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CS:GO - How to get souvenir drops from Tournaments (ESL 2016)

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How To Get Souvenir Package Drops ESL ONE 2016. MLG Columbus How to link your twitch and CSGO account. In this video I will show you how to get souvenir drops on Dreamhack Cluj 2015. Narwhal Dave! More ▼ Subscribe and join the pod squad ► http://bit.ly/NDSubscribe Support me on Patreon and get Dave Points ► http://bit.ly/DavePatreon Save Money on Games ► http://bit.ly/NDCheap Save Money on Hardware ► http://bit.ly/NDOverclockers Follow me! Twitter ► http://bit.ly/NDaveTwitter Facebook ► http://bit.ly/NDaveFB Twitch ► http://bit.ly/NDaveTwitch Instagram ► http://bit.ly/InstaNDave Thumbnail ► http://flickr.com/battlefrontcaptures http://youtube.com/c/thewitherzone http://instagram.com/battlefront_captures
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Text Comments (491)
Radoslav M (2 months ago)
Basi umreliq kanal
you can speak your native language... сможете конечно гласите на родния си език. аз ще използвам google translate
Radoslav M (29 days ago)
+Super Smash Flash 2 Beta Complete Soundtrack goddamn stupid channel (joke)
Maker HD (7 months ago)
What does !gift??
idk, i dont think it does anything
rainy_ (7 months ago)
does it matter if you watch it on mobile or on a console
LoL (7 months ago)
Do souvenir cases need keys ?
Lucaste (7 months ago)
Hakim Hanafi (8 months ago)
Do i need to watch the stream from twitch or from csgo?
Bwoy MitJah (7 months ago)
it doesn't matter. I got 2 cases watching twitch.
xajkk / wiwi3913 (8 months ago)
i had this last 2 majors and this... i got shit :DDD btw. all 4 majors i didnt get a drop
xajkk / wiwi3913 (7 months ago)
Bwoy MitJah wat did u say silver
Bwoy MitJah (7 months ago)
xajkk / wiwi3913 (7 months ago)
Bwoy MitJah yea and i got a shit since 2016 stfu
Bwoy MitJah (7 months ago)
wow. I have been watching all the majors since 2015. All I got is 2 cases (1 Krakow and 1 Boston)
Strike-Gamer (8 months ago)
How I can link me account ?
Anonymous Anon (1 year ago)
What if gotv sends you a message like this: You have been rewarded+
Sergiu7509 (1 year ago)
What if i watch the major on cs go and on twitch? Will I have double chance?
Virgil Bouwens (1 year ago)
do u get notifed when things like this are toernaments
Virgil Bouwens (1 year ago)
how to get trpohys idont know how it works friends dont know exactly and never told me i could get drops or trophys
AlexGKrause (1 year ago)
Can you get drops from watching directly on twitch or you have to watch the twitch stream on csgo?
Narwhal Dave (1 year ago)
Myztkl-Kev (1 year ago)
I feel like linking your steam to twitch doesn't work. I've watched every game from the last 3 majors and have never gotten a drop
Myztkl-Kev (1 year ago)
but then you hear about people getting 3 or more in 1 day, rigged.
Narwhal Dave (1 year ago)
The chances are like 0.0005% because of the amount of people watching
Rafael Fonseca (1 year ago)
a friend just got 3 drops by watching from twitch. in 2 days.
karandeep singh (1 year ago)
Thx dude
1m pala (1 year ago)
Can I get drop if Im watchin on mobile? twitch with Steam Done at comp
Falco13Z (1 year ago)
I noticed this year there is no writing at the bottom of the Streams page. Can you confirm?
Luke Sain (1 year ago)
do you need to type !drop?
bencee (1 year ago)
Do you know da wae? (1 year ago)
hey but you can get packages by waching on GOTV too?
Luke Sain (1 year ago)
oh lol
Narwhal Dave (1 year ago)
No xD
Do we have to be on GOTV to get drops or can we watch it on twitch on ur mobile
Narwhal Dave I commented before watching
Narwhal Dave (1 year ago)
Did you watch the video?
Shocking, Isnt It (1 year ago)
So just go afk :P
Tebby (1 year ago)
what if i turned off my steam guard
Mitza PG (1 year ago)
At me the button does not appear,how can i link it?
Blue Jelly (7 months ago)
Link your twitch with your steam
Florinel Youtube (1 year ago)
But how? When I press the streams and I select a team it brings me to twitch.
its peter (1 year ago)
BlueBoyINFINITE you no longer need to link your twitch, it's all on the csgo watch now:)
Internet Explorer (1 year ago)
BlueBoyINFINITE And if you watch it in game you don't need a twitch account.
Internet Explorer (1 year ago)
BlueBoyINFINITE It might be already linked.
YOLOKILLERss (1 year ago)
i forgot to thank you so much man.. u know what? I GOT A FUCKING SOVENIR DRAGON LORE FACTORY NEW <3<3
Br00dje (7 months ago)
Scott McNally hahaha
Scott McNally (8 months ago)
(X) doubt
Mark Nagy (1 year ago)
show inv :)
FozexD (1 year ago)
Seccess (1 year ago)
is it only esl tournements that drop boxes?
Mark Nagy (1 year ago)
nope all tournaments
ericsbuds (1 year ago)
does anyone know which upcoming tournaments will have souvenir case drops?
Eso Free (2 years ago)
Do you have to be a certain rank?
Nicolaus Chlanda (2 years ago)
mine doesn't work when I click it nothing happens help please!
Ivan Ivanow (1 year ago)
when you click what
UltraDaveZ (2 years ago)
Guess I'll have to wait until next year :] Praise lord GabeN for Sourvenir AWP dragon lore.
cry wolf (2 years ago)
well, it's 2016/07 i'm still new to this so any cometitions coming; what are they and when ? + do souvenir drops only on major tournament or some where else ? thx
DarkSwam56 (2 years ago)
Already connected Twitch and Steam. Been watching the livestream on Twitch day by day, hours and hours and watched the finals till the end and decided to finally check my CS GO inventory and......NOTHING...Got absolutely 0 fucking items. NONE! Fucking pisses me off what a huge waste of time! They fucking dropped only like 6,000+ items out of the 6 to 700,000+ people watching?!?! Fucking hell...Well at least i enjoyed the Tournament..But still...Fuck their stingy asses for not dropping more!
McQuaper (2 years ago)
So is it one drop for one person each round?
MINECRAFT SONGS (2 years ago)
Thanks man!
Mustache Cashdash (2 years ago)
my friend got 2 souvenir drops what a lucky bastard
Matej Nechvatal (2 years ago)
if i dont have twitch i cant get a case?
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
you can watch it in-game
JERO Canuel (2 years ago)
Do I have to link it to twitch or can I just watch it on CSGO because I dont have a twitch????/
Karldansk (2 years ago)
Could you like watch on twitch and on csgo and get more chance?
DeLoKo (2 years ago)
If i dont have CSGO in steam i still can get the souvenirs ?
DeLoKo (2 years ago)
+Konrád Kiss Thx :)
Konrád Kiss (2 years ago)
No :D
John Jackson (2 years ago)
Mate, you sound exactly like Thoughy2
Eric (2 years ago)
do you get a trade offer if you get a drop?
ulquiaura757 (2 years ago)
nope, you see the drop in your inventory directly
WΛKE (2 years ago)
It should just drop into your Steam Inventory
William Zhu (2 years ago)
How often will you get a package drop?
Salmanella Sam (1 year ago)
domvanchub218 oh shit my bad I thought he meant .01 percent
domvanchub218 (1 year ago)
...yes it is? 1/100 = 1% = 0.01
Salmanella Sam (1 year ago)
TheGamingFireUltra 1-100 isn't .01 m8
Dawn Ripper (2 years ago)
1/100 aka 0.01
Cream Soda (2 years ago)
low- 500k watching and they only drop 6k packages
Tom Bob (2 years ago)
If you leave the twitch steam on which is linked to steam, can you play cs go at the same time and still get a chance to get a drop?
Tom Bob (2 years ago)
Ok thanks
ulquiaura757 (2 years ago)
if you watch on twitch in the background while playing cs go you can drop
Boyi Chen (2 years ago)
Do i must to press the play button? it stop playing sometimes.
Keezi (2 years ago)
i got a drop but i dont have it in my inventory O.O
Dawn Ripper (2 years ago)
PEOPLE TRICKED YOU USING A CONSOLE COMMAND!!! It says you've received one but you didn't!
Cream Soda (2 years ago)
how does that work
The Red Owl (2 years ago)
If you are limited account can you get a drop or naah? :) And if i have trades on hold will that interrupt? Thanks to whoever answers and have a nice day guys tho :D
Cream Soda (2 years ago)
+Daxterkiller96 ya
Daxterkiller96 (2 years ago)
+The Life Of Vayne ç.ç
Cream Soda (2 years ago)
+Daxterkiller96 you got trolled, people keep spamming you just received a package
Daxterkiller96 (2 years ago)
excuse me man, but if, during a game, i saw in the chat "you have received mirage souvenir package" it means that i dropped one? if yes, how can i see it? (because i don't have it in my inventory)
ulquiaura757 (2 years ago)
+The Red Owl u too bruh =)
nemoz (2 years ago)
I watced a match... I didnt get drop :(
Cream Soda (2 years ago)
+Afiq Ruslan cobblestone is expensive the rest are relatively cheap
Afiq Ruslan (2 years ago)
well you get it for free and the souvenir is expensive
Cream Soda (2 years ago)
+Nemoz low ass percentage, very hard to get
nemoz (2 years ago)
fuck.... Life is over
Cream Soda (2 years ago)
500k viewers and only drop 6k packages
Dāvids Kobra (2 years ago)
LOL I watched every match what was live but I still didn't get any packages (I watched like ten streams on gotv)
Parogo (2 years ago)
If i watch it through CS.GO and through Twitch, do i have double chance?
matrixx1995 (2 years ago)
You still will have a chance to get a drop, as long as you watch the stream on Twitch and have your Stream Account linked, you're fine.
Can (2 years ago)
what if ı watch stream and play a different game in the same time for example when i am playing dota 2 it is still dropping right if iam watching the stream
Parogo (2 years ago)
It was kind obvius, but thanks you both
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
matrixx1995 (2 years ago)
DutySoftGaming (2 years ago)
Thanks helped alot
Dachi Chichilidze (2 years ago)
What does it mean link twitch acc what if i just watch tournament fro csgo?
ulquiaura757 (2 years ago)
as far as i know you have to link both of your acount even if you are watching from GOTV (cs go)
DAGGERD (2 years ago)
great informational video
Adrian Benedik (2 years ago)
can we get more than one drop if we watch all the matches
Tommy Riffe (2 years ago)
ulquiaura757 (2 years ago)
Yep i dropped two times during Cluj (just have to be lucky)
Tommy Riffe (2 years ago)
as far as i know you can
ZqueakerZ (2 years ago)
Im watching Astralis vs Gambit rn
ThunderGaming (2 years ago)
do i have to authorise my account as at the bottom i wasn't sure
Nik Kartoffel (2 years ago)
While the Stream is running in the webbrowser can i play games from Steam and have still a chance to get drops? Or have i still a chance if i play Matchmaking?
Nik Kartoffel (2 years ago)
+matrixx1995 Jesus thats cool.
matrixx1995 (2 years ago)
Yes and yes.
v a p o r w a v e (2 years ago)
Gengu Shimada (2 years ago)
AWSLA (2 years ago)
ne91ma (2 years ago)
Souvenir box is a myth.
Biggie Cheese (2 years ago)
+Willem Polman Tuin np
Willem Polman Tuin (2 years ago)
Ok Nice thanx!!
Biggie Cheese (2 years ago)
+Willem Polman Tuin yes
Willem Polman Tuin (2 years ago)
+iiiTaatiexx Can u get a drop while watching on the mobile twitch app!
iiiTaatiexx (2 years ago)
i got one aswell i sold it and bought an awp hyper beast ft
Aniket Shinde (2 years ago)
is twitch compulsory
Cream Soda (2 years ago)
no, twitch-GoTv-csgo are fine
Jag Ram (2 years ago)
Do you need to be playing cs go physically for the drops? Or will you just randomly get steam trade offers for the drops?
Blank Space (2 years ago)
One question if im watching the match in gotv and every body is writing /getdrop is that a keyword like a Twitch Giveaway keyword? Do i need to type it at every ending of the round or can i just idle the game? You havent explained that in the video :3
Jag Ram (2 years ago)
+Narwhal Dave rewarded it in some parts and listened a bit more my bad :)
Jag Ram (2 years ago)
+Narwhal Dave Yes than if it was in it than I missed it xd
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
Did you watch the video?
DanXIV (2 years ago)
is this 100% drop if you watch.. the match.. or only selected people that watch the game can have a drop.. i already watch 3 game using my twitch account and its connected to my CS GO..
ThanIsK (2 years ago)
It's a 0.1% for you to get one.
matrixx1995 (2 years ago)
It's luck based as across all the people that watch the game on Twitch and in-game, you have about 0.009% of getting one and it does not matter if you watch it on Twitch or in-game, or even both at once as your chances are still the same.
Xazon (2 years ago)
boi whose ready for esl cologne 2016
Mr Sparklepants (2 years ago)
+Xazon - Gaming & More ok
Xazon (2 years ago)
i do lol
Mr Sparklepants (2 years ago)
i hope you know like 2 games were on before you commented lol
SalrazZ (2 years ago)
+Xazon - Gaming & More yes
Xazon (2 years ago)
lol is it a problem that i play minecraft
Limerety Lemonz (2 years ago)
thanks man
Arc Nerzy (2 years ago)
can i wAtch the matches on mobile phone and get drops?
Christopher (2 years ago)
If i have twitch up watching The game but im in game playing say competitive do i still have a chance for drops or do i need to watch? *linked ac obviously
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
Yes as long as the accounts are linked
Jacob Chin (2 years ago)
is it certain that everyone gets a drop
DutySoftGaming (2 years ago)
Say 10000 were watching only 100 would get a drip
lantus123 (2 years ago)
Do i must subscribe esl on twitch?
Willem Polman Tuin (2 years ago)
+Bob Smite yea cuz with the app u can can Just Let it open over night, and if it actually possible to get one, its the best method
Bob Smite (2 years ago)
+Willem Polman Tuin Yes i believe so but i did not get a drop yet
Willem Polman Tuin (2 years ago)
+Bob Smite Can u get a drop while watching on the mobile twitch app!
Bob Smite (2 years ago)
I partook in like 3-4 majors and watch almost all games and i never got one. My friend only got 2 also. Its really rare
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
The chances are something like 0.06%
Esoteric Name (2 years ago)
thanks man i subbed you seem chill :)
Duran Martin (2 years ago)
do I need to open csgo for getting the souvenir? because during the match I will be office, can I just watch in twitch without opening the csgo game? (ofcourse I linked the steam and csgo account in twitch)
george pitt (2 years ago)
so you watch it through csgo or twitch to get the drop?
Gonçalo Silva (2 years ago)
Raph (2 years ago)
yes does it matter??
george pitt (2 years ago)
but then does it matter where you watch it through?
liljon042 (2 years ago)
You have to be connected to Twitch
george pitt (2 years ago)
I was wondering if you could watch it through either one to get it, or if it had to be through twitch or had to be through csgo
Radiator Fluid (2 years ago)
so do reruns count for drops?
Ggjhjkg Vjgjj (2 years ago)
i didnt get any drop fml
Austin B (2 years ago)
can you get weapon drops from watching non tournament games also?
WhoLikes Waffles (2 years ago)
Thanks man really helps!
Axel (2 years ago)
So, is there a way to know what tournaments will drop souvenirs ? And does the same tournament ALWAYS drop souvenirs (for example next esl one will drop or not ?)
Kazza Kazza (2 years ago)
do i watch ingame , or on twitch?
Happï /2nd\ (2 years ago)
Both I think
Alistair Alanzado (2 years ago)
um theres when is the next tournament?
Dan Murray (2 years ago)
Do you know what tournament is gonna drop cases next? I've looked everywhere but I just can't find reliable info on it.
Thunder God (7 months ago)
a year late and maybe you thought of the logical answer buts its only valve events
Vortech's Channel (2 years ago)
Does it matter whether you watch the ESL stream on csgo or twitch?
Gorda CsGo (2 years ago)
Thx dude
Daxelinho9 (2 years ago)
Do I have to own CSGO in order to get a drop? Or can I link my second Steam account to my second Twitch account and get drops aswell?
Daxelinho9 (2 years ago)
Thanks for your answer.
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
You have to have CSGO
Frazzle (2 years ago)
do i watch GOTV or Twitch?
MintyMiku (2 years ago)
I watch twichTV for almost a week now, of course I did connect my steam account. I HAvent got any drop since last year match too! fuck
Syamil. Y (2 years ago)
can i get drop if i watch at gotv?
FluffytheAlpaca (2 years ago)
+Syamil. Y Yes you can
Quacktopus (2 years ago)
Thanks bro!
Bryan Deloria (2 years ago)
do i get a drop by watching on twitch?
lil peeno (2 years ago)
If you watch it on Twitch and CSGO TV do you have a better chance of getting the drop? (since there r 2 watching)
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
No, only if you have two different accounts
Jonas Fischer (2 years ago)
Do I need a linked Account, if I watch the game ingame?
iNekizalb (2 years ago)
wtf no
MedVFX (2 years ago)
yes you need
Jonas Fischer (2 years ago)
+Swaggonaut thx
Swaggonaut (2 years ago)
+Mr Jones No
TroughStruggle (2 years ago)
I got 10 Trading Cards while watching and 0 Souvenir Drops. GAAAAYYYBEEEENNN!!!
TroughStruggle (2 years ago)
ask gaben...
DNK (2 years ago)
Wtf how?? I have got zero drops
Alvin aliraqi (2 years ago)
can i get drops by watching from GOTV or it must be in twitch ,, plz ?
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
+Alvin aliraqi Did you watch the video? But yes, both :)
Nonii 92 (2 years ago)
Thanks man
Kuba Jagodzinski (2 years ago)
+Nwrwhal Dave to earn the drop, do u need to watch it on twitch or cs go?? if on twitch, do u need to have cs go running in order to get the drop?
Connor Meyers (2 years ago)
this helped so much thanks
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
No problem!
Burrow (2 years ago)
Burrow (2 years ago)
I was trolling :)
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
THE BOMB (2 years ago)
how to know that they dropped you an item ?
grabekna (2 years ago)
You will have it in your inventory
Roy Treves (2 years ago)
2 questions... So you can get it from GOTV? and what is the actual chance of winning a drop? ok? sh** that was three...
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
Yes you can get it from GOTV and the chances are about 0.00002% per round
dJS (2 years ago)
Am I going to get trade offer if I win or?
CobaltStar_ (2 years ago)
It's not person to person u get it from the actual game like the end of a match so no
le-thug (2 years ago)
if someone has already get a souvenir drop it was after how much time? ^^
Kerim Kerim (2 years ago)
What if i just open the stream and let it play on background does that work too ??
A1DAZ (2 years ago)
It worked for me i accidently got a souvenier drop while a was afk so that also works.
Joni Mellais (2 years ago)
Yea i want to know too
Simon Groot (2 years ago)
Razvan Turea (2 years ago)
Do I have to write "!drop" to get a drop???
Fr0sTy (2 years ago)
Simon Groot (2 years ago)
Razvan Turea (2 years ago)
thanks man :D
Narwhal Dave (2 years ago)
No, that's a troll
abeMC36 (2 years ago)
Than why many people write ''!drop'' ?
abeMC36 (2 years ago)
2 Otters or something (2 years ago)
+abeMC36 crowd mentality
Simon Groot (2 years ago)
Can you also link your account and then when your computer is off watch the match on the mobile twitch app?
Square Cube (2 years ago)
I'm watching columbus and if I watch it on GOTV and twitch do I get double the chance for a drop? (GOTV+TWITCH)
KRTR (2 years ago)
+Kippari If your Steam account is linked with your Twitch account, then all you have to do is wait. Drops occur at the ends of rounds. I'm watching Columbus as well. Best of luck to all teams, and best of luck to everyone.
Kaapo (2 years ago)
How I can get drops when I watch in twitch.
Mak Nagy (2 years ago)
+Square Cube nope

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