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How to fix PAK file error for Counter Strike Global Offensive

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It's a really easy fix that can be easily missed. How to fix all PAK file errors that keep disconnecting you from server. Hope this helped! Any questions, please leave a comment and subscribe for more content from tips and tricks to Gameplay to more! Twitter: twitter.com/fracturedglitch AWP Phobos Minimal Wear Giveaway ending on August 17th. Winner will be announced on twitter. To enter, either follow me on twitter or subscribe to the channel. :D
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Text Comments (12)
some people says it's because ur pc doens't have enough ram, if it's true then buying a new pc is the only choice u have
lol okay
Desync (3 months ago)
Then you're far too young to be worrying about that sort of thing.
i'm still a 14 years old kid, u know any tips to make fast money?
Desync (3 months ago)
Ram is like 15$ for a decent upgrade yunno
*sigh* rip wallet
teeheee (1 year ago)
I'v tried this like 20 times ): i'v been trying a week to get my csgo working and fresh but nothing works ):
Desync (1 year ago)
teeheee have you tried completely reinstalling
I get this every time I start a game. So annoying. Non of the fixes help. I think they need to find a better way of archiving files.
iDaVeez (1 year ago)
there's videos that have 40k views that doesn't work but thiers a one with 32 and works great work
Desync (1 year ago)
Thanks man! Yeah it's probably those are outdated.

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