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How to Make a Shortcut to Daggerfall or Any DOSBox Game

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Written instructions: -Create a shortcut to DOSBox -Rename shortcut to the name of your game. -Change the shortcut icon in the properties (optional) -Open DOSBox options and save it as a new .conf file. -At the very bottom of this .conf file, put in the commands you would normally type into DOSBox to run a game. -Go to the shortcut properties and in the target area, replace 'userconf' with '-conf "[the conf file you made earlier]"' That's how you make a shortcut to any DOSBox game!
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Text Comments (35)
m a g i c a l (5 days ago)
hes dead for now
Acat Kitler (1 month ago)
unable to locate daggerfall cd
Aidan The Protuber (3 months ago)
Alessandro Mazzonetto (6 months ago)
thanks, simple and very useful.
Jag Clavi Boi (8 months ago)
Does not work at all
This will execute the game directly: https://github.com/es20490446e/DOS-Runner
Anderson Rocha (1 year ago)
how can i use this? please help. dont know how to activate
EZIO STONE (1 year ago)
If for some reason don't work use this in 2:21: mount c c:\dosgames -freesize 1000 mount d c:\dosgames\dfcd -t cdrom -label Daggerfall c: cd\dagger dagger
Jag Clavi Boi (8 months ago)
Some reason it does not work
Vincent Osuna (1 year ago)
My computer is stupid and I can't find the notepad for .conf file. Can anyone link me?
Vincent Osuna (1 year ago)
nvm I got it
Infernocanuck (2 years ago)
Yay. A tutorial AND the opportunity to hear what it is like to live inside of your mouth :/
roxas3soraxxx (1 year ago)
lol my only complaint is that i cant see what hes typing
Sheep is Leep (2 years ago)
Hot damn!
TheStoryTeller (2 years ago)
Black Dovahbear (2 years ago)
thx m9
Howler Productions (2 years ago)
It won't let me change the target for properties.
CorTat G (2 years ago)
Sidney Olsen Povlsen (3 years ago)
That made everything much smoother. Thanks!
Dr904 (3 years ago)
Thank you!
Wildiful (3 years ago)
Thanks! It's nice launching dos games more conveniently, I hope you have a nice day.
BefallenLegate (3 years ago)
Brilliant. Thanks so much. Saves a ton of time playing abandonware or other dos games. I grew up with dos in middle school but by 2000 msoft pretty much said screw dos and lets just simplify everything :D. Worked perfectly with my pepper's adventures in time shortcut in one try.
Tuomas N. (3 years ago)
It is not so hard to cut the crap and show it.
Omega_Ronan (3 years ago)
Back up from the mic, dang
Mitch McKee (3 years ago)
You Have Progress Quest! Lol
Chilean Hunter (4 years ago)
thanks m8, u r my new super hero XD 
ZyDefender (4 years ago)
thanks dude you saved my life
DodgyWarcraft (4 years ago)
Got it to work with Warcraft Orcs and Humans Thank you :D
Rebecca A (4 years ago)
This was so much help! Thank you!
TheSturdge (4 years ago)
Woah, RuneScape AND Old School RuneScape shortcuts? One or the other bro. Don't be greedy.
Sccar3 (4 years ago)
+evan om They made a client that runs the game like normal but without using Java.
TheSturdge (4 years ago)
+evan om They released an official client for it years ago.
evan om (4 years ago)
but thats a browser based game, unless theres private servers i haven't heard about?
therealdgh13 dgh13 (4 years ago)
Added to favorites
Sccar3 (5 years ago)
Are you on Windows 7/8?

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