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CS 1.6 Server Zombie Escape Mod [Alcatraz]

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[Alcatraz] Zombie Escape | EXP | MultiJump | ip:
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Text Comments (88)
Barnus Channel (2 days ago)
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ú á é ű ő ó ü ö ű
Flenn AJ StyLeS (10 days ago)
Server is longer exist.... it closed year ago.
EzBucks (15 days ago)
Lol lol you are noob
Batuhan oyunda (20 days ago)
Sw. İp. Si. Ne ?
annisa febyan (22 days ago)
Leo Terceros (28 days ago)
El server es argentino?
Divine (1 month ago)
Music intro?
connect i am russia
no zombie escape zombie plague edited
Beche Arshad (2 months ago)
How do you get that gun?
Mr. Bad Frosty (2 months ago)
When i unarchive the documents they are going in cs but its not running - dont launching
Eglence Ve Geycan (2 months ago)
Introdaki muzigin adine
mo7tarfe al7asob (3 months ago)
Dziabarez (3 months ago)
wrong IP address
Yassin Pop Pop (3 months ago)
TheKillerZM,CsBlackDevil.Com [Zombie OutStanding UltimateX]---------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ╔►~> Name #TheKillerZM.Cs.BlackDevil.Com [Zombie OutStanding UltimateX] ╠►~> #IP: 🤗 ╠►~> #Port: 27011 🤗 ╠►~> #Owners:Yassin Ben & Qosay & Aiesh ╠►~> #VIP TOP 1 + 2 + 3 😉 ╠►~> #ADMIN : HELPER For Free ╠►~> #Join Us & Have Fun ❤ ^^ GT:https:https://www.gametracker.com/server_i…/
Fikstsue Ehdjdjheye (4 months ago)
Si trapnej
AFK 35 (4 months ago)
hi i am your fans admin me ?
SNIPEZZ206 (5 months ago)
get a better computer
CyberGamerTV (5 months ago)
server ip:
Flenn AJ StyLeS (10 days ago)
one of the the best ze servers ...
blue name (5 months ago)
I like my people still say cn e roman
Eglence Ve Geycan (5 months ago)
Giristeki muzigin adini bilen varmi
xXTheScarXx (6 months ago)
oe men me sigue el sv ?
sandis petersons (7 months ago)
best veapon bro
sandis petersons (7 months ago)
sandis petersons (7 months ago)
Clovis Santos (7 months ago)
stetan agent00 7 (8 months ago)
good server
{El Gamer Royal} (8 months ago)
Im level 95
Ip server?
Levi Professional (9 months ago)
Klaudio ThePro (10 months ago)
ckemi te gjithe djema ju lutem mundeni te subscribe channelin tim
Flenn AJ StyLeS (10 months ago)
The Best ZE Server Ever!
TheYourNameMan (11 months ago)
Wow this copy is awesome
Soufian Blfakir (11 months ago)
ياخوي انت وين تسكن
GHOOSER SpotifyON (11 months ago)
Carjan Razvan (7 months ago)
Vasile Negrea ai dreptate si eu am vazut
Kevin Gallegos (1 year ago)
is the only map?
ILYASS PLAYS (1 year ago)
server closed ??
Flenn AJ StyLeS (10 months ago)
Huluta Cosmin (1 year ago)
D A N I S (1 year ago)
i have the same Level on my server
Mirnes Hodzic (1 year ago)
svi se plase
Tkz_ THEMASTER86 (1 year ago)
you always fail
Sufwan Jilani (1 year ago)
please sv ip
sourceG4U (1 year ago)
make me admin??
Kanna Da dragon loli (10 months ago)
He is not the owner
hamdy saad (1 year ago)
nice ;)
mateus silva souza (1 year ago)
nao foi no meu
Sabxander (1 year ago)
the zombie can jump 2 times??
Kanna Da dragon loli (10 months ago)
Humans and zombies can
Neicer Menendez (1 year ago)
jajajjajaja por torpe moriste XD
Trigger Insane ! (1 year ago)
I like your Modes give me ip pls
MIKE CSO (1 year ago)
The frost grenades you must leave to the end for when the zombies arrive you play on them
Flenn AJ StyLeS (1 year ago)
please tell me what heppen to that server !!!
Kanna Da dragon loli (10 months ago)
Nothing just doesnt work for few people
Dj_Smokeツ (1 year ago)
(y )
master piece. (1 year ago)
a o ma qyky srw se shqiptar koki
Emanuel Tomșa (1 year ago)
mă bucur că am văzut și un roman în video. bine PENALDO 4:45
TeLOVEsc (1 year ago)
no more server my name cs: Te_LOVEsc
Joker igrovoi kanal (1 year ago)
TeLOVEsc oinap bilet birak kutyrat sosin tusip kalat
TeLOVEsc p
الشيخ زنكا (1 year ago)
you so Bad man 😂😂
Kanna Da dragon loli (10 months ago)
He is better than u .-.
Koray Aksungur (1 year ago)
NaderSnoopy 12346vd d koray.aksungur.66700@gmail.com hdmk nb jvmn💃👸👮🎅
Cisneros YT (1 year ago)
yes Game Plays
Soulja Toshii boy (9 months ago)
Gamer Tn hdfhjdhsu
sourceG4U (1 year ago)
yes have some respect it's like sis :3
Gamer Tn (1 year ago)
shut up and respect you fuck :3
Carlos dulce de luka (1 year ago)
Cisneros YT hace cuanto juegas counter strike? :0 pd: pasa una IP 🙌😅
Cisneros YT (1 year ago)
ejderya avcısı Niño rata 😒
Shqipe Gaming TV (1 year ago)
Albanian Server The Best Alcatraz
Mohammed Aldraji (10 months ago)
Shqipe Gaming TV ha
Mohammed Aldraji (10 months ago)
Shqipe Gaming TV le
KillingSpree7 (1 year ago)
Model pack pls
Dragon RA (1 year ago)
KillingSpree7 server pack
BmX LZ (1 year ago)
This is the cs 1.6 server i play:D
Kanna Da dragon loli (10 months ago)
We all have it :P
pingpong gaming (1 year ago)
abonné sur la page moi
Kanna Da dragon loli (10 months ago)
Kanna Da dragon loli (10 months ago)
Oleh Umanets (1 year ago)
ISMAIL OTMANE TOLBA глэбвсфнесвхщл пану е
dame el Grupo del Zombie escape Alcatraz y el foro y el grupo
el servidor Es tuyo
TheYourNameMan (11 months ago)
no es de el solamente es una copia a drunkgaming y lancelot games ve a Jairito mapper y aparecera este server

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