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CS:GO - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_santassination_v3 - [Act ll] - GFL

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive zombie escape mod gameplay on the map ze_santassination_v3 (Act ll) on GFL server *loud noises* Next Levels ➢ (Truth): https://youtu.be/trbkoy0z8VQ ➢ (Act lll): https://youtu.be/oHgs7PUxmVc Previous Levels ➢ (Prologue & Act l): https://youtu.be/481_k0sMytE ➢ CSGO ZE Playlist: http://bit.ly/CSGOZE *****MAPPER***** Map Santassination is created by Luffaren (Map music disabled) *****SERVER***** Name: GFL (Games Of Life) IP: Location: USA GFL Steamgroup: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gfl_css *****CS:GO SETUP***** Crosshair: http://bit.ly/A3crosshair Graphics set to: Medium (Depends on map/players) Resolution: 1980x1080 Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Skins Used: Negev Power Loader (Factory New) Karambit Crimson Web (Field Tested) **** ^^ **** » Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Sub2axonek3 » Twitter: https://twitter.com/axonek3CS » Google Page: https://plus.google.com/+axonek3/videos 💻 PC Specs: Intel i7-3770K, Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB, 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (700)
Zi kang Lim (3 days ago)
What is wrong with that guy who keeps shouting
PICKLE RICK!!! (7 days ago)
0:14 ajjajajaj
KuroySenpai Edge (7 days ago)
That really fcking pizza
Ali Alrawashdeh (7 days ago)
There is someone who says God is great(الله أكبر). This word is very popular with Muslims and it says when you win or get paid. in 13:17
Argus TM (9 days ago)
8:05 Cállate la boca la concha de tu madre xdddd, cállate maricon maricon
KarlAngelizonL Ordona (11 days ago)
Block : defend the side, defend side! kakarot : MOTHERFUCKER
Keagan Guzman (12 days ago)
Kakarot thinks so highly of himself it's just funny XD
Renato da FiXA (21 days ago)
Gameplay very god 😍😍 The best playr of brazilian☺
vlog GAMING (24 days ago)
Are you say allah huakbhar im islamic
fbi onu (27 days ago)
Martin Neiverth (30 days ago)
People needs more "Block" and less "kakarot"
axe benjamin (1 month ago)
im sorry dude unlike cuz that crazy dude!!^^"
THD S (1 month ago)
Shoot!? Coming!? Shoot!? Fucking!? Coming!?
RCA Nation (1 month ago)
watch the f××king pizza
DarkVoid Hampton (1 month ago)
Watch the pizza!!! (Stares intently at the pizza) 🍕
DarkVoid Hampton (1 month ago)
Like the kids screaming like he is dieing irl like boi shut the f*** up you retarded plebian noob **** sucking cunt face
DarkVoid Hampton (1 month ago)
Remove the screaming prepubescent screaming teenagers voice and the videos just fine
GH_SQUAD ALPHA (1 month ago)
Homie at 00:14 pissed the fuck off lmfaooo
Leagueb0y (1 month ago)
7:43 I laughed very hard when the guy shout them :'D
IndianGamer (1 month ago)
Woah 999.9thk VIEWER IS ME
Vitoreto314 :V (1 month ago)
Cómo llegue aquí :v
All I remember is FUCK
Luka Arriagada (1 month ago)
snipe a (1 month ago)
KYC ÆVOSS (1 month ago)
1:20 shoot the f*cking zombies😂😂
Lalmalsawma Khiangte (1 month ago)
Noobs on left, pros on right LOL
Master Gaming Assassin (1 month ago)
kakarot should yelling like that during the war at Afghanistan..
Ruben Artero (1 month ago)
Kakaroto is a fucking autist
ViTI:Cute (1 month ago)
James Borbor (1 month ago)
8.15 Callate la boca Maricon😂
$ebax7298 (1 month ago)
jhon andre maleniza (1 month ago)
0:14 I'm sorry for that guy
Patrick Kainz (1 month ago)
Welcome to CS:GO
HASAN REİZ (1 month ago)
Kakarot is my favourite
Fallen AngelYT (1 month ago)
Allah hu Akbar😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂OMLLL
ahmed maheir (1 month ago)
Hey this is not funny he is muslem ok
flashmhp (1 month ago)
The whole scientific fantasy universe joined to fight off the zombie infestation!
McGregor Kid (1 month ago)
"Scream for me daddy!" its so fucking sexy
jean123 andraderivero (2 months ago)
como se llama ese juego
iyem ijah (2 months ago)
Bagus gems nya
iyem ijah (2 months ago)
minxiu li (2 months ago)
Giiou Bit (2 months ago)
8:05 JAJAJAJAJA me cague de risa xd
Cute Jenny Wakeman (2 months ago)
kakarot shut da hell up please
Marlon Jaimes (2 months ago)
LUFFAREN best map maker ever <3
Cute Jenny Wakeman (2 months ago)
Lol that guy thats swearing all the time, is so salty as hell XD
dody yoma wardany (2 months ago)
Allah akbar
Rex Evan (2 months ago)
Kakarot nail this.
ARZZIO (2 months ago)
That moment when you see edward kenway holding an AK running from zombies with deadpool and master chief.
Delsin Nova (2 months ago)
Are they really a Muslim or threatening the muslim?
Yassir Bouchlih (2 months ago)
I am sad because i am muslim and this fucking man his hate allah akbar fake to hem Fake
Adem Fouraty (2 months ago)
في المقطع 9:46 يقولون الله اكبر allah akbar 🕋🕌
HiPeR HiPeR (2 months ago)
Amına koduğum un piçi allaha küfür ediyor senin götünden şeytanlar kan alacak kan allah belanı versin
Dunkel_hight 1 (2 months ago)
i wonder if that kakarot kids mom and dad are proud of him for his many accomplishments in life
Mr.Pumpkin (2 months ago)
kakaroto that closes the snout
Dinopower XD (2 months ago)
lmao the guy that was screaming the whole time and the one that sounds like micky mouse 😂
MoonWolf (3 months ago)
Kakarot: Allah akbar! Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocW3fBqPQkU
Uros Kuveljic (3 months ago)
When your parents leave you alone in house so you can scream as loud as you want...
BlazeFoxWar (3 months ago)
Akajjajaj el latinoamericano peleando con el gringo XD
NanoN eQ (3 months ago)
Axonek3 can you play on ggeasy server? 😁
jonas3xdok (3 months ago)
"Callate la boca reconcha e tu madre, callate callate maricon" 😂 😂 😂
MR WINESBEZIER (3 months ago)
адвансед деградеишн
Chi Hang Wai (3 months ago)
Emir (3 months ago)
9:38 Teen says:allah is coming allah is coming he save me and than we win this round 😂
َ َ (3 months ago)
13:36 قلبو مسلمين كلهم😂
NeroTheRogue (3 months ago)
He probably knew that he's in a video
Tyler Roberts (3 months ago)
The kid yelling needs to fuck off
daung I like soldier (3 months ago)
I see Adolf hitler
2:03 wft the Glitch XD?!?!
Judge裁判官Rainbow虹 (3 months ago)
who's the guy yelling like a triggered little pussy?
Afo Slah (3 months ago)
الله و اكبر
Hakainix (3 months ago)
Just a normal day in CS:GO.
Emanuel Gomez (3 months ago)
Callate la boca
Emanuel Gomez in say in Inglish you of in spaish son of the bich
Emanuel Gomez this mode Faker
The Angel Gamer :v (3 months ago)
8:14 _Callate la boca mierda :v_
The Angel Gamer :v 2:02 el Glitch haciendo movimientos raros XD
Michi (4 months ago)
Akilbek а (4 months ago)
ALLAH AKBAR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
rodolfo puc (4 months ago)
Cállate la boca maricon de mierda •<•
rodolfo puc you son of the bich
Alan Marcelin (4 months ago)
Latino toxico y ligando con la flaquita hahah
Danis Raditya (4 months ago)
2:30 xD
Mohammed Mesto (4 months ago)
Mohammed Mesto (4 months ago)
Ryan Concepcion (4 months ago)
Fcking arab soo fcking noisy
Chin (4 months ago)
8:05 "Callate la boca la re concha de tu puta madre" AJSNAJSNAJSNAJSNSJAN,ese argentino xd
Chin this mode faker the Spaish the son of in Bich
hackers killer (4 months ago)
7:42 i was crying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 shut fuck uppppppppppppppp
Folt& AusFL (4 months ago)
Soo cool, its really funny :^) Spanish: Valla problema tienen los peruanos en la cabeza, ya se me hacia raro que entre la poblacion hallan algunos que no evolucionan.
Nothing 17 (4 months ago)
make more😍😍😍
Lucas Daniel CSC (4 months ago)
Emre Kulaksızoğlu TR (4 months ago)
Orospo cocuklari fuck you
Bokepers TM (4 months ago)
Wow they are muslim in game ^_^
jackfrostman55 (4 months ago)
wtf is that pizza
Mr. Mosaab (4 months ago)
Allah Akbar ❤
Pushilkata 112 (4 months ago)
kakarot is a motherfucker
AnimeWelcome (4 months ago)
xD hablan español
AnimeWelcome nope only in Inglish
ramzez lux (4 months ago)
Allah Akbar abdurlah
ramzez lux (4 months ago)
Ooo kakarot hello me friend
hamza sad (4 months ago)
هههههه الله اكبر allah Akbar 😂😂😂
Pijamalı Fare (4 months ago)
İslamla dalga geçmeniz yanlış sizin dininiz size bizim dinimiz bize saygı duyun terbiyesizlik yapmayın.
De'PrezV (2 months ago)
Pijamalı Fare agla
Mirko Gonzalez (4 months ago)
Habia uno q hablaba español jaja

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