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What it's like to be Global Elite #4

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The highest rank there is, gathering all the best players ! Or mb... not ... Checkout my sponsor ! :D Alphadraft - Win Cash For Drafting Top Fantasy LCS Teams ! http://bit.ly/1giAnaD And Nitrado gameserv ! http://bit.ly/1SPhnw1 ─ Welcome to the Description Land ─ −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−­­−−−−−−− ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ● Twitter : https://twitter.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE @HOUNGOUNGAGNE ● Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ─ Video details ─ −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−­­−−−−−−− ● Music: The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AltMeuPkWRs ─ About me ─ −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−­­−−−−−−− ● Crosshair : http://pastebin.com/kCFprk01 ● Sensitivity: 1300 DPI (Logitech G502 - New mouse since 14 august) 1.53 ingame ! (Raw input) No mouse accel ! ● Video settings: 1920 / 1080 - 16/9 ( BenQ xl2411z 24" 144hz ) ● Autoexec: http://bit.ly/1EmPcMV ● CFG folder : http://bit.ly/1c8rVaN ● My font: http://bit.ly/1BfjS2u (Hemi Head) ● How to change the font: http://bit.ly/1AoeezT
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Text Comments (263)
Baby Man (28 days ago)
Does this usually happen?
Mikasa (2 years ago)
Video not avaiable in Germany due to the used music... :-/
Kirill HFZ (2 years ago)
Who is Mojo?
Natente Quechuor (2 years ago)
1:40 that scream xD
Gobrosse (2 years ago)
Une chaine sur CS:GO c'est bien le dernier endroit où tu t'imagine tomber sur des vidéos aussi réconfortantes et fun !
fa şo (2 years ago)
i play like a global :d
saboo (2 years ago)
...we need more ranks
FragQuenz (2 years ago)
64 tick, i´m telling you right now..
Deeno the Filipino (2 years ago)
What kind of montage would it be without a clip of Mojo!
Andi (2 years ago)
@xXTedwarriorXx He maybe doesn't want to smurf and just plays for fun
Camping In Train (3 years ago)
That feel when you play better than Global Elite but you were stuck in G4, Gold Nova Master for half an year now i am finally Master Guardian
Bullz (3 years ago)
Why the fuck are you playing witn a mge and 2 DMGs when ur global lol?
Vergnaud Damien (3 years ago)
So fun to watch and rewatch your vids men ! I'm so happy that great guys come from my department too :D
Deadie (3 years ago)
1:44 hahaha
joseph doucette (3 years ago)
THANK YOU. i have not laughed or enjoyed a csgo video like this in a while
Ash (3 years ago)
who is mojo?
Silvervader14 (3 years ago)
Anyone else remember this song good times
Skukz (3 years ago)
NopePlays (3 years ago)
How? How? I play like this and i'm silver...
NopePlays (3 years ago)
+Hao2k lawl
Hao2k (3 years ago)
+EpicnessKings its one of those retarded plays that everyone would have sometimes lol
dumb cunt (3 years ago)
playing with 3 dmgs doesnt make you a global elite u boosted fuck
Osuletz (3 years ago)
HICKIRA (3 years ago)
Most of the people are missing the happiness of playing with insane friends in MM :D
Iquali Wut (3 years ago)
who is mojo ? he is soooooo bad
Nie Interesuj Się (3 years ago)
The offspring <3 :D
yossef sabag (3 years ago)
but mojo is supreme
Treble Trouble (3 years ago)
Where is mojo??
andrea maso (3 years ago)
+HOUNGOUNGAGNE what happened to mojo?!??! Has youtube deleted his channel for something he did? I can't find his channel anymore pls help +HOUNGOUNGAGNE P.S. I tagged 2 houngoungagne because there were 2 and I didn't know who is the real :P
Twayn (3 years ago)
What`s happened with mojo`s channel ? (Sry for bad english :(
andrea maso (3 years ago)
I didn't know :( I want know it too!plz +houngoungagne
Conner Smith (3 years ago)
im mge and my aim is better than mojos..
CrazyPanda (3 years ago)
hey Jeff, I from Russia (and my English is not good sorryc:) And I like your videos!! they are so funny and you sing so good! please make more videos! I and subs love you! press like on video and on my comment if you agree with me! I LOVE YOU JEFF!
Augustine Eu (3 years ago)
Your mouse sense is high.
MKAI (3 years ago)
global elite is a joke right now :/
The Pink Unicorn (3 years ago)
ça fait plaisir d'entendre les offspring sur une vidéo YouTube omg
Luis Antunes (3 years ago)
Drippy (3 years ago)
Hi Houngounagne ^_^ If youre reading this could u comment on one of my vids so i can brag about it to my friends? :P Love your channel man, keep up the good work
Gamer's Operations (3 years ago)
The Offspring <3 Jeff je t'adore
Bejoned. (3 years ago)
How much matches he have won?
Aaron (3 years ago)
2:55 "Oh oh"
ConnorGaming53 (3 years ago)
I'm sorry I couldn't finish watching this song is just to annoying
piotrek9600 (3 years ago)
Who is Mojo? :D
Does some1 know which font he is using ? :)
vLADOPARD (3 years ago)
This video makes me feel better :D
Dan Friedman (3 years ago)
The Offspring :D
JUAN (3 years ago)
3:17 girl screaming oO
spyffer (3 years ago)
Oui bah c'est la même ^^
JUAN (3 years ago)
ouais mais la non ecoute a 3:17
spyffer (3 years ago)
+RedSkidy A la fin du clip "A Pretty Fly for a White Guy" (la chanson utilisée dans la vidéo) y'a une gamine qui crie . S'tout .
Pumafi (3 years ago)
+RedSkidy A gril? I can't hear any gril!
JUAN (3 years ago)
pas compris 
jayden smith (3 years ago)
New music <3
thinker (3 years ago)
song name ?
HOUNGOUNGAGNE (3 years ago)
+dmfcks1004 desc !
Mitternacht~ (3 years ago)
When I heard Pretty Fly for A White Guy, I checked that I didn't have my iTunes on. >^>
Emerald (3 years ago)
Ce rire xDD
Yankı Keser (3 years ago)
if i have a friend like this i have sooo fun in csgo Question : How did you find your friends like this ??? Question 2 : Did you derank ever ? Question 3 : Did you rage and shout '' You are kid stfu you cant play this game ''
wonder who (3 years ago)
who is that guy? 3:06
Matthew Dondy (3 years ago)
The song is a bit annoying but the content still got the 👍👍👍
sAnic (3 years ago)
When you wake up and houngoungagne and leafy upload Kreygasm
HanksterPVP (3 years ago)
Lol pretty fly
marlo830 (3 years ago)
Who's Mojo?
Dilexro (3 years ago)
what i know about france is eiffeltower, wine, baguette, que ;)
Dilexro (3 years ago)
JUAN (3 years ago)
+Dilexro - CS:GO do you mean "that's all" ? then it's "c'est tout" not "que"
JUAN (3 years ago)
+Dilexro - CS:GO que ?
TEKaTEK Twitch (3 years ago)
3:02 - who the fuck is that? D:
Vladamir (3 years ago)
wait, this means I can be global elite
Dan Zero (3 years ago)
Best music so far :D
Shib (3 years ago)
Being Global Elite nowadays is too easy, there is no challenge, the player differences are huge.
aerochrise (3 years ago)
When I heard the offspring, needless to say I was happy :D Pretty fly for a white guy isn't my favourite song by them, but it's not bad.
MrZorroZorroZ (3 years ago)
Wow ive been away for a week and now i See that my Best csgo friend Christy played against you and even made it in the video at 1.30... why not me? :( Greetings from germany!
TheCouchPotato (3 years ago)
Lol, I know that I'm MG2, but I called out "Behind you in quad!" Like 5 times then he died and he was like,"YOU SHOULDVE FUCKING CALLED OUT THAT HE WAS IN QUAD!" So annoying .-.
Dank PD Jej (3 years ago)
The Offsprings waiiii !
ツ ツ (3 years ago)
Vander 123 (3 years ago)
man i think it's the worst video in your channel
Yenix (3 years ago)
+HOUNGOUNGAGNE might be cuz of the music many ppl don't enjoy music over gameplay sounds.
HOUNGOUNGAGNE (3 years ago)
+Tammer Baydoun Ah :( why ? ^^
R1O (3 years ago)
More more more !!!
Cardinal CS:GO (3 years ago)
Made my birthday that much better. Thanks Jeff <3
de_TMa (3 years ago)
I really love and enjoy your videos i watch them all Keep that up m8 :D Greetings from Germany :)
Brezzy (3 years ago)
I just love these videos,
Steven0125 Kjl (3 years ago)
This Offspring though XD
Ounaide (3 years ago)
vend tong
Ounaide (3 years ago)
+RedSkidy UI
JUAN (3 years ago)
+Ounaide combien ?
Mr Deathshor (3 years ago)
May this series never end.Amen
Slob (3 years ago)
Jeff i love you just because you used the offspring's music, ur awesome dude <3
Steven (3 years ago)
Chat at 0:46
Tyler's Headmeat (3 years ago)
This is not hate, just opinion. Next time i think it would be better to leave the reactions, instead of playing music. It's much more funnier imo
Steven (3 years ago)
Chat at 0:46
Dario Buljubašić (3 years ago)
Could you please turn down the music or remove it next time, it's too loud and it's kinda in the way
Novo eu antiga shit (3 years ago)
Dat music XDDD nice video man! lov it :p
Who's Mojo?
pabstd (3 years ago)
Why so short!?     thatswaswhatshesaid
Cryanos (3 years ago)
man I lovvvve your outro Its so Fucking hillarious keep it up greetings from Germany
HOUNGOUNGAGNE (3 years ago)
+Cryanos Thanks ! ^^
TheNonya1 (3 years ago)
That laugh at the beginning was like the best thing ever.
Zwizzor (3 years ago)
1:00 = DENIED
Cat (3 years ago)
Isn't GE full of hackers???
fruitdealer007 (3 years ago)
+Mountainn Deww i dont get boosted, i play good on supreme 
Sasha Grimes (3 years ago)
+Cat daym gurl
Mountainn Deww (3 years ago)
+t o u R i s t I just deleted my comment cuz maked no sense to text so much. The point is....You play like a global cuz u get global cuz is only skill bro.If u got global like a normal person with noo boost...i think u can say that.A supreme can be more good than a global...is just a rank...
fruitdealer007 (3 years ago)
+Mountainn Deww i dont think you can say "you play like global" cause you can get global with 1000 hours and keep this rank, but with 5000 hours youre still global, cause there are no higher ranks. So whos playing like global? with 1000 or 5000 hours^^ you know what i mean?
Mountainn Deww (3 years ago)
+t o u R i s t Sry for my english but u don.t know that lol. I have 3 acc and 2 of them are smfc,and 1 ge.On main i got smfc with 1225 h,second smfc 225 h(i.m like a cheater)...and before that i taked 1 more acc to make a new rank..wanted to make ge so bad....and in 80 h got...ge. U never know if u play like a global or no.t...is more like a level...2 mounth ago more of my friends was smfc and me lem and they was like:haha u noob stfu i.m sfmc. And now i.m like a pro :)))
Unknown Joker (3 years ago)
Mr. Derpy (3 years ago)
Mojo xD great video
Maxime Haegeli (3 years ago)
Wolf __ (3 years ago)
where is Mojo? :D
CLOPORTE (3 years ago)
Putain j'ai ris ! Et sinon ta une sensi de combien?
orson04 (3 years ago)
Offspring ahaaah
Arke (3 years ago)
I love you for using offspring music
Juan Suárez (3 years ago)
That used to be legendary eagle till volvo fked up ranks...
Pepin CZ (3 years ago)
Dylan Rochet (3 years ago)
J'ai l'impression que tu connais tout mes potes sur csgo xD Pando ato :v Sinon bonne vidéo la baguette vaincra ! :v
alice (3 years ago)
finally new clip!
lars vahtrik (3 years ago)
Ur intro and videos are so good :-) houngoungagne Produkchion
Baboulibob&co (3 years ago)
bojidar chanev (3 years ago)
The Offspring ??? Nice taste of music mate .
Jarryd Buck (3 years ago)
+1 for music, stay fabulous houngoungagne
Cyborg (3 years ago)
Who is Mojo ???

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