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VNNs Hunt Down the Freeman Highlights

4611 ratings | 137890 views
Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we have edited down the entirety of the Hunt Down the Freeman Livestream the night of the release to 20 minutes from it's original 6 hour run time. Edit By Marc23444 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYNJdLmuJCyAolLRxxfPR2A If anyone would like to see this format a little more frequently to fill out the channel, as I do stream five times a week, feel free to let me know. View the entire stream here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YynB0UK6o2M My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (1110)
IWTD (2 days ago)
hownt deouwn dah frih mayhn
Ben Lane (3 days ago)
holy shit it looks like we live in the same house! EDIT: WE HAVE THE SAME CHAIR AS WELL
Cancerous (5 days ago)
I actually watched meet the spy before this
Curtis 2005 (5 days ago)
It’s sad when someone on Garry’s mod can make a better experience then this game.
gaming 101 (6 days ago)
Hunt down the people who like this game.
waldo 865 (7 days ago)
This guys too annoying to watch
Terrible Mix (8 days ago)
watch as a man goes criminally insane over the course of a stream, viewer discretion is advised.
Sten Post (10 days ago)
i don't get why everybody hates it. can somebody explain?
iNeo (11 days ago)
Tayler you got fat as fuck
AyyLMAO3 (12 days ago)
I need a medic bag!
FidelityOW (16 days ago)
Why would you do this to yourself?
Optimus97100 (21 days ago)
I love your reaction to HL2's train station map. XD "No no no no-no-no-no, no-no-no-no-no. No, no, no, no-no-no-no-no. Uh-uhh, NUH-UHHH!"
Robert Kilbourne (24 days ago)
Actually it's cool they used the original VOX sounds from HL1. I hated the re-done announcement system in Black Mesa Source (well, the 'under military command' parts were good).
Phirenor (12 days ago)
Lol i like how the previous vid i watched was a review of Residual Life, where he actually started hating original VOX. So, i guess, when he asked, who's having a problem with default vox... he is?
gaming 101 (25 days ago)
I think if you tried to run this on a computer that could run HL2 at high graphics, I think this HDTF would fry the video card.
Spyrelle (25 days ago)
100% Real Bleach (25 days ago)
Dude u have autism or what ??
the yelling is totally called for but ffs please equalize your volume output or something. I had to keep my hand on the volume to save my eardrums
Firelion348 (25 days ago)
Hunt down the quality
Tetrachromia (26 days ago)
Do you have the full-size NECA gravity gun? I have one I need to sell :p
August101 Wheatley (26 days ago)
(Among other things) What wrong with having the player talk in a valve single player game?
Collision (1 month ago)
Jules (1 month ago)
I feel like in this game the 7 hour war actually lasts 7 hours
DemodiX (1 month ago)
Your fake overreactions is shit and cringeworthy. You're better at making videos, than streaming.
The lighting in this game is fucking broken
Bruce Wayne (1 month ago)
This guy is actually annoying...
Cavey Manta (1 month ago)
The submachine gun sounds realistic....in an outdoor area, I suppose. And whoaaa, its scope is so stupid-looking. How can you look through a scope at such a sharp angle?! Maybe it's a digital scope, using a camera and screen to simulate a traditional sco- SO ANNOYING! Well, at least there's no pistol twirling in this one...right?
Matthew BPBuds (1 month ago)
"I am Bakugo, and I am going to take the medkit from you."
Hobo (1 month ago)
*Count down the refunds*
piter2268 (1 month ago)
Please stream Transmissions: Element 120 it's the best half life fangame and it's free
Moose's Miscellaneous (1 month ago)
Hunt Down The *storyline*
Andrew Hoult (1 month ago)
The crouching made me motion sick
Phirenor (12 days ago)
I think he's... actually dabbing?
Brody Vowles (1 month ago)
this guy is more annoying than the game.
Steampunk Goat (2 months ago)
are most of these maps... _frickin fullbright?_
UHC (2 months ago)
The Meme Lord (2 months ago)
Half life 3 died for this.
Phirenor (12 days ago)
There never was an HL3, and now there won't be any.
Rapsha100 (2 months ago)
This guy is a massive complainer.
General Diamond (2 months ago)
Tyler is gonna have to hunt down his sanity.
slimeman03 (2 months ago)
Hunt Down The I had to noclip through most of this game
2-DCasserole (2 months ago)
Hunt down the VOX system
The Cheesy Melons Gamer (2 months ago)
It's like he fucking made the slide animation and went "NOPE 2 CONFUZINK" and then never actually made you be able to slide.
Alperen (2 months ago)
Huntdown the VOLVO
monkr wont 468 (2 months ago)
can someone make a loop of tyler dancing to vaporwave
Gabriel Shepard (2 months ago)
Yeah, “highlights”
Thodnern (2 months ago)
"It's good. I was going to have sex but then this fucking game came out" -Tyler 2017 Later that same night "Its amazing"
GHOSTFREAK (2 months ago)
AdameK (2 months ago)
See? Red! Oh, wait, no... that's just *M I S S I N G T E X T U R E*
L00s3_p1ckl3 #2 (2 months ago)
Im just glad i voted for president Killer Keemstar.
Liptonium (2 months ago)
"will you be uploading this stream anywhere?" *NO*
ghost3337 (2 months ago)
I don't understand why this game is seen so negatively, it is fun and I have about 5 play through of it and counting.the story is just so nuanced, and there are subtleties to it that can only be picked up through multiple playthroughs. ~no one
Phirenor (12 days ago)
Sarcasm or not, still better than anything valve has done past decade. Which is not a single fucking thing.
cosby714 (2 months ago)
As someone who has very little experience with hammer or the source SDK, I think I could make a better mod than that.
Beginners! (3 months ago)
VNN losing is mind... noice
Андрей Лапин (3 months ago)
Wow. That was amazing lol)
Half Life 3 Half Life 3 (3 months ago)
We want half life 3
Desperate Veridian (3 months ago)
Hunt down the vox voice Hunt down the medkit Hunt down the Citadel Hunt down the seagulls Hunt down the devblock Hunt down the existentialism Hunt down the City 17 Hunt down the brick pistol Hunt down the Keemstar Hunt down the puppy Hunt down the Tide
xbugzgaming (3 months ago)
hl2master (3 months ago)
5:06 F
Matt Hayward (3 months ago)
Hunt down the cringey voice acting
RoachDoggJr (3 months ago)
I can't believe this is a real "game"......
no one (3 months ago)
PGE Game leaks and news (3 months ago)
hunt down the hunt down comments
Cromakoth (3 months ago)
"There's no fucking way I'm expected to fight this many." -Man who was expected to fight that many
Phirenor (12 days ago)
At times, we forget how lethal headcrabs really are. Especially when they assume the role of snarks from HL1, small annoying enemies that bite you, which they aren't. All it takes to kill you is a single headcrab.
Isaiah Joseph (3 months ago)
Just imagine if valve decided to say that this is hl3 and 4 will be the completion of hl2
Isaiah Joseph (3 months ago)
Hunt down the 3
samzoda07 (3 months ago)
team 4truss
aereton (3 months ago)
That's what you get if you let 10yo kids make a game who only played cinematic mod and mgs5 in their life lol
Timothy McKane (3 months ago)
9:24 Don't tell ME what to do, Big Smoke.
Space Melon (3 months ago)
Nice episode 3 stream.
Guy Fieri (3 months ago)
Ethan Lee Ryder (3 months ago)
I hate how you sought out to literally trash this game. You can have fun playing video games without being the ultimate critique artist in a dry effort to impress your two hundred fifty-five thousand children. I'm not saying Hunt Down the Freeman was a good game, the mentality you went in with was making me cringe.
Daylight studio (3 months ago)
there were no f*cking widescreens in 90s! when they'll ever learn?
The Crippler (3 months ago)
Hunt down the refund
Pot (3 months ago)
If theres hunt down the freeman 2 i will kill the developers
Phirenor (12 days ago)
Oh good. Thanks for the heads up. If anything happens, we'll check your info first.
Gustavo Santos (3 months ago)
5:06 reaction rolf
DovahSpy (3 months ago)
Hunt down my fucked up face
Timdeuces (3 months ago)
"We have surrendered to the ellien species known as the Combine."
ch dn (3 months ago)
I believe.... in some other dimension... in some other earth... Valve is actually a game developing company, and they complete the Half-Life trilogy.... winning everything and everyone.... forever making history in game history... and solidifying Valve as the ultimate game developer... continuing to wow the world... by actually making new games.... in some other universe... I believe...
Green Bananas (3 months ago)
I like how some maps are devoid of lighting but the HL2 maps are just changed in the way that their lighting was touched up.
Cold Cafe (3 months ago)
thanks for giving it spotlight retard
Śniący (3 months ago)
You're the most autistic, least funny person on planet earth.
“Where is duh Freeman?” “He’s over there.” *Credits role*
Gavin Duke (3 months ago)
H0nt d0wB teH fReiBoye. Yuo Frickd ap mu fase.n0ao I will shuut Yuo. Yuo haav mai permashun to dai. -this entire game.
MAD Skittles (3 months ago)
didn't actually know keemstar was really in the game
MAD Skittles (3 months ago)
This game is canon
Monmonstar (3 months ago)
Weren't the Vortigaunts allies after the Nihilanth was killed by Gordon shortly before the 7-hour war? This game is not only the worst in terms of level design, voice acting and writing but it doesn't even know it's own universe
i played saints row (3 months ago)
"its on pirate bay" oh boy cant wait to pirate this game and regret everything
Fullsound (3 months ago)
Slidy Lizard (3 months ago)
im poppy
H4LF DE4D (3 months ago)
Ryan Cyanide (3 months ago)
Shabaal (4 months ago)
Bonely _ (4 months ago)
So the cunt made a terrible game, and made a chick shave for nothing. What. A. Dickwad.
Bonely _ (4 months ago)
Fan fiction: The Game
Bonely _ (4 months ago)
Hunt down the cunt
SigmaOne (4 months ago)
Game SUCKS I go to BED
HighSkiez (4 months ago)
I can’t believe Valve actually gave them permission to use the HL license.
CrawDaddy ! (4 months ago)
Hey I went to YSU!! Nice shirt my guy lol
TheGrayMysterious (4 months ago)
Hunt Down the Guy Who Greenlit This Shit
ElectricDrifty (4 months ago)
What was the song at 20:39? Also, Tyler you fucking madman.
BeeTheImmortal (4 months ago)
Why is this game 60 gigabytes? WHY???? FOR WHAT FUCKING REASON? GODDAMNIT!!! PS: You rock that Resonance Dance boy

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