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CS GO - Top 10 Most Expensive Stickers! Rarest Stickers for CS GO Skins!

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In this video I go over the most expensive and best stickers for CS GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive). My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Sticker List: (Not In Order) howling dawn iBUYPOWER (Holo) Katowice 2014 Titan (Holo) katowice 2014 Natus Vincere (Holo) Katowice 2014 Fnatic (Holo) Katowice 2014 iBUYPOWER | Katowice 2014 Team LDLC.com (holo) Katowice 2014 Reason Gaming (holo) Katowice 2014 LGB eSports (Holo) | Katowice 2014 Hellraisers Holo Katowice 2014 Music: Alan Walker - Spectre
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Text Comments (675)
Devin Kuqo (1 month ago)
Watching this in 2018 and seeing the prices. Feelsbadman
now the reason holo is worth 1,5k xD
Devin Kuqo (1 month ago)
watching this video in 2018 feels bad man
Dignitas Holo Katowice 2014
tal madai (6 months ago)
400$? I will buy 400 of them in this price lol
Christian Summers (5 months ago)
yeah this video is old. Crazy how 3yrs later these stickers are so much more. If you got the Team LDLC for 75 dollars is now worth 400
Morgoth Lorgoth (6 months ago)
aint ibp holos like 2k now?
Astrobastard Gaming (6 months ago)
they are so expensive now
kr4zyy (7 months ago)
Now all the prices have increased smh
vgo gambling (7 months ago)
Ibuypower katowice 2014 222$ my friend
IE26299 (7 months ago)
NEVER in 2018
ERPO (7 months ago)
lol 57euros XDDDD 57x100
EdjE_ (7 months ago)
today these stickers cost 1000£ :))
derpoS (7 months ago)
Damn how old is this
Ryo Canis (7 months ago)
I have m4a4 worth 3$ with howling down sticker, who want trade it with shit knife? Contact me email ryocc06@gmail.com
IO.Master Io (7 months ago)
why the fuck you got tradeban lol
Netnert Nitram (7 months ago)
Id pick up an ibp holo for $400 anyday
supfarson (8 months ago)
lmao reflecting on $200 titan holo stickers. wish I had stocked up, could have made a fortune lol
Mitchell H (10 months ago)
if only i bought like 50 of them at this time
Phantom Sunrise (10 months ago)
I want to ask how do got so many d lores and why??
Phantom Sunrise (10 months ago)
Hope you accept my trade from phantom Sunrise
French Vanilla Scoundrel (11 months ago)
I have one of those no way
Astrophereon (11 months ago)
Ibuypower 2014 holo is now like 5000
[FN] AyzëN (11 months ago)
now the reason gaming costs over 1500$ 0_o
Hühnerskills (11 months ago)
WTF now is the ibuybower Sticker 200€ and holo 3k dollars :D
James Today (1 year ago)
A visit from 2 years into the future.
wx yz (1 year ago)
Can someone tell me why those stickerd are so expensive ? Like the titan and the ibuyp
zZFacEpAlmZz (11 months ago)
There isn't really a definite answer as most of my friends who have the stickers, each tell me different answers. Reading through reddit forums i constantly see the same answers. -First team stickers ever from a major. I personally believe this is the main reason. -Very clean stickers as in the team stickers released after had the team logos on designed backgrounds. The Katowice 2014 stickers especially the holos really highlight the team and just simply have the tournament below it. The stickers look a lot nicer on certain weapons if you're trying to get them to match a color scheme -IBP & Titan no longer compete. The sticker in this video is one of two IBP holo's ever released. -The rarity of getting a Holo sticker.
The General (1 year ago)
Imagine knowing 2017 prices back when this video was released ...
Nathan Bowyer (1 year ago)
Someone gimme a time machine
zurlex xd (1 year ago)
shit video suck my taco
Peacok (1 year ago)
These are all only 2000$ now
0 9 (1 year ago)
now prices 10x higher
timmy the nice (1 year ago)
why so expensive?
Luky Baczo (1 year ago)
Hy, I got M4A4 Urban DDPAT(MW) with FNATIC HOLO KATOWICE 2014 sticker (market price: 252 eur), price: 5 keys send me offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=245611505&token=EEL3Sdv8
Turtle Time (1 year ago)
just logged on for the first time in years and i have the titan sticker lol
MikePlays (1 year ago)
When you said "IBP" on #10 and it says $56 I was *_TRIGGERED_*
RoiD Collective (1 year ago)
why are these Skins so expensive?
DndanaZ Fortnite (1 year ago)
Elfy Is here (1 year ago)
On steam the Ibuypower(holo) is at 7000€
Jay AR (1 year ago)
Little did he know at the time.
Dvärgen (1 year ago)
Why are the Titan stickers so expensive?
Rasmon 123 (1 year ago)
i got scammed not by mcskillet
Gusta (1 year ago)
Hi guys can i please get 1 or 2 stickers i never tried pick'em tournament i really want to try it and i really like trophy so if you want tto donate you can do it here :) https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=366257406&token=EffbAHUn
Xαɳαx (1 year ago)
ibp sticker was 10 dollars 2 years ago?
Tommy (1 year ago)
: because they purposely lost a game and put money against themselves to win money : thats why ibuypower stickers are worth alot : and they look really good
Star Zod (1 year ago)
how much is a IRL IBP Holo??
Loec (1 year ago)
- aLeXxar - (1 year ago)
How much is ak47 redline ft with 3x ibuypower dreamwork 2014?
gotTURNIPS (1 year ago)
I have the Katowice sticker on my dragon king wtf
InfinitY™ (1 year ago)
Now the 1st cost 2500 dollars xDDDDD
John Hollis (4 months ago)
4000 now lol
henrik (1 year ago)
lol now the titan holo is more than 2000dollar
Ricson's (1 year ago)
hey guys, i have am question. A guy i've met in an game is trying to sell me an ft ak-47 redline with an Titan holo katowice 2014 on it. he is wanting the 75%-90% of the price from the sticker. is he trying to ripp me off?
Cray (1 year ago)
Max Schulz stickers on a gun only trade for about 5% of their value dude
Ricson's (1 year ago)
Mislav9MislavTO how do you mean that.
Mislav9MislavTO (1 year ago)
Max Schulz you can't sell the sticker so it will look cool but it's too expensive
teoH (1 year ago)
Kato wice
Dylan (1 year ago)
I named my sawed of orogami Kurt cobains microphone
Suspect (1 year ago)
I own all of them
Lol now ibp holo 3000$ :/
123 Jun (1 year ago)
why your weapon got a thing like digital watch sticking on your weapon? what is that?
DerPafferfish (1 year ago)
StatTrak. Some skins come with it. It's a counter how many people you killed with the gun.
Swagpotatogaming (1 year ago)
This is sooooooooooo outdated
H Ward (1 year ago)
Xention (1 year ago)
even i have the stickers now-days
Miguel Olsen (1 year ago)
wow ur math..
Xention (1 year ago)
this was made fucking 2 years ago. dont come here and complain that its old lmao
UrkeBoss (2 years ago)
I have Natus Vincere | Katowice 2014 on P2000 | Red FragCam mw :D http://steamcommunity.com/id/Silov93/inventory/
Matthew Quijano (1 year ago)
I have one on my awp boom
Doctor Dollars (2 years ago)
I have iBP holo on my awp, titan holo on my AK, LDLC holo on my m4a1, reason holo on my FAMAS. I used to have iBP non holo on a glock but I just sold it for $40
さみしい夜Tricky (2 years ago)
KairosXIII (9 months ago)
Dude i hoped you got some in your time :D
Sonic Street (1 year ago)
I applied this sticker on my default m4a1 ;-;
Krafko (1 year ago)
It was actually 3 dollars, and the Titan was 2 dollars when they came out RIP who sold them
Adam G (1 year ago)
the non holo one was 50 bucks, the holo was 400
Edkush (1 year ago)
+Blakefulable Is it the Katowice 2014 one?
Juliano Fachim (2 years ago)
I have a HellRaisers | Katowice 2014 on a StatTrak™ Five-SeveN | Kami (field-tested) and a Fnatic | Katowice 2014 on a AUG | Wings (factory new). Open for trade!!!
Nils Chapman (2 years ago)
daiummm these stickers got uo in price
Kyle Fairbairn (2 years ago)
lmao all these stickers are worth soooooo much more now
Gavaskar B. (2 years ago)
katovitsa natus vincheri thats how u pronounce it :)!
_Apo4x (2 years ago)
Why are they so expensive ? And who buy those ?
Blakefulable (2 years ago)
I presume that's how it works, it's the only logical way I'd have thought, it would seem odd if someone put an offer in for $5k and they got the sticker instead of the $6k offer :| It's speculation of course, but it seems the fairest way :) I just brought an AWP with the non-holo IBUYPOWER sticker, worth $255, for $15 haha, crazy what people sell on the market instead of other websites.
Killer Zj (2 years ago)
+Blakefulable No way so the highest buy request gets the item no matter what the seller is selling for?
Blakefulable (2 years ago)
That's people trying to buy for 6k, I guess they put that price so someone is tempted to sell, and obviously because of the buy limit they only sell for $400, so the person with the 6k advert profits hugely by selling it afterwards on a 3rd party website like OPskins, where as the person that sold only got 400 instead of $6k, so they lose a ton :p
Killer Zj (2 years ago)
+Blakefulable Wait, how though? The max you can sell is $400 on market...
Blakefulable (2 years ago)
Currently 19,000 offers to buy the sticker for £6114 or lower :L http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/Sticker%20%7C%20iBUYPOWER%20%28Holo%29%20%7C%20Katowice%202014
JuustoPekoni07 (2 years ago)
fnatic katowice 2014 is pretty expensive today
Aziz arkin (2 years ago)
McSkillet, for how much i can sell a M4A1-S Blood Tiger (FN) with titan katowice 2014 (non holo ) ?
f1ash (2 years ago)
What is an AK Redline FT with iBP non holo and howling dawn bad float worth?
G4sp_ (2 years ago)
Can somebody explain me why the ibp holo was worth 40 bucks at the beginning and its now worth over 2k?
yungsoo (2 years ago)
the ibp holo is worth over 2k now, the non holo is worth 400$. The price changed because it is more rare now .
NoNo (2 years ago)
400$ :'D
ms1021 (2 years ago)
Why stickers from Katowice are so expensive?
KING TICKLE (2 years ago)
Hey i have a AWP RedLine MW with a Howling Dawn will that add money to my skin? the sticker is worth $230 and the AWP is worth $14
Rap Party (2 years ago)
Trade me :)
ben domke (2 years ago)
Did you ever sell your Awp I have a Awp redline with a howl sticker 2 lmao
KING TICKLE (2 years ago)
G4sp_ (2 years ago)
well maybe you bought it with the sticker on it..
G4sp_ (2 years ago)
You had to sell just the sticker
BaccaBear (2 years ago)
Holy shit the navi holo is now 1k
Solved - BR (2 years ago)
All the price are false on 2016 , but still a nice video !
G4sp_ (2 years ago)
+SweetUx | Game Beatboxing damn
Solved - BR (2 years ago)
+Federico gasperotti ye , bought it for 50$ ^^
G4sp_ (2 years ago)
+SweetUx | Game Beatboxing Do you have some of them?
G4sp_ (2 years ago)
+SweetUx | Game Beatboxing Really?
Solved - BR (2 years ago)
+Federico gasperotti Im agree with you , but still can make profit with it <3
PoisonLotus (2 years ago)
I have a M4A1-S Guardian That has a TITAN non holo Katowice 2014 I'm trading for a knife message me on steam if interested
Adom (2 years ago)
how much do you want to sell it for?
UmiWave (2 years ago)
I have 1 of these stickers ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
ScraTch 37 (2 years ago)
*Now Titan (Holo) katowice 2014 min. 4000$*
Operation317 (2 years ago)
there 5,000USD and up
ultamatezombiekiller (2 years ago)
I've got a fnatic holo
Leon Borgersen (2 years ago)
"Pretty crazy how a viritual sticker for a viritual skin can cost up to $400" And one year later it's worth over $10 000. Pretty sick.
Gaetano M (2 years ago)
lol the ibp homo is literally 2500 now
Qui-Gon Jinn (2 years ago)
update this
Myname Isgeoff (2 years ago)
Howling dawn is actually 204 on market right now
Jan421 (2 years ago)
McSkilket its extreme how much virtal stickers can cost(400$) today 2500$ :D
Tjeliep (2 years ago)
Dignitas holo raced most of them rn :p
Vincent Hynes (2 years ago)
You definitely need to make an updated version of this video
Brad Maynard (2 years ago)
Can we get an updated version of this because of price changes?
c/o jonas. (2 years ago)
Is "Dreamhack 2013 Mountain Holo" rare?
c/o jonas. (2 years ago)
+Nils Lorand Okay, thank you ^^
Nils Lorand (2 years ago)
Yes. You cant really request more than 10% market more for it
c/o jonas. (2 years ago)
+Nils Lorand But its an old sticker..
Nils Lorand (2 years ago)
Its only on Souvenir Skins from DH13
Vincent Mauron (2 years ago)
i had 2 ibp holos in 2014, sold them for 60$ each. rip.
Nils Lorand (2 years ago)
I wouldve sold one of them and for the last one waited
G4sp_ (2 years ago)
R.I.P. new motorbike
Nils Lorand (2 years ago)
Nubby 'N Melvin (2 years ago)
i paid 8keys for a hellraisers holo katowice 2014 on a fn guardian... good deal?
Chainman 19 (2 years ago)
the stickers really changed a lot haha
Davidek Sustera (2 years ago)
Uhm what about Team Dignitas Holo Katowice 2014?
Hunter Moon (2 years ago)
valve should add a faze sticker with just the logo, like the titan holo
Carl Abelsson (2 years ago)
He says they are expensive but they are like 500% more now
Canned_Beans (2 years ago)
Trading my m4a1-s with LGB eSports (Holo) | Katowice 2014 Stickers ($400 stickers) Steam name : foseco123
Just Hurricane (2 years ago)
but dig holo is $1000 ;_;
I cry everytime i remember i had that foil Ibuypower sticker on my fucking nova and 3 others 2$ weapons back in the days...
MintyMiku (2 years ago)
I have LGB Katowice 2014 on my M4A1-S Blood Tiger lol
Dopey Marshmallow (2 years ago)
In Case clicker the iBuyPower sticker is over $1k
A Chair (2 years ago)
Aww I have an ak elite build with the fnatic Katowice 2015 sticker I thought I had a rare sticker
mert yaroğlu (2 years ago)
A fucking Reason Gaming Holo is $900 nowdays
+mert yaroğlu i had like 4 of them on shitty weapons when it came out, wich i could know x)
De CSGamersNL (2 years ago)
I have a StatTrak M4A1-S Guardian Minimal-Wear with a Titan Katowice 2014 sticker (non holo) the gun it self is 25 euro's but does the sticker add value? and how much?
Frantic traitor (2 years ago)
+De CSGamersNL it depends how much the buy would like to pay for it, usually sells for 10% value or more. Usually more expensive stickers would go for more then 10%. If you would like to sell your M4A1-S you should make a trade in csgo lounge and see what people offer.

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