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Counter-Strike: ONLINE 2 Is Dead! - Servers Shut Down!

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Here are some bad news, Counter-Strike: ONLINE 2 is done for. Nexon is shutting down all servers! Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/ESCalationOffic
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Text Comments (180)
Rino Takashi (18 days ago)
Counter-Strike: ONLINE 2 Is alive Korean version
Shazi Ch (1 month ago)
release cs online 3
Klipxgate (1 month ago)
Honestly it looked like it had potential
omg omg (3 months ago)
cs online 2 is dead
RuneDemoN (4 months ago)
A korean pay to win has more weapons and maps than CSGO. Nice
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
jep nice
Jack DJ (4 months ago)
oh god, i don't understand the language on cso2! but.. my brain exe has stopped working
Alex Statham (4 months ago)
I wish to play cso2
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
i wish to!
MacProductsReview (4 months ago)
lol of course the servers will be dead u idiot it's was on beta lol
彭狗JohnnyPeng (5 months ago)
while cso1 aka csnz is still alive for 10 years
Dyde Adc (5 months ago)
the maps look fucking gorgeus. Chinese games tend to do that. League Of Legends for example looks more sharper and lighter with more HD. I just saw a glimpse of that Aztec in this video and i already regret not even trying this. I would really love to see and explore the style of Assault,Dust,Dust2,Aztec,Vertigo,Cbble,Militia etc. Also maps we saw in 1.6 that didn't make it to CSGO. Like Prodigy,Oilrig,747 etc.. Oh and the SAS look so fucking good i swear. Matter of fact every model (the normal ones. Not anime girls with wings and fox tails) Are great and should be added.
Anyone here who once has played CS:Online? (iahgames dev version) if u guys had played that once, you guys are awesome and has a good old-game hood
Bengie g (5 months ago)
Well if you watch useru then you wouldn't have missed this.... :(
xJKammder_ (6 months ago)
I hope, I hope they're doing this for Nexon Zombies 2
*遺忘 (6 months ago)
No.Not all of CSO2 servers are shutting down by Nexon
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
harriz moktar (6 months ago)
Nexon is really good in asia but sometime the pay to win is too much ..
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
oh crap........
Honzas1 (6 months ago)
CS:GO Dying too :-(
Mr Sparklepants (6 months ago)
Nexon has been shutting down a lot of their shooters lately
Fahrenheight (6 months ago)
Rest in penis.
Jan Deiniel Ramirez (6 months ago)
The good news is, theres a Garry's Mod addon that has CSO2 weapons [but not all of them such as the XM8 that you liked or the skins]. I heard that someone can dump the files from the game.
Sister Of The Devil (6 months ago)
They must make more server room for Maplestory
Jerry Martin (6 months ago)
damn it cso 1 was shutdown now cso2 is getting shut down this is bad because cs nexon zombies doesent work in asia
The Wolf (6 months ago)
Ur Beta Maps 1.6 server is as dead as this game... No but seriously tho, anyone wanna play? xD
roblox gaming (6 months ago)
batter than cs:go its canelled so i cant play it now 2018??
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
I can`t login to cso2
Hexagonal (7 months ago)
awe damn i wanted to play it at some point :(
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
I can`t login to CSO2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ikagura (7 months ago)
Good riddance
Untittled (7 months ago)
377th liker.
club csnz (7 months ago)
*Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies* Is LIVE
RedFox 007 (25 days ago)
о ты тута
Petar Šimunović (2 months ago)
Probably shittiest game with biggest potential. So many things are wrong and pure p2w.
darklegended gaming (3 months ago)
club csnz stupid nexon
ToriaTo (3 months ago)
Under Games (5 months ago)
Lucky bastards...I searched at steam for this game and it said it's unavailable at our country😐
X hard rocker (7 months ago)
*Meanwhile CS:O is still alive*
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
ikagura (7 months ago)
Nik Godina (7 months ago)
=( nooooooooooooooooo why i love this game =,'(
ZomboidArea (7 months ago)
South Korea is going down in 26 april
Oleboy555 (7 months ago)
Simon Fork (7 months ago)
The fans must be sour krauts now.
Victor Kurniawan Santoso (7 months ago)
Ok who can make CSO offline version?
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
there is one
ecto (7 months ago)
ikagura (7 months ago)
ikagura (7 months ago)
RIP hah
Jojje4567 (7 months ago)
Once again another example that online-only stuff has an eventual expiry date.
Adam Luci (7 months ago)
Im so freaking want to play this game, even with bots..
Sokol (7 months ago)
Goodbye Chinese Communist propaganda.
Abaddon (7 months ago)
Terraria: Otherworld canceled, now this. I wanted this to come to Europe. Fucking Friday the 13th...
McNabbot (7 months ago)
Hopefully, some modders will do what they did with Counter-Strike Xtreme and make the game totally standalone. If anybody is curious as to what Counter-Strike Xtreme is, it's the first Counter-Strike Online game with all of the anime girls and nonsensical weapons you'd expect (like a goddamn guitar rifle and an MG42 made out of Lego) in a standalone package with a few other modes included like zombie mode. It even works with 1.6 maps so look for a legit download link if you're interested.
cars (4 months ago)
McNabbot lol, sounds fun
Sharkboy1006 (6 months ago)
McNabbot (7 months ago)
Oh I havent heard of that, I'll look it up, thanks!
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
theres CS breakthrough edition which has more features and more uptodate weapons
LilArmalite (7 months ago)
Not as p2w tbh, compared to CSO (1) It's overall pretty balanced although some weapons might been looking a it easier to play rather than absolute OP like in CSO with the Rune sword and the Buff weapons. You can also get most weapons for free with game points that you get for playing, and the rest are just skins.
OverPlaysGames (7 months ago)
Not big surprise.
ᅚDen (7 months ago)
Good riddance.
Sea Biscuit (7 months ago)
They should have released it on Steam
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
thats just bad move
ikagura (7 months ago)
GodOfGamingBG (7 months ago)
is there any way to port player/weapon models over to other CS games? Last time I checked the CSO2 files were encrypted and no decryption tool existed, unlike CSO 1...
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
Making them takes a lot of time, especially cso2 is closing down soon. Theres one in csgo workshop
Celine Senden (7 months ago)
That is a war game
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
WobbuffetSilverKing (7 months ago)
Press F for Respect
Fića Games (7 months ago)
WobbuffetSilverKing ⭕*
I love both version of the game becuase how weird the game is
Jolly ol Stalin (7 months ago)
Dust I anyone?
jedrus gasnica (7 months ago)
and i wanted to download it tomorrow
jedrus gasnica (7 months ago)
MLG Dew (7 months ago)
jedrus gasnica You still can, but it won't last long.
Tharus (7 months ago)
B-b-but.. I love the thicc artworks :'(
Xander Niles (7 months ago)
That game wasn't that good either, god... I hate pay 2 win games.
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
It was pretty fun, in this game the pay to win dont have a lot of impact unlike the prequel
Paul T (7 months ago)
I never played this, but seeing games die is a pretty serious issue nowadays, one which is going to get a lot worse over time. I miss the old days of a game going into the hands of the community. EA especially likes to purposely kill games, and then legally block any attempts to revive them. They are scum
Flex Gopnik (7 months ago)
Man they only need to make it a more like western games get it! And then relase it as a straight game!
Steffen Hohler (6 months ago)
Yeah, but I would like to keep "First kill, Headshot, Double KIll" etc. announcements. Microtransactions ok (if F2P) without OP guns. If Pay 2 Play (I would definitely buy it) then I wouldn´t like to see microtransactions. All in all if they´re only cosmetic it´s the best way.
Skylurker (7 months ago)
Thank god I thought you where a furry
Frostie (7 months ago)
Hi ESCalation. I would like to contribute to the video contents on Counter Strike Online 2. like translate campaign script for ENG subtitles, unpacking some game files.. or more. If you plan to make additional videos on CS:O2, please reply anytime. this is my first translated campaign video. have you saw this? https://youtu.be/kN4ELPCy_ME Thank you. Frostie.
Soap MacTavish (7 months ago)
Is this works with the old source engine or csgo engine?
Soap MacTavish (7 months ago)
Abaddon thanks, thats the answer i spected. I will check it out later. I want to port some models to cs 1.6
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
Abaddon is right
Abaddon (7 months ago)
I guess that this game uses a custom Source Engine build that was built upon the CSS one but I can be wrong.
Soap MacTavish (7 months ago)
Fića Games of course captain obvius. This game, use the same build of css or csgo?
Fića Games (7 months ago)
Soap MacTavish CS:S uses Source engine too, that's why it has Source in the name
ceezy (7 months ago)
911 aufrufe **lennyface**
Evan Ace (7 months ago)
I still play CSO 1 Indonesia server, i only playing ZS mode (more like Story Mode vs Zombie) yet it still fun. If ur teammate have anti zombie weapon, u can just pick their weapon easily like csgo. The only bad thing is. U will met cheaters in PVP mode. So i recommend play PVE mode (ZS or HS) since there is an achievement and reward
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
I can`t login to cso1 and cso2
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
evan syadilla well, yes if you want a more stable ping just play csnz. By the way there is new update where you can make your own map in-game.
Evan Ace (7 months ago)
Ekacahya Garfiantama CSO Indonesia server update are more further than CSNZ so.......Y not
Evan Ace (7 months ago)
NOT The Thunder G.O.D megaxus.com then search counter strike online
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
there is no CSNZ in asia, only CSO and vice versa. How did you got IP blocks?
Non-Shingy Audino (7 months ago)
Honest question: I’ve never played cs online 2 but could you make bot servers like you could in cs source, condition zero or 1.6? Are there even bots in the game?
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
there is, someone is making a mod for it from css. its still pretty unstable but you can try
JanKaszanka (7 months ago)
Port the maps!
fast0025ify (7 months ago)
This sucks! I always wanted this game to come to the West. :(
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
mi to
GuyOnAChair ​​ (7 months ago)
I noticed the fox tail in the thumbnail lol.
GuyOnAChair ​​ (7 months ago)
Metal Gear? A Hind D?
Solleq (7 months ago)
It's Asians, what did you expect? A normal soldiers killing eachother?
BlueNightHawk (7 months ago)
I downloaded it just last week just to delete it again.
Night Shadow (7 months ago)
Why all asian steam games get canceled XD
Maga Skill (5 months ago)
Night Shadow its made in china
dustojnik hummer (7 months ago)
Night Shadow because of official CSGO release in China
Olika120 (7 months ago)
Kei Dasshu (7 months ago)
man i hope someone can make a private server for it / make it work for offline
André Felipe (7 months ago)
The guy is still working in an update for his mod. The old version works pretty good I must say. All I want is a bspsrc to Port maps over to other games, seems he also knows how to do it.
Kei Dasshu (7 months ago)
yeah i think i remember coming across that before
Some guys tried to make CSO2 Offline version. They modded Counter-Strike: Source to make it look like Counter-Strike Online 2.
SirKsMaps (7 months ago)
All those Maps... Somebody needs to port them all over to CS:GO xD
André Felipe (7 months ago)
CSO2 does use bsp maps lol.
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
cs neo is based of cscz, not source. But some source features present in neo, so its half Goldsrc (or hybrid?). cso uses bsp but cso2 doesnt so that makes is WAY difficult than cso's porting. Anyway, why bothering port maps from cso since its just cscz maps?
WiBS0N (7 months ago)
SriKs im talking abut what evan is talking about. He really never been into the modding community of cs
SirKsMaps (7 months ago)
there ARE cso2 maps in the csgo workshop - but they are just some awp / dust2. I think the filesize could be one of the main issues here. dont know though. :D
incredibil45 (7 months ago)
SmokWed there is no way they dont use bsp maps lol. I dont think they bothered to rewrite what type of file format maps the source engine uses lol. Besides, cso maps were ported to cs1.6 therefore i believe it is possible. People managed to get a few maps from cs neo to work somehow in css and they couldnt get cso2 maps to work too? :P
Carlo Vicente (7 months ago)
iCrazyBlaze (7 months ago)
and yet nexon zombies isn't, that piece of shit. Someone should take the amazing maps from this game and port them to gmod.....
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
ok thanks
Haldis- (7 months ago)
Well, surely it's fun while it last. R.I.P CSO 2.
ultr4nima (7 months ago)
Alexplayz (7 months ago)
Wait is it possible to port over the maps to csgo
Dghostkiller 888 (3 months ago)
Ultrabyte (6 months ago)
Yep,but its hard..
One guy once ported Dust2 from CSO2 to CS:GO. So we can actually port maps.
Mikko (7 months ago)
Chiewie 016 (7 months ago)
Asia is full of p2w games, the best part about playing p2w fps is to kill p2w scrubs with free weapons.
Omar Elkahky (2 months ago)
Or atleast getting over-powered weapons for free without paying any single penny. **COUGH!** Nexon: Zombies.
ikagura (7 months ago)
That and gatcha games
3d comrade (7 months ago)
Chiewie 016 yeah point blank crossfire etc.
Koen Morre (7 months ago)
Chiewie 016 true skill is better
Ali Balyemez (7 months ago)
Ich mochte die gelöchten Szenen von CS:CZ sowohl das Gameplay als auch die kleine Geschichten dahinter noch bis heute.
Steffen Hohler (6 months ago)
Ich habs auch gerne gespielt.
PCVeteran (7 months ago)
Also First
PCVeteran (7 months ago)
Zeropalooba (7 months ago)
Exos Galaxy (7 months ago)
I have never been this early.
Benny (7 months ago)
Paul von Hindenburg (7 months ago)
Dang. It was a fairly fun game. But the Chinese hacking was a big problem. Also bugged severs and people getting banned.
Random nothingness (7 months ago)
RobinTheHedgehog (7 months ago)
I wanted to play this game so badly...
MR.KIRUHA (2 months ago)
Download mod for css
darklegended gaming (3 months ago)
Xander Niles XD
Paul1025 (4 months ago)
Me too :(
Under Games (5 months ago)
Xander Niles sad that CS Nexon Zombies are on specific countries ° ^° I want CS:GO to be replaced by this gameeee dis is betterrrr.
Yoshino Yuuki (6 months ago)
me too i personally want to play this more than CS:GO why it's closed?? it's beautiful waiting like forever too bzzt
GunnerNii_™ (7 months ago)
Mr Mikro (7 months ago)
Nobody cares
Olivér Lantos (6 months ago)
Mr Mikro ok was just asking
Mr Mikro (7 months ago)
Olivér Lantos That's true too
l0m (7 months ago)
Mr Mikro and your opinion
Olivér Lantos (7 months ago)
Mr Mikro about you
Dummy Account (7 months ago)

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