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The 3 LOST Meet the Medics - What TF2 Could Have Been

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Let's take a look at not one, not two, but THREE versions of Meet the Medic that were never finished. Bottoms up! ▶Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GermanPeter ▶Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealGermanPeter ▶Discord: https://discord.gg/WKd9323 ▶Sources: Fanart #1 by Pro-crastinator Fanart #2 by Ludaкa Thumbnail by Cpt. Sourcebird https://steamcommunity.com/id/CptScoutbird/ Uncle Dane SFM posters by Py-Bun https://twitter.com/py_bun Models and screenshots from the internal SFM beta leak http://www.tfportal.de/gfx/screenshots/tf2_old/35.jpg https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/half-life/images/f/f1/Breencast_c17_04.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20090926095223&path-prefix=en https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/a/a2/Empgrenade2.PNG https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/6/6d/Napalmgrenade2.PNG https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/3/34/Nailgrenade2.PNG https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/a/a8/Mtm_unused_demo.png https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/6/6e/Mtm_unused_heavy.png https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/f/f4/Mtm_unused_scout.png https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/2/27/Mtm_unused_soldier.png https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/de.simpsons/images/6/6b/Duff_Brewery.png/revision/latest?cb=20121013151848 https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/b/b6/Medic_Battle_Pic.png https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Mann_vs._Machine_(update) https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Powerhouse http://www.teamfortress.com/uberupdate/ https://twitter.com/RealGermanPeter/status/1032663239082037248 ▶Videos: Meet the Medic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36lSzUMBJnc Team Fortress 2: Unreleased Beta SFM Movie "Cigarette_Gag" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCrX2o-AYD8 Team Fortress 2: Unreleased Beta SFM Movie "Demo Scene" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO14AttuQJA Team Fortress 2: Unreleased Beta SFM Movie "Heli_Rescue" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggENnH5jwVI Meet the Medic - Outtake - Don't You Die on Me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a398ROtnqM Meet the Medic - Outtake - My Darkest Moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqTk7FHOaFo Meet the Medic - Outtake - Kill Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIU1GCR1S_E Meet the Medic - Outtake - Making Gods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpAKUAO7HRw ♫Music: ADMO - Prism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EyYyNhyjLs Jasper De Ceuster - Flare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAoUHZR3irA MAWORLD - Before You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_Nk7HBxNG8 Hotel Pools - Eclipse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYHNB_lPSNc Arcis - Atlantic Sun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbetxHAfU4M No one's around to help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD2FSwTy2lw Thanks for putting a bird in my chest ow ooff medic it hurts ow why did you put a bird in there owwww
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Text Comments (494)
G-Gnome505 (29 days ago)
Thanks for giving me a mini shoutout GermanPeter! You're my favorite TF2 YouTuber by far, and I'm really glad I could help/contribute with a video idea/content! (P.S, I told my parents that you gave me a shoutout, and they were proud of me for once :] )
G-Gnome505 (22 days ago)
János Dávid Réti (23 days ago)
G-Gnome505 I’m glad you achieved something in a virtual world where nothing matters.
SU76M (27 days ago)
Greetings to actual hero here!
That had a
Dog (28 days ago)
+Darth Retard He's definitely not the only one left
Tico Ligthart (2 days ago)
10:12 i think this spymodel was supposed to be blu in the final version but they never got that far
Tico Ligthart (2 days ago)
the idea was basically: medic is german, lets make him a brew master because oktoberfest and stuff! Then due to some accident with his daily costumer (demoman ofc) he discovers a healing goo, so he decides to experiment with it and joins the team of mercs.
ManchmalPfosten (3 days ago)
Ich kann mir deine stimme auf deutsch garnicht vorstellen
Greg the Baumann (4 days ago)
The "gel mixer" at 7:49 appears in expiration date
bly at (5 days ago)
Goes like about this *ad*
Harrypotamus ! (5 days ago)
Plaid potshotter medigun? I thought I was the only one.
Vic does gaming (6 days ago)
yes please take that out of context
E ou (7 days ago)
Spies new head is on the fridge becuz da old one was shot by soldier in meet the spy
Flora Doria (7 days ago)
3:11 Medics worst nightmare 3 Hoovies : MEDiCC!!!!!
Ganon Tice (8 days ago)
a Curious Square (10 days ago)
*”yes, valve hates you”*
a Curious Square (10 days ago)
“*yes, valve hates you*”
Geraldina Reyes (10 days ago)
I kind of wish Valve would reuse or remake those footages and give us some good lore bits every now and then, don't you think? Knowing the tendency of the comics of taking forever to come out.
The Irishman (10 days ago)
THIS is the kind of secret info for TF2 i've been looking for, I swear to god i've seen too many videos on those damn grenades, its cool yeah but, EVERYONE HAS TALKED ABOUT THEM, so its cool to see stuff that is *actually* unkown!
Mc.Chairless (10 days ago)
Thanks for putting a bird in my chest ow ooff medic it hurts ow why did you put a bird in there owwww
Greg the Baumann (10 days ago)
The fact that medic was suposed to make beer maybe has a relation with the backround of the über update
Red Voices (10 days ago)
med CAN actually lift soldier tho
Lil Fishy (11 days ago)
Why do you sound german?
Dustin Miller (11 days ago)
Huh I knew a couple of the heavies in the video in game
C & C Miller (12 days ago)
2:57 God damn that's a lot of heavies
Dr. Seoul (12 days ago)
If you look closely in the sfm the medic is using the quick-fix yet he still gets uber!!!???
Radek Żygadło (12 days ago)
you are nazi!
Robot Rabbit (13 days ago)
I wonder if someone can use these models to make some neat sfm
Spencer Genovese (13 days ago)
I respect Valve's willingness to restart a project rather than releasing something questionable (though in this case I'm sure I would've at least enjoyed all of them)
Ribbons0121 R121 (13 days ago)
say kumquat
kirtil5 (13 days ago)
in an alternate universe, the medic heals people by throwing booze at em
Wolfz So EZ (13 days ago)
So we weren’t invincible...... We just got drunk and we thought we became invincible and Tf2’s stupidity allowed our drunk selves to achieve this power?
Marcel de Vries (15 days ago)
*when you hide your depression with a constant smiling face on screen*
hope goosebie (16 days ago)
I would like to mention that in expiration date medic did lift soldier up. so canonically he's just that strong `\_('v')_/`
Boring Boreness (17 days ago)
Okay, Info and video itself was great and all, but I only have one thing to say: Your accent is so fricken awesome. I just love it, and it makes all of your videos 10x better. :)
M.C Royale (17 days ago)
2,700 like
Broken Warhead Studios (20 days ago)
So my theory of these scenes goes a little bit like this (mattress ad plays) Perfect timing for that ad it made me laugh so hard!
JM Mislang (22 days ago)
What is a 3? I think even Valve also doesn't know what that is.
Wheatley The Core (22 days ago)
Am I the only one who cares about THE HELICOPTER!!!!!! Edit: Anyone found a chopper in sfm files?
Rarti (23 days ago)
2:55 welcome to team fortress 2
CocoBoomed (23 days ago)
I really dislike Peter's avatar, but that's just me.
b r o t w o r m (24 days ago)
So we just gonna ignore the herd of hoovies crawling around?
Zombsion Gaming (24 days ago)
Justin Averell (24 days ago)
Ahh, he is one that knows the difference between A pose and T pose
Justin Averell (24 days ago)
May as well finish it up so it might be added!
Ted Mosly (24 days ago)
hahaha oktober fest!
KONO DIO DA (24 days ago)
u skipped TeeTaan .-.
AstronoTwin (25 days ago)
I got an ad about Germany specifically beer on Germanpeter. Nice correlation.
bumpercarz (25 days ago)
So MY theory of this scene goes like this: *AD*
DR INDIANAJONES1981 (26 days ago)
I love this guy because of his German accent
TD RollinsR (26 days ago)
At 1:16 you were healing "Smelly Pete"
ManiacTron (12 days ago)
Germanpeter's spanish relative?
ArtificialDjDAGX (26 days ago)
Your fucking avatar/persona could be such a good villain in a game just based on appearance/design. Edit: Fucking Hell
Olgjard (26 days ago)
A couple of years late, bruh
DrWeardno (26 days ago)
I love the patron reference you put in there. Now I'm torn between fulfilling difficult contracts and building a campsite.
Gary G.O.A.T (26 days ago)
I barely passed german 2 but, ich ficke mein(er?) hund im die mund jajaja
Ultimate Rosen (26 days ago)
Heavy: Doctor! Are you Doctor! Medic: Ahaha! ... No!
lonleyglobe0 (27 days ago)
Freakin amazing
Marcus Volpicella (27 days ago)
Son Of Trex (27 days ago)
The beer theory would explain the Oktoberfest taunt
Alex Tintor (27 days ago)
Play Lisa Then, make a crossover with TF2 for the last unusual in the world
EnderIsaacCore (27 days ago)
14:32 that looks like the ahit da- *reads the text* oh.... it is. ok
Captain Cancer (27 days ago)
I kind of wish that they could make something out of the scrapped concept. I love the idea of the medic being extra German by being a master of beer. It's a shame his voice actor died.
Captain Cancer (26 days ago)
Okusar  nah man he's definitely dead
Okusar (26 days ago)
Who? The medic's voice actor? Robin Atkin Downes is still very much alive.
Atomic milkman (27 days ago)
Why in the tralier does the medic have a quick fix
Jera (27 days ago)
You kinda sound like medic lol Also OOOOOOF 7:31
Devin Ledford (27 days ago)
Some one needs to remake those shorts from the end of this video i would love to see medic shoot a sirign at something as small as a ciggoret and hit it and him rescue scout in a BAD ARSE way pls
Uhhh hh (27 days ago)
Ok...hello *GERMAN*peter... Can you speak German? If yes: Dann könntest du das lesen! If no: Youre Name is kinda stupid...
7:30 hi
Genki Gal (27 days ago)
I thought they couldn't count to 3.
GhostShipSupreme (27 days ago)
Sounds like the el mixer would have been a dispenser for the medic! Maybe the medigun would have had an ammo count for the gel?
TX the Dorito (27 days ago)
Fail Meep (27 days ago)
Are you a youtuber or an emober? Or an youmoji so confusing
Ranger Of The Order (27 days ago)
He may have lost his medical license, but he still has his brewing license.
TheProGamer Andrej (27 days ago)
Hoovy's :D
Thomas Corcoran (27 days ago)
8:17 no, a caber demo did it check the kill feed
Flames Tornado (27 days ago)
Medic may be played more than its now if they made those scenes in final trailer
Dr. Eh (27 days ago)
I actually have a piggybank shaped like Marx Das Kapital. Is it ironic?
Marcus Badger (27 days ago)
I know how Medic can lift a Soldier with one arm; the same reason his bonesaws nearly always crit he stronk af lmao
Ajax Blair (27 days ago)
So the other day I was watching meet the scout and some guy talked about how 50s Boston was dangerous and shit. What was so dangerous about Boston back then that you guys agree with scout. Am not American so I wanna know how it was
Biondmeister 666 (27 days ago)
Hi pac man
[odds / crash] (28 days ago)
That outro was really Hatsthethic.
[odds / crash] (27 days ago)
Am i the only one who notices that?
Eliud Villarreal (28 days ago)
The medic is German so where the Germans good at healing?or bandaging
AYellowPepper (28 days ago)
Man... that smiley face creeps me the heck out
DavidD MLG (28 days ago)
Ich hessein David ich coma auf sweden
Anon (28 days ago)
I love these "What could have been" content I hope this series keeps going strong. Maybe at some point you get your hands on some scrapped content that has never seen the light of day.
This was an excellent and wonderfully composed video, really interesting! I wish the former plots got more influence in the final edit honestly. Medic is so intriguing.
BlλckMesa (28 days ago)
the "movie" that shows the scout running away from the soldiers makes sense because on the "Meet the medic" we can see the scout running away from the soldiers and get hit by a rocket, flying to the window of the hospital where the medic is working. .-.
springhyrule47 (28 days ago)
2:57 attack of the hoovys!
Bosco63and1/3 (28 days ago)
2:57 Holy Hell. 6 Heavys? Forget about people complaining about red teams usually having 5 engies, 6 heavys!? I feel bad for the people on Blu during that game LOL
RandomdudeZ9 (28 days ago)
You are staring my soul...
Chief Sininen (28 days ago)
I just got started watching the video and I love these gradient changes
Chewtag (28 days ago)
Oh god please dont do character stills for that face
I mean, Medic was able to lift soldier if even partially in Expiration Date
the piggy gamer (28 days ago)
*insert generic first comment*
Jiří Pechman (28 days ago)
Valve and theyr elemental goo stuff I swear.
Winter's Dragon (28 days ago)
12:35- Medic lifts Soldier in Expiration Date, too. (He's stronger than he looks.)
Mattulaak (28 days ago)
"how is he even strong enough to lift up a soldier by himself?" I mean he carries his whole team and then some on his back constantly.
Sako89 (28 days ago)
2:55 Hoovy Fortress 2
Vibri (28 days ago)
This trailer really decided the fate of TF2
credit crazy tv (28 days ago)
Heeling rescue is my favorite. Med is just a bad ass
Daddy Long Potatolegs (28 days ago)
holy shit your way too happy
SkyBroccoli (28 days ago)
Love this new series!! Keep up the great work.
What about the fact that "healy rescue" or whatever it's called is against blu soldiers, just like in meet the medic?
Shamwow Gaming (28 days ago)
Hey GermanPeter, do you pronounce "ich" like 'ink' or 'eesh'
Shamwow Gaming (28 days ago)
Yes Yes so you speak southern German. I pronounce it ik because I was taught it with a northern German teacher
Yes Yes (28 days ago)

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