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The 10 First CS:GO Skins Ever Made

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CS:GO ➜ [CS:GO Empire: https://goo.gl/kRERqJ ] First Skins Valve Ever Made. With the Flood of skins pouring into the Steam Workshop as time progresses, it’s become rather challenging to keep track of all the decorative jazz that has surfaced; especially the older fellas. That’s our focus this time around, paying homage to those which started the skin craze we’ve come to adore or you know, hate. Whether you’re a Grizzled Ancient or a curious bystander. There’s an everlasting respect for what pioneered it all. Today, we’re going to become the visitors to our ancestors by taking a look at the first 10 Skins in CS GO's history. ◆ CONNECT WITH VALVE GUIDES ◆ ☞ CS:GO Empire: https://goo.gl/kRERqJ ☞ Twitter: https://goo.gl/6ZAY9k ☞ Discord: https://goo.gl/ZcEiBh ☞ Twitch: https://goo.gl/Cc81H4 ___ Thanks for watching our 10 First CS:GO Skins Ever Made, if you want to learn how to AWP like a pro, make sure to watch our Top 10 Ways to AWP like a pro. Make sure to subscribe to Valve Guides. We create content on CS:GO, Portal, Half Life and other Valve related content on a daily basis and work hard to deliver the best CS:GO clips and tips so you can play like your favorite CS:GO Players.
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Text Comments (369)
SOUNA (15 days ago)
In your casino advertisement you forgot to mention the part where you inevitably lose everything because of house edge
vincas ltu (1 month ago)
Lol i have rect9 brass
Leonfnaf (1 month ago)
So thats the reason why the awp boom is so expensive
Rulio :P (1 month ago)
started playing csgo in 2014, any1 else?
DA_FK (1 month ago)
Counter strike globle weapon unboxing simulator!!!play now!
Onur Gunduz (1 month ago)
Your pronounciation of the word "plethora" is ... intriguing.
Max Mustermann (1 month ago)
Don't play at CSGO Empire
xizbow (2 months ago)
Ugandan Knuckles (2 months ago)
din mamma
Elijah Kalbas (2 months ago)
what does stat track mean?
Most Alone (3 months ago)
Lightning strike?
Liam McDonnell (4 months ago)
CS:GO Guides
thekingkappa0 kappa (4 months ago)
Gambling is ruining csgo bruh
Admiral General Aladeen (4 months ago)
1:53 is that map still in csgo rn? remember playing that in bloodhound stopped playing csgo for 1 yr
Ondra xD (3 months ago)
No , maybe in workshop.
Neilther _38 (5 months ago)
Who made the Decay clips for the video at the start of any weapon?
CaChilo (5 months ago)
06:17 fix volvo pls
Cookie man (5 months ago)
Field tested P250 Sand Dune
jaden yi sim (6 months ago)
intro song??
Kison (5 months ago)
Doggo Son Ken's (6 months ago)
That jinsang in the video <3
Prec1pitation (7 months ago)
No AWP Lightning Strike? How?
Hypebeast McYeezy (7 months ago)
PerryThePlatypus (7 months ago)
What is he using to look at all the exteriors from factory new to battlescared?
Ondra xD (3 months ago)
Csgo stash
Raymax Rogue (7 months ago)
I like battle scared skins. Because rekt things look cool for meh.
Aerhoe (7 months ago)
007, do you hear me? No? Well sh*t we skipped one.
The groover (8 months ago)
those skins are not that price worth it and i mean that non skins on the market should have that price tag fucking ridiclous...
ItzReal (8 months ago)
CS:GO Guides : Your Guide to the CS Community
Ija Lapina (8 months ago)
If someone wants a skin then just ffs buy mw one becouse it looks just as good as fn
Bairene J (8 months ago)
Guys I'm not really serious about CSGO as I'm not really a tryhard, Silver Elite about to get out of gold and I want a $18 inventory, please help me out :) Full Loadout: 1. P250 Crimson Kimono (New) 2. USP Lead Conduit (Min-Wear) 3. Five Seven Kami (Min-Wear) 4. UMP Briefing Statrak (Min Wear) 5. AWP Pit Viper (Min-Wear) 6. AK Redline (Min Wear) 7. M4A1 Atomic Alloy (Field Tested) it looks kinda cool worn tbh Total: $18 i dont care about big name skins i just want something that looks good and is budget friendly. suggestions/thoughts?
Tarek Sultan (8 months ago)
hey guys I know this is kinda random but I got scammed for my bday knife for 80-88 $ the gut knife Doppler I need  your help if u can donate or report this guy please [NedSteven] he removed me and blocked me please all https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=396582753&token=zSTIcj6f [if u want not forcing you] anything is appreciated ty <3
Aerhoe (7 months ago)
BeastHunter take that experience as a lesson. I have a Gut Knife Freehand, and I get tens of thousands of trade offers for it (exaggerated, prob 20+ a day) and I've happily ignored them.
useless cucumber (8 months ago)
Bruh this guy doesn't know shitttt. I'm repping the OG AK-47 Brown Laminate
Chris Strien (9 months ago)
The defaults
_Art3Eazy _Sy3 (9 months ago)
GroovySmoothie (9 months ago)
Am I the only one that thought that the first skin ever made would be the AWP | Dragon Lore?
VetteGeleBanaan (5 months ago)
Coops yes
A Milk Carton (9 months ago)
The p250 splash is expensive st fn because it trades up to the awp boom and ak red laminate
Mr Galactus (9 months ago)
i'm glad youtubers like yourself are still advertising gambling on csgo.
Jonas Kluge (9 months ago)
You forgot the awp snake camo
hi im motion (9 months ago)
What mic do you have?
poro (9 months ago)
P250 Splash = Art = Fortune = Scratchy heads
G memez (9 months ago)
RD 2 (9 months ago)
I just saw a battle scarred skin more expensive than a factory new skin about $300 more I mean just for the float/wear like what the fuck?
Occhicone (9 months ago)
What fov did he use when looking at the flock dragon tattoo
McPixelSlime (9 months ago)
Show the Skin Not the world
Ui_ Failed (9 months ago)
Grześ Bogatko (9 months ago)
Try the code MIDNIGHT on csgo-skins.com to get 0,45$ for free.
Liam Medina (9 months ago)
The awp boom wasn't the first awp skin. It was the lightning strike.
Jack Hibner (9 months ago)
1:09 "nucular" I shuddered when he pronounced nuclear wrong
Harambe (9 months ago)
Wait how is there the first skin ever made? When there is 6???
Sharted Shorts (9 months ago)
Y no p90 leather
Obsolete Sarcasm (9 months ago)
The P250 Splash is a surprising amount because it can be traded up to an AWP BOOM!
Jeares (9 months ago)
CSGO empire is the leading site in empty inventories, deposit all your skins and withdraw nothing
MuNdO (9 months ago)
the p250 splash is so expencive becouse you can trade it up to an awp boom ;)
KrossFire (9 months ago)
liking the new guy :)
no life (9 months ago)
okay let's be honest here. They don't have a good designer to make a skin lmao
Finn2291 (9 months ago)
havent seen one of these skins in game
Aidan Mellin (9 months ago)
The reason that A ST FN P250 Splash is so expensive, is because of the demand of it to be used in high tier trade ups to your aforementioned Red Laminate
Violeta Pakeniene (9 months ago)
is he gay?
Jejejeee (9 months ago)
musta tuntuu
Andreas Elmo (9 months ago)
i have a p2000 amber fade mw with 0.09 float, how much is it worth?
Romain Maddox (9 months ago)
nice videos you could do one on busting you team meat
Ceezy (9 months ago)
finally an interesting video from them
Qrut (9 months ago)
hello där mr män https://steamcommunity.com/id/Qrut1337/
VAD SA DU? (9 months ago)
NoA Qrut svenne fan
Login Acces (9 months ago)
No ak jet set ? Rofl
Mr Man (9 months ago)
the puns
Pretzel (9 months ago)
Just found out there is a dual barretas skin called black limbas huh
Tola Sok (9 months ago)
use code: Tola to get a free $0.50 on CSGOROLL . Com
iFuze (9 months ago)
Can someone please donate skins to me i lost my inventory today.. (47 dollars)... Never gonna gamble again. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=391430446&token=FRpnjEYK
ElectricPotato (6 months ago)
iFuze Kys
Fast Eddie Clarke (7 months ago)
iFuze Don't gamble retard no one feels bad for you
McCringy (9 months ago)
iFuze your fault dumbass
whats crackin B (9 months ago)
cracks open a cold one with the boys?
Nerost (9 months ago)
Imonicron Playz (9 months ago)
intro song? Sounds Lit
keystop (9 months ago)
Change your youtube's name for CS:GO Guides.
Zane Andrew (9 months ago)
So, i have a story. I just recently had my knife stolen... a battle scared rust cost falchion. my first knife and it was stolen about twenty minuets ago so yeah just thought id let the community know. i send a link to him dummy account. http://steamcommunity.com/id/SttRaX2232D please report him thanks
Evan Smith (9 months ago)
What kind of trade scam? Why not just a "I have this item and you have that item so put it in the trade and we're good"
Zane Andrew (9 months ago)
Evan Smith it was a trade scam. I didn't go to any gambling site.
Evan Smith (9 months ago)
I think ur just dumb I bet you put it into a fake 'free 50 dollars" site
Daniel Lebedinsky (9 months ago)
The FN statrak p250 Splash is that expensive because it can trade up to the AWP BOOM and AK red laminate, which are worth over $500 when they're stattrak and factory new. Nobody is paying that much for it because they actually want to play with it...
DaLG (9 months ago)
where d fuk is m4 zikra ?
J K (9 months ago)
DaLG The m4a4 zirka wasnt among the first skins released as it was introduced in the bravo case which came out in operation bravo
Krunyc Mims (9 months ago)
Who The fuck is this guy? XD
WasabiiWasee (9 months ago)
song name in background?? and intro
Hayato Hachiseko (9 months ago)
i found tec 9 brass in C market for cheap price
Luka Yonny (9 months ago)
when he said the ump 45 caramel his voice reminded me on warowl
Zombified Productions (9 months ago)
6:33 ultra guides? lol
KING (9 months ago)
in the last clip wtf draken?
Jack Bob (9 months ago)
Sparrow (9 months ago)
In other words the greatest mistakes valve made, making it a massive scandal hotspot, scamming hotspot and addicting hotspot
Fabrian Osmond (9 months ago)
2:43 something wrong with the bullets?? 32 bullets?? am i wrong?? 😯 what i know tec-9 can hold up 24 bullets not 32, is this a new update or old version?
Zenn (9 months ago)
Fabrian Osmond nah the video is old, before the update happened
StreamCheese (9 months ago)
wtf? these weren't the first skins released!! these all came out at separate times the arms deal update put 3 new cases in and that was it no other skins were added at that time the only skins you could have on here are from the first case in csgo not a bunch of skins from other later cases
StreamCheese (9 months ago)
ok but which case came first?
J K (9 months ago)
StreamCheese the arms deal update introduced 2 cases and a few collections ( All skins in this video were released in the arms deal update )
Commenter (9 months ago)
Crazy Russian Hacker uses the Awp boom
DankMagician 846 (5 months ago)
ElectricPotato (6 months ago)
AvoiD (9 months ago)
where is bradeon?
KrakenStinks (9 months ago)
man this new castor or reporter sucks braedon is better
Mr Big Stuff (9 months ago)
"Around 50$ to be exact" xDDD
GÖRTEL (9 months ago)
stoned ??
here comes dat boi (9 months ago)
Yo wheres awp lightning strike
J K (9 months ago)
here comes dat boi In the cs:go weapon case
Jhansen Duca (9 months ago)
that m4a4 tornado looks realistic.
Raz25 (9 months ago)
Aritra roy chaudhury (9 months ago)
Bring Braeden back!!!!
Džarda (9 months ago)
Lel that hyperactive caster being my favourite one! :) Because he's like me, speaking fast and changing voices! Like me :D
Christian Stevenson (9 months ago)
what was the intro music?
Kison (5 months ago)
Impak Nova (9 months ago)
Christian Stevenson always good music but no source :(
Evan31103 (9 months ago)
wasn't the first awp skin a lightning strike?
SsS (9 months ago)
that played at the end tho..... LOL
Hollow Theft (9 months ago)
6:34 "thank you for stopping by ultra guides" RIP
Austin Hemmerly (9 months ago)
Hollow Theft lmao
Nhs (9 months ago)
whats the program he used to see the skin on all conditions
Ivar Genderen (9 months ago)
that intro was very cringe
Nico quicoy :D (9 months ago)
lol i thought p250 sand dune was first

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