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A Stick Pivot Tournament

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This was a little project over the summer to keep me sane. A little too ambitious for me at the time because well, it's basically one of my first real animations I made. Anyways hope you guys enjoy it, and a special thanks to Alex with helping me with some stuff and moral support. Music By: http://audionautix.com/index.php made with pivot
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Text Comments (7066)
David Chum (1 year ago)
HEY PIN THIS, WHO EVER WANTS TO WANDER INTO THE COMMENT SECTION, DO NOT. This comment section is about kids fighting over cheaters, and they never understand that purple and red are overpowered. (Green technically won, because he's the only stickfighter in the final 3 who only has one ability.)
Hey cancer nerd!!!!!!! Purple is to fucking OP cancer nerd!!!!!!
Riri Yanti (2 days ago)
Jacob Ludwig (4 days ago)
Ok thanks for telling me
Tho Dao (6 days ago)
cass wong (48 minutes ago)
I was cheering for red >:(
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
Red is cheating he takes body parts
Hacker owens (3 hours ago)
Who agrees
Hacker owens (3 hours ago)
Red won
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
Dude reply to the other comments red won like u color blind purple won
Hacker owens (3 hours ago)
Purple did not win because red was smart and got extra pieces
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
Red is definetly cheating he get's the powers of other contestent's he is not smart he is a cheater!!! That mean's redis cheating
Camille Gagabuan (4 hours ago)
mustangkraken2501 (7 hours ago)
dislike, the purple win? THE RED WIN!
talls and smalls (11 hours ago)
Green dabbed
puto yo keria al rojo
Paul Tsuei (15 hours ago)
purple= 100% cheater, loser, and buttcrack
Luiz Felipe Mariano (17 hours ago)
É só o roxo que ganha não tem grasa não gostei do video
aliziya harman (19 hours ago)
fuck you purple
VIRUXZ THE VIRUS (20 hours ago)
Pero que mierda, hasta mis animaciones son mejor que esta pendejada.
Eloy Sevilleja Gutierrez (21 hours ago)
Red is powerfull he combines powers
ISTUGH (1 day ago)
Minchangas (1 day ago)
red cant die. thats shitty
Червоний живе довго
Просто класс
Thanat Pim (1 day ago)
Fuck this, purple is too op
Antleer (1 day ago)
Antleer (1 day ago)
0:58 Once time begins to move again, I wonder if even your Star Platinum can manage to deflect so many knives. Being able to see this must be all the more terrifying, Jotaro!
SOS MAN 10 (1 day ago)
purple is unfair ut use lot of weapon while red is too all stick man should usr 1 weapon or ability only
伊東華 (1 day ago)
黄色ルフィー 赤バギー 青青キジ オレンジ何? あとは教えて下さい もう面倒デス
Master Gamer (1 day ago)
Boo purple sucks
143annieej (1 day ago)
no purple i hate purple
Marcus Darby (1 day ago)
Red should have won
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
Srry man red is a cheater
Muy malo
Elio El-Hage (1 day ago)
Purple cheated he was dead and then he revived himself
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
XD Purple didn't revive he was defensive because he luks like a robot bruh
R.J. Lucier (1 day ago)
Tip for anyone who reads this: if making a fighting tournament, don't give one of them regeneration, please. And even if you do, don't make it so that the entire body can be ripped apart and they can still come back together. That literally makes them immortal. And then, don't make them even more overpowered by having the powers of half of the fighters. And even if you do all of this- keep it consistent, don't have them not use their regeneration at the end- red could have just made his head fall off, like he did with his arms earlier.
Sushant (2 days ago)
yay my fav colour won yay yay yay yay yay
emady pros only (2 days ago)
The new blue is new winner!
Shiro (2 days ago)
fuck you purple
Yuan Lantin (2 days ago)
red cheate copying all the abilities of the stickman color
Yuan Lantin thats the ability...
Кто руский?
黒崎友紀 (3 days ago)
brent's blog (3 days ago)
project zorgo is watching
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
Litelerly cwc project zorgo u ake u not member of pz
Joshua Vang (3 days ago)
love it, it’s so creative
Noodles Mandeville (3 days ago)
I love these types of videos their so epic
Danel Geim (3 days ago)
Tplayzx Mason (4 days ago)
Fuck you youtner you ficking fagit
animation with TCB (4 days ago)
Noooooo I was hopeing that red won
diana pedraza (4 days ago)
En el minuto1:24 se vuelve el naranja en rojo
Zsolt Csatorna (4 days ago)
Tanulság: a lopás nim meg0ldás, és a techn0lógia fölényeskedik a erő felettt .
oyuncu (4 days ago)
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
Why u guys hate purple he is not cheating/hacker he is just very tuff
mafia n (4 days ago)
Estuvo bien
Ahmed Najib (5 days ago)
Xx_itsJaymon 99 (5 days ago)
Lol red cheating cause he use all the stick power still good job red
kilar ofdead (5 days ago)
ايه اسم العبة
mark ujhelji (5 days ago)
red is the winner purple= hacker
TDC Jokoplayz (5 days ago)
Witch app does he use?
Billy Da Big Boi (5 days ago)
I wanted red to win
Edna Calicdan (6 days ago)
What the heck lol
Iceypumpkin head (6 days ago)
Smash 64 Hit Stun be like...
Moses Belcher (6 days ago)
Red ain't a cheater that's his ability, he's suppose to do that shit Purple has like a tons of different abilities, when everybody has 1 And salty red fans stfu, including me
Creeperzone 0312 (6 days ago)
why did yellow have to die
Roberto Saucedo (6 days ago)
Red is always a cheater and you know what they say cheaters never win.
Francis Harn (6 days ago)
Fav. Blue blade power he is the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fenix gamer (6 days ago)
if the green had continued stopping the time he would have beating the purple
Robin Mcdonald (6 days ago)
Why did u make green lose then
Thomas Gembls (6 days ago)
https://youtu.be/trGSZahLGSs Cool
Gamer Hacker (7 days ago)
Worst video ever seen red lost
Hendriyati Rahmi (7 days ago)
orang gila sandat sandat tarus
Hendriyati Rahmi (7 days ago)
claire buckley (7 days ago)
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
Ur right red is defenetly cheating because he takes other contestents limbs/body parts
Prince Zombo (7 days ago)
I love it
Weirdo's Random Stuff (7 days ago)
Abilities Red: Attach/Detach body parts Yellow: Stretch Blue: Weapons out of nowhere Orange: Clones Black: Turn into stone Purple: Ability guns/potions (Evolution?) Green: Time control White: Ghost
Theresa Harvey (7 days ago)
giorlando santos (7 days ago)
i love wyellon
Sri Wati (8 days ago)
Wow red wine yellow lose
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
Yeah flexy red but cheater i hate red but i cant beilive red won in the first round
Sri Wati (8 days ago)
Rogelio Israel (8 days ago)
Hola amigos pueden mandar más vídeos es que me encantan estos videos😁😁😍😎😘por favor
sri mulyanto (8 days ago)
Arijit Chatterjee (8 days ago)
Lime dabed
菱沼真波 (8 days ago)
.sdt ref
UNA PERSONA (8 days ago)
Moses Belcher (6 days ago)
It's his ability
el zorro gamer HD (8 days ago)
red is cool :c R.I.P RED
tava torcendo por vermelho yes
quem português
Leian Gaming YT (9 days ago)
all of you are very very noob :p
Jeffrey Felicisimo (59 minutes ago)
Dont call us that u nub too u vall u self pro if u got an F- u r the ultimate nub
Leian Gaming YT (9 days ago)
all of you are very very noob :p
Leian Gaming YT (9 days ago)
all of you are very very noob :p
Leian Gaming YT (9 days ago)
all of you is very very stupid cuz red will win :p
Kean Pidal (9 days ago)
And red
Kean Pidal (9 days ago)
And white
GAME FEVER (9 days ago)
NICE VIDEO please click here (#GAMEFEVER)
jarod paw (9 days ago)
I wanted to red to win
David R. (9 days ago)
9:16 red : long spear purple: even longer sword
Samsung J7 (9 days ago)
Спіймай більше таких відео
Samsung J7 (9 days ago)
Дуже кльово
I want reddddd
凯元 (10 days ago)
Hema Verma (10 days ago)
what Is the name Of The game
paola rojas (10 days ago)
i love red
Jeffrey Felicisimo (1 hour ago)
F**k red red is the devils color
Jason Patrick (10 days ago)
Red hax
Mind Maps x (10 days ago)
Can someone please tell me the name of the software to create this animation
Belinda Rich (10 days ago)
purple is a cheater

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