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Top 20 Zombie Survival Video Games

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Top 20 Zombie Games 2015 Makv l - Top PC Games Top 20: (00:00) Amy (2012) PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Top 19: (01:30) How To Survive: Third Person (2015) PC Top 18: (03:00) Deadlight (2012) PC, Xbox 360 Top 17: (03:47) Dead Rising 3 (2013) PC, Xbox One Top 16: (05:14) Unturned (2014) PC Top 15: (06:43) Project Zomboid (2013) PC Top 14: (08:12) Dead State (2014) PC Top 13: (09:39) Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (2010) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Top 12: (11:09) No More Room in Hell (2011) PC Top 11: (12:38) Contagion (2013) PC Top 10: (14:08) The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (2013) PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U Top 9: (15:37) ZombiU (2012) Wii U Top 8: (17:06) Killing Floor 2 (2015) PC, PlayStation 4 Top 7: (18:34) Left 4 Dead (2008) PC Top 6: (20:04) H1Z1 (2015) PC, PlayStation 4 Top 5: (21:34) Dead Island (2011) PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Top 4: (23:04) Day Z (2013) PC, PlayStation 4 Top 3: (24:33) 7 Days to Die (2013) PC Top 2: (26:03) Dying Light (2015) PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Top 1.5: (27:34) The Last of Us (2013) PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 Top 1: (29:21) State of Decay (2013) PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One
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Text Comments (436)
Петър денов (9 days ago)
5:14 i love unturned and this top list is actuali not shit(good) but realy this video? if you havent pley the game and you just watchd that gamepley furst thods that come to mid are This game is poor dumb and shit
JETRO AR GAMING (12 days ago)
State of decay ps3
bibossbeatboxx (1 month ago)
Can we play it with a ps4 controller ? Because i have a laptop
good video!
Left 4 dead 2 ps3 !!!!!
CaylaSolaar Inc (2 months ago)
The Georgian Pro Gamers (3 months ago)
Unturned Is Not Popular But It Is My Biggest part of the Gaming
my snake is solid (3 months ago)
It's sad to see Project Zomboid being forgotten.
MechaPuppy !! (3 months ago)
There is this one game i cannot for the life of me find,it wasn't a survival game but it had zombies in it and it was in a team fortress style
FrontMedal9 (4 months ago)
How to survive storm warning. any one love this gane2
Benny Uribe (4 months ago)
Dayz xbox one
check this new zombie game out its insane https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zombielab.free
Ion Josan (4 months ago)
You put like the shittiest games on the list.
One Man Gaming (5 months ago)
*starts video* *AMY Top 20* *close video*
Joypad Bandit (6 months ago)
It better be State of Decay!! Greatest Zombie Apocalypse Game Ever! I can't wait for State of Decay 2 to give us a second dose.of all hope is gone gameplay! PSN:DeathDealer41 (PS4 Pro) Gamertag:BloodOath77 (One X)
bolocan Stefan (6 months ago)
where do i find this game amy? cant find anything about this game
SILCO :D (7 months ago)
Unturned. lol
Blatzkrieg (7 months ago)
How To Survive: Third Person (2015) Look like Last Day Of Earth (Android) but 3D
marcelo masiero (7 months ago)
Tá louco pow como o the last of us não tá em primeiro
MAKEOUTHILL (7 months ago)
Bug Lordu (8 months ago)
I can't find the game that I look for ;(
domain mojo (8 months ago)
State of Decay and Dying Light are possibly the only two Zombie games I really enjoyed and finished.
DANIEL RAIN (9 months ago)
A linear game like The Last Of Us at number 2 and No More Room In Hell 12? awful list dude, you don't even know what you are talking about.
CharlesFBronson (9 months ago)
If you want awesome open world/survival game - go for Sate of Decay, trust me. Btw now 75% down on steam - only 7 bucks. For the amount of fun that is a steal.
s3th3d (9 months ago)
where is Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead? one of the best game ever, but not for everyone =)
Genesis Vanessa (9 months ago)
/i/ Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/5rvsqy
luizfelipe533 Reis (9 months ago)
Deadlight not its only for PC and Xbox one and its for Xbox 360
luizfelipe533 Reis (9 months ago)
Deadlight platform console its for Pc.xbox one and Xbox 360
Pedro Alb (9 months ago)
Great video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you tried - Saankramer Land Protection System (do a google search)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for Learning how to survive following a crisis without the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my old buddy Taylor after many years got astronomical success with it.
I'm Atrix (10 months ago)
H1Z1 < 7 days to die
SolarMoney2112 (10 months ago)
Why is Pz so low?! It's amazing. I've played for myself and the realism, I jack off to that.
SolarMoney2112 (10 months ago)
Also now adays the graphics and music are much better.
p e p e frog ay (10 months ago)
H1Z1 ps4...pfffffffh ,WRONG
ps2maniax (11 months ago)
H1Z1 = End of Zoe prototype.
shamkhal shukurov (11 months ago)
My game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doktorlar.ballgames
blackcat intheshadow (11 months ago)
But where is the Resident Evil series?
Sk Sahid (11 months ago)
This is the best zombie ever I played so far https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zombie-encounter/id1317196971?mt=8
Ladislav Bereščík (11 months ago)
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtubetVA9Tk_
Ladislav Bereščík (11 months ago)
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtube55_y_HN
Ladislav Bereščík (11 months ago)
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtube_vRe4gR
Ladislav Bereščík (11 months ago)
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtube_JaHXD_
Ladislav Bereščík (11 months ago)
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtubeITre16_
Łukasz Gameplay (11 months ago)
Dzięki Tobie poznałem 10 nowych świetnych gier o Zombiee ! Pozdrawiam
Beatrix Kiddo (11 months ago)
I love zombie games I've got both left 4 deads, state of decay and I'm getting the second one, dead island and I'm getting the second one, I'll be getting overkills walking dead and I have all three seasons of the walking dead game also I've got dying light it's fucking great and I played a bit of how to survive and I've got dr1-4
Deva Salma (1 year ago)
Emir Hancı (1 year ago)
Project Zomboid is th best one!
l ί ღ α χ (1 year ago)
I have a big cock
DaFlyKiwiz (1 year ago)
Стас Borland86 (1 year ago)
State of the Decay
MarkTheMorose (1 year ago)
Thanks. I didn't realise there were quite so many zombie games.
Days gone is rhe creppiest survival game
Yudho Wicaksono (1 year ago)
I think Top 1 is The last of Us and second place, state of decay
Al Bus Drum Ball (1 year ago)
škoda že ti tam chybí LAND OF THE DEAD :D
Daniel Hamm (1 year ago)
dude most of these are boring and for pc
Daniel Hamm (1 year ago)
man i wish i had a ps4
Senpai Duckie (1 year ago)
i say the best zombie game is iam alive
Night (1 year ago)
Grammar Communist (1 year ago)
Where is Survivalist?
Pooslinger1981 (1 year ago)
Damn right State of Decay is #1.
Bryan Alfonso (1 year ago)
Day Z not for ps4
Special Ops Pepe (1 year ago)
Quite honestly who would want to play as an autistic person? just saying
joshua ellery (1 year ago)
Jalin Williams you dont.
Raider Fox (1 year ago)
State of decay outmatched the last of us. Something's wrong.
Raider Fox (1 year ago)
Story is kinda vital, survival wise PZ outmatches SoD...
joshua ellery (1 year ago)
Raider Fox story based game sure but it being a better survival game then it doesnt compare to sod.
joshua ellery (1 year ago)
Raider Fox no, it seems accurate.
Ty crestfallen (1 year ago)
Dying light and L4D2 are the best out there!
chiou daniel (1 year ago)
Sure, state of decay is No.1
Mario S (1 year ago)
A lot of folks complaining about no RE games. But the majority of those games were garbage. RE1 and RE2 were great, but besides that, the other games were trash or average at best. Nostalgia goggles.
L (1 year ago)
surprised to see how far back left for dead was at, like really? i mean am not a big fan of the game, its a fun game, but would of thought that would be like top 5 lol , glad to see state of decay get a good review
L (1 year ago)
out of date zombiu is now also zombi as far i as know, its added to the Pc
MrGodModeZZ King (1 year ago)
h1z1 ps4`? very shit graphics
Pakerol Z (1 year ago)
state of decay is my favourite.
Luiz Eduardo Rocha (1 year ago)
I miss the old DayZ mod. Sadly the Epoch mod (imo the best mod) became a pointless PVP wasteland style with 3 zombies per city :/
Oscar Cabrera (1 year ago)
محمود سامي (1 year ago)
need good game maximum size 400 megabyte
Darth B00b (1 year ago)
lmao I knew state of decay would be #1 it was awesome, cant wait for the second to come out with the multiplayer
https://youtu.be/cyRynTLekZY check this out
Schnake Eyes (1 year ago)
Dayz original mod, jesus christ..... this is probably one of the best things Ive ever experienced, period.
david filippi (1 year ago)
Reddead troppo bello
Dennis Uebel (1 year ago)
The Last of Us? It doesnt even have Zombies -_-
Naeloo Pardayan (1 year ago)
Only watched 10 secs of your video...I'm sure most of these games are interesting...BUT...where the fuck is STALKER MISERY?!?
ZuboyTV (1 year ago)
I have intel i0 processor 0.01GHz And my Ram is 0.01 KB And my ummm Laptop is Home made with foil and tin cans And last thing iss ummm... I have graphic card ( homemade ) of 1kB And my internet speed is 1KB minimum and 1.5 KB maximum ( well its not my internet , i steal from my neighbour ) SO CAN I PLAY GTA 5 AT 200FPS ?
KiruK (1 year ago)
The Last of Us > ALL
joshua ellery (1 year ago)
KiruK sod is better.
We Are (1 year ago)
are you joking? unturned?
xXEP1C xSHOTSXx (1 year ago)
dead island should be first
ghostly fier paw M (10 months ago)
xXEP1C xSHOTSXx dead Island got cartoon graphics
Luke DG II (1 year ago)
I love State of Decay, but for me there one big problem... It is too easy... I really hope State of Decay 2 has A LOT, AND I MEAN A LOT OF NEW FEATURES
Luke DG II (1 year ago)
Thx man, I actually played it, but my favorite character got sick forever, and I had played A LOT, so that made me not play anymore, that infinite sickness bug sucks
Pooslinger1981 (1 year ago)
Luke DG II try breakdown. The higher the level, the more the difficulty increases.
Gary Rolen (1 year ago)
State of Decay is number one? Guess I won't be looking in to any of the others. I got frustrated with SoD because of the fatigue/constantly changing characters, constantly dealing with social issues within the camp/meaningless rescue missions, and the game continuing to progress when I wasn't playing(ie turn off, come back, stuff and people missing).
Felipe Jalis (1 year ago)
ótima lista
Red Hood (1 year ago)
state of decay is the number one best game
Eigirdas Anciunas (1 year ago)
For me best survival game is The Last Of Us
Alexis Garcia (1 year ago)
dead island and residente evil outbreak for me r the best,the other have stupid graffics
Pooslinger1981 (1 year ago)
Alexis Garcia it's spelled "graphics," dumbass!
Nate Fish (1 year ago)
15:40 scared me so bad 😂
Orange crush (10 months ago)
NateFish_ 24 yeah the game does that
Aldin Basic (1 year ago)
I have No more room in hell on my PC its a really good game
JammyDodger (1 year ago)
BK (1 year ago)
"TellTail"? lolwut And no he didn't forget it, it's not a real Survival Game
AXEL MATRIX (1 year ago)
el que mas me gusta es zombi u
adolf hitler (1 year ago)
el que mas me gusto fue el last of us <3 :v
Sorin Chinezu (1 year ago)
i play resident evil 6 good game very good
Glorious Donut (1 year ago)
amazing top, thanks man))
Denisove (1 year ago)
If a zombie grabs you in no more room in hell just press v immedietly
july rl (1 year ago)
@#??? State of decay???
july rl (1 year ago)
hello? the best???
joshua ellery (1 year ago)
july rl its the best out of all of them.
Samuel Gigant (1 year ago)
dying light numero 2 ???
Samuel Gigant (1 year ago)
for me dying light is number one (y)
Sky BlueFX (1 year ago)
FlexViper (1 year ago)
Project zomboid should be top 1
Lil Sin (1 year ago)
lol h1z1 and day z for ps4 ???? seems you are on drugs before making this shitty videos
Lil Sin (1 year ago)
Passi965 HA day z in ps4, they told the same 2 years ago, woke up kid, Day Z is too heavy for a PS4, the same happens with miscreated, arma 3, etc. H1Z1 on Ps4? are you joking right ? another one that used too much drugs
Passi965 (1 year ago)
Seems like you were on drugs writing that comment, 1st: H1Z1 is for PS4, XBox One and Windows. 2nd:DayZ is supposed to get on Ps4 This year(2017). Next time check your facts before making Comments...

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