side
Wolfhowl3 (7 days ago)
The dodge ball champion of the world!!
ZerglilngVet (7 days ago)
Geo Marfil (7 days ago)
at 4:09 the sword is jello.. wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.. hahaha
Fonzy Lopez (8 days ago)
thats why you serpentine kids.
discordant dancers (8 days ago)
ramsey and the lannister cunt were conceived from buttfuckings
Kareem Gumbs (8 days ago)
Berni Fi (8 days ago)
Game of Thrones > everything
Robbie Phillips (8 days ago)
Amazingly done, who else REALLY thought john was about to die at 7:40, that got to me when I first watched this
vin 950 (8 days ago)
if battles were fought like this both sides would rack up really high body counts very quickly. Not to mention the risk of killing each other and how much it goes against basic human instinct to expose your back and sides to enemies like that. There was a reason why armies tended to break and flee when they realized the enemy was behind them or to their sides.
Renz (8 days ago)
Jon is a targaryen with a blood of stark
peter florek (8 days ago)
Grent Marko609 (8 days ago)
😮...why series look so amazing...
Kung Lao (9 days ago)
Its so crazy to think that when Game of Thrones first started, Jon Snow was such a weakling but now he fights like a king.
Tsumefan2 (9 days ago)
really?? all of the bastards are fighting???
713AMC (9 days ago)
Can somebody please tell me why this guy ran in a straight fookin line???
alan2021233 (10 days ago)
this kid just runs in a straght line like wtf
antred11 (9 days ago)
I'm sure he would have loved to zigzag, but the script said "run in a straight line", so what was he gonna do?
T M (11 days ago)
Everyone has good eyes in this show.thats a long way away
Leman Russ (11 days ago)
Chris Brown (15 days ago)
They unfortunately didn't use Wun-wun effectively. Give him a giant club and he could mow down whole swaths of men or at least break Ramsays line, but no, just let him figth with his bare hands. And Ramsay was a smart tactician--he knew exactly how to goad Jon into doing something rash.
Chris Brown (10 hours ago)
+voteZDLR Yeah, Jon did make some poor decisions!
voteZDLR (10 hours ago)
Less that Ramsay was smart and Jon was predictably stupid.
Andres Trejo (15 days ago)
Emm nope i'm still not ready to rewatch this
Elviron (16 days ago)
9:16 - 9:20 Could someone explain it to me? Jon's sword
MrKernkraft4000 (17 days ago)
It's odd. At the beginning you realize (if you've seen this before), pretty much every man visible, is for the most part, a dead man.
MrSkan11 (18 days ago)
Więcej szczęścia niż rozumu. I to w chuj
Linus Van Ghyseghem (18 days ago)
Is Jon snows sword Made of paper 4:10
Christine Awuor (19 days ago)
7:37-8:15... Best moment on TV
Nèô Àrtyum (19 days ago)
I wonder why he didn t totrure rickon before the battle
Kaustuv Bhattacharya (23 days ago)
5.22: When Frieza killed Krillin 😂
taijiangah (23 days ago)
Rikkon Stark should have put more points into evasion/dodge.
Timothy Olivas (23 days ago)
3:26 "lets play a game little man".... Rickon about the same size as Ramsey... lol
Ant Eksiler (23 days ago)
Goosebumps 7:52
William Lewington (23 days ago)
why didnt some give that giant a weapon .... even just a club.
Fyropyro420 (24 days ago)
I remember first seeing this episode after learning about crowd crush.... Maybe not the way Martin imagined it, maybe not the best the director could have done for the scene. But being encircled and crushed to death by the simplicity of having too many people in too small a space.... Aye. It did that for me.
T.K MERT TEKİN (24 days ago)
mohammed Hassan (24 days ago)
Why can't they give that giant an armour a shield and most important a giant sword. Or atleast have him some boulders to throw at the Bolton army. He alone would have won the battle.
Andreas Roth (25 days ago)
It woulded be nice if that giant had a huuuge sword
DerGuteHut (25 days ago)
.I think after this lousy performance (leaving his troops and lead them right in a trap, also not arming his only Trump Card the giant with a fucking Treestump or using him tactically) John should be in charge of...I dunno...diplomacy or food supply or canalization or something while Sansa and Arya handle military issues.
starkiller (26 days ago)
War....war never changes....

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