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Top 10 Pro CS:GO Players That Could Retire Soon

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With the vast majority of high tier pro’s who have played in previous installments of Counter-Strike, there are some players that have played CS for over 10 years and still carry on till this day. Today, we will be going over top 10 players who could potentially retire in the next few years. In this video we talk about: Oldest CS:GO players Psahabiceps cs go Virtus.Pro losing CSGO Pros leaving cs go ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides ___ That just about does it for this video guys, if you liked Top 10 Pro CS:GO Players That could retire soon, hit that like button, if you want to see more videos like this as they are made public, subscribe. If you want to enter in some sick giveaways, you can follow us on twitter @UltraGuides. If you wanna hang with me and the other UG members, you can join our Discord server. Thank you so much for staying till the end of the video. Stay amazing, and we will see you, in the next one.
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Text Comments (193)
lexter96 (4 days ago)
Hasnt pasha tweeted about retiring before katowice 2019 and guardian during an interview mention that faze is probably going to be his last team?
Yosephe (4 days ago)
They should stop playing pro until age 30.
TAiRZ (6 days ago)
NOO NOT Zeus or Edward! :(
CS:GO Partners (6 days ago)
Can you make a "why u stuck in silver" update
VulvaGaming (8 days ago)
I would’ve put Ska instead of Sean
TAiRZ (6 days ago)
Or fox
CaptainFoxHook (8 days ago)
sjoerdgtav (9 days ago)
Hey video idea: Most friendly csgo players
Mr ChipsTube (9 days ago)
Mr ChipsTube (9 days ago)
Missharvey is 2 years old,she prob the oldest csgo pro player
Arnab Mandi (9 days ago)
What about f0rest and markeloff???
Jam - CSGO and GD (9 days ago)
8:04 creepy how that video came after this one
Unstoppable (9 days ago)
Where is fox?
MG Sparkle (10 days ago)
Those Were The Days...
ErayS Official (10 days ago)
Zellori 1991 (10 days ago)
So you never upload things about other valve games? like tf2, half life, portal? Only cs go? Huh it seems i must gnoring this cs go channel
ItzGabby_ (10 days ago)
I wish they add SMG Thompson
moonc4lf (10 days ago)
After retirement they all can go back to work in construction
Edward Malone (11 days ago)
Is 30 really too old? Find it hard to believe..
Łukasz Kozłowski (11 days ago)
Markeloff, f0rest ?
Caprial (12 days ago)
6:25 zeus is the best igl, makes sense
Red Amber (12 days ago)
s0m? ;d
Anthony Minut (12 days ago)
This game is gonna die in early 2019
Munarchy (12 days ago)
"Virtus old"
karstenbenum (12 days ago)
Poketale (12 days ago)
Seangares is 29??? Tf i thot hw was like 20~28
2funky4u (13 days ago)
@Valves Guides What is the viewmodel you used in this video?
555 (12 days ago)
Ask the streams they took footage from....
ZerkV (13 days ago)
What about the Portuguese Star Fox????? He is 32 years old playing as Awper for TempoStorm
André Filipe (3 days ago)
ZerkV por acaso ia dizer isso. Temos promessas mas chegar ao nível do Fox é complicado
FreQUENCY *G (13 days ago)
Alfredo Jimenez (13 days ago)
Axolotl (13 days ago)
Get_right got less credits
Bow Wow (13 days ago)
I don’t like the way you said athleticism, you really just made it look like you don’t know what you’re talking about and just following a script (even though we all know you are as you have disclosed it before), but you should at least try to pretend you know what you’re talking about and respect the game and the people.
lil Daja (13 days ago)
K1NG (14 days ago)
Rip shroud
NadeKing (14 days ago)
dream team stream team :)
ToastNinja (8 days ago)
GlitchGaming YT Same
GlitchGaming YT (12 days ago)
NadeKing dayum boi i see u everywhere
Packz z (14 days ago)
Seized is 23 there is litteraly no point of him being on this list ridiculous...
Arnab Mandi (9 days ago)
None of the high tier teams want him, so why just sit at home??
Theodor Carlsson (14 days ago)
hmmm was get irght not a monster in 1.6 aswell????..
Terchy Ducke (14 days ago)
Im agree about neo. But for pasha its not because he is making cs community still alive and he is the one who always make u smile inside or outside the game. If u see his social media, there's so many player respect him for his attitude
S1ma0_0 b (14 days ago)
fox is 32. he says hes still having fun but i guess that will pass with aging xD
StaffaN (14 days ago)
get_right and edward is not true, both of them are on top 10 teams and are still performing quite well at events and still have quite a good deal of potential
GameSpieler123 (14 days ago)
You talk so much bullshit about gob b and pasha.. Im sorry to say it like this but let's take gob for example. 3 years ago, gob's aim was so horrible that it was better to replace him then have his tactics. Right now.. He got so good in aiming. Pasha for example said that he was going to retire after katowice 2019. and still he is a freaking good awp and if VP is on fire HE is on fire. You should really first watch these players play, it seems like ur just talking without any knowledge behind it
bowser dk (14 days ago)
What about Hiko?
Sanjeet Jain (14 days ago)
uhhh u forgot markeloff ?
Thynix (14 days ago)
Kinguin lower tier than Virtus.Premier? :thinking:
Nexiz (14 days ago)
Paolo Marsicola (14 days ago)
lol seized is a lurker
Winston Churchill (14 days ago)
TaZ is 32:)
Angelo Casten (14 days ago)
Victor Rios (14 days ago)
Fox? He’s 32
Rodrigo Carita (14 days ago)
Why want foxbot on this list is alredy 33 and hes carrer is dowfalling but is stil a very good player
BQNG (14 days ago)
Cant wait to see upcoming players like: s0m, D0cC and tenzera play on top teams.
BOT STEVE (14 days ago)
Pro csgo would lose a lot if Pasha goes... but he has his best days behind him and in csgo player years he's already around 100. And maybe he would stream more, that's a +.
rocketduck44 (2 days ago)
BOT STEVE I love Pasha, but I wish he would retire. I don't see a way he can ever play at the level of his former self, and if he continues to play at his current form, then eventually, that's how people are gonna remember him. The newer players, who are the future of CSGO, might not ever have seen Pasha at his peak. If he continues to play like he does, the people will just remember him as a washed up old slob, which is really sad...
16 wheel truck playz (14 days ago)
How bout guardian he said faze will be his last team
Daunt Nicholas (14 days ago)
Just a quick question, so they have to get a official job after retirement?
Poketale (12 days ago)
Lamcis Fark true or they can stream.
Lamcis Fark (13 days ago)
Daunt Nicholas not really, the money that they made while being pros should be more than enough for them to spend their entire lives without worrying
What's This? (14 days ago)
Basically just a Top 10 'best players' that are on the decline nice
Death Rules (14 days ago)
Taz , pasha and neo will gone soon A legends will never faded on Csgo :(( So sad
Death Rules (4 days ago)
GhostZxX Unknow so sad man Neo and Pasha will retired in near future Then how Virtus pro will win when neo and taz and pasha are gone :((
GhostZxX Unknow (4 days ago)
Death Rules taz retired ;( Just neo And pasha
Ryan Ricciuti (14 days ago)
I think valve should retire csgo
LANGE (14 days ago)
haha those tags. "cs go pro players cheating" "pro players cheating" "top 10 worst players" "top 10 worst players eleague"
SG SNOW Gamer (14 days ago)
I know your reaction time gets slower with age but does it really start affecting you that bad at 40 I’m only saying this because I love video game and I would like to play them for as long as I can.
Rodney Gt (14 days ago)
Seized joined flipsid3 first
Alex Hope (14 days ago)
seized ;-(
MrKakofant (14 days ago)
This made me think about video gaming
123123ande (14 days ago)
What do you mean by gob b, thisis his best year so far
Joardy 124 (14 days ago)
Na'Vi a dark horse? like, Serious? They are Number 2 in the world FFS! What do they need to do to get credit? They have beaten : Sk, Faze and mouz consistently. and they put up a real fight against Astralis and they are probably the only team that can come close to beating Astralis Astralis is current number 1 with 93 form and 86 result (havent played much lan recently..just yesterday 2 matches against tier 2 teams) Navi 2nd with 86 form and 97 result (wins over faze, sk and Mouz + Winning Starseries) i dont see why you should praise astralis over there results and navi not...
Lore Nc (14 days ago)
Joardy 124 NaVi second Lmao
Joardy 124 (14 days ago)
Seized was actualy also a very good clutcher...maybe 1 of the best in cis. i learned alot from his clutches and i will always respect him as a decent player overall.
D3N csgo (14 days ago)
u forget markeloff
glaben boopen (14 days ago)
csgo is dead lets move on something fresh rainbow six pro scene?
Poketale (12 days ago)
glaben boopen nah
glaben boopen (13 days ago)
M0nius (snik) not anymore....
m0nius (14 days ago)
glaben boopen csgo has like 5x more players
Petru Radu (14 days ago)
there is a r6 pro scene
Lithium Hydroxide (14 days ago)
Kenny Gibson it's true, r6 has less players at the time this comment is posted, but csgo's playerbase is dropping, and most of these players might seek a game that has the same objectives as CS. +With all the policies and updates valve are pushing forward, it would seem like they don't care about what the players want anymore...
KeBjg 123 (14 days ago)
Get_Right has already said on stream that nip will be his last team when someone asked if he would join faze if he could
SergiuMr (15 days ago)
i dont agree with #4 and #5 smh
Arthur Paris (15 days ago)
i swear, the day pasha retire i'll fucking cry
Pamda (15 days ago)
Not GeT_RiGhT :(( Nooo
Yoshi Brothers (11 days ago)
Get right ;( he will stay on NiP for a long time even if hes1 only a manager or coach even player so yeah :P
Axolotl (13 days ago)
Pasha too
Axolotl (13 days ago)
Pamda Get_right god
Nick Marshall (15 days ago)
"Get_Right is one of the best swedes to ever play and was a decent CS player" We talking about the same Ge_Right that was ranked the NUMBER 1 PLAYER IN CS FOR OVER A YEAR.
That Gamer (15 days ago)
Don't forget about fallen he is going to retire in the next few years RIP
lunaaa (15 days ago)
Baedon <3333
JRMSHG (15 days ago)
You said CIS 2 times xD
terry_r3d (15 days ago)
This channel should retire as well
Kellen Walburn (15 days ago)
Pashas retirement will be a sad day :(
R54 ftw (15 days ago)
Where is guardiaN he said FaZe will be his last team
AchroX (14 days ago)
lol so many players say that, GTR said that NiP will be his last team, TaZ said kinguin will be the last team
Smit Patel (15 days ago)
R54 ftw He said there r many more but that was his 10 pick
cap7ainskull (15 days ago)
Can people stop making such nostalgic videos , this message me cry like a bitch
Kira Spock (15 days ago)
get right a dicent 1.6 player df m8 re u dump or havent lived in that period of time
VilCaNo (15 days ago)
anyone expect NEO,pls god i mean neo,don't retier
Fluffy Chicken (15 days ago)
LillWaffle 96 (15 days ago)
Only 2.7k views?!?!?!
Christian Esguerra (15 days ago)
Pasha will of course retire because he's already a father, and one of the oldest pros in cs
Aniq (15 days ago)
damn aN1q going to retire soon?this is the end of an era.csgo going to die soon
Aniq (14 days ago)
Baltic Emperor i dont give a monkey about fortnite CS is my shit since 2003
Baltic Emperor (15 days ago)
Aniq Fortnite will die before cs probably :)
ᅚDen (15 days ago)
VP has lost its magic and should disband anyway
A Lover of Video Games (15 days ago)
Edward and Seized made it to two, count 'em, TWO major finals. Not ONE.
ImDestroyer ` (15 days ago)
Good clickbait
Psycho Dragon (15 days ago)
EPICENTER 2017 was basically the last of what remains of the original VP firepower.
m0nius (14 days ago)
Psycho Dragon rip vp
Ivan Carlos (15 days ago)
Psycho Dragon what a game that final was
박려온 (15 days ago)
Valveguides forgot to mention that almost all of these guys were basically gods in 1.6
MutenRoscher (15 days ago)
funny how you left out forest when he is older than gtr :D
Maul Flame (14 days ago)
f0rest its still decent while GTR its shit and he started getting a lot of hate recently because of his performance
MenacedAssassin (15 days ago)
MutenRoscher top performers usually don't retire..
VT Blank (15 days ago)
No more papa pasha?
Brown McJuggerNuggets (15 days ago)
Sean is mostly doing analyst jobs nowadays
Nadim Kazi (15 days ago)
Motherfucka tell me.more about Neo! Neo is an awesome player!
Ashish Ranjan (15 days ago)
Forest could also retire soon
SpeediePlayz (15 days ago)
Inuk Boassen (15 days ago)
i think i played against blad3 yesterday in mm (7/6-18) mirage
drake got absolutely destroyed
shakif uddin (15 days ago)
Crime Less (14 days ago)
i would say olof. He simply needs a mental break. He is just nit ready yet
pateto potato (14 days ago)
Joardy 124 (14 days ago)
both Guardian and olof stated the following: "Faze clan WILL be the last org we/i will play for, for how long is uncertain but the form we are in now it might be a few years (2/3)" Note: this statement was made just after the Eleauge major...just recently Olof had some personal issues and Guardian lost some form.
Smit Patel (15 days ago)
shakif uddin olof is 25-26
虚空Void (15 days ago)
NyOnni No
NCS-CHIPMUNKS _INDIA (15 days ago)
Me early Ahh Forgot that Russh B ©yka }layt

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