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CS:GO - Zombie Survival Mod Gameplay on de_dust2 - GFL

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CS:GO Zombie Survival Mod Gameplay on de dust2 map on the GFL server. »Defends || B 0:00 || T Spawn 2:50 || Short 5:18 || Long A 7:17win »Defends || Royal Rumble 10:58 || Rumble 12:41 || B 14:15 || B Tunnel 22:52 ►Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Sub2axonek3 ►CSGO Zombie Escape Playlist: http://bit.ly/CSGOZE ►Previous Video: https://youtu.be/RbvptXV_6-s SERVER Name: GFLClan IP: PC SPECS: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (194)
Kelvin0032 (10 days ago)
Everyone go b go b rush b goa go a rush go ct like im about mute 60 players
Wesley Carlos (25 days ago)
adress of server?
AlisH (30 days ago)
Omg play bizon retard
salmah saw (1 month ago)
No chance to win
Seeds (1 month ago)
RIP Dust 2.
BENJARECAPO (1 month ago)
buen video =)
fire and water (1 month ago)
fuck my ears bleeding
bendy Game7458 (1 month ago)
Darryl Louis (1 month ago)
I don't think there is any point in playing that if there are so many people. I am just saying.
Gregoryy (1 month ago)
ZIRO RUZA (2 months ago)
hence proved pp bizon worst gun for zombie survival
DeckOfDecks (2 months ago)
Whats the IP of this server ?
Alejandro Guzmán (2 months ago)
How can I play this?
Dank DM’S (2 months ago)
They’re literally calling the hole a window...
Vincenzo Scozzari (2 months ago)
all double doors?
that zombies life is so op maybe they should have 5k hp not 10k
Vulcano001 (2 months ago)
ip ?
PHILw ar (2 months ago)
YANIS DZ (3 months ago)
yiu lost all partie but you are pro nice
Tiago Oliveira da costa (3 months ago)
lda heriatni
mu hu (3 months ago)
because the GFL server get error
황재윤 (3 months ago)
9:24 xd
RainsoulGX (3 months ago)
CS 1.6 is much better. *lul*
razor dota (3 months ago)
Как поиграть в этот порядок?
ROBLOX SHOW TV (3 months ago)
Nice work
pookgojuice (3 months ago)
Why cant all of them just get a negev?
hama abidi (3 months ago)
fake fake link Global Offensive
herobrine (3 months ago)
Worst map......... Small map for zombie mode
Adrikov Xander (3 months ago)
Rush B!!! Rush B!!!! CounterBlyat
Anime Hunter (3 months ago)
Why always bizon?
Marius Iloaie (3 months ago)
Because it s a fast weapon ant it has a 64 bullets clip
DARYN TV (3 months ago)
0:14 suka blyat
ezio auditore (3 months ago)
is this non steam ?
Nicolas93T YT (3 months ago)
Let go B -B -B -B -Let go A -A -A -A -No , go B! -No, go A! -B! -A! That killed me x)
Meikato Fudorikito (3 months ago)
I saw that SM you did there
Valente Gabriel (3 months ago)
Rlly love this map its so funny
Under Games (3 months ago)
I'll be honest but tunnels is the best spot since its so closed in it would be easy for others to change position and defend
xlizardmaniacx (3 months ago)
What is The name/Come to play that
GrandTheftGaming (4 months ago)
Why not all Negev
Kaushik Palavalasa (4 months ago)
nemuritorul Bogdan (4 months ago)
E pe telefon?
Marius Iloaie (3 months ago)
Nu i cum..
nemuritorul Bogdan (3 months ago)
Era misto daca functiona si pe telefon
Marius Iloaie (3 months ago)
nemuritorul Bogdan =))) e cs go
SoulCrusherEx (4 months ago)
worst map for zombie survival. there is a zombie dust 2 map with barbed wire and stuff. much better to play on.
Azzy The Aztec Warrior (4 months ago)
Interesting fact dust_2 is the only map in counter strike global offensive, all the other maps you see are just different names for our beloved dust_2
natalia de la fuente (4 months ago)
good video
Lactte A (4 months ago)
How do i install the mod
Complex (4 months ago)
Gitte Christensen Regnbueskolen you dont install anything you just connect to the server and it downloads some files for you and you play
Rūdolfs graudumnieks (4 months ago)
folome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahh (4 months ago)
Server ip pls
Apolonia Ramirez (4 months ago)
RUSH_plays (4 months ago)
Eğlence Dünyası (4 months ago)
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Eğlence Dünyası (4 months ago)
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:D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtubeZFzz8X_
http://rufails.ru/download/ulr5qocz вот хорошие моды качаем
Cs oynayan Genç (4 months ago)
Good :)
Kaleelur Rahaman Zakeer (4 months ago)
10k hp is too much
Oscar Aliaga (4 months ago)
the cs 1.6 will always have the best zombie mode!¡!¡¡
Joshua Alfaro (4 months ago)
This was on a Gfl server
MLP egasus (4 months ago)
I would play dis, but I need a new pc.
Muhamad Hakimi (4 months ago)
it not easy on ddust
Hafiz Ayish (4 months ago)
This map is impossible to win the zombie survival
IHOP (4 months ago)
All the new zombie escape servers suck, they arent fun anymore
Yusuf Zaelani (5 months ago)
Pls gun m249
박한결 (5 months ago)
I think it's not that hard to win in dust 2 againd zombies, but some retards go near and die to zombies.
Rodrigo Jr Sotto (5 months ago)
Still don't know why people are crazy over skins in this game
Popple (5 months ago)
FINALLY I FIND A ZOMBIE SURVIVAL VIDEO, in stead of a zombie escape video :D
Metal (5 months ago)
0:44 See Thats Why When You Guys Are Fucking Eggs XD im dead
eplisEm (4 months ago)
see thats what happens when you guys go fucking A (lol)
Mirko Grgic (5 months ago)
Rush b cyka blat
Davis1337 (5 months ago)
*changes shader details to low* XD
Keisha Huang (5 months ago)
RacKweN Gaming (5 months ago)
Guys can you subscribe my new channel please im posting everything about cs go and zombie escape mod ty :D
FЗЕLS • (5 months ago)
U succ at zombyes
蔡老 (5 months ago)
where can i get this mod in csgo
Xander Niles (5 months ago)
Seems like kinda fun, but old dust2 is not suitable for zombie mode
Soviet Commies (5 months ago)
Cyka Blyat
KappaHammer (5 months ago)
Fps Rip
EA Plays Vlogs (5 months ago)
Negev? M249?
jhai parpa (5 months ago)
Zombie Mode on a Zombie escape server,
jhai parpa (5 months ago)
A Long is the best spot to defend why u guys no go A long, we won a round there it was Ez and niedierzer always laugh
Yunix Oyunda (5 months ago)
Is the f key missing on your keyboard?
The Gaming Channel (5 months ago)
How do I play this
Aexo (5 months ago)
If their health were lower
[PL]XnaruTo (5 months ago)
Wow nice :D
İddialı (5 months ago)
Old dust 2 :(
Omar Nabulsi (5 months ago)
•ChRisTiaN Whiix• (5 months ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Before you kill a zombie Omae owamo shindeiru
Leo wang (5 months ago)
cHrIsTiAn_ Wiihx NANI??
Vannek M (5 months ago)
haha nc
Mystic. (5 months ago)
Everyone seems to have fun lel, even dust 2 is not a good idea as a zombie mod map , except having a little parkour and stuff to camp. Like cs 1.6 back in the day.
XIX The 65th (5 months ago)
iMangolix (5 months ago)
You should've used the Negev.
Krist Frag (5 months ago)
cs 1.6 is best zombie mod survival
Orasmith (5 months ago)
reminds me of the oldschool cs1.6 zm infection days
Fairyzz Galaxy (5 months ago)
Chinmay Gk (5 months ago)
Which game is this. Android
İts postal 2
TheRedSniper 》《 (5 months ago)
Chinmay Gk you can search it "cs:go" is on PC
Aaron G (5 months ago)
Here seems like no one has never played cs source zm lol
Marius Iloaie (3 months ago)
Or 1.6 ..
Alifleo 97 (5 months ago)
how to play this mod
JeffTheKiller 58 (4 months ago)
RajabiGaming fckung kid saddo
Victor Hugo Gomes Costa (5 months ago)
RajabiGaming looks like we have a dick-eater here
Suram (5 months ago)
Alifleo 97 eat your dick
Baus (5 months ago)
How do I play it in csgHAALp
Aji Somantri (5 months ago)
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Clan TIO (5 months ago)
Aji Somantri That is great! Fuck you
Viraj Gohil (5 months ago)
Whao.. Its still a thing. Dear Youtubers Can you guys please Upload Csgo Mods Videos?I have not seen these since 1.6 !!!
Plant The Bomb (5 months ago)
ProgrammerGaming (5 months ago)
Half-Life 2 zombies :D

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