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Counter Strike Condition Zero Ultimate Edition|Maps and brief|First impresion|Gameplay

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Hey guys,I have there's a cracked and ultiamate edition of counter strike czero too,Here's its game play. I'll upload the link to it soon. hope you enjoy the maps :D
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Kevin Rayhanes (2 years ago)
hey, do you still have the link?
Deepank Agrawal (2 years ago)
Nope sorry mate. This was a while ago. Maybe you should try csgo now
Deepank Agrawal (5 years ago)
Yeah,I used fraps. :/
Deepank Agrawal (5 years ago)
LilH3ro (5 years ago)
Maybe u should record with Bandicam or fraps
Panthera Leo (5 years ago)
liked it :)
Deepank Agrawal (5 years ago)
i pixelated 680 x 480 i guess using camtasia, and nah i used a laptop xD
nikit vhatkar (4 months ago)
Deepank Agrawal song name?
Kian Hunn (5 years ago)
Cat come to Watch
LilH3ro (5 years ago)
Wow Pixelated much? and do you have a widescreen monitor? cause that will look so much better :)

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