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The Most ICONIC Moments in CS:GO Major History

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Footage Courtesy: ELEAGUE/Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., ESL/Turtle Entertainment GmbH, DreamHack AB, Major League Gaming, Inc. From k0nfig's knife to JDM64's 1v5 clutch, the ELEAGUE Major was full of surprises and amazing plays. With that being said, we at theScore esports couldn't help but notice that it was lacking that one crucial play that, above all others, should become a graffitied moment. That got us thinking about some of the best moments in recent Major history, so we put together a list of what we think are some of the Majors' most iconic moments. Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”) Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (1298)
-Dickhead- -_- (22 hours ago)
But Kqly was hacking and got banned later
Plumbus (1 day ago)
The Original G (2 days ago)
One Bullet... Dream!!
Moshe Faustino (2 days ago)
The best Coldzera 4:26 🇧🇷
Tom Charles (4 days ago)
I’ve not noticed before but s1mples play was literally one from heaven
Papa Stalin (8 days ago)
We already the x god is therr
Ethan Kahn (13 days ago)
KQLY was hacking
JaxonFN (15 days ago)
2:30 to bad Kqly was a cheater
Drake Cerberus (20 days ago)
the Dosia smart grenade
Jay Maranan (27 days ago)
As expected, but I guess NiKo's flaming 1v2 clutch on Nuke against mouz at ELEAGUE Boston 2018 is worthy too. He took the game to OT, and eventually won the map.
David Gal (1 month ago)
It's not Kelly it's Qukly shot ...
Hender (1 month ago)
It isn't Kelly, it is QKLY
backflipz_ 4_dayz (1 month ago)
Kqly was caught hacking you know, he ain't deserve shit
SJ (1 month ago)
Maybe u havent missed anything but u shoulndt include kqlys shot. Cheaters dont deserve praise ;)
Mat Mat Hassan (1 month ago)
I love you fnatic
Yuri old55 (1 month ago)
Wow that inhuman was great
Jr. Ede (1 month ago)
S1mple's falling AWP is pure luck and I hate seeing that clip. What if he had missed? Well, the casters would've laughed it off as S1mple being an idiot. Now he became a god by having 2 luckshots with an AWP; needing no skill for the kills. Therefore, I hate this overused clip.
SwAgMuSic (1 month ago)
When comes the next big Major?Like Mlg Colombus .
Matheus Castilhos (1 month ago)
cold zera is the best of all!!!
Emvi (1 month ago)
Jesse Hopper (1 month ago)
Straight off the bat. As much as simple is a legend. That falling play was not him showing his skill. He got lucky.
Dash (2 months ago)
And now stew has one for the overtime clutch
Silly Duck (2 months ago)
coldzera doesnt deserve a grafitti. He made ONE lucky play and went on to become the most overated player in the season
Lamcis Fark (1 month ago)
Silly Duck 'he is a good awper no doubt', his role isn't even awping, are you dumb? 'before that match, anyone barely knew who he was', even before the match, he was being talked about a lot cuz he just came to the pro scene out of nowhere and was already dominating, do you even follow the pro scene? He's been the best player for 2 years straight now bruh and are you seriously angry because of the fact that he got some pixel on the screen related to him because of luck? Well damn, you rather get angry on silly things.
Silly Duck (1 month ago)
But that is my point, he isn't. He is a good awp'er no doubt, but getting a grafitti for dumb luck is simply frustrating to me. Im angry because i remember how much the community was hyping him after that play, even though before that match, anyone barely knew who he was.
Lamcis Fark (1 month ago)
Just because it was lucky doesn't mean that it wasn't epic and it's not like as if people call him the best player because of that shot, they call him the best because of his consistency.
Magyar Gamer Párt (2 months ago)
KennyS Quickscope
the god of geometry (2 months ago)
4:26 omg
Māra Podkalne (2 months ago)
This is my 2nd favorite video
Captain Crunchy (2 months ago)
shroud 3 man with cz vs ibp
Tragedy (2 months ago)
Neo 1v5
SightlierDog5 (2 months ago)
kqly style xD
Mike F (2 months ago)
1G 🔥
CSB0518 (2 months ago)
I swear this channel takes the exact same CSGO clips, renames the title, and makes a new video. It’s pretty obvious.
Kent Santiago (3 months ago)
Pronax had a smoke when olof was defusing the bomb
Nate Mark (3 months ago)
I forgot about that snax play until just now, shit was fantastic
Ancient Mapper (3 months ago)
Niko Deagle cmon
Jobe Simpson (3 months ago)
Wasn't Kqly hacking when he hit the shot
Park Rose (3 months ago)
olefmeister burning defuse made me cry. he risked his life to defuse that bomb ;-;
DanKorCZ (3 months ago)
But... "What in gods name is that from snax should have been on this list"
FRMProducciones (3 months ago)
I don't understand why BAN to Kqly...
ZenyardXT (3 months ago)
What happened with Happy’s deagle ace at inferno?:(
laay’d plaay’z (3 months ago)
Now there needs to be an updated list with Dosias nade
Jernulf (3 months ago)
Where's the inferno crabwalk? :/
VEATROX (3 months ago)
Thanks for this awesome video, I enjoyed watching it :)
Tilmann Elbrecht (3 months ago)
Simples Awp Fake Flash missed
TheDrakOre (3 months ago)
Cali was confirmed to have. Cheated sadly
TheSamiG (3 months ago)
dosia 200 iq nade?
MorganMD (3 months ago)
Coldzera's jumping AWP gives me goose bumps to this day
Ashter Sylvester (3 months ago)
Ashton Stansel (3 months ago)
Why was fnatic's boost ruled to be against the rules?
Ripper Dark (4 months ago)
bodyy wallbang 😎
SwAgMuSic (4 months ago)
I hate Fnatic
Matei 123 (4 months ago)
Shroud sneaky cz?
4:15 How the actual fuck can a boost on an official map played at the biggest LAN tournament in the entire world be illegal?
Harjot singh (4 months ago)
Didn't his gun go through the wall...
techno dove (4 months ago)
when fnatic won 16-0 to faze?
Ricardo Silva (4 months ago)
Fallen overpass mlg 1x5
Northern Ranger (4 months ago)
%80 of video is olofmeister xd
Jambr0 (4 months ago)
The KQLY was hacks tho
Jambr0 (3 months ago)
ichangemyname youokaboutthat yeah he did that shot was hacks.... warowl even did a video on it
DelluXeD (3 months ago)
He doesn't use during the game
正體字好! (4 months ago)
I need “The Most IRONIC moments in CS:GO Major History”.
Kaan Uyanık (4 months ago)
And dosia’s 200iq nade in krakow 2017
flirth (4 months ago)
0:33 insane individual skill right.......
Sebastian Lundgren (5 months ago)
Gimme the ”inhuman reactions” grafitti
Alex Fert (5 months ago)
Hiko aimbots confirmed
noname acc CO. (5 months ago)
7:47 I think that not so ICONIC moments! :(=
正體字好! (5 months ago)
How about the Cache bodyy wallbang?
Arczi X (5 months ago)
I am 1 million viever!!!
DarkCMD (5 months ago)
Where is happy 5 k deagle ?
ISIKRISI (5 months ago)
Olofmeister tec9meister
C1nZ (5 months ago)
Friberg ace vs fnatic on inferno in the finale
Omer Neyse (5 months ago)
The molotof against c9 defuse
Juz Troll (5 months ago)
U missed the cbble one when he just planted the bomb and 360 noscoped him and the other guy and won
theScore esports (5 months ago)
Hmm... that sounds a lot like KennyS vs. Karrigan (TSM) at IEM Gamescom 2015 – which wasn't scandalous, just a filthy play by Kenny! :P - Miles
Lore Michiels (5 months ago)
Big expression throughout fanqfd rise narrow rather carbon rider enough.
Suraj Doshi (5 months ago)
Why can't u shut your mouth?
kiki bon (5 months ago)
Sk 5 awps vs cloud 9
777 DTL (5 months ago)
Happy deag ace inferno
777 DTL (5 months ago)
El Capitàn (5 months ago)
Sneaky Deaky? You serious? Dislike
Nicolas Davies (5 months ago)
It's funny how the only "lucky shot" was for the brazilian...How was Cold's amazing play lucky? wtf man..
MQ (5 months ago)
Nicolas Davies cause he got a jumping colateral kill with an awp. There is no skillful way to that. Its a shame too cause coldzera has so many memorable plays that were pure skill
Rewind (6 months ago)
Scream 1 tap
J (6 months ago)
Simples drop feels more like luck than skill to me
Arthur Guedes (6 months ago)
This video is almost repeated
Tim Heckerd (6 months ago)
2:18 one bullet, dream
one light (6 months ago)
Simplebs awp fake flash on dust 2
Dylan Leitch (6 months ago)
Ku klee? Noooooooooooo
dellort tog uoy (6 months ago)
it kinda pisses me of that the boost was considered "illegal" even tho it wasn;t a hack nor a glitch -.-
ATG ANSHU (6 months ago)
Where is the scream one tap shot? The world most iconic moment is with scream one tap when he was T and killed a CT at CT SPAWN when he was jumping and got one tap from scream?
ATG ANSHU (6 months ago)
Where is the jumping dragon lore on dust 2 B site when T defending the bomb and CT come and drop his awp and he killed him with usp
Wubbywub (6 months ago)
I guess all insane moments either become bans or map murals
Zak6452 (6 months ago)
Fuck kqly
Crying killer (6 months ago)
happy deagle ace against tsm.He even renamed he deagle to team solo rekt
Nikotin Niko (6 months ago)
S1mple AWP fake flash
Mr. Bubbles (6 months ago)
The AWP fake flash?
pattoDark (6 months ago)
KQLY Cheater -_-
正體字好! (6 months ago)
Chains Is in a Pickle (6 months ago)
Sneaky Beaky*
Vincent Romano (6 months ago)
They should update this and put dosia’s grenade in there. That wasn’t lucky that was genius
TheFubarFighter (6 months ago)
I think anything with KQLY should have an asterisk next to it
COOL FROGGY (6 months ago)
how about the interracial POV hardcore anal midget gay???!!
greatspy (6 months ago)
kennyS banana awp ace
Bimal Das (6 months ago)
Where is happy's deagle on inferno !!!!
billykhoa billykhoa (7 months ago)
I feel like Dupreeh triple spray through the smoke into jungle, followed by Hiko's 4k to steal the round back deserves a spot. Any old CSGO fan feel me?

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