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Growing Pains: A History of esports' worst, most infamous and game changing scandals

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From media laughing stock to media craze, from thousands of viewers to millions—esports has eclipsed all expectations in the last decade. But while competitive gaming has come a long way since its humble beginnings, it hasn’t been without its own controversies. And that’s no real surprise, just look at sports. From the NFL’s Deflategate and head trauma controversies to the MLB’s doping scandals and match fixing that dates back to 1919, one thing is pretty clear when it comes to professional sports—sometimes the spirit of competition gets lost in the money and fame. And esports is no exception. Now, in 2017, with the announcement of NA LCS franchising and the continued anticipation of the soon-to-come Overwatch League, esports takes yet another step towards maturity. As the industry continues to move forward, the interest and investments from the sports world is bound to lead to more professionalism, stability, and yes, scandals. Footage Courtesy: CEVO, Starladder, Blizzard, ELEAGUE, ESEA, ESL, GOM eXP, Honor the Call, Tmartn, IeSF, JoshOG, MBC, MLG, mOE TV, OGN, NFL, MLB, PGL, PhantomL0rd, Procydicate, Riot Games, theDailyDot, Team Curse, SPOTV, Sky News, Team EnVyUs, The Bitfury Group, TheWarOwl, TSM, Valve, weusecoins, fluff, Greg Wroblewski Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (718)
Kroniside (1 day ago)
Chaka chaka rap rap (2 days ago)
So weird..separating men and women on an e sport???? Its electronic??? The girls can choose male characters and the guys can choose female characters? How the hell??? Wtf?!?!?
Robin Nilselid (7 days ago)
I love how a male only tournament got some much hate but there are alot of female tournaments every year in different esports
Pyrex TV (13 days ago)
But you dont see woman and men playing basketball football boxing ect do you? Esports should be the same
Hender (13 days ago)
CSGO=best esport.
HIIAMKAM (18 days ago)
Sakkehattu (19 days ago)
About that gender divided tournament. Its stupid, for sure. I think esports tournaments should be "gender neutral", as in both men and women (and attack helicopters) should be allowed in the same teams and tournaments. What I don't get is, there are female only CSGO tournaments etc, but no one is losing their shit because of that?
Eat Sleep League (22 days ago)
i am so happy to b a Part of this community where we play games and try make them better no matter what other call us and say about us we know who we are and what we are doing #Gaming for life ^__^... nice vid.
skotgun (23 days ago)
so... nothing on the BS that happened with the FGC and MLG in 2005 or 2010? sad.
Qimodis (26 days ago)
No 'chance of redemption? What?
Marcus Mitchell (27 days ago)
If there are female only leagues, why aren't we allowed to have male only tournaments?
LFX Gaming (28 days ago)
6:06 Jesus christ M0E has really let himself go he looks well buff there 😂
TheVoicz (29 days ago)
The number one scandal? Naming competitive gaming an actual sport. 🤣
AnimateLing (30 days ago)
Overwatch league has a pedophile in its history now
Jackson Hayes (30 days ago)
Dreamkazpers a pedo
Anton Henricsson (30 days ago)
"the world was furious" Literally never heard of that being a thing.
Whiterun Guard (1 month ago)
I swear I thought the video title said "Growing Penis"
AndersRDH (1 month ago)
Alright calm down, iBUYPOWER wasn't nearly as good as this video is making them out to be, they weren't even top 10 in the world, arguably not even the best in NA.
Ronster1703 (1 month ago)
“So we found this new site” meme perfectly underused.
Pfitz (1 month ago)
Seriously though TMartn and Syndicate couldn't have done a worse job at not getting caught. They literally left all that information in plain sight in public. No clever tricks or attempts to obfuscate the information they were literally publicly listed as the owners and operators.
Tr Ik (1 month ago)
The craziest part about the no female thing is that now the female leagues don't allow males. But the male leagues still allow females, they're just hardly ever good enough to play with the males.
Someone Nonexistent (1 month ago)
IIMadi Dah QuinceII (1 month ago)
i have growing pains as i type this my worst ever growing pain ever was when i was 7 or 8 and i was on the ground screeching in pain un able to talk i could only point i pointed to the tub so i can have a hot bath it helped ;D
Sam (1 month ago)
First song?
Jack Of The Deck (1 month ago)
Nothing about smash or any fighting games just mobas really like come on
Jack Of The Deck (1 month ago)
Nothing about smash or any fighting games just mobas really like come on
lilfentanyl (1 month ago)
i hardly feel that an all mid all random match would at all infringe upon the spirit of the sport in any way
cancr (1 month ago)
Damn this is interesting throw in segacryon and exalted crown and we have somethingg
【OverBored】 (1 month ago)
you didn't put wings gaming scandal
Raioni (1 month ago)
The gender one is hardly a fuckin scandal.
officialmcdeath (1 month ago)
Yet again no mention of JoshOG in the CS:GO Lotto story. Also missing Phantoml0rd :-(
Ryan Liu (1 month ago)
I was so sad when life was found out for match fixing. He was one of my favorite players too
Vocal Fry (1 month ago)
I am so sick of the fake high standard any E-sport pretends to have. All of the entrants are on anphetamines.
roufdrapht (2 months ago)
Overwatch isn't competitively viable. Throwing money at it won't help.
M'Lady (2 months ago)
Valve is a shitty company
Surenda Otoko Second (2 months ago)
No mention of 322?
Chris Zweber (2 months ago)
@1:17 WTF do the Timberwolves vs Mavericks have to do with esports scandals? Bjelica is awesome bench talent on this years Wolves playoff squad still
interstellartravel (2 months ago)
The all random match is the biggest bullshit in the history esports. That should have been allowed because they all earned the right to be there. They didn't intentionally throw, they made a much more exciting match.
MoAlly moments (2 months ago)
mish mush (2 months ago)
skadoodle wasnt in the deal!!!
Grim Enigma (2 months ago)
And in 2018 overwatch league happened
GreatGregorious (2 months ago)
I still think tom and tmartin should be in jail
N1Z3L (2 months ago)
3:15 Nostalgic casters.
tyler forinno (2 months ago)
I still remember faker crying at world's 2017 :'(
Hunter Richards (2 months ago)
MLG My Basement here in COLOUMBUS!
Alex Brown (2 months ago)
If I was playing with that stage flaw I know 100% that I would not be able to stop looking
Sean Miller (2 months ago)
1:16 crispy beef tacos
Robin (2 months ago)
Glad you included the original big scandal (sAviOr and others matchfixing in SC1). I remember how sad it was watching that unfold in real time, waiting for translations of loads of Korean things, waiting to see who else you liked would be implicated..
Pedro Costa (2 months ago)
Life was a really good player, I kinda wanna know how he is doing today in StarCraft II. It was disappointing to hear about such scandal.
BRYAN ORTIZ (2 months ago)
ugh... People these days...
neonicon (2 months ago)
i don't see the problem with the all random mid fight as long as both teams still try to win what would it matter... yea not how the game is ment to be played but how is it cheating?
looking for small dads (2 months ago)
that last paragraph must feel like egg on your face after seeing how OWL has handled players being mean outside of the game and league lmao
Still Closed (3 months ago)
Wait... Is that Moe??? 6:06 first time I see him young.
Titanic TMNT (3 months ago)
Ironic how most of this scandal are team based game, and not like 1v1 games exp: fighting games or card games, at least what I have seen.
EnixTurnix (3 months ago)
this background music is very annoying
SoulMaelstrom9 (3 months ago)
Leaving out the League eloboost scandal and adderall doping scandals? Those were some of the most talked about things in the forums for a solid 6 months or longer.
Sumiran Pradhan (3 months ago)
Happy Dota2 isnt there in the list , but rather than the scandals... The toxicity is in the SEA server lol
MarcusAuraleius (3 months ago)
No team dragon knight
Christian Shammami (3 months ago)
is the akm that was banned the same guy on the dallas fuel
srtk (3 months ago)
npjaiden (3 months ago)
that is why i prefer fgc,it is hard to throw a match because it's obvious
ZiKoN22 (3 months ago)
what about what happened with TSM and Dignitas? pretty sure I remember a member of the Dig line-up leaking info to Dyrus and other members of TSM on their strats. it was a pretty huge deal, i have no idea how u missed it.
Demitrius Childs (3 months ago)
Wow.70 million pound to fix matches....😮 Wouldn't be surprised more fixing will come.
Nes VGM (3 months ago)
not bgloserz
Nes VGM (3 months ago)
likes funkyz beaat
Cody Bijeaux (3 months ago)
can you like...make a full documentary? this is great
wrls (3 months ago)
Was that sjokz?
kaczan3 (3 months ago)
What does it matter if females participate in HS tournaments? They suck anyway and never really achieved anything.
Bayonet Rust Coat (3 months ago)
And we found this new site called CSGOLotto.
Hayzel Hayley (4 months ago)
You could've at least made it clear that Skadoodle didn't throw the game
xXPoopOnYouXx (4 months ago)
Y did skadoodle get banned? Anyone know
sampletext (3 months ago)
He isnt banned and currenly signed by cloud9. Ibuypower basicly had someome who would bet with multiple accs on ibps loss. So ibp threw the match and everyone got paid with skins - except for skadoodle. The dude did not have enough skins to pay all of them and skadoodle was left unpaid, so valve decided to let him go
Jack Woodhead (4 months ago)
What a shit uninformed video
Cirno9Baka (4 months ago)
FUCK SaviOr. He ruined professional Starcraft for Korea and forever changed esports in Korea
joe allen (4 months ago)
Best pro leage is siege
Thomas Adams (4 months ago)
Whats so wrong about the all random match? There was no money riding along or incorporated in the agreement so there should be no issue
Car Los (4 months ago)
These players are not too bright. The very same communities that follow them will expose them and these players will get caught.
Abhishek Chaudhary (4 months ago)
Wait correct me if i'm wrong swag is not banned right?
MajorMlgNoob (4 months ago)
Abhishek Chaudhary he is still banned from Valve events, but not ESL and Dreamhack
Andy Main (4 months ago)
So you're just going to ignore the amazing hit now sweeping the world, and the first game to be streamed on tv rocket league?
Boba (3 months ago)
tv lul
Handled Quasar (4 months ago)
Overwatch league is lit af
Evan G (1 month ago)
Its dying
Diamond Dust (4 months ago)
Strange that the guy who threatened a teen only got banned, not sued or imprisoned.
Thalos B (4 months ago)
At 10:04 they showed TI 2016 (TI6) written, but with TI7 background, lol?
Crow VII (4 months ago)
No hate im sure you have your reasons but why is there no Call of Duty E-Sports. As please dont take this as COD Fanboyism but COD was at the X-Games thats significant to mention even if its brief.
fehvince (4 months ago)
SmallTank (4 months ago)
"We found this new site called csgo lotto". What a freaking clown.
AftermathRV (4 months ago)
"The X was Furious" Statement of the video But great video, thank you!
sharpshooter188 (4 months ago)
That was shit the way the the manager threatened Cori and basically blackmailed him into staying on the team.
Twoswordsdrizzt (4 months ago)
Wait, if both teams went random was it really game fixing?
Sebastian Viruzab (4 months ago)
e sports is not a sport. It's a waste of time
Sebastian Viruzab (4 months ago)
6:50 yeah lol bcs girls dominate e sports anyway. All those insane female legends...
Superkh13 (5 months ago)
Lol I don't even watch esports
MaQuGo119 (5 months ago)
LoL is the ultimate casual filter
MaQuGo119 (5 months ago)
st4gs (5 months ago)
Well, in all realism whens the last time you watched female esports and it was cool \_•_•_/ i mean they arent even at a pro level compared to male teams. Watch the video on C9 vs some no name female team.
Sakkehattu (19 days ago)
The point is, you shouldn't exclude them. If there's a good female HS player, why not let him play in the same tournament? Its about giving an equal chance.
Zero's command (5 months ago)
Seagull's handshake
ricebowlazn (5 months ago)
This was interesting as hell lol
SENIOR Adahug (5 months ago)
Also professional esports is different from individual people trying to scam people
SENIOR Adahug (5 months ago)
NOOO DONT INCLUDE TMARTN IN THERE. Nobody deserves to be put in a group with him.
The all random mid game with Dignitas Vs. Curse was fucking great.
mosharch (5 months ago)
Overwatch "esport"? LUL
Silv3r8901 (5 months ago)
SaviOr was worse

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