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It's Not L4D3 - Turtle Rock Studios New "Globally Known" Project

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the recent frenzy of stories the modern games media has pushed out over the last week related to a job opening at Turtle Rock Studios, formally Valve South. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, this needed to be reported. The game they are working on is not Left 4 Dead 3. Sources : https://www.linkedin.com/in/chloeskew/ https://turtle-rock-studios.workable.com/jobs/706623 Music : My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (709)
Joseph (3 days ago)
Valve has been working on l4d3 for quite a while now, as one of their habits valve contacts turtlerock to work on an expansion for the game to be released later. Valve is known to be really enthusiastic about vr, but they can’t just risk such a big ip making it entirely vr, so a vr expansion is expected
cambreaKer (3 days ago)
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero 2 VR Confirmed!!!
Janson Cimrman (3 days ago)
why did u delete that video of cut content of half life 2 it was ur best video on channel
Talzmyth (4 days ago)
I don't care what u say or what the information says, I'm never giving up on there being a chance of l4d3!
James Crusade (4 days ago)
Fuckin VR
The Meme Lord (4 days ago)
Who. Gives. A fucking. Fuck. About VR. No seriously, only 0.5% of steam users own a fucking VR headset. Making games for this system is completely pointless because the sales are obviously going to be very low and almost nobody will be able to play them. It's ridiculous how Valve tries to push this concept forward to nothingness, because in the end they're only contributing games to this system, not upgrades. Yes, there are better headsets and equipment coming soon, like the knuckles controllers and etc, but again, nobody will be able to play games on these because they're way too expensive as of now. It's a new technology and i would suggest waiting at least 10 years before developping ACTUAL games for the system. Seriously Valve, go make some REAL games again.
Red Lobster (3 days ago)
The Meme Lord poorfag btfo
Raptor (4 days ago)
this video is pointless shit
klaypex garcia (5 days ago)
José lo que dice pero yo aún sigo con la esperanza de l4d3
Yikes (5 days ago)
they specifically said "globally known game franchise" and the phrase "with oculus" does not suggest that the game project requires oculus. Only that it's being developed in part with oculus, likely to provide VR support. It can still more than easily be L4D.
Idk Anymore (5 days ago)
do you think tf2 might be the next game to recive a panorama UI? maybe you could create a discussion video about this
GladGame TR (6 days ago)
watch the damn rood fool
Cthulhu (6 days ago)
fuck you i choose to believe it is L4D3
Aman Saxena (7 days ago)
When will you be publishing the next video in Half Likes series
Ben Moon (8 days ago)
Can vr die soon pls. Its a stupid fad, and I dont see how you can make a game any more fun by wearing stupid overpriced goggles. Just give me a fun game with keyboard + mouse controls.
Nathan LegoBlox (8 days ago)
Aww I thought it was Half Life 3
BonkBody Official (8 days ago)
This is the saddest day of my life...
I have not been waiting so long to give up now
chistine lane (9 days ago)
Half life 3. I bet -19 rupes.
MrKnight (9 days ago)
Where is the summer update of tf2?
Spooky Ghost (10 days ago)
"as if any of the games journalists did any actual research..." that's ironic considering most of ur videos are 60%+ false information or baseless speculation you've pulled out of your ass. is there any evidence that l4d3 won't be a VR game? it doesn't even really bother me that you didn't consider this for half a second what bothers me is you acting all high and mighty when you're the lowest common denominator of games journalism and the majority of your videos are trash.
Śniący (8 days ago)
The developer claims they'll focus on working on VR. We need Tyler McRetard to tell us that it's not Left 4 Dead, to which Turtle Rock has no rights.
frivvle_my_nivvle (10 days ago)
The seas will boil and the Sun will become cold once Valve learns how to count to 3.
I still wish Evolve had another chance. It was a fun game, but nobody played it.
JIGSAW 666 (11 days ago)
Left 4 Dead Battle Royale Early Access Survival Sandbox
Dylan Escalante (11 days ago)
*Left 4 Dead Virtual Reality*
Cringeworthy Collin (11 days ago)
Left for dead VR
Magical Alazical (11 days ago)
It's left 4 dead: Battle Royale
Nathan (12 days ago)
guys, i just watched a video with a guy with "sources" claiming that l4d3 will be released on 2017, it's 20 fucking 18 and i'm still waiting impatiently :)
-mechant eduard- (5 days ago)
Nathan pls send boi
Boris (12 days ago)
I'm tired of VR shitting on everything.
Preston Garvey (12 days ago)
What if they realese a battle royale game
Gerard Deane (12 days ago)
TheAutisticGamer (13 days ago)
Why in the hell would it be L4D3? Turtle Rock doesn't own L4D anymore from what I understand. I didn't really believe it was L4D3 since Valve would have to do it. I'm sure they have a cool little thing but come guys really?
that youtube channel (13 days ago)
I loved Evolve, I didn't even mind the fact that you had to buy characters. The only thing I didn't like about it was how fucking long it took to find a match. Well, that and a few critiques I had on the controls, but still.
that youtube channel (13 days ago)
Please, YouTube... I need the notifications...
SALTYSAR-DEAN (13 days ago)
Yes it could be a possibility that l4d will have VR. surely they wouldn’t blue ball is like this for nothing
Ultra Nebulatrix (13 days ago)
fortnite are the infected
Okami Chxn (13 days ago)
No one thought it was l4d3, vavle doesnt do thirds
SEX-POSITIVE GAMER (13 days ago)
First video I've seen in ages where Tyler doesn't profess his love for us at the end. :-/
W Young (13 days ago)
It is Half-Life 3. Confirmed!!!
Zombiemiah (13 days ago)
Well rip the dream
VINYL SQUAD (14 days ago)
Why can't they just make a l4D3, for fuck sake.
34marmarmar (11 days ago)
valve is allergic to free money
Valve can count to 3 now :D hl3 confirmed <3
Alex Espinoza (14 days ago)
Who the hell wants another boring VR game? I feel like Valve wants to make everyone mad. This news is about as disappointing as the Artifact announcement lol.
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hecitdy (14 days ago)
Sambo Rambo (14 days ago)
*The 2.4k likes are bots*
Blue Lotus (14 days ago)
Until the impossible odds that it one day appears, I'll still believe that Valve can't count to 3 and continue to make that joke. Ah well, I couldn't care less even if it never did in our lifetimes... I have more fun with other game companies anyways.
EliGrayD (14 days ago)
This guy is like MattPatt for Valve and Left 4 Dead, and Half Life.
cambreaKer (3 days ago)
oh no
34marmarmar (11 days ago)
ew no
Joshua Ortiz (14 days ago)
Thanks for the stream last night Tyler
Just Alex (14 days ago)
Have you guys seen Eartfall?
mr1spamification (14 days ago)
Credit the music you use in your videos. You've been doing this for long enough that you should *more* than know better. I see you have "Music:" there but no actual credit. I'll chock *this time* up to a fluke in completing your format before upload, as opposed to the many other times where you just flat-out don't even bother. Common creative courtesy is what is expected of you when using elements made by other people as part of your video. The only pass I would give you is for VALVe OST usage, but even then some may complain that if you truly appreciate the work VALVe put in to their music, the very least you can do is name the track you used for others to go and find and listen to on their own should they not be aware of it.
Williamz (14 days ago)
I honestly feel bad for him. Tyler, why don't you diversify your content? You're clearly very good at this, but the talent is being wasted on a news channel which covers a company that no longer does anything its fans care about.
shinzo Giovanna (14 days ago)
Tadmorion (14 days ago)
Hey, just one question, do you have any information about a TF2 update? It’s around this time that Updates are released
marcio britto (14 days ago)
I really hope it’s a new evolve.
How About (14 days ago)
Globally known GAME FRANCHISE. Bladerunner and Stranger Things are by no means GLOBALLY KNOWN GAME FRANCHISES.
jan mac (14 days ago)
those sons of bitches better stop wasting time and star making Left4Dead3
Slastraf (14 days ago)
literally no games released at all in the past few years..........
Wendy asada (15 days ago)
Left 4 dead 2 episode 1
Jared Hennessy (15 days ago)
L4D Battleroyal
Roger Cruz (15 days ago)
VALVe can't count to 3
Cursed dot jpeg (15 days ago)
l4d 2: episode 1
Adam Mermida (15 days ago)
L4D battle royale
mrmagpie (15 days ago)
How is L4D2 soulless?
34marmarmar (11 days ago)
its l4d
Obey Glixity (15 days ago)
it blows my fucking mind why they wouldnt make l43, it would sell so much now adays like they are actually stupid to not make a third one after the mind blowing success of the first 2 makes no sense to me
Bill Cipher (15 days ago)
If turtle rock ain't talking l4d then I don't wanna talk
Corinthian (15 days ago)
Valve doesn't make non-VR "games" anymore.
Akira (15 days ago)
I am so fucking sick of bad news regarding Valve titles. This channel is fantastic, but it pains me.
CABOOSE27x (15 days ago)
if you look it up you can find that they are making half life 3 left 4 dead 3 and portal 3 all in native vr also i think team fortress 3 since there all on the source 2 engine they dont let the public know anything but if you can do your research youll see they are making these games in secret and they are all going to launch at the same time. they will announce them all together too soon trust me search for it youll find proof they are being made
MintyMiku (15 days ago)
Valve can't count to 3, but let's pray valve will release all 3's in 2020
J (15 days ago)
Honestly they don't need to release a new installment.. a remaster and some new official maps would be enough!
Trent Piche (15 days ago)
I got my hopes up to much but I knew I shouldn’t of Lets watch the world get excited about a 3rd instalment to an insanely popular game franchise that we ditched years ago Meanwhile here is a Game that nobody wants
Ethan hornbeck (15 days ago)
Neat that's lame back to ignoring them
FrankoDaJefe7 (15 days ago)
This is why I gave up on Valve and Gabe Newell... They don't make games what WE the people want anymore.
CBear624 (15 days ago)
Yeah, of course it's false, no wonder people flipped out over this
Wojciech Miśta (15 days ago)
I miss Evolve Stage 2 so much. It's is an amazing game, I had so much fun playing it with my friends. It didn't deserve to be free to play. Too bad it's dead now :(
Mateo Malezic (15 days ago)
Do video about Xen vs Race X. PLS! It would be really cool to know who is stronger!
Stefan SSW 135 (15 days ago)
Sgt. Savage (15 days ago)
*implies I have confirmation* *confirms I don't have any confirmation* *implies I have confirmation again* Congratulations. You played yourself.
TheCrazykids777 (15 days ago)
What was the song playing in the background? The info is missing from the description
PepsiBloom (15 days ago)
jUppers (15 days ago)
there is already better l4d game out there called vermintide. and for those who dont prefer melee, there is deep rock galactic
Dylan Fox (15 days ago)
I Really Hope Its Evolve 2. "Globally Known Franchise." I'd Actually Cry If It Was.
Jericho (15 days ago)
"so no left 4 dead 3?" *smashes phone on the ground*
Dobhakun Dobhakun (15 days ago)
If they make L4D3 I'm sure Half-Life3 will also coming next.
TheMeMeS (15 days ago)
i want l4d3......
Antoniomanno (15 days ago)
It's despacito 2
bink410 (15 days ago)
You can tell this channel does news correctly cause the news is always bad.
q碧君 (15 days ago)
Valve can't count to 3
Eclipse. (15 days ago)
I wish VR would die already
StuTuDi (16 days ago)
Why dont valve just give the players what they want? I mean they Could literally do the same Thing again (l4d2) And People would Love it
Rookie ODST (16 days ago)
Swegle IE (16 days ago)
Well fuck
Mhmm (16 days ago)
I only cried for 5 minutes.
Arfishiro Anatianaru (16 days ago)
Survival game with VR(maybe)
DIFUNTO666 (16 days ago)
Jøhn Wade (16 days ago)
Evolve 2
Sidney Kirk (16 days ago)
Smelly Salty Socks (16 days ago)
It's actually the Red Box
َMamad Azad Mard (16 days ago)
I hope this fails just like the console and controller did, And get their act straight to go back to *actual *Games and not this "cenamatic" games !.
ShouJoe (16 days ago)
if it's another card game I will literally drink water

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