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CS GO Smurfing: The Situation

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What smurfing is, why people do it, the consequences and more importantly, what can be done about it. 0:00 - Intro 0:15 - Why players smurf 1:17 - The main reason 2:09 - Why it's here to stay 2:53 - What would reduce the issue 3:44 - If smurfing continues Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.
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Text Comments (4621)
Duck Boy (19 days ago)
I’m on silver 2 but I’m not suppose to be in that skill group my frien said that I should be on gold nova 2 that isn’t a big rank but would be better than s 2. Valve please fix
VecāMaize LV (19 days ago)
My rank from global to silver 3:03
Legitti (23 days ago)
And stop deranking players all the way down to silver, if we have life and cant play 24/7
Anonymous Gaming (24 days ago)
I'm inconsitent... I swap from a high powered pc to a potato, yet I am still bad at both...
Ruben (28 days ago)
My account was MG2 and due to inactivity its now silver 3. I am outperforming everyone on my rank, and I am climbinh back to my original rank. I did not choose to be a (temporary) smurf. Valve their stupid system did.
Peter Diril (21 days ago)
+Hero & Poloolpp feelsbadman
Hero & Poloolpp (21 days ago)
Yeah i was in gold nova 3 and i got into silver 3 and then after 1 loss (against players with around 2300Hours) i got deranked into silver 2.
Peter Diril (26 days ago)
Sem1 Aut0 (28 days ago)
I am a smurf I do downgrade to let players like past me getting matched up against people trying to awp, name callers and players with animie profile pictures
hopS (30 days ago)
they could do hwid antcheat. wait. im 2 years late LOL
hopS (26 days ago)
Peter Diril (26 days ago)
So am i
Adi9134 (1 month ago)
2018, am mg2 and i still get n3 as teamates!
Mang Crow (1 month ago)
Does it count as smurfing if you only played comp when you sucked and got silver 1 then got really good and went back to comp?
kaan ece (1 month ago)
I hate cs.go because of smurfing i was Gold but i got downranked too Silver 2
Lofax (1 month ago)
I have a smurf where i can play for fun with less serious friends and then i tryhard on my main to climb the ranks. My smurf is MG1 and My main is DMG, but i've never tried to lose.
Ibbi (2 months ago)
Valve is against boosting ,but they don't realize that smurfing ,and boosting go hand to hand. I have been in games against 5 premades three 3 gold novas ,and two globals on a gold nova account boosting their shitty gold nova friends ,and it's annoying as fuck. Valve should at least ban boosting smurfs ,and boosted accounts.
Aria Cailer (2 months ago)
I get im 2 year late and all, but I want to add the fact that some "smurfs" aren't smurfs at all, their just STUCK IN SILVER BECAUSE APPARENTLY 81 GAMES WON+CARRIED IN A ROW ISN'T ENOUGH TO GET FROM SILVER 1 TO SILVER 4.
lanzak (2 months ago)
smurfs should be treated the same as cheaters. they should also be banned. if you have more than one account that are somehow linked, be it by email somehow, or phone number, one of them should be banned. smurfing is one of the great scum of the csgo community, and it should be cracked down on as hard as cheaters.
dupper (2 months ago)
Anarama how tho
Cyphi (2 months ago)
It never bothered me play against better player then i am. You can learn alot if you are capable accept that challenge. Problem is CS is 5 on 5 and ballance can be easilly shifted if your teammates cant.
JosziPL (2 months ago)
so much poland JOT.PE Naruciak SzefAlbańskiegoGangu
Kieran Moore (2 months ago)
I must say that it's agreeable, I do Smurf myself because all of my friends that play the game are all silver and low nova. So it's very understandable that people play with their friends. But people get Smurf accounts to cheat and to do all sorts. Like just today was playing a game on cache with a profile that was a game on record, okay one is fair play. Looked again and again and it was a full 5 man smurfing. Again I can't really complain as sometimes I am part of the problem but I do feel like it is getting worse and worse.
Heartworn Fox (2 months ago)
Still a problem today! Fuck them, I’ve played for one or two years and fuck. Lower ranks have to deal with the shit of smurfers making it bad.
FlexViper (2 months ago)
Some smurf bought an alt account after reaching silver 2 on their main
FlexViper (2 months ago)
True smurf plays casual. Because fuck giving free money to gaben. Until he upgrade vac
A Legit Duck (3 months ago)
The bottom line is, if you smurf, you are a 100 percent dickhead who should be burnt at the stake. Do everyone a favor and end yourself if you smurf.
Chigiri (3 months ago)
Hello from the future! You no longer need to smurf as Globals are commonly placed among gold novas now. Don't blow your money on those accounts :)
Regulus Black (3 months ago)
For someone who doesnt play cs:go and simply wanted to know what their blue friends got up to.. this is hilarious.
Varun Kumar (3 months ago)
For those who say " smurfing helps you get better " , how about you let us get better on our own and you play at your own ranks where you might get wrekt a lot of times , that is one reason why they do smurfing as they can't do jack at their ranks. Shame on them.
Toastbagel (3 months ago)
I’m in silver bc I haven’t played in awhile and I’m getting back into the game. I was LE but playing with silver is impossible.
andrew H (3 months ago)
smurfing don't matter idrc if I play against a global. just ban the cheaters. u have enough money to do it
Lil Blyat (4 months ago)
I once played a premade game with a player who didn’t play for a while, so he had no rank, I am silver 1, he was quite nice and gave tips, we won 16:3 or something.
Loli Lover (4 months ago)
Every match I play has smurfs. I was at gold nova and let my cousin have my acc. He dropped all the way to s2 and I wanted to go back up. But in every game there are smurfers. I can kill one of them but there are usually more than one so I get outnumbered. All ny teamates are silvers and play like silvers.
Master Weeb (4 months ago)
is the gameplay smurf
TURN DA LAYTS oFF (4 months ago)
you cant trust silvers anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Weeb Tresh (4 months ago)
Im in silver 2, i play with my friend who is lem on his main. His smurf is silver eilite.. We often have games where we get shit on. i just kinda accept that csgos ranking system is broken. i can beat some people who are supreme or ~mg, other times people in silver 1 completely destroy me. (and this would be in prime) Some games when the other team is silver elite, i get well over 100 kills, then there are times when the other team is around silver 3 and they are even to me.
Kieran Moore (2 months ago)
Weeb Tresh 100 kills in one game, new talent...
iDatedMyPizza (4 months ago)
one easy solution is to NOT EVEN INTRODUCE DERANKING!!! unless you are gone for like 6+ months and only go down 1 rank. Deranking in csgo should not be a thing at all. if if you say "yeah but at the higher ranks, there are cheaters." But if valve would get their head out of their money spewing ass then they would do something about it. i just got done with a comp game. im usually nova 1, but i deranked to Silver 1 due to inactivity, i got pinned against DMG and LEM smurfs. Fucking piece of shit game
Sean B (4 months ago)
If you think about it, all pro players were complete noobs at some point, and became good because of the high skill gap set by the smurfs before them. Smurfs were always around since the time of multiplayer games, and should be embraced with open arms, as they are helping the community practice spray patterns 2 hours a day in hopes of one day becoming smurfs themselves.
BGames Studio (5 months ago)
Rip old inferno
i dont play comp Course of this
Burim (5 months ago)
listen its ok to play AGAINST Smurfs the cheaters on the other hand it pisses me off .I know when someone is cheating. and when someone is smurfing..i have more than 1000 games won imagine how many did i loose against cheaters even though my win rate is 62% but 1.03 k/d I still encounter cheaters. Smurfs I like.to play with I learn something I am Lem was global to many fucking cheaters and griefers. but hey anyways Valve will fix this one day .nope
RYZR :P (5 months ago)
Burim point out what is retarded. Statements without evidence is a lie
Burim (5 months ago)
RYZR :P dude u r the only retard here .think before you type
RYZR :P (5 months ago)
Burim where did I state a reason to say to say it was ok to cheat. I was talking about your stats about having over 1k wins in global and lem, and not moving onto esea retard.
Burim (5 months ago)
RYZR :P noob I don't have to play on esea nor faceit or cevo .I play what ever I want .thats not an excuse to cheat on mm idiot
RYZR :P (5 months ago)
Burim over 1k wins and playing ranked mm in CSGO. Total bs. Should be playing esea, not CSGO ranked mm. nice try retard.
Frost Bite (5 months ago)
I'm eagle and 90% of my friends are silver I have my smurf to only play with my friends so I have a reason to smurf
wind (1 month ago)
everybody who smurfs has a reason to
Shady (5 months ago)
worst smurfs are the ones who talk shit when doing good against a bunch of silvers
RYZR :P (5 months ago)
Shady Well the silvers are you I would assume since you’re salty.
Magma Gamer 7 (5 months ago)
2:20 wallhacks
Ian Loh (5 months ago)
I'm Nova and every time there's a smurf I will ask are u smurf and they say no u are noob Every time me or my team got a 4k or ace they would say stuff like lucky fag and so on I mean they actually just suck and wanna feel better but they go to low ranks and still lose This is probably the cause of they toxicity
Ian Loh (5 months ago)
RYZR :P in Asia the smurfs are triggered AF at everything ever
RYZR :P (5 months ago)
Ian Loh smurfs are fucking chill af. The guy was probably Russian or a 12 year old
fish fish fishy fish (5 months ago)
LetYouGo (5 months ago)
well im a smurf but I have to choice, MY old account was hijacked and I dont remember the email or passwords, I still didnt play in a while, I quit for two years so I needed a new account but I was LE when I quit, Im smurfing but I cant help it and I just want to start playing again. Im still being matched against and with DMGs and GNs and im not even ranked yet, im sort of scared and I just want to play this game normally and how I used to play it. 3kliksphilip, please help. Valve, please fix.
Motalux (5 months ago)
I actually got accused of being a smurf yesterday.
Rowan Jeffree (5 months ago)
Smurfs ruined csgo for me and basically made me hate the game
RYZR :P (5 months ago)
Rowan Jeffree hate the smurfs not the game
Yes, you heard me (5 months ago)
Smurfs should be banned
j4ck (5 months ago)
1:33 He must've believed he could fly.
4th AmiGo (6 months ago)
And 3yrs later , worse than ever.....
True (6 months ago)
A year later....ur right. Esea and faceit are the only way to play cs these days.
Jules Winnfield (6 months ago)
I legitimately think smurfing is worse than hacking... At least hackers eventually get detected and banned... -_-
electric_hiccup 707 (6 months ago)
how about IP ranks. your rank is saved to your hardware and IP along with your account, to prevent people getting new computers, IPs, and accounts. Any time you play, you are that rank and you cant smurf. The deranking will be taken care of. Buying an account wouldnt work, throwing wouldnt work they could even put people attempting to smurf with people who are also trying to smurf, meaning they cant derank, there could be an option to select a player for smurf servers. If they get enough smurf server reports, they will get an overwatch, to see if they are indeed trying to derank, and they will be given account info such as hours, games, friends, and most importantly, ips which have logged into this account. This could eliminate smurfing. if you have any ways to suggest or if I made an error or if there is another way they can smurf then please tell me.
RYZR :P (5 months ago)
electric_hiccup 707 ip changer, change hardware.
electric_hiccup 707 (6 months ago)
glad this wasnt a warowl type video where he says smurfing is good. Smurfing is destroying the game. I want to rank up to the higher ranks, but people cheating to do it too and smurfs its just, I cant. I get noobs, alot of them. aiming at feet and bad callouts, no mics, never shut up, griefers (more than you think).
Holz nicht (6 months ago)
I need to smurf for playing with friends.
Empyros (6 months ago)
It's really hard now that me and my friend got promoted into gold nova. We're pretty good at the game but every 5 or so rounds we encounter a team full of genuine smurfs that destroy our whole team. It's really annoying and you can see that they're smurfs by just hours played and account
JaxInTheBlox (6 months ago)
1 account per pc?
Aaron Rowland (6 months ago)
I love smurfing.
xFuza (6 months ago)
Honestly Im going to do this ONLY because I want to play with friends. Im probably just going to die every single round on purpose so I can try to make it a fair game lol
Ken Madafaka (7 months ago)
i'm dmg, and 80% of the games i play are really challenging, hard and exhausting matches that takes alot from you as a player... for me, this is my peak rank and i need to improve to go higher... so smurfing in e.g nova 1 or silver is like a break... carrying with 30-2 feels good... but yeah it does make me an asshole aswell
Henry Ambrose (7 months ago)
I still don't see any satisfaction to be gained from beating opponents only because they are certified worse players than you.
David Guldbrandt Bøje (7 months ago)
I now a guy there is a smurf he was lucky he had a smurf because hes main got VAC banned
Posle Polundnya (7 months ago)
Ehh who cares really
Cyphi (7 months ago)
Sealclubbing is low. Always been.There are community servers if you want raise your ego, or non-competitive mod, so why should be smurfing allowed? Rank system works as some learning curve, it supose to reflect your skill level and give you oponents at close to your skill to learn more. But that doesnt work with smurfs. You may get lucky and be on smurfs side. That gives you easy win, easy rank up without really learning. Or you can be unlucky to play against smurf and even if you do have enough skill level, you cant rank up because its close to no-win chance scenario. Thats bad for everyone, but specially for smurf himself because if you play alot bellow your skill level, your own skill level drops. And not talking about lots of players in wrong skill group you helping generate, making whole rank system big toxic mess.
ShadowsFrost (7 months ago)
The problem with these princesses is that they impose themselves on other players. Perhaps people are happy at their ranks and don't want to get better or improve. Perhaps people can't improve on where they currently are. Thing is, smurfs actually have to create a new account and buy the game again and go through the whole cycle of things to get and maintain a low rank. If asking a team if they want to play against a smurf, I am pretty sure they would all say NO. So it's out of ego that the smurf plays so he can feel better about himself at EZ wins. If they really want to "teach" other players, why then do they not come in at their own rank. OH ya, MM won't allow that. Too much difference between ranks would not be fair. Even the system knows that, so with that knowledge, the smurf already knows what he is doing is truly and unfair advantage to the other players. I guess with the Millennial generation of instant gratification, this should not be surprising. Its hard for them to play like a real gentleman and play fairly. Hell this shit is done in High School! Adults who do this probably have not reached the maturity level yet of being responsible and understanding fairplay and good sportsmanship. That's what separates the boys from the men. So while the men have to deal with these boys and their issues, we can only hope one day they just Man the fuck up. Then real respect is given. It's not about me being salty, I don't really get salty as more like I look at this player and just facepalm. Its about me thinking, "Great another smurf. Another person pussifying the male gender with their princess behaviour." So sad.
QuteRayney (7 months ago)
i feel like a smurf i outperform gold novas because im unranked but all my7 friends are silvers and i play wioth them all the time
Harry Rasputin (7 months ago)
Well my friend was unranked because he hadnt played in few months. So i had to create a smurf account so that i could play with him. Once we got his rank high enought i started to play with my main. No regrets
Michael M (7 months ago)
i love those games where you get put with no cheaters, smurfs, or assholes and people of the same skill level and it is just a fair game.
MartinGe_De (7 months ago)
you mean 2kilksphilip?
333pancake333 (7 months ago)
I can't rank up.
Cypher 302 (8 months ago)
Actually I love it when I verse smurfs, it helps me get better.
Jelle (8 months ago)
I was an accidental smurf. I was GN1 (still below skill level), And got deranked to silver elite because i didnt play enough. My friend just got the game and he was a real silver pleb. Long story short, it's fun to rush mid with a p90 and get a 3 second ace.
gay freakin frog (8 months ago)
i remember when i just didn't play csgo for 5/6 months came back and i back silver 2 and i was unfairly good to the rest, vavle should make it so you don't loose your rank by not playing, just loosing
Your Mom's Boyfriend (8 months ago)
Its cos of smurfing there are hackers everywhere. So yea this game is already dead
Zurch 123 (8 months ago)
I'm silver one and consistently get at least twice as many kills as deaths and never rank up why valve?
JDC (8 months ago)
My problem is I keep getting hackers and it deranks me into lower ranks :/
Joe Semaan (8 months ago)
What if you are not ranking bcz of dumb people that match up with you
Burim (8 months ago)
if you play against Smurf is a good thing ,u can get better because you see from where you got shot and how they play ,,nothing bad about it ,i want to play against 5 smurfs ,not cheaters because with cheaters you can see instantly if someone is wallhacking or aiming ,well fuck cheaters ,smurfs are ok
ツiCyrx (8 months ago)
how did smfc get 17 frags
trix y (8 months ago)
The secret is to get better than the smurfs
SteaMonkey (8 months ago)
Why blame the game, for a eule they're avoiding. People nowadays just blame it on something else without thinking "but i'm doing the wrong" cause it's easier that way. I love your vids 99/101 times, but in this case you blame something the community is doing wrong, as something valve should fix.
Do it the same as trust factor. :game sees a NEW account is performing extremely well: put it only in games with people doing that well too.
Kirrthik Kaz (8 months ago)
Trust factor..
Loic Andre (8 months ago)
I smurf with a team of 5, so all we do is zeus or noscope the whole time and we usually let the enemy team win
Rachmat Zulfiqar (8 months ago)
"but there's a darker reason for smurfing......." wow, that philosophical thought
No Name (8 months ago)
Smurfing should be illegal??
No Name (8 months ago)
Like illegal illegal
Sean Whatstone (8 months ago)
Valve could just remove down ranking
Indra_GOD (8 months ago)
Here's the thing with smurfing. You can report a smurf for griefing because smurfing is *"anti-competitive* as it says it overwatch so smurfs should get banned but people don't seem to realise this
t0rpilaa (8 months ago)
I get 35+ kills every match and i lose and i don't rank up :)) it's fun
Half Way Lambda (9 months ago)
And now we have the trust factor. I must say, it does its job very well, I have played about 12 matches by far and have seen no smurfs, no hackers, nothing. A fair game. Whereas in prime/non prime, there's a 0.01% chance to play 12 matches in a row without smurfs or cheaters. I'm so glad Valve did this, low skilled players can now play the game properly. Or at least, those who have a lot games on Steam, compared to a smurf with only 1 or 2.
Rj Bertram (9 months ago)
What rank are you? I'm pretty much brand new to CS, but I have plenty of FPS experience, so I can recognize a smurf when I see one. About half my games have a smurf so obvious that they single-handedly win the game- either for my team or the other team. For a player brand new to the game who's just trying to learn, playing against a high-level smurf is just as painful, boring and as much of a waste of time as playing against a blatant hacker. CS seemed cool to check out, but I'm probably just gonna stop playing if there's no alternative.
bob Fisher (9 months ago)
im called a cheater when im not smurfing and smurfs lose to me lol
Zeayo (8 months ago)
12 btw haHAA
Offensive Stuff (9 months ago)
Theres also the issue that you never know if this person is inherently good, perhaps moving to csgo after thousands of hours in 1.6 and source, there's just no way to know.
Grant (9 months ago)
i have an alt, but i'm DMG and all my irl friends are s2-sem. it's unfair for both teams with the two options, play on main against mg's/nova or the other team faces a dmg made up of silvers. But i do not and i never have solo q'd on that account i've only played with a 5 man to have fun with my friends who are a lower rank. one round every few weeks not even a guaranteed win since half of the time i'm messing around and trying to do stupid plays but that's the fun in playing with friends.
Santa (9 months ago)
I bought csgo and I regret it because of this exact reason.
joao carlos (9 months ago)
now u cant even smurf cause gold novas turn their hacks on half of the times
level 3 gay (9 months ago)
I dont understand why people complain about smurfing. Its not that huge of a problem. Being silver myself, smurfs just make the game much more challenging. And actually helped me improve well. Plus jokes on them they wasted 20 dollars on a phony account
PERKELE (9 months ago)
Well fuck, im a smurf/boosted but i usually fuck around while still getting kills, i just wanna have fun playing with my friends and cant do that with my main
darkone12491 (9 months ago)
Valve wont ever stop it as long as people keep buying new accounts to cheat/smurf
Kagetane (9 months ago)
If ur the victim smurfing that just means u suck
John Nada (9 months ago)
In my irrelevant opinion, Smurfs are worse than cheaters. A Cheater is a guy who more often than not just wants to watch the world burn, spinbotting and feeding from his enemies rage, not honorable, but i can understand that, sometimes we are surrounded by so much shit we just want to see others get wrecked. A Smurf on the other hand, is way worse, because he does it not for fun, but to feed his ego, he likes the attention, he likes to feel good, to feel better than everyone else, and i absolutely hate people like this, it's like someone going down to the hood with his Ferrari and starting to tell everyone how much better than them he is. I can appreciate a man deriving pleasure from chaos, but a man that has to go to a level where he knows he has a massive advantage, just to feel good about himself, feed his ego and get some praise? No. To me it's basically the same as a school bully, a vain incomplete asshole whose only way of finding some happiness is by preying on those who are weaker than him. Grade A cowards.
Zeayo (8 months ago)
Smurfs are also worse in my opinion because of the reaction of enemy players. When you are facing a cheater, especially a cheater that is obvious, you kinda just say, "oh well, it's a cheater, fuck it" and you move on knowing that dumbass will get banned. When you are facing a smurf who is better than you in every way, they laugh at you, ridicule, and fuel their ego without consequences. A typical enemy reaction would be filled with rage and disappointment, and even self-loathing because the player may think they're not good enough and shouldn't even try to perform better. Smurfs ruin the game for everyone involved, while cheaters -- in the end -- ruin the game for themselves.
Justus Viitanen (9 months ago)
If you are playing against better players only way to win them is to just play better than them
Edzie (9 months ago)
So...on my main Steam account I'm GNM and on my other account (witch I bought because I got soooo many 7 day bans at the time xD) I'm GN3...am I smurfing?
RaimaNd (9 months ago)
Edzie Yes.
Edzie (9 months ago)
RaimaNd So...I'm in the clear! xD
RaimaNd (9 months ago)
Smurfing means you play on ranks way under your skill-level, so if you are gnm and you would be silver 3 or something it would be smurfing. I'm global on my main account and LE/LEM on my old main account (aka actually second account or smurf if you wanna call it so). The only reason I've two active accounts is because on the one account I play only with other good friends and with the other account I play with friends no matter which rank they're. This is the only chance to play with bad friends and it still sucks because when I play with gn4 friends or something like that we will get DMG-LEMs so my friends get destroyed. The system really sucks whatever you do. :(
MRSiraXs (9 months ago)
The Suspect nice hacks!

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