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Counter-Strike Battle Royale may be coming to CSGO. What is the evidence and how would that look like? Check out Valve News Netwok vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlufhvZI_pU Leave a LIKE and a comment. Join my Discord: http://www.discord.gg/jackfrags Connect with me: http://www.instagram.com/jackfragsyt http://www.twitch.tv/jackfrags http://www.facebook.com/jackfrags http://www.twitter.com/jackfrags
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Text Comments (934)
Radu D (8 months ago)
May 2006, when CS:GO had it’s 150 years anniversary, we were expecting a battle royale update.
CouchPotatoGaming! (8 months ago)
why does everyone forget minecraft survival games! XD kill me please
prime (8 months ago)
As a former LEM in CS:GO and former CAL-M competitor (when CAL was a thing), I'd quit my job and move back into my moms basement if CS came out with their version of a Battle Royal game. Imagine pubg but with the fluidity and mechanics of CS:GO? Not that shroud needs any more help with Battle Royal games..
JMPeRager (8 months ago)
I know we troll and shit on Valve, but really. When Valve makes a game or program, they make sure it's good before release. Valve is one of the few respectable game devs left.
JMPeRager (8 months ago)
More CS and R6 Siege content, please. Love you, Jack! <3
monkey (8 months ago)
Feels kind of wierd to play a first person br game
William Ashurst (8 months ago)
2006 lol
E. Camilo (8 months ago)
When you know danish and see a nickname "pik er godt". LOL
Ano An (8 months ago)
Richez Ludo (8 months ago)
Are you gonna a make a video of everygame FPS game that you play to do a battle royale mod ?
Wow! (8 months ago)
So 2006 is a year and a half ago from 2017, and H1Z1 used to be king of the hill..... and not King of the *kill*? k
Oscar Koch (8 months ago)
ForgeHud (8 months ago)
Jack, Do you not play cs anymore
bob d (8 months ago)
I will actually cream my jean if valve does this
kr clark (8 months ago)
Could just be the next operation
Andrew Kappler (8 months ago)
Csgo battle royal lol stupid
Hasib kurdish (8 months ago)
My name is jeff
Zyxelon (8 months ago)
stop it, get some help
Raidzys (8 months ago)
rocket league needs a br mode
Gunnaid (8 months ago)
What if its Like a zombie escape game. Where you have to escape/survive that Island
MAXFEAR (8 months ago)
Did he say player United battle grounds?
Riley The G (8 months ago)
BR games aren't even good😏
Andrew Kappler (8 months ago)
A Fudging Taun Taun lol u play xbox pubg I get it
Gingerydoo Two (8 months ago)
A Fudging Taun Taun stfu ur a poopy head
KTHEDEVASTATOR (8 months ago)
A Fudging Taun Taun nice try
God Bless Texas Epting (8 months ago)
I would love a Battle Royale mode for CS:GO or a CounterStrike: Battle Royale that plays a lot like CS:GO. I hate the quick scoping but realize that is part of games like CS:GO. I think a BR mode would be a lot of fun though with the same gun play and mechanics. I love PUBG, but it can be a long game sometimes, so I would hope the map would be a lot smaller, and maybe have 50 people instead of 100, so the game pace is still fast.
Big Mak On The Trak (8 months ago)
so this title and i was like what the fuck
Spethman Jones (8 months ago)
I can’t wait for the Battle Royale genre to die
Mike S. (8 months ago)
"Let me start by saying that nothing is confirmed yet, and ..." * *closes video* *
ThE RaGiNg GaM3R (8 months ago)
Didn’t realize it was 2007 and a half damm
Chemical Druid (8 months ago)
you know this large open map on a house by a lake in operation hydra... i think it proves that CSGO gameplay could easily fit a more open type of maps. it was a bit clanky at first to get the whole vehicle deployment thing, but valve being valve these maps would be quite well designed. if this mode is up to come i would glagly give it a shot. a 20-25 players BR in CSGO: fuck yeah! private servers with zombie mode or death run also shows that 30 players on source is a thing.
MERTCAN TOPCU (8 months ago)
Cs go , pubg for noobs.
Rik De Hoop (8 months ago)
Cs:go does have a climbing system... Do you even play other maps than dust
Jay (8 months ago)
Holy shit it’s already half way through 2007, Where have I been
RUDY1985T (8 months ago)
Make more cs videos!
Carlos Fernández Hoyos (8 months ago)
Hahaha no
Aston (8 months ago)
Did Jack say 2006 was a over a year and half ago?
FasTrack (8 months ago)
You said - 2006 , well over a year and half ago ! wait what ??? 🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨
Top Eliminator (8 months ago)
SynTheSK Syn (8 months ago)
Half life 3 singleplayer with a BR game mode ???? XDDDD
Croww (8 months ago)
Jack make more csgo vids . I miss it when oyu played with Cha and Azzy
Logan Shockley (8 months ago)
Did he just say 2006 was a year ago
Michael Hughes (8 months ago)
Was that PUBG footage from your video when you played as 2 players at once?
Adovin (8 months ago)
notruyet (8 months ago)
Nope , Valve have time machines.... Jeez I'm being sarcastic. duh
Daniel Collier (8 months ago)
surprised they haven't put a battle royale game in garry's mod there's a dayz garrys mod map thats pretty big and it works well
Vash Stampede (8 months ago)
Pls dont... please fucking DON'T
The PineApple (8 months ago)
Those things are for operations smh
SilentlyMysterius1 (8 months ago)
The bow was a cut off edition. It was gonna be in the game but wasnt accepted like the rocket launcher. Armor was used in hydra too
AngryKhan (8 months ago)
that phantom dude youre playing with is a POS
DOMJ (8 months ago)
do you still play cs much? would be cool to see some more vids :D
Tom Brablec (8 months ago)
Where are all the CSGO videos? He's Supreme Master for fuck's sake. Those shots are insane. No wonder he's so good at all other games.
One Clip (8 months ago)
CSGO was in development back in 2006? No wonder we never got Half Life 3.
Henry (8 months ago)
Was anyone else just watching the beef in the chat? :D
Cononator13 (8 months ago)
Moshi monsters battle Royale??
Incredibly Stoned Gaming (8 months ago)
xD they can smell the cash.
Martin H. Roskar (8 months ago)
"2006"=2017-2007(and a half)-1,5=1 year = 2006
Seijox (8 months ago)
I want to aim like that :/
Ian Chamblee (8 months ago)
Hack hack hack. There will be a hacker's convention in every game.
adib z (8 months ago)
CS doesnt have vaulting? what is crouch + jump? PUBG is the one who copied that mechanic
Sheogorath (8 months ago)
I’m getting kind of tired of battleroyal games like it’s fun and all but meh
Erwin Rommel (8 months ago)
Jack misspelled 'netwok' in the description.
skomrex jebacina (8 months ago)
Source cant handle 100 players on a server. Just look at insurgency shitting itself with 32 player servers
DarkMistTag (8 months ago)
BR games are getting so boring. So many copy paste with little to no variety.
X-00mEr (8 months ago)
Nick Zalzalah (8 months ago)
You know it’s already in the game, it’s called hunger games in the community servers
Kanin (8 months ago)
Hear me out guys...Ghost Recon Wildlands with a BR mode
GoonaTV (8 months ago)
hey guys!! looking forward to 2008! im off to watching some sneezing panda videos
Jordan Wingert (8 months ago)
Lol wut? 2006?? How the hell?
Jeremy Lim (8 months ago)
Lol CSGO 2006
ODIN (8 months ago)
is it still worth it to get csgo ?
Aleifr Pl (8 months ago)
Insurgency Battle Royale would be amazing
Dustylunchbox (8 months ago)
After playing Battle Royal Games for the last 4 years (Amra 3 BR /H1Z1) fucking over BR lest see something new ffs
Cameron Ledward (8 months ago)
Omg i need a cs br!!!!
Red Ribbon (8 months ago)
for fuck sake let the game die already. its 2017
DemonGrenade274 (8 months ago)
I really wouldn't want a csgo version of battle royal. It would be the most hacker ridden version of battle royal on the market. Also the game mechanics don't really facilitate royal all that well imo
Nisco Racing (8 months ago)
Well most CSGO players are doing very well in PUBG. It would be a giant win, if they actually make a Survival game. And then to think off having a similar guns can crate market, the game would blow up around the world.
Robert Hipolito (8 months ago)
would be awesome, imagine the community servers for it but valve time tho
Kevin Hodgson (8 months ago)
YES... Make Counter Strike Modable Again!!
Kevin Wirth (8 months ago)
csgo is a battle royale, but with a bomb
John Parker (9 months ago)
You just described the zombie game mode, not battle royal
Roaster Toaster (9 months ago)
I dont play as much CSGO as i used to do back in the day, but if a BR moide comes into the game i would defiently come back to the game!
Jonathan Thrue (9 months ago)
Half life 3: battle royale
Charles MLC (9 months ago)
Supreme with nova 2. Why not.
Fearless Ottoman (9 months ago)
Wow start Again????🎆🎆🎇🎉🎉🎉
Dakota Joyner (9 months ago)
Crouch jump
Dakota Joyner (9 months ago)
I would love a left 4 dead 3, valve has yet to know how to count to 3
Unicorn Workhorse (9 months ago)
This needs to happen! Awesome for competition and would breath new life into csgo!
Umer Shoaib (9 months ago)
hackers galore new ez frags and much much more
Linh Tran Tuan (9 months ago)
That nade...
Stojce (9 months ago)
may 2006?
Stojce (9 months ago)
new valve game lol
Gaberini (9 months ago)
I just haven't given a flying fuck about battle royals since the start, who else is with me? It just doesn't seem interesting.
Donald Trump (9 months ago)
This developement will cause more toxicity with the quick deaths
Kruller (9 months ago)
Counter strike is shit never ever make a video on this game
minecraft had it before it was a thing.
KALAMIES (9 months ago)
four mekerov
I rush b everyday (9 months ago)
SG and AUG would be op
Degenerate (9 months ago)
On the custom servers there's been BR for ages
66thviridi Viridi Ent. (9 months ago)
Bro the things you said for crossbow, adrenaline shot etc. are for half life 3. We all know a new half life will come eventually and welp. Looks like they are preparing some shit... sooo. yea. But that's my theory. I'm just brain storming.
Synct (9 months ago)
I love that you released this video the day PUBG fully released. It's a dead, broken game that plays like a half finished title from 2010. Everyone knows thats the truth, underneath the actual play mode, the game is shit. I hope Valve kill them like the raggedy dogs they are. Fuck bluehole, bunch of idiots.
masterchif man (9 months ago)
Time travel confirmed
vSuperMoje (9 months ago)
Garys mod 2 and counter strike br? Maybe 🤔

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