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3 KNIVES 1 OPENING! (CSGO Case Opening + Knife Unboxing)

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3 KNIVES IN 1 CASE OPENING! LET'S GO!!! Drop a LIKE for more CS:GO Case Openings! (乃^o^)乃 Want to watch more CS:GO Stuff? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLstaCQi0zIlOlI7-852MZ3jL8wupJ6ro7 UNREAL! I made a 2nd account for messing around in CS:GO, and I decided to livestream a case opening and open some cases to get some skins and possibly a knife for the new account! I had no idea I was going to get so lucky… MY LIVESTREAM - http://www.twitch.tv/m3rkmus1c Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/M3RKMUS1C Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/M3RKMUS1C T-Shirts - http://m3rkmus1c.spreadshirt.com Songs: Code of Conduct - Hans Zimmer (MW2 Soundtrack) Street Fighter 2 Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha3LVmEwrfs Breakdown VIP - Noisestorm Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqZ5iLOUOGA Label Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/Monstercat Artist Social links: https://www.facebook.com/Noisestorm https://www.youtube.com/user/EoinOBroinMusic Thanks for watching! Erik - M3RKMUS1C
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Text Comments (5417)
Cal Donnelly (17 hours ago)
Any chance of new CSGO competitive vids anytime soon?
Darthloganian (21 days ago)
Un fucking real
Ophelix (22 days ago)
Just hit 4 mil well done my dude
Patchster (30 days ago)
Rank 9 gold nova and has 3 knives
GingerSnap CinnamonBun (1 month ago)
Anomaly but english
Low_Kii_ Svg (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does factory new and the other stuff have no meaning to me
Hjalte Nymann (1 month ago)
Meme Lord (1 month ago)
GREEN MONSTA (1 month ago)
i wish u could teach me play csgo
The face cant stop is soo funny hahahah his scream and the face hahahahahah
Edgar bliakevic (1 month ago)
Is this the american version of anomaly
Tacolover 98 (1 month ago)
Can I have a duped item bad or good
Styles FS (1 month ago)
6mil views
StanbearpigJR (2 months ago)
I have 4 knifes and a dragon lore
Nathan Loo (2 months ago)
Where’s the quad feed with every gun
Vironix (2 months ago)
Blue steel bs is good lol
Vinicius Ramos (2 months ago)
Lovely video ! Sorry for the intrusion, I am excited to share for you the great website that are giving away load of free keys. If you want to get one just make a search for " skypisgame " on google
kamieniarz wieslawa (2 months ago)
Squidward Tennisballs (2 months ago)
Joshe (2 months ago)
just blocking the popular comment
conor alst (3 months ago)
I got 3 knives in 1 opening too
曾士銓 (3 months ago)
Paolo 2k (3 months ago)
nice hacks
Sound Of Resistance (3 months ago)
Smother me daddy
Luke (3 months ago)
Pls do cs again
Michael Sauerman (3 months ago)
Wish i had the money to open a case😫
FeaR WarDog (3 months ago)
add me on steam @ FeaR Chicken plz give any skin lol
Pacific Orion (3 months ago)
So....Ive got a Hyperbeast an A damascus steel.....And Statrak
Steoff (3 months ago)
What website?
chaoticmanners gaming (3 months ago)
It’s sad that you didn’t get the m9 bayonet Doppler ruby 😞
Delux (4 months ago)
Watching this again but I got a question why does Erick have 5 grand in his steam wallet?
Carlin (4 months ago)
Code mrcoffee gives 1$
Greece Nutz (4 months ago)
This guy is disgusting he has a mac w0w
WrenchedPanda _34 (4 months ago)
What's up with ur hair
paopa (4 months ago)
Soknut (4 months ago)
I get knife once. It was from Gamma 1 Case, Stattrack" FN Flip Knife Freehand. I sell it and then buyed some games
mati yt (4 months ago)
shut up 3 knife in 1 opening and you are reaging
4000PingGamer (4 months ago)
the best part is when you land on the most common blue between 2 bowie knifes
Tristin Belt (5 months ago)
His chances were less than 0.014 percent
Acoustic child (5 months ago)
can i have one?
ChocolatGTAV - Pvp (5 months ago)
The guys is very lucky 🍀
Dante Zero (5 months ago)
Kishe Gamer (5 months ago)
100% Knives for 1.11$ : https://www.drakemoon.com/case/knife-bese
Sankalp Nakade (5 months ago)
What is that apple keyboard
Ear Rape God Moderate (5 months ago)
A weird observation he would get a Negev then a origami then a knife each time
theRYZing (5 months ago)
!!Try this case it has a pretty high chance for a Dragon Lore: https://www.drakemoon.com/case/dlore-ez-100 !!
Jamal Junco (5 months ago)
Dare to take on the BALLER CHALLENGE ? open this case on skinhub https://skinhub.com/cases/baller-3014387 . Lets get this challenge rolling XD
Dhruv Gaba (5 months ago)
jdog awsome (5 months ago)
Its not an addiction its Digorno
GayBean (5 months ago)
ScooterPrime (5 months ago)
go to site holyboost and open case LVJARĀNS PRO
Raeyene (5 months ago)
Give me 1 knife
Sami Zuhdu (5 months ago)
Very gid
RedMondy (5 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=219255939&token=XLjnLKoZ giv skin and i giv drugs
NO video 1000 sub??? (5 months ago)
Give mee
skiFs (6 months ago)
How come no knife unboxing compilations show this video?
Mr.Skyline (6 months ago)
WunderPuma (6 months ago)
Can't be only one who traded his way to expensive knife and then traded it for bunch of skins and then traded his way back to Stat track crimson karambit
killer stone (6 months ago)
Whos wacthimg in 2018
Joshua Chen (6 months ago)
3 knives one video*
Bayu Triadi (6 months ago)
Michal Navratil (6 months ago)
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Tinchi (6 months ago)
His best : 3 Knives My best : 2 pinks
Chromix (6 months ago)
give me your luck, or one knife hahahaah
Sunshinebros. (6 months ago)
I Can See it now... *3 DRAGON LORES IN 1 OPENING*
YaBoi Lines (6 months ago)
Opened a case at my friends house (I don’t have a PC) and he let me buy a key for $3 irl lol. Got his bitchass a Gut Knife Lore 😐
Albert Lenardi (6 months ago)
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Nathan Hart (6 months ago)
I love your vids keep it
Gaming with Gul (6 months ago)
Only 2 years of
Penol (6 months ago)
You are saying too fast
Joe Stoker (6 months ago)
twitch.tv/merkmusic is THE BEST
Cute pupper Videos (6 months ago)
Liam Succ (6 months ago)
This nigga don't even play the game he just opens the boxes. Go to a casino shit head don't play video games
Harris K (6 months ago)
Guyz please tell me if OPSKIN site is reall please tell me if i wanna sell my inventory on it please tell me guyz
Hinata Hyuga (6 months ago)
How is this video not demonitized.
Mathias Vinding Hansen (6 months ago)
How u get so many case????
Azerbaycan Türkü (6 months ago)
this is HARAM 😉
Anto BG (7 months ago)
please give my one skins
EpicNightfallz (7 months ago)
Federico HD (7 months ago)
2:16 lmao wtf
dex (7 months ago)
Do you like teddy bears?
Comedy Gaming (7 months ago)
No no these words are my life oh my fucking god oh my fucking god oh my fucking god ohh
Carlos Cruz (7 months ago)
Use Code: CSGOYT
JostRekt (7 months ago)
Uh somma lomma domma lamma u asuming im a human what i got to do to get it through to you im superhuman.. Wtf how fast is he talking? SlimShady is that u?
deathpyro_gaming (7 months ago)
Go Watch This Epic Lucky Case Opening Video subscribe And Like Thank You!! https://youtu.be/eWZHxhl_Sgg
Burgerplayer (7 months ago)
when my mom walk in 3:50
Burgerplayer (7 months ago)
Merk is like Anomaly :D but Merk is better
VAC (7 months ago)
gut knives are meant to strip meat off butchered animals despite its name
xXJoniXxBG (7 months ago)
Cool 🥂
Just Josh (7 months ago)
you don't open one case and get 3 knifes you idiot
Wesly Rosales (7 months ago)
I only buy chest and stuffs like that but i don't know how to actually play the game xD You are so lucky dude
Papapanda 42 (7 months ago)
4 mill 4 new year
Al3xL13b (7 months ago)
Can I have a knife plz
TheGamingIron (7 months ago)
Wow!You have good lack!
TheAsianWhiteKid (7 months ago)
This is rigged.
Noah Hesselholt (7 months ago)
look at 2:53 a red item??
Billy Gates (7 months ago)
I'm spending 10 dollars on keys..
Dj_Slim_Dic (7 months ago)
I don’t know why people are so fucking obsessed with shitty knives in a game and are with hundreds of dollars, it’s actually so retarded

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