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All of my CS:GO Operation Hydra skin drops

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I have included drops from a smurf account so we have twice as many skin drops
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Gurjot Singh (8 days ago)
Is it common to get that many skin drops during an operation, if so then i might buy the next operation
Mr. Spagootle (1 month ago)
My brother got a dragon lore
Yolk Arch (1 month ago)
The Deagle Hand Cannon was my first Operation Hydra drop.
Tushar Mehta (2 months ago)
My friend got m4a1s knight
Acrilyk Kry (2 months ago)
I got a knight
Alexi Ripattila (2 months ago)
my best drop was a factory new AWP sun in leo
Trd Villanueva (4 months ago)
Theyre all kinda shit
Streamer PEEL (4 months ago)
Fajny odcinek pls odpowiedz mi w twoim filmiku ,,aj not chet'' i pozdro👍
Qwerty -_- (4 months ago)
1:33 i cracked up sooo hard 😂😂😂
nonemem (4 months ago)
I dropped m4 hot rod fn <3
maximum BG (4 months ago)
Milko Kalaidjiev ??
PAKAKON (5 months ago)
nice vid
AlphaWolfAlex (5 months ago)
Best I got was a fac new ump indigo
HIRAZ.F (5 months ago)
my highest operation drop was cz chalice fn
LuckYy (5 months ago)
I’ve got Minotaurs Labyrinth FT I guess? And P2k Chaimail FN
D Sp4wN (5 months ago)
sad xD i got 2 mw hand cannons, not the best but still really nice
D Sp4wN (4 months ago)
H0RN3T (4 months ago)
D Sp4wN kys
Muhammad Ilham (5 months ago)
Ez cash out
Max Walkendorff (5 months ago)
The best one I got was a CZ nitro mw
CZK XD (6 months ago)
Милко Калайджиев xDD
wereldspelerBG (6 months ago)
още може ли конечно се активира операцията ?
10 Chromys (6 months ago)
I got nothing lol
XaXa CS:GO (7 months ago)
My best drops : Desert Eagle Sun set storm Field Testet , and P250 White out Minimal ware
Obi-wan Kenobi (3 months ago)
神 Med you can't laugh in the Internet :D:D
神 Med (5 months ago)
lol you can't spell for shit hahaha
Watson Memes (5 months ago)
XaXa CS:GO Oh shit, that's actually pretty damn good!
zappoz yotube (8 months ago)
kjrav (8 months ago)
Nice vid! And btw i got ft poseidon (0.24ffv)
pepe (5 months ago)
KJofficial there is not even FIELD TESTED poseidon lol
Ohhyy (5 months ago)
KJofficial I got a mw poseidon as drop :)
Lodin (6 months ago)
TenOutOfTen (8 months ago)
OJG2 nice
John Rhommer Aunario (9 months ago)
Im expecting a dlore
Rost (9 months ago)
Mr_Ludde (9 months ago)
My best was a mac 10 fade FN :D And i also got a usp royal blue MW
Oliver Koskinen (6 months ago)
mac 10 fade "fn" is like 3$ but u see people who r new with skins saying fades with wears lmao
mark lyberth (9 months ago)
Still shit but not more bad then mine
Obi-wan Kenobi (3 months ago)
Liam Zavaglia Yes I do english
do you english
João Sousa (9 months ago)
Lol u got really good drops I only got shit...
Gurjot Singh (8 days ago)
Did you also get that many no of skin drops?
Zkun (9 months ago)
What the fuck the best skin I've got was 9 cents fuck this :(
Tino (9 months ago)
Holy shit u actually made profit, unlike everybody else
Referals (9 months ago)
Wow u made ur money back with the mac 7 alone lol
SonePFC (4 months ago)
mac 7 lol
Oliver Koskinen (6 months ago)
Mac 7
vic1k (9 months ago)
Roxex and the chanmail and pandora's box.
TenOutOfTen (10 months ago)
Cool vid i got 4 light blues 1 blue 1 purple rest are greys and cases (purple was awp pink ddpat mw blue was mac 10 nucleae garden ft) awesome job please do the next operation too ❤❤❤❤❤
Caroline BOSIO (10 months ago)
nice drop  mp9 pandora s box gg
Sans (2 days ago)
Lol pandora is a tomatoe in arabic language Xd is that how they call skins a tomato or soup? Maybe Rice why not.

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