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The Story of xPeke: The Backdoor Legend

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More than maybe any other League of Legends player, Enrique “xPeke” Cedeno Martinez is a man of two legacies. One is his history as a player: one of the game’s most renowned, from the earliest days of organized competitive play. He has won incredible victories and won fans with his playful attitude. The other is the organization he built: its rise from Challenger to incredible competitive heights, And then its disappearance in 2017. With one firmly cemented and the other now in question, the story of a mid laner who captured the imagination and excitement of a young esports audience is more relevant than ever. This is xPeke’s story. Written and voiced by: Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet) Video edited by: Matt Massey Animations by: Christian Pearson (@Chr_Pearson) Production assisted by: Sebastien Martin-Schultz (@wusomusic) Production assisted by: Niall Mccrossan Footage courtesy of : https://pastebin.com/Ld4ac6cb Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (338)
Jonathan Dee (3 hours ago)
Getting xPeke'd in League and getting C9'd in Overwatch... FeelsQtMan
Rachel Royce (1 day ago)
23:13 that blurred butt crack
liu travis (1 day ago)
There aren't as many sex jokes as I imagined in the comments.
TOOL (2 days ago)
You guys make everything happening in league a big deal , it's just normal as fuck
villen (3 days ago)
"The Backdoor Legend" prolly not the best nickname ever created
Immaikel YT (4 days ago)
enruike cedeno maurtinez
OG Gouz (5 days ago)
I still haven't forgiven zven and mithy for leaving origen for their nemesis g2
MrZiljon (6 days ago)
I miss Peke sooooo much! T_T Peke, Cyanide and Soaz are my favorite players of all time!
Nelson Martínez (8 days ago)
We need origen and xpeke back, seriously.
Evan's Eclipse (8 days ago)
Amazing video
El Psy (24 days ago)
Ya know you've made Legend status when a full game tactic is named after you.
sim hanssens (1 month ago)
18:52 holy fck, I did not see that clip yet and damn that has to be the single best teamfightcomp there is lol
Lee (1 month ago)
Nice Video
BjornoISporno (1 month ago)
That backdoor will be forever printed into my mind when i watched it live. I think nothing will ever come close to such an awesome play.
The Bulletproof (1 month ago)
This makes me cry, i remember Xpeke as one of the best midlaners in the world and i can't just forget that. It would be amazing to see Origen with Xpeke win the world championship and I think they deserved it ... but unfortunately it did't happen. I'm sad about that he isn't playing anymore, but I understand the decision. Never forget him.. Our BIG STAR Xpeke. <3
lakostel lakostel (1 month ago)
forgiven make us proud bro make proud that glorious legendary mid laner make proud the europe AND FUCKK THE NA AS EVERY SEASON
Everath (1 month ago)
A bit sad that IPL5 was not included, otherwise good!
Xian Scion (1 month ago)
I think it is time for him to quit. I mean Look at his age now he's maybe in 26's I think. He really needs to pursue his college studies.
Sparryax (1 month ago)
Alex A (1 month ago)
xPeke will always be in our hearts as the best midlaner!
Kang Z (1 month ago)
His team could not win without him
cruddcentral (1 month ago)
As xPeke's former manager during seasons 1 - 3 of LoL, this is an amazing watch. Thank you for such detail and respect to the personality he brought to the fans. I still keep in touch with him and Cyanide, irreplaceable memories and friendships :) One thing you missed though, Season 2 IPL 5, we kicked everyone's ass, except World Elite. Big fan of your content theScore! Cheers, twitter.com/harrywiggett
abdo real (1 month ago)
I dont call them back door plays i call them xPeke's
Hachem 25 (1 month ago)
X fucking Peke !!!
Hunter Mid/top laner (1 month ago)
Sad outplay against Kevin
Haoto Y (1 month ago)
xXClaudeXx (1 month ago)
Much love and support for xpeke <3
Mols (1 month ago)
Can you guys do Smeb's?
Mols (1 month ago)
Tbh? I am still bitter for Origen's original bot lane and I am LUL to their results in Worlds afterwards.
Julian Stasikowski (1 month ago)
What happened after EU masters? they've won the tournament, and i've never heard of OG again. Please answer :(
Ascedia (1 month ago)
Still wearing my Origen shirt, sexPeke forever ❤
juzkful (1 month ago)
That nickname of his should at least ensure him a lifelong career in gayporn.
Pau Gentes (1 month ago)
xPeke picture is hanging on hall of fame, no question or doubts about it...
The Hollanesian (1 month ago)
I don't actually play League of Legends. I came to this video to see what it's all about because I was watching a video of esport moments like Evo Moment 37 from Street Fighter 3 and this is one of the moments that it compared it too along with the 2 jumping snipes in CS Go. It's probably too late for me to try to play this game. Can someone explain? Did he basically teleport and avoid getting himself attacked while destroying an objective?
Nimja1 - Dat Girth (2 months ago)
Did TSM wonnered?
Zhang Jeffery (2 months ago)
Never forget a legend
Keen Caution (2 months ago)
6:45 why i like xpeke.
Ben Walker (2 months ago)
SeXpeke the best
Dy Handumon (2 months ago)
xPeke was the only reason i continued playing league. His backdoor play made me spam kassadin on ranked, his OP viktor solo q’s had me intrigued to play viktor, his orianna quadra made me an orianna main and damn did his lucian destroy most bot lanes.
naw nope (2 months ago)
xpeke shoves it in his girls ass and screams "xpeke!!"
harley queen (2 months ago)
why he don t play anymore can someone tell me ?
Wispp (2 months ago)
xFake in my language
Mishiara (2 months ago)
Also, the most handsome professional lol player to date
Fahad (2 months ago)
Might just start playing LoL after this one. Fantastic vid. (Idk much about League)
CADDEDproductions (2 months ago)
Cyanide next pls:)
m1kezzz (2 months ago)
Miss those times. <3
Ru5h (2 months ago)
So sad that xPeke stepped back after Worlds. I think he wanted to fast making Bussines. He should have take a Manger for his Team. I think his legacy ended to fast after this stupid step. He have so many fans. So sad
Sage Maneja (2 months ago)
no juego al LoL pero me vi esto entero
Soz Im a Scrub (2 months ago)
is that fatmomma at @2:51 ?
Ivan Oyarzabal (2 months ago)
Waiting The Story of Rekkles!
Nox1234567891011 (2 months ago)
The Backdoor Legend ahhhhhhhhhhhhahahhahahhahahhahah
BurstFire BBC (2 months ago)
Best mid-laner... shows last 3 seconds of match.
Jomari Idioma (2 months ago)
That xpeke move tilted that guy for life. True story
MRX (2 months ago)
Man i was 12 at that time and started playing LoL just 4 months before the infamus backdoor .. man the memories
Why Do I love anime? (2 months ago)
Is that dendi in 4:58 😂😂😂
B Holm (2 months ago)
turigar (2 months ago)
Watching the "xPeke" Backdoor still makes me cry and spill some tears. A legend alive, thanks for all the great moments sir, you were, you are and will be my idol. Great montage, great player.
think fast (2 months ago)
Nice video like it
reggaeX23 (2 months ago)
That was the era when League of Legends was great and some of the players were friendly. Those years were Legendary and xPeke was a good person to represent it. I wish that era back again but I know it will never come.
Imalsha Peiris (2 months ago)
Thank you for this,
Ekklo (2 months ago)
holy, the feels, great video man
buriedstillalive (2 months ago)
Born in MURCIA, Spain. :) ♥
SoulHuN7eR (2 months ago)
Falakra? Se psaxnoume!
Justin Y. II (2 months ago)
Worst "Story of" video.
Robby Founds (2 months ago)
Imagine going down in history as "the backdoor legend"
Robby Founds (1 month ago)
"Death replied to your comment"
Death (1 month ago)
Robby Founds exactly this is why he is the greatest.
Zeth Marques (2 months ago)
Hey man, would you do a video about the history of Alex ich?
Menion Leah (2 months ago)
Origen was one of the brightest, if not the brightest, shooting star of lcs history. Whoever had the pleasure to watch their climb from zero to hero, defying all odds, especially during worlds, knows he was looking at a sport miracle. Watching Peke play tf, anivia and orianna, playing his own meta vs all the other world class midlaners, styling on them when he was considered one of the worst player in worlds, was a blessing. Whoever witnessed this team, as short as their light bright, knows that it was one of the best cinderella story in all compettitive scene, one that probably will never be forgotten. At least, i will never. Thx Origin for all the emotion you made me feel and goodbye. (i might have made a lot of mistakes but i am not a native speaking english)
Aleksa Mihajlovic (2 months ago)
So incredibly nostalgic to watch this... I was actually there for all of that. And it was the best viewing experience I have ever had.
Kevin van Niekerk (2 months ago)
Man i miss the old school players like xPeke, Ocelote, Alexich etc
Fivos panoy-kapirhs (2 months ago)
Xpeke, the YeXiu of lol
Blue Joestar (3 months ago)
WhEN DOES ORIGEN PLAY??? wait, they won the tournament
WAstateofmind (3 months ago)
What a nickname, kappa
scare melt (3 months ago)
you guys heard it here 1st OG for 2019 LCS franchise
xX Flower09 Xx (3 months ago)
I got goosebumps from watching this btw
xX Flower09 Xx (3 months ago)
I miss him so fking much
l u t h e r (3 months ago)
Wow sk gaming very salty😏
xiaozhe sun (3 months ago)
make a story of uzi
梦超 (3 months ago)
Wow doublelift was not lie he really used to main lee
Javier Teo (3 months ago)
xpeke!!! biblethump throwback to xpeke-sjokz ship
Xpeke thank you for all the things you have done for this game ! 💛
dani_dlr00 (3 months ago)
I got goosebumps. Oh my god what a video.
Barneyfo (3 months ago)
what about shroud story?
Pekenter (3 months ago)
Dante Morales (3 months ago)
You made me cry, I still remember that worlds from Origen, like you said none give a chance to win at least one game!
JNight (3 months ago)
Really should do a story of Knee the tekken GOD
Sounds New Sounds Good (3 months ago)
Backdoor me Xpeke!!! <3
etan abba (3 months ago)
etan abba (3 months ago)
He can backdoor me anytime
Amen Allah (3 months ago)
one simple word : Legend
El Yisus (3 months ago)
Story of MkLeo please!!!!
새송 - (3 months ago)
Every player has some kind of idea of his Kassadin Backdoor. It was that huge and awesome.
Thousand Dragon (3 months ago)
riot made a huge mistake by adding voice chat - now every time someone from my team splitpushes a turret they scream - XPEEEKEEEEEEE!XPEKEEEEEEEEEEE!
Death (1 month ago)
Thousand Dragon it's only premades. Once I did a crazy backdoor with yorick to win my promos to S5 and I just thought xpeke would be proud. I was a proud man after that.
jerkkub (3 months ago)
Who tf is xpeke?
TheKLAYpso (3 months ago)
he let us dream and belive <3
Realis Phrase (3 months ago)
I love xPeke.
Add Name Later (3 months ago)
I pray that one day Origen, and more importantly xPeke, will someday return as the titans that were promised.
Teetohr (3 months ago)
Michiel Van Duijn (3 months ago)
Great video! Well done!
a nevem nem látod (3 months ago)
this european masters thing was just a little ember but they cant light it. even if the expect-insec-froggen trio stay together those fucking greece degenerates will call back forgiven to serve in the army pretty soon and if origen somehow gets to the lcs fnatic will call jesis back cuz he get to the origen only by a swap. but xpeke always show us why he was the one who built a team from nothing and became the western worlds best team in less than 2 years. that was a good try to rebuild the team from its dust but i dont really think he has any chance to keep all of them together.
joetri10 (3 months ago)
Origen will always be one of the most legendary teams, even if only for their one year run.

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