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The Story of Swag: A Prodigy Banned (CS:GO)

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Braxton “swag” Pierce was once one of North American Counter-Strike’s fastest-rising stars. Now, he’s on the sidelines. But before he was permanently banned from Valve events, swag was considered by some to be the next great NA player, and there were plenty of indications that it might happen. Born in North Carolina in 1995, swag was seven years old when he played Counter-Strike for the first time. Initially trying the game at his cousin’s house, his obsession with the game was not immediate. Like so many players though, he was eventually sucked in by CS 1.6. Written by Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet) Edited and narrated by Sean Meiliunas (@Dyna_Sean) Courtesy List: Tarik Stream VODs Courtesy: Tarik Link: www.twitch.tv/tarik Freakazoid Stream VODs Courtesy: FreakazoidTV Link: www.twitch.tv/freakazoid Brax at cs_summit Courtesy: Beyond The Summit Link: https://youtu.be/DpGMOy6qse8 ESEA VODs & Interviews Courtesy: ESEA Link: https://www.youtube.com/goesea Cs_summit VODs Courtesy: Beyond The Summit Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQRMfaTeGY2JCCMCFia2F6w m0E_tv Stream VODs Courtesy: m0E_tv Link: www.twitch.tv/m0E_tv Swag - iwnl- Courtesy: krazydamnklown Link: https://youtu.be/TO1-ZjJN49E Counter-Strike Global Offensive Trailer Courtesy: Valve Link: https://youtu.be/edYCtaNueQY Complexity vs Curse - ESEA S14 LAN Courtesy: ComplexityINSIDER Link: https://youtu.be/nXmCLNKrkq4 Swag Raps Courtesy: Ben Roesser Link: https://youtu.be/bL1mt1swzrY FACEIT VODs Courtesy: FACEIT Link: www.twitch.com/faceittv CEVO TV VODs Courtesy: CEVO Link: www.twitch.com/playcevo C9 SWAGS FIRST MAJOR TOURNAMENT SINCE 2 YEARS!! (CS Summit Vlog) Courtesy: n0thingtv Link: www.youtube.com/n0thingtv Brax/Swag Stream VODs Courtesy: brax Link: www.twitch.tv/brax Steel Stream VODs Courtesy: steel_tv Link: www.twitch.com/steel_tv Cloud9 BTS Recap ft. Braxton Swag Pierce Courtesy: stewie2ktv Link: www.youtube.com/stewie2ktv Swag Frag Movie Courtesy: Swift Link: https://youtu.be/avhL29XZ5yc Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (3446)
Griffin Burns (15 hours ago)
In any other professional sports league fixing a game would get you banned from the league. He wasn't some kid he was a month from being 18 and can be held accountable for his actions. If we want esports to be taken seriously we cant have a soft hand to this sort of thing.
Gerry (3 days ago)
Nootno0t (6 days ago)
Dexterity Gaming (6 days ago)
the young prodigy
Galactus TM (6 days ago)
Too much faggy drama. 12 mins? Sort yourself out mate.
smokingkills148 (7 days ago)
Why you guys making video like he is a hero he is a cheater
jericho silla (7 days ago)
This kind of vids and series inspires me a lot and do more on gaming, Great videos, shroud series is the best for me.
Alonzo Harris (8 days ago)
To all idiots saying "Swag is free" no he is not. Yes he can compete in ESL but he is still Permabanned from Valve competitions meaning any team with aspirations to go to Major will not sign him because he can't go there. He will never have a legit career because of this.
Spam My (9 days ago)
Wanted to prove that skins = skill
Chrono Crusade (11 days ago)
Yea i was once a prodigy too, too bad i woke up
nat in (11 days ago)
why is cheating not a permaban but max fixing is
Feigned (13 days ago)
Brax gets banned indefinitely and forsaken who CHEATED at LAN gets a 5 year ban????? #FREEBRAX
Albert Khuraijam (14 days ago)
I saw shroud Lol.... The losing team... But my favourite First person shooter gamer is shroud!
Tim Younger (15 days ago)
Zane Boettcher (15 days ago)
Damn, forsaken LITERALLY gets caught cheating and a 5 year ban... Brax gets caught in a scam as a young kid who didn't realize the magnitude of what he did and banned for life.
Jakob Hostnik (15 days ago)
Thats why u use snapchat to chat things like that ;)
FrostCop YT (16 days ago)
You always should give a second chance, how can someone learn from his errors if you don't give him the chance to do it by life banning him?
l l (17 days ago)
Hmm just saying you are not even allowed to make bets on my American soil so practically ibuypower did bot steal any money whoever bet was not even supposed to
Heavy Feather (17 days ago)
Outstanding Narration. High Quality production.
Gankageddon (17 days ago)
I don't feel bad at all. I hope those little shits stay perma-banned. Match fixing and cheating others out of money, you deserve what you get.
KingHub (17 days ago)
career ruined for 700 dollars lmao
SgtPickledic (18 days ago)
actually vac bans only last 10 years..
Se7enPIKeaT (18 days ago)
song 4:56 pls
Paul Ong (18 days ago)
No matter how good u are, if break the rules then accept the consequences.
PixieTheDude (19 days ago)
just because hes good doesnt mean he shouldnt be punished, he broke the rules, he deserves what he got and then some
Professor Hicman (16 days ago)
PixieTheDude that still doesnt make any sense. I have simply pointed out the fact that there was no rules about match fixing, so you would know, and that makes me an idiot?
PixieTheDude (17 days ago)
+Professor Hicman its the kind of thing that should go without saying, but because of idiots like you i guess it has to be
Professor Hicman (17 days ago)
PixieTheDude no im not. When this happened there were 0 rules about match fixing
PixieTheDude (17 days ago)
+Professor Hicman are you genuinely this stupid?
Professor Hicman (17 days ago)
PixieTheDude what rules? At the time there were no rules for match fixing.
Shark (20 days ago)
Free swag
Ayush Chaturvedi (20 days ago)
6:33 shroud
icewallowcman (20 days ago)
He's white! He's innocent!
markseph 27 (20 days ago)
6:32 is that shroud?
Scott Robinson (20 days ago)
He should just play a different game that isn't made or sponsored by valve. There are plenty of FPS out there.
R Royal (20 days ago)
why are you making it so dramatic, just cringe
Shadow (20 days ago)
This is way too dramatic lol
He deserved the ban. Period.
donsknots (21 days ago)
fucking ex girl friend blood sucker
Se7enPIKeaT (21 days ago)
free braxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Quality Trash (21 days ago)
He should move to a different game
I see shroud there
Wise Rift124 (22 days ago)
What did he do
stimpen12 (22 days ago)
Did they fix the match to get/win some skins that they could sell for $700? Why do something like that for only $700?
Utsugi Lenka (22 days ago)
Then here comes forsaken
This kid is a fucking amazing savant.
Saucε (22 days ago)
if you look at 1:09 and try to tell me this kid wasn't CONSTANTLY on some form of stimulant then you're a fool
Liselotte Pumeluff (22 days ago)
It just tears me up to know we will NEVER see him be unbanned :(
kratus XD (22 days ago)
And now forsaken
Traphokage Ks (23 days ago)
he paid to play with evil genius at 2012 .....
I used to play against swag when I didn't know he was a pro gamer. I'm older. Been playing CS since 1998. So, I don't pay attention to many people. Swag caught my attention when we used to play in the same servers, for years. I would beat him more often than he'd beat me, like 60/40. However, I recognized him as a legit CS player, not a hacker. The dude will always have my respect.
Scienceofstupid (17 days ago)
Add me
Zakk Clemmons (23 days ago)
I don't even play csgo, this is a great video though.
iz2sicc (23 days ago)
Whatever. He was, and still is, just a kid. Give him a break. Someone with that kind of talent should not be held back.
Greassyman Greassy (23 days ago)
What’s did he get banned for
Geeked (23 days ago)
All this for $700? For each? Are they braindead?
Ase (23 days ago)
erdem celik (24 days ago)
Hey look guys ! its the guy who threw the IBP game for a "Negev" aww p.s he is a very smart gamer tho
Battle Boy (24 days ago)
adma (24 days ago)
kinda valves fault for not having any sort of rule against throwing a match and kinda messed up to perma ban for that i think the message would definitely get across if they banned them but stated a perma ban for anything after
JADEN ROS CHEATS (24 days ago)
Well swag is in Swole Patrols now
Henry Crick (24 days ago)
Shrouds face tho 6:30
BoB Lee Swagger (25 days ago)
Why youtube force me to watch this Cuz my name is swagger lol♥
michael delos reyes (25 days ago)
In dota 2.. w33 cheated as well. Why valve didnt ban him???
Misa Spasic (25 days ago)
Games are considered sports now? Sad...
Methos (25 days ago)
Hope they never gets unbanned.
Operator_six (25 days ago)
crewcutter2030 (26 days ago)
Make a tournament for banned players, swags team vs optic india hahaha
TheChosenOne (26 days ago)
i played when i was 13, 2001, and still play, im prob the only one that hasnt played on professional level, but i still rape everyone, and every game they call me hacker hahah
Nico Del Puerto (26 days ago)
who is the man at the back of the voice-over?
Nico Del Puerto (26 days ago)
6:33 shroudy boy haha
James Odeal (27 days ago)
abc 123 (27 days ago)
And forsaken didnt get banned for cheating :))))’j
Tackle Shack (27 days ago)
Video games are not a sport you fucking clowns get over it
ARMYZEN (28 days ago)
For me yes #freeswag but VALVE must be fair if HE can be unbanned why other dont deserve it why just bcs of fan? see you got it why valve wont unbanned him,yes he got nice aim -
Prod. Hxrford (28 days ago)
csgo is a such a shit game though
anas aseez (29 days ago)
Volvo unban this kid ffs
Viktorija Rossi (29 days ago)
I'm crying
MathRicksYT PH (30 days ago)
#freeswag bring the fallen titan back from the dead
Jorge Siles (30 days ago)
Why is he banned?
Dakotah B (1 month ago)
Im still confused. Brax got banned for throwing?
Julian Eder (1 month ago)
Well im just waitin till the next CS comes out i want to see a lot of them players back KQLY and Swag in particular
driskibers (1 month ago)
#Freeswag Now!
Duong Dnh (1 month ago)
Dota 2 player throw : Ok let's ban him 4 a year CSGO player throw : Yk what let's ban them 4 life, even tho they prob gonna become best NA roster
Scarecrow (1 month ago)
Skadoodle LOL
borisas Guzitajevas (1 month ago)
i love your voice!
alistair bolden (1 month ago)
These guys knew full well that game fixing was perma ban, and they did it anyway. honestly value should have IP banned swag and ban any account he steams on. Players like him are not welcome in the community no matter how good they may be. Also C9 are a bunch of scum for picking up and supporting a player that went so far out of the realms of fair play. If they were players in any other non espot they would not have been allowed to never compete in it again in any form. and other teams would not wish to assocate with them.
alistair bolden (5 days ago)
+Qasim Roble You think a runner or someone competing in long jump who takes performance enhancement drugs would be welcome back on a national team again? ever? No. Its about buildings and maintaining respect for the sport. Its not like he did't know that max fixing would result in this.
Qasim Roble (5 days ago)
And I hope Noone on this planet will give you a second chance because you are perfect
Philipp Wie (1 month ago)
Matchfixing => Perma-Ban => Career over. The way it should be.
matt (1 month ago)
Don’t ever tel your girlfriend about your dirty secrets
Survivor Bubble_Nugget (1 month ago)
Robin Pathania (1 month ago)
6:30 - 6:35 u can see shroud
sid24 (1 month ago)
No shit Sherlock,it:s vs C9
paula palazon (1 month ago)
Got some Amazing Tean Astralis One off swag from the FaceIt Majors for sale!! This stuff is rare!!reapond with your Facebook contact if your interested:)
that guy mant1s (1 month ago)
Emissary SparkBird (1 month ago)
Fuck Valve tbh. Swag is a great player and it was not even in his hands related what happened. He is an amazing and friendly guy. Meanwhile Fnatic used unhonorful methods and still play who cares if that was not in the rules
Crypt (1 month ago)
Fuck em keep it perma. Shouldn't be a cunt and fix games
Cosmonauteable (1 month ago)
darrendiaz (1 month ago)
Lmao the music that played during the “expose” part made me feel like I was seeing some real classified government shit😂😂😂
mup .inigan (1 month ago)
i agree with the ban but i also agree with the unban. He was a 15 year old kid with a promising career then dazed and steel popped off luring him with some skin money... he was 15. Tell me how easy it is to manipulate kids with this age...
Nefff (1 month ago)
I'm glad these guys are banned. They deserved this.
Rek_s (1 month ago)
"This guy prefires angles that doesnt exist"
First Last (24 days ago)
silver like mo, lol
SparKz Gota and More (25 days ago)
Swizrad you are silver then lol
Swizrad (1 month ago)
To be fair every time I try to take B from apartments I get shot from a new angle that I didn't even know existed
elyaSensei (1 month ago)
V E N D E T T A (1 month ago)
Joe Pris Calpito (1 month ago)
Story of hiko pls
Haww shiiet! *dies* (1 month ago)
BusyBasaz (1 month ago)
Pff, loser.
Kyle Labbe (1 month ago)

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