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My Adventure into Valve's Maps

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I jump in to extract and to make editable CS:GO's latest maps, and in the process, uncover some cool stuff. Find the downloadable maps on my brother's site: http://www.2kliksphilip.co.uk/other/maps.html 1:57 - Converting a map 2:36 - func_detail grouping 3:26 - The ever-changing balance of details, models and displacements 4:34 - Scaled props - See earlier video here https://youtu.be/8M2ftiTHXeY 5:33 - A new brush type? No! It's 2 years old but still not recognised! 6:20 - Reflections 7:09 - Areaportals 8:30 - Portal windows 9:11 - Losing battle with occluders 9:27 - Conclusion Other videos of interest: Music in background of this video: https://youtu.be/MnNqnpZ5bHQ Original editable map video: https://youtu.be/pw8yiiIlJRU Stair clipping: https://youtu.be/d5B9ytF6gas Making Source beautiful: https://youtu.be/j8_e0IPVRIQ Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Yota_Ninja (12 days ago)
I really wish Valve would release an official decompiler that was kept up to date and wasn't as buggy as BSPSource. Wishful thinking, I know. Great video, I learned some stuff for my own map making.
Max G. (9 days ago)
The problem is that the BSP compiling process is lossy with some of its data. Some stuff is thrown away after the fact, so you can’t construct a 100% accurate version of the original.
Yota_Ninja (11 days ago)
+Màligñé Ms Uber troll lol. That made me laugh way too hard. +Scotty Using the decompiler, as Olly pointed out, is not for simply copying a map or stealing it, it's (for my purposes) used to either learn how a particular map maker did something, or to fix a map because it's crashing my server, creating some kind of exploit, etc. Also, the BSPSource decompiler is not without its flaws, such as sometimes turning NoDraw textures in to Ladder textures, etc. +Olly very well said, I couldn't agree more. +Traffic Adventures Germany I am not a programmer, otherwise I'd love to take on this task. Anything to help the CS/Source community is greatly appreciated. +Dawn Ripper What do you mean?
Dawn Ripper (11 days ago)
+Nope, that's bad for non official maps. Just release the map VMF files.
Ricky Bedford (11 days ago)
I wish I would stop finding your damn comments everywhere
Feel free to improve the sourcecode of the decompiler to reflect the new changes :) https://github.com/ata4/bspsrc Fork -> Change/update code -> Pull request -> Happy :)
SuperCookieGaming (3 days ago)
is there a way to scale a prop in only one axis?
Source2.... Or Cs:Source2 update
like 4 vitas song ;D
The Palm Juice (7 days ago)
I feel smart know because I know a little about maps
oldirty` (7 days ago)
7:30 nice idea for a map :D
Kubilay Ortakci (8 days ago)
Aimware vac wawe
Margaret Fierce (8 days ago)
like if valve should hire 3kliks
Blixibon (8 days ago)
Occluders in decompiled maps can be fixed by replacing all of the "Skip" textures on occluders with "Nodraw".
K aadmY (8 days ago)
I was under the impression that because of the rumors that the current/new Dust2 being made with Hammer 2 the VMF files wouldn't be all that useful for current mapping with Hammer.
Handsoap (8 days ago)
OldHits官方 (9 days ago)
3kliksphilip? What is the pos1 command, i was trying to find it but, i couldn't. i dont know what to search. :( PLS - ur biggest fan.
Omar Mawal (9 days ago)
Please do negev vs m249 comparation
GRZ NGT (9 days ago)
Moving from brushes to models is seems to be an incredibly painfull process for Source Engine. For so many years we couldn't port maps from other games into CS only because Source stuck in the 90s.
John B (9 days ago)
Everything i learned about mapping was because i decompiled maps .. i think its really important for the sake of the open source culture and gaining knowledge to not protect maps! What i dont like is if people decompiling my maps just to put their clan logo into it.
[GD] theb0ss (10 days ago)
sleepy mutant (10 days ago)
Man no regret subscribing you,not trying to be gay but.. your voice is sexy,and love you and all your vids.
BoyofBeef (10 days ago)
Window in canals not reflected in the water? LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE.
nyzeR (10 days ago)
Hey, could you do an in-depth video about why you sometimes think you should have hit the enemy multiple times and then it turns out you did zero to insignificant damage at all? To some extent it is of course just people denying that they messed up some shots, but I sometimes also look at clips after my games and still think that I should have got the kill or at least some more hits. I don't experience this a lot in other shooters, so I'd be really interested to know what the problem is. Is it poor coding? Is it just the hitboxes? Are the servers really that bad? Is latency a problem? Or do I just plain suck at times? (Which could also very well be the case :D)
Chronokun (10 days ago)
sounds like you should be working with one of the developers who maintains whichever bsp decompilers and stuff you're using so you can help them find and fix these bugs rather than spending so much time fixing them by hand
PunkBrian (10 days ago)
Valve please hire this guy
MrGermandeutsch (10 days ago)
Kittu 6697 (10 days ago)
When u have done engineering in csgo, U become this guy
Xander Niles (10 days ago)
I hope you create more maps in a near future Philip, keep it up 👍
Marc Beaulieu (10 days ago)
Okay do here's an idea for saving time in the future when valve updates these maps.Delete all the area portals and other objects of the likes of the newer map and just copy paste them off of the older fixed map. Most of the work should be to align the objects to the map itself, but probably not too big a deal.
Valeria Ana (10 days ago)
"... normally while listening to music of some kind" #Relatable
Tizian Scheiring (10 days ago)
Could you please upload a fiew maps where you have the maps made look like shown at 7:32. i would love to play with frinds in such a map where i cant see through doors :D
Hack3r N4ti0n (10 days ago)
*D E C O M P I L E D*
tanott (10 days ago)
I can't believe how big is your passion for this game. I have already given up even playing it! Respect!
cc12_ xd (10 days ago)
It might be small It breaks the entire planet *👏( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
crashniels (10 days ago)
2:50 weird Russian singer
Heavygusto (10 days ago)
I've had the area portal popin in game and never knew what it was called tho xD
Yohan G.K. (10 days ago)
nikos nikolaidis (10 days ago)
The hero we deserve
housecafé (10 days ago)
Map name at 0:51 ?? Isn't it the map where Day'n'night is playing when the ct's get awps?? :D
ardstsp (10 days ago)
or maybe they implemented it and then changed something on a map using that feature to make you aware of it =) now you got two possibilities which means you can't know, so better go with the positive one, from here on there are two outcomes, thinking about it or not (staying positive), thinking about it (calculating possiblities, you kinda that already but me): change positive to negative or you stay positive, you are already on positive so that dissapears, only one left: change to negative, so accept eeet =))
ardstsp (10 days ago)
lol nice ad "Think about your homework" "I sit in front of the TV, I'm not thinking" moms irritated and goes away "I'm never thinking" wat? kinda creepy xD
BeCool Bro (11 days ago)
Kuick (11 days ago)
Or worse. EXPELLED? 0:07
lokkolokko94 (11 days ago)
can you please help bluehole with pubg, since it looks like you are much more clever than them :P
MääähRL (11 days ago)
de_castle was a good map
Zynamon (11 days ago)
3:58 i just thought about a clean dust2... stupid
Lee'd (10 days ago)
"clean dust" oof
The Cereal Guy (11 days ago)
Jonasraprap (11 days ago)
Try looking at t spawn from tunnel in dust 2 from the box
BH4x0r (11 days ago)
you can just go to entity report and delete all func_areaportal and windows' there instead of having to search all
pacific (11 days ago)
literally unplayable
Krissz (11 days ago)
autumn rain (11 days ago)
Why don't you just go work for Volvo instead of reverse engineering everything? :)
Dawn Ripper (11 days ago)
Create a new decompiler.
Kiel Chua (11 days ago)
vitas song xD
Elite M (11 days ago)
When is valve going to hire 3kliks...
digitallic (11 days ago)
VinylLPFreak (11 days ago)
This is even more primitive than the Radiant level editor from Call of Duty 1. Every "new" added thing in hammer already exists for at least a decade in other engines.
Xale Retro-Gaming (11 days ago)
I don't agree : func_wall are used for optimisation. It doesn't create new polygons on the wall it is stick too, and it is ignored by HLvis.
12undeadz (11 days ago)
Okay that's it, valve hire philip
Benoit Adam (11 days ago)
You can edit any map on Natural Selection 2 because you don't need compiling on their engine. This is interesting.
Md. Masum Omar Jashim (11 days ago)
You're just awesome man!!!!
BloodMaster (11 days ago)
I played CS maybe twice in my life but I still watch all of your videos... They're really entertaining!
GoulartGH (10 days ago)
nah they're not
Xander Niles (10 days ago)
You guys are missing a great game
Lee'd (10 days ago)
I played it for a few hours, then I suddenly got only put in rounds with really skilled players and stopped playing. I don't miss a single video, though
caleb wilkin (11 days ago)
Your videos are actually so good
Sesh (11 days ago)
RMJ1984 (11 days ago)
Sounds like it would almost be easier to improve the decompiler.
Gyrosoft (11 days ago)
Chip chip good job philip chip chip
Alexander Atkins (11 days ago)
So we can look at your “stuff” for free?
Samuel Robinson (11 days ago)
Ummm I just recently found most recent vmf files in the CS:GO files?
ze ottur (11 days ago)
thank you for the hard work
Frany (11 days ago)
Why won't valve hire you.
Loffy (11 days ago)
As a mapper (RtCW & Wolf:ET), I find this video _extremely_ enjoyable.
TheMadPolarBear (11 days ago)
This just makes me want to learn how to make a map. I don't even know where to start.
Liquid Bounce (11 days ago)
or worse, expelled.
Funxion (11 days ago)
I got confused xD
Kevin Gil (11 days ago)
thank mr philip
Justin L (11 days ago)
I lose 0:30
Dust 2 is built source 2 and then ported back in source 1
hastenna (11 days ago)
You put so much time into what you do, you deserve more appreciation and subs.
Wrench Man (11 days ago)
Thank you Philip
Declan Lambert (11 days ago)
woO vitas the 7th element
Kavukamari (11 days ago)
mmmmmm i dont wanna make a new arch ........ let's add scaling LAZYNESS WINS AGAIN
Kavukamari (11 days ago)
blblblblblblbllllla hah haaa chamdram chamdram chamdram chamdram bedram~
Cade (11 days ago)
AHHH I LOVE THESE VIDEOS PHILIP. I love mapping in Hammer and UE4 and I think it's so cool to see someone create really interesting content about mapping/maps!
Simorico (11 days ago)
If only Valve paid you for all of this work.
Nemesis (11 days ago)
Would I let people edit my maps? Sure.
Julius Kang (11 days ago)
Deathbrewer (11 days ago)
Editing existing maps is how I learned to map back in the GoldSrc and Source days. I recommend to anyone wanting to learn and it shouldn't be "frowned" upon at all ;)
Copen With The Stress (11 days ago)
Why the re upload?
norXmal (11 days ago)
2:52 = Vitas - 7th Element If you were wondering.
deezgusting (11 days ago)
yoo great video phillip but would you happen to know how i could bind zoom sensitivity. id like to speed up my awp sens but id like to be able to lower it when using a scout. so i wanted to bind it the key i use to buy awp/scout ive tried looking it up but i cant seem to find it anywhere.
Green Lemon (11 days ago)
Use vmex, this thing cannot broke
Green Lemon (11 days ago)
vmex is preferable to use, sometime bspsrc can fuckup things
Peter Hansmann (11 days ago)
3:08 listening to some music XD "Vitas 7th element" nice one!!
Sequenca (11 days ago)
hammer closes before nuke loads, philip please fix
BaileysPeople (11 days ago)
So much work went into this video. Thanks kliks
Pan Cakes (11 days ago)
Very interesting, keep up the good work :)
lil turp (11 days ago)
0:30 got ‘em
zenith (11 days ago)
Can someone help me? I export all my CS:GO videos at 3840x2160@25mbps in Premiere Pro CC 2017. However, despite YouTube's higher default bitrate for 4K videos (which is the only reason I upload them in 4K, my monitor is 1080p), my results *barely* end up looking as good as a 3kliksphilip video at 1080p. Everything is all mushy and blurry, especially around text, HUD elements, my crosshair, and certain walls. Do I need to export it with an even higher bitrate? I was told by some friends that doing anything above 25mbps, even at 4K, is redundant because YouTube's default is around 10mbps for 1080p and 15-20 for 4K.
Jacob Cooke (11 days ago)
Daniel R (11 days ago)
When the absolute @#&*# is valve going to hire you?
Bunny Dude (11 days ago)
Everytime you release a map editing video of any sort, i have the feeling of just making my own map or work on a previous one. Your tutorials will live long to help me. bless you Philip for getting me into map making on csgo and guiding me on how to do so :)
Bronzewarrior (11 days ago)
On a scale from steam to half life what valve time are you using Philip?
FelixFTW (11 days ago)
It's this amount of passion for a subject that gives me faith in the human race.
Arup Bhattacharjee (11 days ago)
10 mins I just listened to your voice understanding nothing.. is it ok??

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