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Half-Life Leaks & Valve Making Games - Valve Ketchup August 2018

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My E-Mail : tylermcvicker@yahoo.com Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor My Discord : https://discord.gg/HUVh3YJ Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork My News Blog : https://valveketchup.wordpress.com/ Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at all the recent Valve related news for VR and future games, such as Half-Life VR. Sources : New SteamVR Haptics System - https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/9cwy2z/new_wands_firmware_update_adds_new_haptics_system/ Knuckles EV3 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1508356684 Moondust Source Files - https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Moondust SteamVR Updates - https://steamcommunity.com/app/250820/announcements/ HLVR Leaks for August & September - https://github.com/DankParrot/Source2Wiki/wiki/Half-Life-VR Jeep Confirming VR Games - https://www.reddit.com/user/JeepBarnett (He looks like Usopp) Making Games Again - http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/31/valve-is-very-aware-of-all-the-jokes-people-make?abthid=5b8784c5070a1309360008ed Lenovo 99$ Headset - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1364658-REG/lenovo_g0a20001ww_explorer_mixed_reality_headset.html Wolf3D VR https://further-beyond.itch.io/wolf3dvr My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (793)
Angel Garcia (1 day ago)
Finally, some nice high quality, though a bit expensive, VR Porn.
jap0112 (2 days ago)
More VR shit... no thanks
GDO G (6 days ago)
valve working on three vr games THREE AND THEY DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT HALF-LIFE 3 OR PORTAL 3
M J (6 days ago)
I came here because I was told that internet historian tricked you
Alex Moose (11 days ago)
Reword your ending. “Look what Valve could of done”
Matthew Champlain (11 days ago)
Am I the only one who has no interest in VR and is disappointed that valve are only making mediocre vr games that should be worth less than $10 or crappy card games?
Half Life 3 News (12 days ago)
Give US Half Life 3 please
BLUEWOLF (12 days ago)
Hey, I just noticed while uploading a youtube video that Half-Life 2: Episode Three was listed under Advanced Settings and Game Titles (under the category box). I didn't see a mention of this, so I thought I'd leave a comment here and mention it. Sounds... interesting.
Thanh trong (14 days ago)
Valve hate Leaks, they delay or cancel game because of leaks, so stop leak
TheBiggestMc (15 days ago)
If valve cares about games again TF2s melee hitreg might be fixed after 9+ years of undevelopment
d_TraXer (17 days ago)
Very nice outro ♥️
TheGrandOrangeFrog (17 days ago)
Valve making games. Does this mean 3rd games for portal, half-life, ect.
The Harvinator (17 days ago)
Valve: Here's some new games Community: Yay! Valve: They're VR exclusive Community: ...
ITS TIME TO STOP (18 days ago)
I FINALLY got vr thanks to you telling me about that deal. OMG best purchase I've ever made.
Walde (18 days ago)
I always appreciate new VR games, people just don't make them because they don't make much money and VR is glorious, just wish I had something else to play in VR right now than skyrim and fallout even though they are great
The Lemon (19 days ago)
What game is playing on the background?
Elementzz (19 days ago)
just give me half life 3
evilsockpuppet (19 days ago)
I don’t want a VR half life. Please.
Mech4Life (20 days ago)
THIS IS HUGE!!! thanks allot
Solvet (21 days ago)
i'm sure hl3 will deliver
KroneYT (21 days ago)
1:10 Valve announced *how many VR games?*
Cboyjet (22 days ago)
What happens if hl vr is hl3
Morgan Kendrick (22 days ago)
Not excited, just more shit that is bound to not be ever finished.
minh tri tran le (22 days ago)
wow valve really needs a plumber
Surtus (23 days ago)
How would one get just the htc controllers? I’m guessing eBay but is there any other sources?
Adrian (23 days ago)
"Think of what valve could do" Nothing, since gaben rhetorically asked a few months back what was the motivation to do anything, remember? They are too busy ramming the AAA industry in the ground with microtransactions and other questionable practices.
Sonic Son'edit (24 days ago)
I honestly don't give a fuck about VR. I wish they would make actual games, not VR or CCG.
Melony toni (25 days ago)
Can someone explain me why these files are apparently open to see for everyone? Does valve just not give a shit about leaks or rumors, I mean they could probably hide it if they wanted to. A few years ago valve also admitted that some employees like to play tricks/troll the community with rumors and leaks just for the laughs and alot of the stuff that gets discussed is basically developers just trolling with the community.
Real Good (25 days ago)
People waiting to finish Half life saga will now have to buy a VR stuff??? Give me a break... Just release the game already.
GLaDOSCake122 (25 days ago)
HL3 will be a movie, not a game. Half-Life 3D.
Mr.Storm (25 days ago)
I'd rather have a non vr hl game.
Henk van het Internet (25 days ago)
$100 VR headset? Awesome! That gets 26 dollar shipping fee, alright with me! :D And 80 dollars in customs / taxes... aaaand we are at the overpriced EU prices again.
Luca H (26 days ago)
Half Life 2 Episode 3 VR, that would have been beautiful.
Knife Kitty (26 days ago)
Valve can buy that indie
Gaming EXTREME (26 days ago)
Everytime I see those videos I want to go to sleep ;)
Itami Shikura (26 days ago)
You always speak very highly of Valve and I like that. After seeing what valve has done in the past and the hurdles they faced in their infancy, I am confident that MOST of what we see is exactly what Valve wants us to see. The only thing that worries me about the HL franchise other than Marc Laidlaw retiring is what impact Epistle 3 may have on the final product. Or, if Valve may feel it necessary to change the final product because he decided to share its story. I'm sure more than a few Valve employees were like "Wtf, why would he do that?" To a Valve employee, I'm sure the progress of the next Half-Life is apparent and promising, but of course they cannot talk about it. Edit: I'm even more excited because, think about it, the thing pushing each Half-Life into greatness was technological innovation. If you want another GREAT game, the formula isn't to whip it up in a cash grab or even to take a long time to rebuild the same experience. Focus on hardware for a while and the next great technologically innovatove game may almost write itself. Although, Volvo please fix ai.
The PineApple (26 days ago)
We can wait!
OJ Productions (26 days ago)
com truise
Tamas2020 (27 days ago)
Dev-Dude-Tyler (27 days ago)
I can't be the only one that doesn't care much for VR games.
YarksieYax (27 days ago)
I'll laugh if this is just a side game to show off VR more.
1sme (27 days ago)
valve: & knuckles
Yash Playz (27 days ago)
The best thing of this year
Element 55 (27 days ago)
Honestly, I hope they don't entirely use VR. Despite the fact that increasing popularity will decrease prices if VR hardware, it still is quite difficult to run, and play in comfortably. Plus. No matter how much VR is the next step, screens are definitely far from obsolete. A good experience can just as well be transferred over a screen, anyways.
Evan PJ (27 days ago)
VR is just nauseating and uncomfortable...
null (27 days ago)
4:53 song name?
Nanobot02 (27 days ago)
Valve Announced Half life more then 10 Years Ago. Until then they can Kiss my ass...
hytlerson (27 days ago)
Valve needs to work smart, not hard. Just like the indie guys do.
Truly Infamous (27 days ago)
Will valve stop giving 90% of their attention to their big money maker games and start to care about other projects? Only time will tell.
Chris Coma (27 days ago)
Valve would port HL to VR and will change the game forever. That's what they do - release something seemingly ordinary and bandwagon, which in the end changes everything, becomes an icon and deconstructs the whole fucking gaming industry.
fever309 (28 days ago)
Hey Tyler, I'm glad you're advertising the WMR headsets, they're actually really good for the price. But I had just bought that Lenovo one recently, and I'm probably returning it. But because of only ONE flaw. No hardware IPD adjustment, the distance between your eyes. They have a janky software one, but only goes up to 67mm and lowers the sweet spot. But I, like many other people, have higher than 67mm IPD. I have 69mm, yes it's that number. So my left eye is always blurry and gives me a headache and I can never focus on anything. The only WMR headset that supports hardware IPD is the samsung odessey. But that one costs $300-400. And at that price range, you could just get an oculus. But I am probably gonna get the samsung one, cause I prefer the easy setup of the inside out tracking. But just a fair warning for anyone thinking about buying the WMR headsets, if your ipd is 63mm, the headset will be perfectly fine for you cause that's where the hardware sits at. Up to 67mm it can work for you but with smaller sweet spots the higher you go.
system (28 days ago)
what's the outro song? :o
mr1spamification (28 days ago)
Credit your fucking music you sleaze biscuit. Somebody worked hard to compose that shit, the least you can do is put the name of the damn song in the description. You have no excuse.
Serratus (28 days ago)
"... an indie team could do this? Just think what Valve could do?". Count to 3? Anyone? Or am I being unreasonable? Am I? I am, huh? Yeah, I guess I am... :'(
lambda (28 days ago)
Would be cool if my first ever VR game would be a Half-Life one, ad my first ever FPS was a Half-Life game too!
Joaquim (28 days ago)
uwu (28 days ago)
HL3's going to be released, but only available on the Android App Store.
Vid Jenko (28 days ago)
Dude in every new video you have the newest HOME song. I see you like his work too.
a free wolfenstein 3d to vr game has more immersion than fallout vr
Random Gmod Vids (28 days ago)
Yay, more VR Games, that's what EVERYONE wants(!)
AleksSDF (28 days ago)
What a third version of the VR controller? There is a mistake in the matrix. I dont feel so good. ...
DeSinc (28 days ago)
you're getting me excited for that gen 2 vive & knuckles. these games seem like a lot of fun but I've seen the res of the current vive and I just want higher. and as good as the latency is, it's still not good enough and makes me slightly sick once I pass about half an hour. also the cord is just too fucking annoying. and the rotational tracking resolution (and latency) on the controllers could seriously be better.. they're so damn jittery
super soaker (3 days ago)
boxes are empty btw desinc
Lettuce (19 days ago)
+DeSinc The pimax have planned a wireless and an eye tracking accessory that you can buy from their website after they finish shipping to backers. Its nice that they use the steamvr tracking aswell, so you could use knuckles on em. Never paid much attention on varifocal displays, but those that oculus has showed us would probably be quite expensive. Gen 2 seems to be taking its time, we havent heard nothing from the big guys yet.
DeSinc (19 days ago)
I checked those out, they look pretty sweet. from what I hear they can easily be classified as 'gen 2' headsets by most considerations. personally I think they are more like "Gen 1.2" as they are improved in a lot of ways but simply will not compete with some gen 2 things that I'm expecting. I think gen 2 will have optional wireless and many more additional features like not only increased FoV to match or exceed the pimax but also real time focal adjustments etc.
Lettuce (22 days ago)
Hey, if you're looking for some better headsets than current gen, then i'd recommend you to look into the Pimax 5k+ headset. 170 fov, Better sde than vive pro with 2560x1440*2. Currently shipping to kickstarter backers.
BenHarryKirk (25 days ago)
Well, your probably sick because you backhopped at 500 Mph
To say the truth, I don't really care about HL3 anymore. I just hope PB won't follow in HL3 steps.
Diego Arcos (28 days ago)
*Valve is working on 3 full VR games* *Half-Life 3 confirmed*
Felix Müller (28 days ago)
Sooooooooooo HL³ confirmed or what?
DGiovanni (28 days ago)
Just quit.
Nogardtist (28 days ago)
is it again about the half-life VR
Kobe (28 days ago)
Proud of you Tyler. Been here since day 10
ุ ุ (28 days ago)
There are bigger problems than money when it comes to VR, money is a big one but so is space, not everyone can take advantage of VR in a way that is fun, and if it isn’t going to be fun then why have it.
ุ ุ (28 days ago)
Half Life in VR will finally make VR into something real, instead of just a empty market, then maybe once that is successful we might see a Half Life 3
Holy Doggo (28 days ago)
These could all just be code using the same engine half life used to test vr equipment considering most of their games have the same code as half life so 🤷‍♂️
General Townes (28 days ago)
Well, Valve is an alive company unlike telltale.
Pavel Beliaev (28 days ago)
7 minutes of nothing...
義の軍Oscar (28 days ago)
"You pay: 99$" Gotta love the U.S, the exact same headset costs nearly 500$ where I live and that is with the controllers. The reason I bring that up is because here, you don't even have the luxury of buying just the headset if you want to buy from a store where RMA's won't be the biggest struggle in your life.
Cellulanus (28 days ago)
Oh I believe that Valve is working on games and has always been working on games. I just don't believe that they'll actually finish them.
SugarDaddy1963 (28 days ago)
>more clickbait >still no half life 3 >waste of time
skaruts (28 days ago)
Why do people keep talking about HL3, if HL *2* Episode 3 is the logical next step in the franchise?
Half Life 3 News (12 days ago)
For valve and Gaben say HL 2 Episode 3 is gone so HL3 LIVES
realexslashgaming (28 days ago)
Well is this late August because you perception of time is like valves
iiCreepy (28 days ago)
(x) to doubt
Screw B (28 days ago)
"Valve is making games" :D "VR games!" D: Please Valve stop developing this dead end meme tech.
Darth Buzzer (28 days ago)
Screw B First of all, that's not really what a meme is. The RTX on / RTX off is a meme for example, but there is no equivalent viral meme for VR. Secondly, no one really expected it to get mass adopted this fast as no technology gets there in under a decade. Thirdly, almost every flaw can be fixed in the next couple of headset generations. Remember that all technologies had flaws preventing mass adoption, including smartphones.
Screw B (28 days ago)
It is a meme. The tech has some huge glaring flaws that will prevent mass adaptation.
Darth Buzzer (28 days ago)
Screw B Calling it a meme only makes you uninformed.
Catowar Meowson (28 days ago)
Untell they drop this shitty vr meme where never going to get good valve games again :( its a huge shame
Darth Buzzer (28 days ago)
Catowar Meowson Try VR and you'll change your opinion. Stop being such a judgmental person.
nickflig (28 days ago)
"Imagine what Valve could make" I have been for a long time for a lot of things. Just waiting for them to announce some massive project they've been working on to blow me away. All the stuff they've been doing in the past 5 years is nice, but I can't help but feel like they could be releasing the next big thing, as I'm sure many people are hoping.
Andrew Rivers (28 days ago)
The quality of these videos just keeps going up. Great work, I look forward to more content in the future.
VickMcbread (28 days ago)
Out-tro Musc PLEASE!
*sniffs the air violently, a wet hand slapping and wrapping around the frame of an entrance*
Timothy McKane (28 days ago)
4:36 "Using your hands to actually open doors, and push the secret walls..." Or pet that doge so that PeTA doesn't get angry at you killing it.
redbeardsescapades (28 days ago)
GabeN //
Tyrone Jamal (28 days ago)
I couldn't give any less of a shit about VR even if it was free
Nic Paton (28 days ago)
So I opened up steam today and Half-Life 2 was updating does anybody know what to update was about
Pockets Fox (28 days ago)
That last sentence made me cum in my fuckin pants holy shit
Francis52 (28 days ago)
:( can we just have left 4 dead 3 :( i want more zoey and francis!
rollie4 (28 days ago)
miss misanthropist (28 days ago)
it feels like 2003 again
The Library (28 days ago)
So I can get into VR on the cheap? Well, I _did_ just upgrade my graphics card. But I can't drop near a hundred bucks on it at the moment, and I'd like to upgrade my CPU before really getting into that stuff. It's gonna take a LOT for my rig to run that stuff.
GoTi4No (28 days ago)
Only i want to say is i don't half life 3 to be a vr exclusive i will literally kill myself
GoTi4No (28 days ago)
Darth Buzzer But if half-life 3 will be a VR it will so different from their past games
Darth Buzzer (28 days ago)
GoTi4No You'd be surprised actually. Gen 2 of VR will be able to track a full human body, all their limbs, their fingers, their facial muscles and eye movements. And without wearing anything - just with cameras on the headset + maybe one camera on a desk. You'll see what I mean when gen 2 gets officially unveiled.
GoTi4No (28 days ago)
Darth Buzzer You are aware that Motion Capture Technology isn't are par with what they want to represent in the game and that was an interview from PC Gamer years ago. Our technology isn't advanced enough as we have hope for.
Darth Buzzer (28 days ago)
GoTi4No But you realize the game would be hindered greatly by being made for non-VR users right? VR is only at the best of it's ability when the game makes full use of VR. And if you make full use of VR, you can't make the same game in non-VR. So for HL3 VR to be a revolutionary game that truly makes use of VR, it cannot possibly work as a normal game.
GoTi4No (28 days ago)
Darth Buzzer Not a vr [("EXCLUSIVE")]
Just Another Animator (28 days ago)
I can afford a vr headset, I just can’t afford a computer that can run any game in vr other than minecraft
Khalil Vennie (28 days ago)
I didn't know about the 99 dollar Lenovo. Might pick that up and wait for the Knuckles CVs to come out.
Blockistic (28 days ago)
from what I'm seeing, _Virtual Virtual Reality_ looks a lot like Justin Roiland's VR Accounting. How close am I?
MrHinchapelotas (28 days ago)
>Lenovo headset requires windows 10 No thanks

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