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AWP Lightning Strike will probably cost like 100€ soon TOP MEYME. 👌👌👌But for real the new sounds are pretty wack. ► Enter giveaway for Karambit Emerald Doppler and get free $1 to buy skins on Gameflip, register with code ANOMLY: http://goo.gl/knl62N
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Text Comments (2787)
EarthWormBarry (7 hours ago)
"I can't play cs anymore"
Jolty (12 days ago)
"Whats CS gonna look like in a year*" trade ban still 64 tick no operation New smg...?
Suomalaista Pelailua (18 days ago)
they want more futuristik sounds lul
Yuarkok (20 days ago)
who else just said "i know that theres r8 in this video"
Rearguard (22 days ago)
cs sucka fat cock now
CickCorn Gamer (23 days ago)
why he hates so much the awp sound , thats a real sniper shot.
KlaidasJK (26 days ago)
NameKEN n (1 month ago)
I think valve DONT want to change csgo of esports
Ralle Hero (1 month ago)
dis geme baed
Robbie Jonkman (2 months ago)
1:22 thats actuly what it sounds like in mountains due to wind
Suida Suida Kalatuszek (2 months ago)
it is better now !!!
DoomGhoul (2 months ago)
psssst. the awp is that long cause realism
StormeD [Thayou]1337 (2 months ago)
tf you play osu ahahahah
SlowShi (2 months ago)
just wait until 2018, they fuck up trading
AxT'skrrr. (3 months ago)
thec the truu
Mr.CandySkull ! (3 months ago)
2018: Trading cooldown
Skepparn (3 months ago)
Nice voicecrack Ludde 1:49
Trollster Games (3 months ago)
cant even remember what the guns sounded like originally without loading up old CS...
Nightlywind (4 months ago)
0:00 i felt that burp in my body holy shit
playfdg YT Evileyegamer (4 months ago)
Anomaly can you give my one knife please I'll give trade link
Polaj Live (4 months ago)
Hello 2018 here, go listen to 2015 cs go sounds and you will vomit gl hf
Mits (4 months ago)
He plays osu tf u mom gay
Head QUAD (5 months ago)
I dont understanding why you mad at the sound being change .
augustinegaming (5 months ago)
you would have said it sounded bad even it it was awesome
augustinegaming (5 months ago)
Кермит потом того, будто его выгнали из Улицы Сезам и пытали Дарта Элмо Кермит, было любовным ребенком Йоды и Яддла. Как падаван, он оставил Орден Джедаев, поэтому что он не мог осознать собственных родителей огромную доля времени, так как они нередко гласили вспять. Он повстречал Дарта Элмо, какой познакомил его с Темной Стороной и искусством ликвидирования планет. Кермит присоединился к Улице Сезам в течение 2-ух дней. Однако он не сумел убить планетку, втянутую в разрушающие планетки, потому его выгнали из группы, бежавшей в Татуин, где он повстречал мисс Пигги, царица Гаморрей. Она совратила его, и он свалился на нее, поэтому что ее ласковый глас напомнил ему об отце. Кермит позднее был «катастрофически» убит Ричардом Симмонсом.
Peter Dosedla (5 months ago)
Why are you playing this bullshit
TWIGSTER (5 months ago)
cs in 2018 Changing map styles adding new maps cases skins gloves And 2023 FULL BODY SKINS YES OR NO?!?!?!?!
Max Walkendorff (5 months ago)
How will it be in a year? Dead.
Sarky (5 months ago)
osu fagit
icotha (5 months ago)
Can't wait for the souvenir music kits tho
Itz_Ramen (5 months ago)
*and anomaly didn't expected this 7 day trade hold...*
Tobias Eickhoff (5 months ago)
פמיניסטית פחי טכני תמכה שף אניגמטיות פצצת רטטו הממי
blatenci (5 months ago)
Im so fukin pissed at this new update on cs. It does not feel like u r playing cs anymore
Rising Sun (5 months ago)
"What's the future of CS?" -Anomaly. 1 year later Valve removes trading basicly... :'(
Omuk (5 months ago)
i dont even remember the old awp sound like, to the point that i dont even know it was changed
Teepakorn Tosak (6 months ago)
1:25 that actually sounds like a lightning
Yooza King420 (6 months ago)
The hardline sounds r good
Excalibur Gaming (6 months ago)
How is the awp one bad?! It sounds fucking beefier and more powerful you know, like the high caliber sniper it’s based off of
Olatapus Empire TR (6 months ago)
Viewmodel ????????? plss
Ayrton Coetzee (6 months ago)
Nice burp
Lord Beerus (6 months ago)
—_______— (6 months ago)
Scout sounds like an airsoft sniper ;)
Darius Darius (7 months ago)
Csgo is still shit
Patrick Wallace (7 months ago)
Well the AWP sound is actually a pretty good change just because they included the shock and the crack of the bolt action rifle being shot.
electric_hiccup 707 (7 months ago)
I thought this would be a feb 2018 vid about the update.
elbe00 (7 months ago)
Dont mind me, iam just on my way to steal your bitch.
ChroneZ (7 months ago)
Clapped_pupper Oak (7 months ago)
Lol osu
Dosty CZ (7 months ago)
Anomaly play osu
kyokasan (8 months ago)
i saw osu!
strats CS:GO (8 months ago)
The new awp sound sounds so normal now in 2018 xD
VrLOUD gaming (8 months ago)
I was them to go back to source engine 1. valve does not realize one thing many of us low end of gamers back then got 60fps then came the new sounds and lowered a little bit. then came the source engine change and I got 30-20 fps. now they added skins, new maps, and realistic designs?! And now I'm left with 15-5 fps! I'm better off playing css or cs 1.6! fuck csgo! they were better how the game looked like before! #BringBackOldCSGO
Slow Ping (8 months ago)
2:25 Old school runescape hell yea
Unites Brand that (8 months ago)
Video games are not met to be realistic I don't understand why they are doing this shit
b69420 (8 months ago)
Everyone wants to see those stat track gloves
Rud3T (8 months ago)
Nacrocent (8 months ago)
Strit (8 months ago)
Was dejis gift a bigger forehead and a better trim
iMfUcKiNgGaY (9 months ago)
ayy lmao who want to play csgo 2013 beta
big kuk (9 months ago)
RIP arma
Filip Munk (9 months ago)
"They did fix the hitboxes" he say.
BTB BEAST (9 months ago)
bruh the fucking scout sounds like an airsoft gun, fucking retarded
Ih Gaming (9 months ago)
I Think awp is THE only Good sound
RLUCZ (9 months ago)
Now they sound normal
Miles Fazendin (10 months ago)
The sounds are so much better now that they’ve been out
Aticovsky (10 months ago)
2:28 i see osu xd
SolidBloke _ (10 months ago)
Dude the sound u put on the weapons gave me a 26cm boner
SolidBloke _ (10 months ago)
yashoo 76 (10 months ago)
Why does he overreact so fucking much
Jaick_ Cool (10 months ago)
"Csgo in a year" well pal..
marcisxd (10 months ago)
gloves yeet
deqnq _alt (11 months ago)
The intro 10/10
Yer Mom (11 months ago)
Uhh 1 year later it became a weird game that you like
Esel (11 months ago)
The bf3 part killed me
DarkTheInkling (11 months ago)
1 millionth view! Ya boy!
DENMarkus Gaming (11 months ago)
1 year later We have Low budget operations that go 1 year from each other....
Owpi (11 months ago)
Anomaly has Osu WUT!?
Elijah Hernandez (11 months ago)
it sounds better...... idk what sounds so bad but understand that they should focus on the bugs
virgin boi (11 months ago)
Cs chernarus edition real shit?
XD (11 months ago)
BlueBarron (11 months ago)
Lets see How Csgo will be in lets say... A year. Welp One year later still shit
RejectedWizard (1 year ago)
First comment one year in the future.
Macek (1 year ago)
Jamie Hollman (1 year ago)
fuuuuuuccckkk me i carnt play awp any more jrnfvcdhgbdxv jbc vgfbhgbs
wizzard (1 year ago)
Sep 21, 2016 -Anomaly: "How will CS:GO look like in a year?" Today (11 months apart) CSGO is dead, and most players moved to pubg.
I burped when you did
Maria (1 year ago)
i dont hear a difference
M8 no that is bf3 sounds you fatty
Anomaly how you can bind your viewmodel settings?
Now With Less Aids (1 year ago)
No one else notice the voicecrack at 1:48 ?
Bulletz 4 Breakfast (1 year ago)
Csgo in 2318 anyone?
TheSeriousShow (1 year ago)
Awp is still good, but ssg is autism
MadEyeMo :o (1 year ago)
The weapons still sound unreal and a little bit shit
Vaous (1 year ago)
Wtf anomaly play osu
Labr on (1 year ago)
2:26 nice runescape
d3xd (1 year ago)
Sorry (Hello for my bad english)
-Hulikepteri- (1 year ago)
2:04 Mod name?
KRiMZiN (1 year ago)
One year later, KEYCHAINS
connor (1 year ago)
Wtf anomaly has osu? 1v1 me osu u won't XDDDDD
i’m clout af (1 year ago)
What CS will look like in a year 1 year later - I have bad news....
I think the new AWP sound makes some level of sense. I mean, it is a *1-SHOT-CANNON* so it should sound as powerful as it is. Note: I think this new sound is actually too weak it shouldn't just like thunder, it should sound like God slamming his ****, it should sound like a fucking nuke! Just absolute earrape!

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