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★ Some of the most EPIC First & Third Person SHOOTER Games of 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC! ★ ★Enjoyed it? Give it a LIKE!!! Loved it? Make sure to ★SHARE★ ★Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LegacyKillaHD★ ★Like me on Facebook: http://facebook.com/LegacyKillaHD★ ★Follow me on IG: http://instagram.com/TheItalianMichael★ ★Second Channel: http://youtube.com/LegacyKillaTV★ ★Outro Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5jaelcwv1Y★ ★Donate: http://full.sc/1g2otLN★ ★KontrolFreek's 10% Off w/ Promo "Legacy": http://full.sc/1eepv5W★ This is a brief outlook on the most anticipated epic upcoming best 7 shooter FPS & TPS games that will be more than likely releasing in the next year. These are just my choices on the top upcoming shooter video games of 2017, most of these choices are based on gameplay and story which I support with all the info, details, rumors, and leaks that have come out. We discuss many games such as RDR2 and Prey but anyway Let me know in the comments what First Person or Third Person Shooter title you're looking forward to the most! ★ Epic 7 Shooters ★ 1. Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead 3 2. Mass Effect Andromeda 3. Prey 4. Days Gone 5. Agents of Mayhem 6. Crackdown 3 7. Battalion 1944 NOTE: I Know someone will ask why Borderlands 3, GTA 6, and Call of Duty To Much Warfare 27 isn't on this list, well that's because currently their seems to be no evidence for a 2017 release. Make sure to check the date of this video before commenting why a certain game isn't on this list, as this video more than likely was made before. ★Top Upcoming Games Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5F6bW10TbH51lcffpEeQWXAb_uZ1hxM8
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MarquisLudwig07 (1 year ago)
seriously Red Dead?! I got bored with the first one within one hour! there was no direction, sure that's because it was open world-ish but I couldn't find the "next" NPC! WTFERY?! Granted it was pretty epic to play in the Old West, but seriously I got bored not knowing where to go after completing the last couple quests I was on before giving up on it..... I am going to be MORE satisfied with Days Gone thanks to you though! Days Gone should have been #1, it is in a couple of your other videos! :D
Gobrtaves Vermont (1 year ago)
You seriously dont know how to play game if think red dead is bad
Rosty (1 year ago)
Number One: Mannequins challenge xD
Super Empty Channel (1 year ago)
im a huge Destiny fan and cant wait for Destiny 2 set to release in 2017
Steyn van der Heijden (2 years ago)
elder scrolls soundtrack in the background anyone? XD
Martin Payne (2 years ago)
prey 2 is in development hell. I don't see it being good
Astro chimp (2 years ago)
pauses between sentences is a good idea
EastCoast Mx (2 years ago)
preach dude I agree so much with u great video keep it up
KingOfKings8375 (2 years ago)
I'm tired of WW2 games...
Whiplash (2 years ago)
Looking forward to Battalion 1944 and of course Battlefield 1.
Nikon Whites Assistant (2 years ago)
I hope red dead 2 is like GTA 5 with customization
Adam Peppas (2 years ago)
...not to mention that is the only reason I bought PS3
Adam Peppas (2 years ago)
RDR because Red Dead Redemption. you said it exactly, its the inly game that you get emptionally attached to the characters.
Alan (2 years ago)
Dude u talk way to fast
BiggerThan KingKong (2 years ago)
love the Morrowind music in the background :-)
GodLess (2 years ago)
Will the aliens provide transgender bathrooms on the ship given you can select your gender which is fluid cause it's 2017!
mrnickbig1 (2 years ago)
Thompson SUBmachine gun. And the video clip for Battalian 1944 doesn't even show any Thompsons, it shows STEN SUBmachine guns. The 4 legged crawlers in Prey look like they came straight out of Kiss Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child, which was made by Third Law Interactive.
Jay Davis (2 years ago)
u guys hear the skyrim theme in background
Wretched Slippage (2 years ago)
RDR is one of the top 10 games ever made.
U talk way too fast and sound very scripted. Chill out a little and be yourself more.
Doc Brisk (2 years ago)
I would love a Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead 3 but how are you going to put it on the list and hasn't been confirmed yet?
Gaming. Razzah (1 year ago)
JerkyFraser dude Red Dead Redemption 2 is confirmed! It's coming out the fall 2017
LegacyKillaHD (2 years ago)
JerkyFraser (2 years ago)
+Sam Deddens It hasn't been announced or mentioned even once by Rockstar. Not once did they ever suggest a new Red Dead was in the works. People are assuming that's what's next from them.
It's been confirmed for awhile. He even mentions it in the video
Mike Wahoski (2 years ago)
Meh I'd rather have Bounty hunter Prey
BullBars1 (2 years ago)
I don't know how you can say Mass Effect "A" is looking like a great game. It should have stayed a single player game and the "Devs" should also get down on their knees and beg for our support with a full refund of ME3 as a show of good faith. I'm not going to be made a fool of twice from another M.E. game. I'd still like to see the DEVs heads on a pike just so I'm sure that kind of game ending will never happen again. Plus, what the hell is wrong with having the characters being carried over to the new game?? With these new changes they can kiss my milky white @$$!!
liam shearman (2 years ago)
days gone because it look fucken amazing and i like zombie games
Mimi Gish (2 years ago)
red dead2! you have made my year. I have played and played red dead 1 game and the undead version repeatedly. beaten it many times and still love it. I hope they also keep the style of playing and rich story line with this new one. I'm so excited I love it . tyvm for letting us know about the upcoming games,but the last one is the one I've been hoping for for years .
Cody Crankshaw (2 years ago)
I am looking forward to Days Gone because it looks like a good game and I think it will be good. However I am also looking forward to Battalion 1944 because I love WWII and the game looks like it is gonna have a good setting to it
Obbie Fatbastard (2 years ago)
epic comment
sam T. (2 years ago)
Red dead redemption and i hope they will do sleeping dog
Brian Schaefer (2 years ago)
Destiny 2 will be out in 2017...and I'm glad it wasn't on this list lol 😊
AlefGotis (2 years ago)
what a shit vid. No pauses, tone of voice flat as a wasteland and same trailers. still he has 43k people on his channel. Wow. I can become famous .
M Ouija (2 years ago)
Days Gone looks pretty amazing. I've played more than a few zombie games, but this one feels a little bit special, more like an interactive movie. I'm super excited to see if it's half as good as the gameplay trailer, which left me white-knuckled. All the futuristic space games are kinda middle of the road looking. The only one I'm interested in lately is No Man's Sky, but it has questionable ratings on Steam. Red Dead Redemption 2 will likely be good, too. I really enjoyed RDR, even though it seemed kinda short. My only caveat is that I feel like Rockstar is going through the motions with it's big franchises, but maybe it's just because GTA5 felt a little bit uninspired with prettier graphics on the same old thing, and they don't release a lot of content.
DejaVu (2 years ago)
Red Dead Redemption - Red Dead Redemption - Red Dead Redemption. No one actually knows nothing. It's all speculation. "New maps"... "new theories"... "new controls"... all contrived by fanboys and everyone else to keep the rumours flowing. Rockstar don't give nothing away - no one knows anything - unless your a Rockstar employee - and they are all sworn to secrecy. So keep dreaming everyone. Only when they blast out the actual promo for it will we know. And where's Commander Shepard? Ah well. Dohvahkiin returns, at least, 28/11.
Joe Bonaparte (2 years ago)
morrowind music in back round
Hundred Knight (2 years ago)
New Mass Effect let's fuck some different alien species Hell Yeah
Victor Soares (2 years ago)
days gone is not a mix of sons of Anarchy vs zombies its basicaly dead rising with dying light....cuz yeah fuck originality
Brandon Izaguirre (2 years ago)
man battalion is just like battlefield same exact features and game play screw that
Suspicious Merchant (2 years ago)
oy vey, it might be good. with all these new futuristic shit games coming out lately, a game set during ww2 might be a nice change
harry dixson (2 years ago)
That days gone smg didn't even have sights on it. Lack of attention to detail is usually a bad sign.
Johnny N. (2 years ago)
Red Dead Redemption all day!!!
Captain Howdy (2 years ago)
How in the hell can't you not have Battlefield 1 on this list.
Gaming. Razzah (1 year ago)
Captain Howdy dude are you kidding me Battlefield 1 is out! 😑
+This account is for the LOL's lol
RSProduxx (2 years ago)
numbers confuse people...
Maybe because battlefield 1 isn't coming out in 2017
UnaSolida (2 years ago)
I had no idea Danny worked for R*
Tavian Martin (2 years ago)
I want to see Elder Scrolls 6 more than anything
Azrael Selvmord (2 years ago)
I sure hope Red Dead Redemption 2 won't have that stupid 3 protagonist BS like GTA 5 does. To me, that's what killed the story. It's a fun game over all, but my least favorite story in the series. Trevor and Lamar were the only to saving the story. Michael and Franklin seemed bland.
Azrael Selvmord (2 years ago)
Yeah, I hope so. John Marston is one of my favorite characters in RDR. A prequel would be awesome.
George Cantstandya (2 years ago)
Danny Ross....from the old Opie and Anthony show?
Brandon Westover (2 years ago)
RED DEAD 2!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👍😆 yep I'm happy.
Bill Fox (2 years ago)
I really don't like to play in 3rd person view in shooting games. Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 give you the choice. Is it really so hard for developers to build in this option? I consider it as bad as games which don't allow you to change the default keys to something you prefer. Every time you release a game which is 3rd person only, you lose a potential sale.
A. A (2 years ago)
saints row = shit
octoberlarone (2 years ago)
Murchad99 (2 years ago)
RDR2 should be fairly quick by AAA standards, as it will almost certainly be springboarding off of GTA5.
TTundragrizzly (2 years ago)
we should find out pretty soon what Rockstar games has in store for us.
Phil Brown (2 years ago)
I'm looking for FPS, no multiplayer, no boring zombies but games like Far Cry 3 & 4.
Michael Palmer (2 years ago)
I am really looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2 and State of Decay 2
Just bring ArmaIII and DayZ to XB1 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's Krillin (2 years ago)
If a game touches u in that way u should tell the authorities
Bernice Higby (2 years ago)
I wonder if Jack got married
Kay Fiedler (2 years ago)
Been waiting for Red Dead for so long, now it's coming and I'm so excited, it's story line is one of the best......wow this is fantastic......yippee
+Unholy OUTLAW it's been confirmed for like 6 months
Unholy OUTLAW (2 years ago)
has this been confirmed
Daniel Cuckler (2 years ago)
red dead!!!!!
Will Hulsberg (2 years ago)
i had rdr but i found that is was too limited in freeplay and i sold it
matt blaise (2 years ago)
does anyone want to buy a peice of grass for a low price of 20,000 + shipping and handling dm me for info
When you try to be funny but fail miserably
Caeden May (2 years ago)
Red dead redemption
Neon Shadows (2 years ago)
+LegacyKillaHD The Mako isn't a new mass effect vehicle though it was in the first one
Nikon Whites Assistant (2 years ago)
He pronounced it wrong too
Oliver Bottomley (2 years ago)
Did he even breathe in the whole video
Mokrie Dela (2 years ago)
It's easy to hear it's edited to remove the gaps. You can hear it in some places. But this is the third video I've seen in the last few minute where the voicing has put me off *moves on*
I guess they get paid per syllable.
Er ... No. These YT Nerds never do.
LegacyKillaHD (2 years ago)
+Oliver Bottomley lol thanks man
Oliver Bottomley (2 years ago)
+LegacyKillaHD teach me!! Keep up the good work, really like the vids👏🙌👌
Andres Diaz (2 years ago)
RDR2!!! that sounds so awesome!
RenJai3 Renden (2 years ago)
Red dead 2
hears crack down dies
alen romanesen (2 years ago)
the biggest deception of all times nazi germany never capitulated and continue 3 reich of adolf hitler
D4RK Gaming (2 years ago)
mass effect fuck yeah
Brandon Pell (2 years ago)
#1...., definitely Red Dead Redemption 2, then Spiderman, followed by Horizon Zero Dawn, Wild, and Mass Effect: Andromeda.
subzero82 (2 years ago)
everybody keeps calling days gone zombie game but it's not a zombie game if people that talk about the game but actually listen to the people that's creating the game they say it's not a zombies they're similar to the creatures off of The Last of Us but this isn't suppose to be a runoff it supposed to be in its own class but they're not zombies there a mutation but they're still alive not Undead
_500 (2 years ago)
I'm Rollin with red dead redemption
Kvng litty (2 years ago)
smh dude RDR was the best
mightysnowblade (2 years ago)
Why is the Morrowind theme in the background? It seems a bit random to put the theme from an RPG into a video about shooters
Lol, is that the morrowind tune in the background?
BiggerThan KingKong (2 years ago)
Lol that Background Morrowind music gave me nostalgic goosebumps....Morrowind was the best game ever...games today don't even compare with the depth Elder Scrolls III had.
octoberlarone (2 years ago)
KARMA (2 years ago)
RDR2: Guy tell us how good and gun gameplay is "shoot minigun for 2.5 minuts" lmao.
alex fehr (2 years ago)
don't think anybody else noticed on the first game the guy holding the mk2 sten gun by the cooling coil.
FearzCreed 559 (2 years ago)
red dead so excited for that
Poopy (2 years ago)
most of these games look corny tbh
Cameron Waddell (2 years ago)
I want a red dead redemption remarster aswell
Trinity Diaz (2 years ago)
Red dead is the mist amazing games I have ever played and now I would love to see I again!!!!!!!#
Aaron Morales (2 years ago)
it's alright
Mikkel Brygger (2 years ago)
Re dead redenption 🤓
jackson (2 years ago)
Days gorn looks so fucking good
Mallory S (2 years ago)
I absolutely want first person in the next red dead and hopefully get to customize the look of the players horse and take on and off the tack (saddle, bridle, etc.).
Jordan100% (2 years ago)
I think I'm looking forward to Red Dead 3 and Days Gone I'm more excited about Days Gone though to be honest I don't know why but I love zombie games especially ones when the day and zombies change
Jacob Heckathorn (2 years ago)
you are right about red dead Redemption when John died I may or may not have come cried 😭😭😭
Blake chandler (2 years ago)
I did
Minh Nguyen (2 years ago)
Dead eye yo, best aspect of any game, like max payne's VATS :))
TV FE (2 years ago)
Elias Garcia (2 years ago)
red dead redemption 2
Ethan Mace (2 years ago)
You're voice is so annoying. You sound like you cut meat in a deli.
joe bob (2 years ago)
Destiny 2
Ajax Malokimby (2 years ago)
Fuck ye mass effect!!
Dirceu Santos (2 years ago)
why the option choose gender on prey if the main character already has a name! so it gonna be like a transgender thing? that would be unique or it gonna be like fallout 4 where you input a name and the npcs and lore address that name?
Todd Gobel (2 years ago)
red dead 3 omg cant wait
Matthew Jarvis (2 years ago)
why won't they tell us about rdr. I know they are trying to surprise us but they are annoying the shit out me and others.
floppy mcflopp (2 years ago)
red dead 3 Now please
xAYEx 07 (2 years ago)
Red Dead Redemption is my favourite game ever! So excited for it!
xAYEx 07 (2 years ago)
drakey poo (2 years ago)
me drakey poo
Garcia x818 (2 years ago)
Me toooooooo
FireHorse109 (2 years ago)
Mine too
Issak Guzman (2 years ago)
Ready for red dead
Magkno (2 years ago)
What about Quake Champions?
KARMA (2 years ago)
who need this? dead by birth
The Waterfall (2 years ago)
I'm so interested in agents on mayhem because I love saints row
The Waterfall (2 years ago)
Gabriel Arkangelo (2 years ago)
I'm glad to know that after Gat out of hell they restored earth.. I really want to play more in the Saints Row universe !
Kristian Sivertsen (2 years ago)
So much hype for RedDead3!!!!
Jonathan Kippers (2 years ago)
Nice video

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