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I had such a blast, playing with Vaillant and Gydias on Stage in Paris! That was by far one of the best experience I had with Counter-Strike! Here's a few highlights! Sorry about the french casters, I did my best so you can still keep up! Improve yourself and become a better CS:GO player with this playlist of tutorials: https://goo.gl/wW83kz EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS DOWN BELOW ▼ ✘ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne (NEW!) ✘ Twitter : https://twitter.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE @HOUNGOUNGAGNE ✘ Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ✘ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ♫ Music: I use a lot the music from MAF: http://www.maf464.com/ And his website is gorgeous btw! :) I also use a lot of songs coming from Incompetech: http://goo.gl/PHwKV2 Mesmerize NCS Release - Tobu NoCopyrightSounds No Copyright Music ► About me◄ (Updated 2 October 2016) Crosshair? Mouse? Monitor? ➝ Find all my infos down below my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne (¬‿¬) Graphic Designer: @orikmcfly (¬‿¬)
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Text Comments (880)
True (1 day ago)
This is French? I swear it sounds like Chinese or something
The LightningVN (8 days ago)
Wait.....You use arrow keys????
The LightningVN (8 days ago)
How can you jump?
RagnaRock (15 days ago)
is it me or does jeff really plays with the arrow keys
What is the name of Headset you have use on stage ?
Daniel Wihandi (2 months ago)
Vaillant seems like a nice guy in real life lmao
theacp127 (3 months ago)
Even after hearing the French people say his name. I still have no idea how to pronounce it. It just sounds like one long vowel.
World Wide United NYS (3 months ago)
Congrats man, looks like alot of fun
SokrasDim (4 months ago)
HOUNGOUNGAGNE the type of guy to go for taser kills on ESL. Let's hope we see that some day xD
Project Gaming (5 months ago)
You are my best inspiration ever
Pierre - lesfreresdemon (5 months ago)
J'adore le T-Shirt Blyat
NeoRekt (5 months ago)
You are awesome.
GetR3KTnub (5 months ago)
Most Zeus kills I seen in a pro game 😂
Rasmus Tagu (5 months ago)
Other bois soo salty lol
Abliskarian (5 months ago)
LOL the zeuses XDD
Ducdashot (5 months ago)
this looks like so much fun
Your Uncle (5 months ago)
Why are you using arrow keys it that a joke or do you use arrow keys when you play
SHITPOSTS R US (5 months ago)
he looks drunk the whole video
The Hidden Truth (6 months ago)
Ca me donne envie de sortir le zeus ...... super jeff, tu dechirs tout mec .... tu iras loin
bob2209gaming (6 months ago)
Wait if the leader of the other team said his team was GN4 to silver 1 then how the fuck can they get into the league XD and their or your team was GE or global elite XD
SEYNZZ (6 months ago)
T'est Francais houngou?
MatteoGoop RBLX (6 months ago)
Theres a kid in ryu7s' team WTH
Alexander Schwartz (6 months ago)
rank:Taser Legend
Exo (6 months ago)
This is French right?
romainplays (6 months ago)
well fml I was in paris just a lil late xD but the taser was epic u should do this more or go for a1v5 knife/taser ace cause u can only buy 1 taser
Ugandan Knuckles (6 months ago)
Джефф был там неплох
TheOneDan (6 months ago)
Arrow keys???
I feel pity for houngoungagne”~strong quote from a weak man
Next Gen Production (6 months ago)
Vaillant xD
Noodlegang (6 months ago)
Sir Clirks (6 months ago)
Did you see where he had his left hand on the keyboard tho wtf
Camicus (6 months ago)
Minder Max (6 months ago)
his name is pronounced HOUN-NHEH-NHEH
Adil Malik (6 months ago)
wow !! 💖
JeJeMoon 123 (6 months ago)
fucking Zeus the thunder god
Zultex is Horrible (7 months ago)
Jeff will be the pro of tazering :D
Hrishi Baney (7 months ago)
Still waiting on ASUS ROG FRANCE!
Dino Granola Bars (7 months ago)
Silver troll > Pro players
Valentine (7 months ago)
Houngangengane is on fire!
jester (7 months ago)
the caster was like hunyunyanueeye
Sonicnesia (7 months ago)
You look alot like Seth MacFarlane..
NuggetV8 (7 months ago)
6:38 "im stuck here" xdd
Ash (7 months ago)
Whogatgay thats how you say his name.
I eat trash (7 months ago)
ehhhhh first time i've looked at you're face for more than a few seconds and you look to uhhh french
Toby (7 months ago)
Pause at 2:52 they have a kid playing on the enemy team?
Hell (7 months ago)
valiant’s profile pic still remains inappropriate despite on live tv.
Doez (7 months ago)
6:55 it fits in with the music so good
čØrśę1 (7 months ago)
You got more taser kills than I average fps.
NO S̶T̶R̶S̶S̶ (7 months ago)
hi mom xD
umar sajjad (8 months ago)
k den
Sayakvids (8 months ago)
Kosmin74 (8 months ago)
you play with arrows on not wasd? what the.....?!
Uday Jadhav (8 months ago)
I love your videos mannnnn
Andrei Sison (8 months ago)
I love this <3
Kai1X (8 months ago)
lol get rekt other team
Secret God (8 months ago)
How do you even pronounce his name
Gewooncasper (8 months ago)
is france like the international game language
vodqc (8 months ago)
So tu parle frencais ?
PAT PAT (8 months ago)
i see a kid 2:51 what??????
LaYPe (8 months ago)
Hougnagne chu français aussi et j'adore tes vidéos continue comme ça
Treasure_Of_Goals videos (9 months ago)
U r awesome at csgo
Streety (9 months ago)
m8 why u look like kqly???????????
Justin Binns (9 months ago)
If HOUNGOUNGAGNE went pro I'd actually watch pro gameplay.
Noob Plays (9 months ago)
the tasers tho
Dank bOOgIe (9 months ago)
What heppen at 7:33 ?
surfers butthole (9 months ago)
you look like the family guy guy
Zvmbie (9 months ago)
make a video of how to say your name
8zR - MC (9 months ago)
JacePlayez Games (9 months ago)
Plz sub
David Kunoy (9 months ago)
Did you make the team?
Rafał Stępień (9 months ago)
Does he play using the arrow keys?
Jonah Mosevoll (9 months ago)
Nice skarf, love it
Johannes (9 months ago)
The renoi is salty...
Boi Suicida (9 months ago)
Fck'ng Awesome
Purp McBræfjæl (9 months ago)
Jeff is like CS's ronaldinho. Too good for any player to beat, but he likes to troll his enemies too much to be considered one of the best.
BROS2THAEND (10 months ago)
Jeff you're like Kenny s but instead of an awp you're a god with the zeus
Brooks Canchola (10 months ago)
when deluxe4 1v5s that's when the world is fucked
Madwurst (10 months ago)
Who won? Who's next?! YOU DECIDE!
The MaGiFi (10 months ago)
Monsieur Jeff, can u help me with my homework in french. I have to learn l'imperatif.
Kaan Öztürk (10 months ago)
I can only hear hujdjcyehhshxhehsyc
TheRustyMellon (10 months ago)
Love the trolling.
Des Tro (10 months ago)
Dawson Harker (10 months ago)
nice playing against randoms on lan means ur pro xdxd nt
PN (10 months ago)
you should actually go pro
Haidar (10 months ago)
WAW :'(
SnikoyHD - CSGO (10 months ago)
Je ne savais pas que tu parles francais
Dioross Orozco (10 months ago)
ive watched his other videos, and in global rank he was just messin around all the time.
Bts Army (10 months ago)
Le capitaine de l'equipe ennemis suis s'enjaille quand il tue Houngoungagne pour la première fois alors qu'il était au Knife Mdr 😂
Hassanein (10 months ago)
2:52 that chick bruh
Edwin MVP (10 months ago)
this guy is pro
Jadson Lorha (10 months ago)
you're the best for me jeff s2 , i'm from brazil so , have some kind of songs can you do for us ?haha!!
Zipppyy (10 months ago)
Alright, the conclusion that I've come to after being subbed for a while and watching most of his vids is this: Jeff is obsessed with zeus kills.
Alex Glück (10 months ago)
That was fucking awesome hahhahahahahha you are the best
LuseLess (10 months ago)
Depuis quand Gydias XD
Dawid Sakowicz (10 months ago)
For the Faze? :P
Warley (10 months ago)
The Zeus is king
Samuel Gerona (10 months ago)
im subscribing .. he's damn good .. i learn while having fun watching
Ewe (11 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that the enemy team captain looks like Kanye West
Toni Bonev (11 months ago)
is this French? Xd
LuseLess (10 months ago)
Toni Bonev Non c'est français XD
sphoon. (11 months ago)
The Taser Legend
Abyss Walker (11 months ago)

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