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Footage of Valve's New Game, Portal: Moondust

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a close and personal look at Valve's new VR title, Portal: Moondust. My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (335)
hero of gopro (19 hours ago)
why do i keep hearing fragments of portal 2 ending song
Autsogi Youcef (1 day ago)
there's a black mesa logo on the back of that car
renannetogames (1 day ago)
I Saw Black mesa silbool
shmoobalizer (3 days ago)
I hope this gets ported to pc
Jack Birchall (7 days ago)
Yeah, but what happens when you shoot a portal at earth? Or attempt to anyways since it doesn't look like you can.
Claude The BOOF (12 days ago)
lol it says the game was made in the year 1983
Matt Strikes Back (11 days ago)
Source 2 or Unity??? I suppose it doesn’t matter, but if it IS Unity, then maybe Unity devs will get an update to SteamVR plugin and the Interactables system. : ) But if Source 2, then hey, Source 2. ; ) (Edit) Ha! Missed a few vids from VNN. Didn't realize this is for the knuckles. But this just feeds into my suspicion that the switch from "Controller Left" and "Controller Right" to "Hand1" and "Hand2" in Steam VR's Player Prefab is Valve slowly moving towards Knuckles (or some other controller) being integrated into the Steam VR plugin for Unity. I'm curious to see what those crazy cats are cooking up at Valve Headquarters. But if the wands are completely abandoned in the near future of the Steam VR plugin, I just hope they add more tools to the Interactables (and a simpler way to get controller haptic feedback) for future incarnations of Steam VR for Unity. Valve, if you're reading this, thanks for all the tools so far. You guys have been so helpful to micro-budget Indie Developers/Unity Developers.
Portal Freak (13 days ago)
Brand Evans (13 days ago)
Can't wait to hear if anything interesting was data-mined from this... Also interested in your thoughts on Steam Link... Overall keep up the great work
EA ST (15 days ago)
The title on this video is very misleading. I'ts not a game but a tech demo meant for developers with the knuckle controller prototypes.
BraveBird (16 days ago)
good to see that if valve finally makes a real game, it'll likely require tons of investment for a vr headset, knuckle controllers, and a good gaming pc
Bryce Johansen (18 days ago)
Well... at least they're building something. I tell you what Valve... you can have this idea for free, I'm not going to be able to create it by the time VR really kicks in so at least someone can find good use in it. Have a VR game where the character is a driver or pilot. In fact, you know that old Quarantine game from 1994? do something similar to that in VR. That way your players don't have to move too much, you can in case the feature into an actual game with a good narrative rather than a game with no direction.
Mauritz Botha (18 days ago)
wow, this is amazing valve. Half life 3 please.
ivvg (20 days ago)
Me, browsing my subs box: new valve game whaaaaaaaaaaaaa-?! Me, after clicking: oh, it's just a vr thing...
StopThisIsBatCountry (21 days ago)
oh yeee even more VR. VR here VR there VR everywhere. I'll probably never witness the release of another non-VR Valve game. Only city-dwellers need VR to escape the sad reality around them.
Matthew Champlain (21 days ago)
Oooooh yay another FUCKING vr toy, thanks valve since that is EXACTLY what we want (sarcasm)... but seriously though I know valve profits enough from other people's games and micro-transactions in the form of skins and cosmetics to not give one single fuck about making another "VIDEO GAME" of their own, but it would still be cool to see an actual game released; maybe even an original IP in this day and age would be refreshing considering how the gaming world is today.
Sasuke Uchiha (21 days ago)
Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s probably some hidden secrets in this game?
Glitch Droid (22 days ago)
Why is it VR... cmon.. *ITS BEEN 8 YEARS SINCE PORTAL 2........ I wanna see GLaDOS again.. even though she wanted us gone ;—;*
Portal Moondust would be the third (THIRD) game set in the portal universe, along with the lab and Bridge Constructor. And also the inclusion of those Black Mesa rovers and how if you turn the T on the controller at the right angle it makes a lambda. HALF LIFE 3 IS NOT DEAD
TtRed76 (23 days ago)
People still mad about everything valve huh? It’s like everything they do that’s not a game is looked down upon. Grow up people they can do what they want. As fans, we don’t deserve anything from them. And you running your mouth won’t make them make a game either.
poopynuggeteer (24 days ago)
VR indie bullshit isn't a game in my book, VNN
Shadicgunman (24 days ago)
*s i c k*
Bartatron 2000 (18 days ago)
Haha, get it, because, moondust, and, Cave dying, because, sick, and moon dust, ahhahh..
controllerbrain (25 days ago)
Love the highly deceptive video title 😂
x5566asd (25 days ago)
So what's next? A VR game/demo set around TF2 world where you standing in the middle of no where and teleporting bread? What's fun about it? If it meant to be a demo, what's new about it?
DjZephy (26 days ago)
"Valve's New Game" clickbait much?!?!?! DISAPPOINTED !!! Still cool though and just another hint at the obvious portal 3 / half life 3 announcement.
Juanito5150 (26 days ago)
Shouldent this be on valve news extra??? The thumbnail threw me off
McGilm (26 days ago)
technically.... portal 2 was the last game in the half-life francise
Alan Tennant (26 days ago)
This is just crying out for a 3d peggle alike.
madi (26 days ago)
It's VR only? **claps** Same ass valve as always
miss misanthropist (27 days ago)
was that a core in the distance on the station building thing
The fact Tyler referred to this tech demo as a "game" low key triggers me
Jonnet (27 days ago)
Not a motherfucking vr game X(
Comico (27 days ago)
I was excited until I saw it was vr
Dabears (28 days ago)
Maximum disappointment
Graeme Evans (28 days ago)
Look what you did, all these people in the comments annoyed at valve because their new "game" is a tech demo all because you called a tech demo a game in the video title. See what you caused? They shouldnt be annoyed at valve, they should be annoyed at you.
Anderson Santos (28 days ago)
CyPsyShyGuy (28 days ago)
looks clumsy and boring.
Ugandan Knuckles (28 days ago)
Gabe, what are you doing?
Camron Vega (28 days ago)
These comment section. is toxic
METROcop (28 days ago)
Looks lame. But im optimistic about the story.
ReTethered (28 days ago)
Hurts to see Valve fall from greatness -_-
Afro IceCube (28 days ago)
Afro IceCube (28 days ago)
Where are the lemons?
August101 Wheatley (28 days ago)
Someone need to make a mod of tf2 where Blu is aperture science and red is black mesa
ChkltSoul (28 days ago)
Like for the RC car petting
TheNintendoNerd64 (28 days ago)
I wonder where wheatley and space core are?
Autism Onion (28 days ago)
This comment section is fucking cancer. Is valve's player base so toxic that they deem any game thats not HL3 or portal 3 dissappointing or bad? Valve's making games and they make good ones too.
FANB (28 days ago)
So where's the game? All I saw was a VR tech demo.
SolarEXtract (28 days ago)
Are you sure this is a full game and not just some VR tech demo? Might wanna change the title.
JACK Jacquez (28 days ago)
Why VR??? I wonder if they plan to make the next half life VR and all this is just mechanics testing, or is this the lore of how they brought the moon rock and thus making the ceo of aperture sick from the moon dust????
HexenVexen (28 days ago)
The former, I've played the game. It has no story what so ever and is designed only to test the knuckles controllers.
LOBO_ AZUL (28 days ago)
HL 3 confirme
DreN (28 days ago)
vr games are the same boring shit
Andrew Shevchenko (28 days ago)
wrong channel?
IChaseFish (28 days ago)
Tyler, dude, you can't just clickbait the title and put 4 midroll ads. That's sort of scummy. This is not a game, it's a tech demo for their new vr controllers.
Drake RujaDaniel (28 days ago)
*U n f o r s e e n C o n s e q u e n ce s.*
Maddin1313 (28 days ago)
Booooring, another VR game that's like all the others.
Taste (28 days ago)
That's could be the story of a human test subject stucked on the moon right after the glad0s accident and will try with the mining and teleportation system on the cheese planet to come back to earth But no valve, you've just made a demo game....
Graeme Evans (28 days ago)
Taste the intention was to make a demo. This isnt supposed to be a game.
Gab Gallard (28 days ago)
To call a new tech demo a "new game" is kind of a stretch.
bradleypariah (28 days ago)
How TF is this Portal. This is f'king stupid. Where's the dialog? Where's the quirky humor? Where's the exploration? It's just a lame excuse for hardware adoption. The only way Valve could f'k up Portal more is by adding pvp and microtransactions. Shit, I'm probably giving them ideas. This, right after what just happened to Fallout. The gaming industry is dead for now. Check back in a couple years.
bradleypariah (27 days ago)
Come back to this comment after game release, and tell me to calm down again.
Camron Vega (28 days ago)
jees man calm down this is only a tech demo
cambreaKer (28 days ago)
just another vr game, i'm dissappointed
ODB (28 days ago)
The portal music is a nice addition.
Red Flag (28 days ago)
idk maybe its just me but nothing about this looks fun....
Red Flag (28 days ago)
HexenVexen Ohhh ok well that makes sense
HexenVexen (28 days ago)
It's not supposed to be fun, it's supposed to test the new VR controllers.
1999 (28 days ago)
Wtf, how'd you get this?
Fluffy Derg (28 days ago)
I can't be the only one who noticed some sort of new controller was mentioned?
HexenVexen (28 days ago)
You're correct, this game was designed in mind to test the new controller.
WinFix (28 days ago)
What about half life? Where is the story of this new portal? Come on valve can't be this bad. Also, hl3 would be shit in vr
EA games (28 days ago)
What if portal 3 is set in SPACE!! 😅😅😅
SapphiR3 (28 days ago)
Ah the music.....I missed this music style
Nick Gurz (28 days ago)
Are you kidding me with this vr bullshit valve
The Red Salamander (27 days ago)
Him petting the black mesa buggy like a long lost friend is cute. I don’t know why but this gives me Walle vibes
Vinícius Pereira (28 days ago)
Is this on Source 2?
it is i (28 days ago)
Can you play this without vr tho
VerrucktMedic (28 days ago)
it is i No. Technically you shouldn’t be able to play it with the current VR controllers, it had to be modded.
The Doctor (28 days ago)
aiming like he has 2 left arms hahahaa
Alice PK (28 days ago)
Is that sound from the first area a hidden message like from portal? The one you hear from the radio that turns into a picture of the Moon!? :O Can someone decrypt it?
IChaseFish (28 days ago)
Alice PK It's just a soundtrack.
Alice PK (28 days ago)
Also the Black Mesa and Apature logos 🤔
Carter Mackay (28 days ago)
looks fun
borek921 (28 days ago)
Eh... at least the music is bringing in nice memories.
Lazy Engineer (28 days ago)
Well it doesn’t have a fucking three in it so it must be real.
Nintendult (28 days ago)
Valve's new VR tech demo, you mean.
nevier (28 days ago)
New valve game: PogChamp Is for VR: DansGame
HecticMorder (28 days ago)
seems boring as and a game for 5yolds
VerrucktMedic (28 days ago)
HecticMorder It’s not a game. It’s a tech demo for the new knuckles controller. Of course it’s boring.
FrostPix (28 days ago)
People are hating on this already in the comments and shitting on valve? don't you realize this is for the knuckles controllers and to test out core features of an upcoming game?
Riccardo Rustichelli (28 days ago)
I thought this would've been a sequel. But noooo. Valve can't just make a 3rd game
Hanson (28 days ago)
Why does it gotta be VR? I don’t have $800.
HexenVexen (28 days ago)
This game isn't worth a VR headset, trust me. I've played it, it's just a tech demo, nothing special.
VerrucktMedic (28 days ago)
Plester Thing You can get the normal Vive for $500. And some WMR headsets (don’t work with all games yet) for $200-$300.
Vortektor (28 days ago)
Well if it’s completely involved with portal and the main storyline, I’m for it and I can’t wait! Edited version: ok srsly Valve we just want a third installment we’ve been waiting for years, Gabe Newel if you read this comment, tell me that there is a sequel!
Vortektor (27 days ago)
Yeah I know
HexenVexen (28 days ago)
This isn't mean't to be a mainstream game, infact this isn't even on the store. This is just a tech demo for the new SteamVR knuckles controllers and only that.
Der dasMann (28 days ago)
Valve is doing it, they are turning to "gimmick the company"
BinaryReader (28 days ago)
Wasn't quite what I was expecting
Miganarchine (29 days ago)
Did not know you could get knuckles controller yet?
VerrucktMedic (28 days ago)
Miganarchine Only a select few people have them. It’s currently a dev kit.
E (29 days ago)
Oh yay another VR toy. This is disappointing, it looks worse than many of the better indie VR games.
StopThisIsBatCountry (21 days ago)
unfortunately theyre right, if you like it or not: VR *is* the future of human resource entertainment. Ever played the game "Observer"? You know the pig used for organ harvesting wearing a VR headset? Yes, thats you in a couple decades.... squeezed inside your micro-apartment in a overpopulated metrocity. If you step outside your door (if you are even allowed to outside your work-hours) you will just have unwalkable places (danger! autonomous vehicles may crush you) and 24/7 surveillance. So VR will be the only thing you have left to "relax". Brave new world, coming soon to you.
VerrucktMedic (28 days ago)
E It was made in a few weeks just to show off the new controllers. It’s not a game, it’s a tech demo.
TheGamingCreeper295 (29 days ago)
valve is the only game company that people will call shit for making a tech demo
Chris Plumb (29 days ago)
What's with the clickbait title? It's a Portal-themed tech-demo, not a new Portal game.
Kevster (29 days ago)
Goddamn it, another tech demo
HoodlumScraggy 1 (28 days ago)
Kevster it's to test the new controllers but I don't think he has them
Wingman1977 (29 days ago)
Total garbage.
JUMPonTHERow 819 (29 days ago)
USE THE PORTAL GUN Also great viid
HexenVexen (28 days ago)
I've played the game, with the Vive Wands (same controller he's using) you can't.
T-1000 (29 days ago)
Damn, if THIS is the kind of new "games" Valve was so happy announcing to make, than I'm highly disappointed in them. Again.
T-1000 (28 days ago)
VerrucktMedic well if that's the case then I'm not that dissapointed, he he.
VerrucktMedic (28 days ago)
“This is not one of their 3 VR titles” This game was made by a handful of devs as a proof of concept.
T-1000 (28 days ago)
I don't really care since I don't own VR, never will be and it will eventually die anyway.
Joey (28 days ago)
T-1000 this is the best nost accurate vr experience ever
JmKw (29 days ago)
Fuck sake first a bridge builder now a VR game they're really doing everything in their power to ruin the Portal IP
Lost Elsen (29 days ago)
So much fun Very innovative
Scott Kelly (29 days ago)
Guys your being too harsh on Valve, I am a massive fan of their older games and I love portal, half life and left 4 dead, I hope they release Half-Life 3, Portal 3 and Left 4 Dead 3. But please be positive about this! They're finally back and making games! Hopefully this is the begging of something amazing, hopefully they release lots of good games over next 2-3 years. I own Oculus Rift and Oculus GO and they're both amazing technology and getting cheaper all the time. Seriously guys, save up your money and buy yourselves a Rift or Vive, you won't be disappointing with either. Hardcore VR PC gaming is the future!! I've been playing games in VR for past 18 months and it's amazing. I will buy all Valve VR games or none VR games on release. And this demo looks good to me, hopefully they will allow us to build bases on the moon and hopefully they create more levels and things to do. The graphics looks decent for VR.
Scott Kelly (28 days ago)
I'm not sure what shill means? I've had my Rift now for about 18 months, had zero issues and it's perfect. I've shown it to all my friends and family and not a single person disliked it. There's a lot of free games to download on Oculus store, I can't say enough about this technology. It's a shame so many people dislike something they haven't tried. Or when they have tried, they haven't played the correct games or given it a chance. I mainly play FPS games, Car games and puzzle games in VR and I love all those ones. Oculus have even updated their software so you have a virtual home! And there's social apps like Rec Room and Facebook Spaces where you can meet people from around the world and play games. The multiplayer games are fantastic, FPS in VR is totally unreal. You should play Onward! It's like playing battlefield or CoD or CS but in VR, so you aim as you would in real life! What's better then that! :) Seriously, buy the Rift 2nd hand, play the top 10 games, and if you don't like it, sell it, but don't say something is not good without giving it a chance first. Also I'm only using a GTX 1060 6GB and it runs fine, I had an R9 290 4gb before this and it worked fine on that too, no frame rate issues and using i5 and 8gb ram. You can use a cheap PC and a cheap 2nd hand Rift and have a great time gaming in VR.
1337n00binc (28 days ago)
Again, they're not even paying you to shill THIS hard.
Scott Kelly (28 days ago)
You have really strong views, why such strong opinions? Have you tried VR? Do you own a Rift or Vive? If not, I don't know how you can have such a strong opinion. Also, do you hate 3D as well? Whenever I hear those sort of comments, I just think maybe VR isn't for you? like maybe 3D isn't for you? We all like different things. For me personally, I don't understand how any gamer can not like and enjoy the Rift/Vive experience. It's totally amazing in my opinion. It's the best thing invented since gaming PC's were first invented, and consoles for that matter. There's loads of great games on PC VR right now. I'm sure if you spent 1 hour on each of the top 10 VR games released you would enjoy them all or at least the majority. For me, the top 10 VR games have amazing graphics, sound, gameplay and Touch controls. And if you don't like VR, or not interested, then you don't have buy it, simple as.
IChaseFish (28 days ago)
This is not a game it's a tech demo. They're not making games; this is the closest they'll get to making games for a while.
Viniciustlc (29 days ago)
Another VR tech demo instead of a real game, yay! YOU JUST KEEP HITTING THE FUCKING HOME RUNS, VALVE!
BlazingVoltage (29 days ago)
Pu3r 360 (29 days ago)
a VR title ....... wow.... how boring
HexenVexen (28 days ago)
Have you tried any vr games?
CubedPotatoesHD (29 days ago)
The cars, they are like the 2 robots from wall-e Also inb4 in the next half-life game black mesa and aperture do a collab to stop the badguy

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