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TF2 Jungle/Pyro Update Day 4 Explained

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the last day of Jungle Inferno, and the response to the update finally going live. Music : https://imageform.bandcamp.com/releases My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (829)
lukonic (6 months ago)
I got an overwatch ad before this video xD
Sir Omnoms (8 months ago)
Can you slow the fuck down when you speak. I still have yet to decipher what the fuck you said after the bison. P.s. Why the fuck do you pronounce comp. as cawp? Are you retarded?
Darius Sawyer (8 months ago)
So, now let's talk about mikal- Michael- misha... The heavy weapons guy...
The Library (9 months ago)
So, lemme get this straight: TF2 can get amazing updates, but they need to be huge drop events once every couple years or so. Gotcha.
Stingrazer (10 months ago)
Can’t y’all ever be happy?
spoot (10 months ago)
Broken bottles are back baby
Mr Setharoo (10 months ago)
id rather them change their minds on releasing certain fixes to make them better rather than releasing subpar fixes. the fact they acknowledged the fixes were not up to snuff for release is hopeful that they actually care enough now. Also, it was to be expected the servers would fuck out when the update dropped especially when alot of people were waiting to play the instant it dropped. There was also a low turn over rate for the first few days (I played with the same people on a full server for around 15 matches before people started to actually disconnect) . This is why I gave it a few days to calm down before getting back on pubs. Also the addition of being able to qeue up while in game was really useful for this so you could play on private servers while waiting to get into a match.
Gangster88232 (10 months ago)
Bruh. It took so many time and they release this bullshit. Proof there is no worth to back in tf2. Its fucking outdated.
LordFireScorcher (10 months ago)
RIP axthinguisher :(
Jonathan C (10 months ago)
How do you get your gun to look like that? Like its in the lower middle now
Wolvenworks (10 months ago)
IMHO: -casual MM is still terrible at best, 9th level of Hell at worst -my TF2 skills are so rusty over long extended periods of not playing TF2, you could get tetanus just by looking at it -i think they leave it up to Delfy to make exploits found known at this point. everyone who watches Delfy knows that Valve can't fix most major bugs and exploits without Delfy
epicpie11 (10 months ago)
*Cough* *Cough* Heavy update matchmaking 2.0 *Cough* *Cough*
cjleehaze (10 months ago)
Huzzah new weapon skins
Sky- Blitz (10 months ago)
Team HYPE!!!!!!!!!! :3 <3
Average Nobody (10 months ago)
anyone else thing that the pyroland contracts are hard as fuck
Jimbo Jones (10 months ago)
ah good ol' vnn... good at hyping shit up and then complaining when the stuff they hyped up arbitrarily doesn't get released... all in an annoying voice too! if you're a news channel, don't make shit up and don't include personal bias (your tendency to complain about everything) maybe then you'd be less cancerous to watch
Pugzery Made4thePugz (10 months ago)
but what about LMAO Box?
Joe Wheeler (10 months ago)
so they broke everything they could, great job valve.
Twinkle the marvel horse (10 months ago)
So, considering Meet Your Match promised a future update for the loser as well, do you think the changes to competitive mode and those new weapons will be introduced in the Heavy update?
eDude-Gaming (10 months ago)
I need to get my hands on that contract pass.
Jimmothy McWickers (10 months ago)
RIP panic attack.
Anthony Ianitello (10 months ago)
Plaza #JP (10 months ago)
Noahfresh (10 months ago)
Robin The Tactician (10 months ago)
You should have mentioned the crazy amount of people who bought campaign passes. Evidenced by many games played where everyone has the yeti badge
paz zrihen (10 months ago)
I think that like 2 monthes after smissmess they should release frontline plus this unused models Also i hope comp changes come in smiismess or halloween
Mania From TF2 (10 months ago)
Overwatch Ded
LegoLiam1803 (10 months ago)
you forgot, Muselk is back
Sensualo Erotisimo (10 months ago)
hardly a mammoth sized update, there wasn't anything near game changing and while the consistency on pyro's particles is a welcome addition (mostly a mandatory addition), is not game changing on his gameplay, if anything the DoT relying on particle exposure only furthers the need of constantly splashing everyone as much as possible with flames, Dragon's Breath/rage/w.e. isn't nearly a good change for Pyro, slow dps with confusing projectile hitbox and twice range at best doesn't justify slower airblast which is now also inconsistent, the new FT is going to be one of those weapons either getting OP or UP constantly because having it with so much burst will equal to an explosive and having it with low burst will make it below any other FT, the Hot Hand is not better than the Power Jack, is a fun idiotic thing to use but the small speed buff is nowhere near worth the 20% less damage, a scout can survive 6 consecutive slaps with almost 2 being crits, PJ has a 10% damage vulnerability but no damage penalty, constant speed buff and returns health for killing, there is no excuse for the Hot Hand being this low tier in Pyro's arsenal. i'm sorry, but i guess the devs keep overestimating themselves, i don't care what's to come or what could have been or why isn't as big as promised, with what we have alone i can say this hardly matches Gun Mettle, and GM was great because everything was new, with this? this is a rehearsal of GM, and half of the exciting content is under paywalls that in my opinion aren't worth the money until they deliver at least the matchmaking promised, i ain't going to give out money to play with cheaters or constant pubstomps
Kruk 666 (10 months ago)
Damn happy to see thf2 isn't dead and still has a future ! ;]
krabby kakes (10 months ago)
R.I.P Panic Attack
Mochi Sandvich (10 months ago)
My guess is that everything they held out on will be coming for Smissmas and will be the Heavy Update.
Sockman (10 months ago)
Despite the content of the update, I'm happy because It shows that the tf team is learning. They now know not to rush things and they're taking their time, and they've been on top of most of the major bugs and glitches since the launch.
Game Guy (10 months ago)
Team Fortress 2 is not dead.
Apple Man (10 months ago)
To be honest the jungle update is kind of disappointing, then think it was over-hyped, it took nearly a year and the new pyro stuff probably could’ve taken a week or a month at best, if they were to release the pyro stuff in the jungle update around Christmas in 2016 and the jungle update is a different update with weapons and cosmetics for all classes except pyro, because they clearly tried to just make one update then decided to tangle it together with the jungle update.
DictatorPutski (10 months ago)
I just cannot wait for the *TAP* update
Josedolf Staller (10 months ago)
For Comp updates, that's the Heavy Update (TF2 Frontline maybe? pls Volvo)
The Anigamer Animates (10 months ago)
I have this one bug was whenever I join a server on Sending Clients Info it sometimes crashes I don't know why but it only happens when the new update came out
Narros Jefferson (10 months ago)
link to the patch nose please.
grumpychris (10 months ago)
redd ztone (10 months ago)
RmacNet (10 months ago)
At 2:18 you pronounced Claidheamh Mòr wrong. it's pronounced "Clay-more​".
Bartosz Skorupa (10 months ago)
Wow, you are fucking super late.
That Guy (10 months ago)
New flame particle looks bad, not very tf2-ish, but at least it's consistent.
Tooltip Tinkerer (10 months ago)
The I've been wanting the Viewfinder ever since I saw it in the workshop, and that new Engineer PDA looks exciting, too. I wonder if these will really be in the game at some point.
Seelpit the Official (10 months ago)
Also, the Atomizer deals -25% damage instead of -15%.
the_real_farfetchd (10 months ago)
What's ELO?
AS Toxic (10 months ago)
You know, I watch most of your videos, and they are mostly about Tf2, You hardly ever talk about other games, and when you do, it's cs go, You know about dota 2, you have 1 video about dota, update 7.07 is comming now, you should really make more videos about other games, I like your content, but it pisses me a little that the game you most care about, is the one valve doesnt care at all, Dota 2 is really good, you should take it in consideration
MightyDue (10 months ago)
Those are very comforting words. Team Fortress is not dead. I love it.
Maker Bacon (10 months ago)
if vavle not gonna change the engine or do something with the old one the game will can't handle all these updates and new things. or if it could then it would cause a serious fps frop on all pcs even on the better ones no exeption.
DubGanger (10 months ago)
its funny to watch you jerk off to this update when it is easily the weakest theyve ever launched.
grumpychris (10 months ago)
What about Meet Your Match and End of the Line?
Tanner Willis (10 months ago)
The real Halloween event this year is TF2 itself rising from the dead
zechert (10 months ago)
is the console not working anymore for anyone else? i cant interact with it anymore, and its invisible while im not on a server.
darkxaur (10 months ago)
Do wish they'd fix the flame particles not showing up of crappier PCs.
Śniący (10 months ago)
2:19 This only applies to Rescue Ranger, retard.
grumpychris (10 months ago)
Nope. It applies to ALL engineers regardless of their primary weapon.
samushunter242 (10 months ago)
Not to sound like a jerk but I thought the offense defense thing on the contracts was pretty obvious
Painis Cupcake (10 months ago)
you're late ...
Áron Kardos (10 months ago)
You know that the game is broken when your are always MVP with the pyro.
RustyIsDusty (10 months ago)
Will this update ever come to the orange box?
RickyDG (10 months ago)
Thank the lord. The exploits has been fixed!
Manndarinchik (10 months ago)
We just need to wait... Again...
Random doggie (10 months ago)
So we don't get elo system?
Hurry Calls (10 months ago)
Holy shit are they actually putting effort into the game again?
Carlos Sierra (10 months ago)
Artmex #RemoveScout (10 months ago)
what a bodyshotter :D
Lt.Tactical (10 months ago)
What about all the update news They posted that the update is live like 5 times EXPLAIN THAT
Jonathan Peters (10 months ago)
Worst update
Chalk Maddison (10 months ago)
My least favorite thing about updates in general are contracts. These pyroland contracts take the cake
Igor Ulbrich (10 months ago)
You should change the name of your channel to "TF2 News Network". Unironically.
Dr. LightMare (10 months ago)
Is anyone else not seeing any fire related effects? Like the flamethrower flame.
Veranus ::SSS (10 months ago)
There isnt an inspect for the pain train
_Triger_ (10 months ago)
i would really like if they would make the pip-boy a engie's PDA not just a cosmetic
please END ME (10 months ago)
ooo yea. ELO is coming boys!
Guydo (10 months ago)
what about the dead/broken weapons ? like Caber, baby face's , Enforcer, Natascha ?
Yume (10 months ago)
I'm overall satisfied with this update.  Keeping TF2 alive.  I just hope those unused weapons are introduced soon as well.
Shukky (10 months ago)
When im in-game, I cant change my advanced video settings. Its really annoying. Anyone else?
Shukky (10 months ago)
Nice job team
Tricky Tricki (10 months ago)
You people seriously complain too much.. I thought this update was wonderful
Micro Scream Technology (10 months ago)
Bottle breaks :)
jUppers (10 months ago)
if you have a controller attached you'll get big screen mode when you invite someone or get invited. needless to say it's disgusting
They forgot to get rid of the bug were if a heavy wears the festive gloves ( the ones that make u laugh when you're hit ) and then when the heavy crouches the gloves won't be on his arms neither will his hands
Nighthawk (10 months ago)
as a programmer, as a former industrial student, and as a lazy person, I can give witness, when somebody starts delaying, and explaining, and coming up with half finished products and trials and more errors than successes, I can confirm, they're not even trying.
Dragonblaze (10 months ago)
Even if TF2 dies, I will keep playing it.
Toaster_Toaster (10 months ago)
Important PSA to all: Everyone please wait until after the hype calms down before you freak out about things being unbalanced. Team composition is screwed on most servers right now and everyone is going after contracts, the game isn't operating as usual.
S00BLE (10 months ago)
Everyone knew the servers would be broken from the sheer amount of players.
You rude (10 months ago)
*Gabe slowly telling everyone to focus on DOTA*
Angel almanza (10 months ago)
Oh thank got they fixed the hp bug
Flames Tornado (10 months ago)
it may be a comp update .
The Ninja Of Music (10 months ago)
The soldier that always asks for new weapons is now happy.
Orhan Gazi Tokmak (10 months ago)
*_W E C A N B R E A K T H E B O T T L E N O W_*
Ruto-hime (10 months ago)
I played around a day after the update dropped, and had zero issues. I hadn't so much fun with TF2 since two or three years. I feel rather satisfied.
Aaron F (10 months ago)
So why is there a faucet next to those weapon models? Is it because it's leaking?
GeneralArse (10 months ago)
What about the Halloween update?
Hydra • (10 months ago)
All the unused items can be found in gmod
Speakery (10 months ago)
Maybe new things will drop into game on haloween or smissmas
Albenation (10 months ago)
xX_SpeedyScout_Xx (10 months ago)
Is anyones binds also kind of screwed up? I have a FPS .cfg installed and it seems that it messes up the binds...
B0b (10 months ago)
european servers are non existent every game i have played was +100 ms
A Wild Moose (10 months ago)
boots up overwatch
BestServedCold (10 months ago)
No Source 2?
TheAngryCatholicBrony 23 (10 months ago)
Dear Tyler McVicker, thank you for telling the whole community and world, that Team Fabulous 2 is not dead. The internet lied when it claimed that Team Fortress 2 was dead.

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