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PUBG - Xbox One - FPP vs TPP (First Person vs Third Person)

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GramMasterMario - PUBG - Xbox One - FPP vs TPP. First Person Perspective Third Person Perspective
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LovePeace Respect (9 months ago)
Still don't know which one I prefer, I just switch back and forth. I like being able to see more in TPP, but I like that it's a little safer to be aggressive in FPP (doesn't matter too much, since people have awful aim IMO).
HRC Gamer (9 months ago)
Awesome content bro! Subscribed! If you like my content can I get a sub back??? 👏🏼
R0N (10 months ago)
watching an fps being played on a console is gross.... but yes. First Person is better for a battle royale game, it changes the game completely... Third person the camera can be manipulated where players can camp windows and trees and still be able to see everything, which make camping so easy. Where in FPS you can't.
Steven (7 months ago)
R0N oh no. A FPS being played without a mouse and keyboard must be so hard for you too watch. It's not like games like battlefield , call of duty, Titanfall, Halo are all fps games that work fine on consoles and doesn't look "gross".
Calvin Glenn (10 months ago)
Enjoying your videos. I was wondering what do you have your sensitivity settings at?
GramMasterMario (10 months ago)
Hey man! You can only tilt the sticks but so far before your aiming reticule starts to speed up. That’s the deadzone. -Gram
Dexter Ealey (10 months ago)
GramMasterMario bru wat do deadzone mean
GramMasterMario (10 months ago)
Hey man! I appreciate the support! Thanks for watching!  Here are my settings for you!  Deadzone 9 General 4 Targeting 6 Scoping 5 2x 5 4x 5 8x 5 15x 5

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