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ICONIC Esports Moments: EVO Moment 37 - "The Daigo Parry" (Street Fighter)

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In the history of esports, certain highlights have managed to transcend games – plays so incredible that no fan, regardless of game loyalty, can deny their brilliance. Think of Dota 2’s “the Play”, coldzera’s Jumping AWP in CS:GO and League of Legends’ “the xPeke”. However, before any others is one that stands alone - a play which is arguably the original iconic esports moment and is quite possibly the most influential of them all: EVO Moment 37. Written by Nicholas Doucet - https://twitter.com/NicDoucet Edited by Miles Hackett - https://twitter.com/miles_hackett Voiced by Sean Meiliunas - https://twitter.com/Dyna_Sean Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Footage and Images Credits: Thumbnail Image of Daigo Credit: Robert Paul https://twitter.com/tempusrob Images of Ken and Chun Li Courtesy: Capcom “The Play” Booth and Crowd Cam: Uploaded by Chris Myll https://youtu.be/YoGFMiTkQpw https://youtu.be/YoGFMiTkQpw iG vs Na`Vi Game 2, Winner Bracket Semifinals Courtesy: Valve Uploaded by Dota2 https://youtu.be/La--egn0MrU Luminosity Gaming vs Team Liquid - Semi Finals Courtesy: Major League Gaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2xmOmP3JEg Fnatic vs. SK Gaming @ IEM Katowice 2013 Courtesy: ESL https://youtu.be/q7NvQUzE0FA Daigo vs Valle (1998) Source: TV Tokyo Uploaded by Guoguodi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPzqod70Q4M Raoh vs. Justin Wong Origin: @SethKillian Uploaded by: sizoKazo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGTYdbe_yOo Justin vs. Daigo (EVO MOMENT 37 full-set) Courtesy: Evolution Championship Series Uploaded by theShend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnEWSO6NrQo Daigo vs Justin (EVO 2016): Courtesy: Evolution Championship Series Uploaded by Squarion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr7GXVddcmw Infiltration vs Fuudo (SFV Grand Final, EVO 2016) Courtesy: Evolution Championship Series Uploaded by Capcom Fighters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XxNuGwdq3g Daigo vs Justin Wong Courtesy: ELEAGUE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjVDV4_vbq8 Daigo vs. Justin Wong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nC2D6sOrbg Courtesy: Super Arcade Uploaded by TokidoFans Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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theScore esports (1 year ago)
Hey everyone - thank you all so much for watching the video! This was our first foray outside of LoL/Dota 2/CS:GO for the Iconic series, and your response has been frankly overwhelming. It’s amazing to hear that so many non-fighting game fans can appreciate this classic esports moment and can understand its significance. We've got lots of amazing stuff planned for the future, so please keep the feedback coming - we aim to bring you great content each and every time! - Nic
Sports Card Ink (10 months ago)
theScore esports this is the best video dood
Infidel (10 months ago)
Did Diago have enough super-meter for his super, before he started to parry, or did he need the parries to do his super? (I am not familiar with this game.)
Alucard (1 year ago)
theScore esports didn't u guys just re-edit Core-A Gamming Video and upload it saying its urs? you should.be ashamed... anywya w/e at least that helps the FGC grow, just sad for wht u did to Core-A Gaming youtuber and shove a a thing up his *.*.* with this rip-off... shame man, shame.... you even used the same words he did.
Yd Ahhrk (1 year ago)
(^_^)/ \(^_^)
Moreno12 (4 days ago)
Justin is a great sport. I wish him well
Bling Kerz (5 days ago)
Salute for legendary daigo ❤❤❤
187bronco187 (14 days ago)
Weak .... daigo lost that tournament and hundreds have parried chuns special in tournaments.
xdalic (10 days ago)
187bronco187 are you retarded ? Because you hit your head so hard you talking out of your ass.
Darius (20 days ago)
I'm 31 and played tons of games including street fighter 2 and 5 (much less than mk trilogy 4 or killer instinct though) and i didn't know about moment 37. So cool. I feel so ashamed. Not really but ... Edit: i guess leeroy Jenkins moment is more popular. Is it? Just curious
Larry Martin (22 days ago)
Perfectly timed timelessness
Supersonic (23 days ago)
there was an article i read a wile back that broke this down even further, the level of mind games, and you can see how Daigo was poising himself to take the first hit of the super (for every time daigo pressed a button or forward, daigo also moved forward) its a shame it didnt make it into this video, but a very interesting deep dive none the less
Seiki Rikodou (24 days ago)
The moment was so epic it was put as a trial on the remastered 3rd strike 😆
RicanGamer TV (25 days ago)
I am not a fan of the FGC scene but damn, that was a hell of a play.
f1r3 hunt3rz (25 days ago)
This is the father of "inhuman reactions" and "look at the flash, look at the moves, what was that" moments in eSports.
Crimson Shiroe (27 days ago)
It's so surprising that this video only has 200k+ views. I now play League and DoTA 2 but as the narrator said, this has sparked my interest in gaming when I first saw it. This video deserves a million views, GJ theScore esports.
Loritorinco (29 days ago)
Because fighting games are better than MOBAS and fps which are for kids.
zombie cat (1 month ago)
That single moment is why I always play ken
ILiekFishes (1 month ago)
This is the first thing that popped up for m
Mass Productive Thrill (1 month ago)
I love how they shake hands in 4:36.victory or not.it don't matter.
Wolvenworks (1 month ago)
you are not a true gamer until you understand what the Daigo parry is
Aaron Burke (1 month ago)
This is literally the 2016 election in a nutshell lol
Ganon Tice (1 month ago)
Nemesis T-Type (1 month ago)
Justin Wong doesn't need to worry. He has his incredible Akuma comeback against Fchamp. Almost comparable to the Daigo parry.
xdalic (5 days ago)
Nemesis T-Type you can’t really compare this to anything that we’ve seen so far.
Jared chacon (2 months ago)
The background sounds like the background music in the division
snakeyesz (2 months ago)
Wow breathtaking!
Admiral General Aladeen (2 months ago)
DOTA SHOULD BE 'MILLION DOLLAR CARL' obs they don't follow dota a lot
Carl Dimayuga (2 months ago)
Literally everything we have with regards to e-sport’s extreme popularity can be traced back to this one moment.
TheUltimateBastich (2 months ago)
I shit you not, this is like witnessing Super Saiyan transformation IRL
Flexx Williamz (2 months ago)
Ridiculously iconic and Game changing moment.....
Van N (2 months ago)
Still get nerd chills watching this.
Amit Elek (2 months ago)
I remember this live. Changed my gaming life. Never knew that was possible, that level.
Jared chacon (2 months ago)
I still can’t believe how big gaming is getting I wish I could be good at any esport
lanerfy182 (3 months ago)
Gido (3 months ago)
I now understand die-hard sports fans a little more. Like Mr. Chen said it must be an extremely similar, if not identical, sensation.
John Edwards (3 months ago)
One nitpick: you cut out the crowd cheering with music! When Daigo did that the crowd goes freaking wild. And here you just play loud music over it so you can hardly tell. But still interesting and cool.
frostbite (3 months ago)
why am i crying i dont even play street fighter
dirtkills (3 months ago)
Everyone including me is all hyped while Daigo and japan were like i call those moments "tuesday"
Sydney Alvelo (3 months ago)
Long live the power of gaming and it's community!!
Azad Ahmed (3 months ago)
What is that heroic music name?
JubeiKakorot (3 months ago)
First 30 seconds should be skipped
Roy (3 months ago)
shtml54 (3 months ago)
"TECH BONUS 2000" x 15
Baby T Rex (4 months ago)
and this is how ultra instinct is born.
Diego Alonso Landa (4 months ago)
Loved the live comments: ITS MADNESSS
gigantomastiaCuddler (4 months ago)
Wombo combo is a bigger deal than xpeke jump awp daigo counter or the play
Jose Fernandez (3 months ago)
smash is trash
Lerey74 (4 months ago)
Everyone did that on the game lol only people who didn't play were impressed
Dusty Dust (4 months ago)
That parry is the reason evo is now held in a stadium rather than a room with a crt, projector and office chairs
Spooder Pig (4 months ago)
damn the music does it, im sitting here, goosebumped as fuck, tears coming out of my eyes, undoubtedly the play id think of if anyone ask what was the greatest play in history of professional fighting game tournaments ive ever witnessed
Ozarudin Azman (4 months ago)
Justin looks like he ate chun-li
Philip Wells (4 months ago)
Amazing, just amazing. Side note what a bunch of geeks.
Knuckles (4 months ago)
Evo moment 37 Justin vs Daigo is absolutely the most amazing and interesting video game moment I've ever seen. I love Street Fighter, but this was still very extrodinary to watch. 👊
Joe Johnson (4 months ago)
This is absolute nectar.
Ishtiyaq Hussain (4 months ago)
As good as Bale's overhead kick goal in the champions league final 2018
dbarcene (4 months ago)
Loominaughty (4 months ago)
Moment 37 is cool but have you seen moment 13-0?
Jon Ferg (4 months ago)
Both immortalized
K.A.L (5 months ago)
Woolie never stood a chance
Vince Chen (5 months ago)
Frigidmoon (5 months ago)
"When I executed the super, I thought I had this in the bag" - Justin Wong
saffi2saffi (6 months ago)
man .. all these cheer ups regain the faith in gaming ..
Shrapnel (6 months ago)
that shit made me tear up
Camouflage Bourne (6 months ago)
craziest moment , thats crazy maaan
I'm ShaPowLow (6 months ago)
What's even crazier is that Justin did the safest and prolly best move to end the match. Daigo was one hit away, block or not so what's the best way to kill him safely? Unleash the super: a rapid 15 hit that even just one goes through would win him the game.. but who in the living hell would've thought Daigo would parry ALL of them??! That's the crazier part there, Daigo owned the game, he defeated common sense with his inhuman skills
Lee Marc Caya (6 months ago)
Never forget.
Abaxoth (7 months ago)
Meanwhile in Japan that became a meme called "Let's go Justin!"
Nojin Myung (7 months ago)
What the video doesnt mention is..."On top of that", Diago neutral jumped, effectively putting himself at risk, to air parry the last hit so that he could maximize his combo damage with a jumping attack. He knew exactly what he had to do to finish the match right at that moment. Epic.
Nick Boyd (7 months ago)
I'm not even a street fighter fan, but this is the greatest e-sports moment of all time
b33lze6u6 (8 months ago)
a frame is 1/60th of a second
NoBigDeal (1 month ago)
Its one half of a frame because frames are interlaced. They draw 1/2 the lines on the screen in 1/60th of a second, and the other half in the next 1/60th of a second.
Atcera (8 months ago)
Street Fighter then vs Now, :( even i can do the daigo parry in SF5 , they made it way too easy now
Phantom Party (8 months ago)
I don't even play street fighter and I got chills
Kyoshiwa (8 months ago)
We got drunk that night and danced on the street, and believed theres no such thing as "hopeless".
josef yanga (9 months ago)
He baited Justin into doing the super.
VonBlade (9 months ago)
Still the single most amazing gaming achievement I've ever seen. Nothing will top it. You can't. Pressure. Zero room for error. For all the marbles. Beast mode.
sashang0 (9 months ago)
Kinda glad I dropped dota 2. These fighting games take real skill.
Chidori723 (8 months ago)
sashang0 Yeah. I don't understand why MOBA s are too over the top these day. SCREW MOBAS. Only the Shun Goku Satsu awaits them...
sashang0 (9 months ago)
Makes dota 2 pro plays look amateur.
frozendilemma (9 months ago)
It's just a stupid video game. I don't understand the crazy hype.
arka das (4 months ago)
by ur logic, one can argue that any game or sport is stupid. coz there is no meaning to it. I agree its not beneficial for ur body, but same can be said for many popular sports & games. but all of them take skills, a lot of skill. and its all about winning the game & how u do it.
Chidori723 (8 months ago)
frozendilemma Yes it IS just a video game, but if you read the other comments, you gotta realize how hard it is to parry a move like that in 3rd Strike.Parry a 15 hit move like that takes insane mental concentration and sharp hand-eye coordination . One single mistake and Daigo would have lost.That is one of the things that made this moment so legendary. This moment also show how we human beings are blessed with the potential to do many great things. Whether it's real sports, or eSports, there will always be people who will shine, even at the brink of defeat. :)
frozendilemma (8 months ago)
Daigo must be nice and all, but it's a fucking video game; he's not Rafeal Nadal beating Federer in tennis.
Chidori723 (8 months ago)
soulless (9 months ago)
This will never get old. I mean even after all these years it's still so incredibly badass.
SageSF3 (9 months ago)
What version of Third Strike did they play?
B CG (9 months ago)
I think the opening statement of this video is completely wrong. I'm a lifelong gamer who simply does not enjoy the MMO, those MMO esport moments DO NOT transcend genres, however I would assume that the great classic moments in fighting games and other record-breaking Eastport moments do transcend the genre.
Hatchumo (10 months ago)
What do you mean "before any others?" Where are some Broodwar moments? Boxer already established himself as the most dominant Kespa player like two years before this... Is the original god of gaming really going to just be forgotten. Damn shame for a channel like this...
Not Spiderman (10 months ago)
I don't want to sound like a huge dork but this moment makes me proud to be a gamer :)
Shreya Nirmala (10 months ago)
The best described about The Beast
Cameron R (10 months ago)
Who put them into losers?
harvey sp (10 months ago)
King K. Rool 2013 (10 months ago)
What happened to Evo moments 1-36?
Viewtiful Z (8 months ago)
There are no moments 1-36. When the announcer was told to immediately put that on the internet so its glory can live forever, he slapped a "#37" on it to make people think this wasn't the first godlike play of the tournament's history, and there will probably be more, so they should go watch Evo 05 to see more godlike plays.
Felix Ortiz (8 months ago)
Christopher Pedroza it was a ploy to make outsiders think if this great moment was 37 than I have to check out this tournament cause easily this is number 1
There is no content on internet that generates more ASMR than that moment. Unbelievable.
Andrew Parcon (10 months ago)
tears in my eyes
Tximino M (10 months ago)
I remember watching this for the first time. It was years ago (maybe 10) and YouTube just recommended me the video. It fucking blew me away and gave me mad respect for competitive gaming.
Ronnie Alan (10 months ago)
Yooooooooooo how have i never seen this !?
Chidori723 (10 months ago)
Fighting games+EVO Moment#37>MOBAS,FPS,among others. Just say'n
Chidori723 (10 months ago)
The Beast..is UNLEASHED!
J. Alberto Rojas (10 months ago)
Parrying like your life depends on it
Infidel (10 months ago)
Did Diago have enough super-meter for his super, before he started to parry, or did he need the parries to do his super? (I am not familiar with this game.)
Al Bundy (8 months ago)
It is always a plus to have meter cos meter is a resource you can use to enhance special attack and to perform SuperArt techniques in 3rd Strike
Viewtiful Z (8 months ago)
Yes. If Daigo's combo didn't kill, he had another super, and could do EX moves (powered up version of a special move that takes 1/3 of your super meter)
Infidel (8 months ago)
Is/Was there an advantage to have a second super meter?
Viewtiful Z (8 months ago)
To start off, he did have enough meter to do Ken's Super, but as he parried, he built another meter
Al Bundy (8 months ago)
Yes he had 1 Super ready and the parries + the combo fill a second
** khaled (10 months ago)
holamoco17 (11 months ago)
What a fucking king, a boss, the god
SpinningSidekick (11 months ago)
"It was at this moment, Justin knew... He f*cked up."
SpinningSidekick (11 months ago)
betlogboy3 (11 months ago)
"He was wrong." 2:45
SpinningSidekick (11 months ago)
betlogboy3 *Love* that.
Fable Rolle (11 months ago)
i don't really like street fighter games but that was awesome
Taipari Waaka (1 year ago)
Daigo is the man
AcidGlow (1 year ago)
*That parry was iconic. Hype! ✅😎*
POPO OPPO (1 year ago)
I’m still crying seeing this😭 the damn feel!
Antrolos (1 year ago)
Just love that narration *music stops* *HE WAS WRONG.*
Chidori723 (8 months ago)
Antrolos And then what happens next? PURE, UTTER HISTORY that SHOCKED the world.
Rex Huffins (1 year ago)
Justin: Your fists are as strong as a mosquito's! Daigo: Omae wa mou SHINDEIRU! justin: NANI?! KO!

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