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Multiplayer character in single player game?! GTA V Glitch

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This randomly happened to me and I'm not sure why. You'll see me try to replicate it but it doesn't work. If you end up trying to replicate it and it works for you, seriously, do leave a comment! If you want to see more of this kind of stuff, go ahead and click that sub button. I really appreciate it.
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That boy Mustard (2 years ago)
it happend to me on ps3
That boy Mustard (2 years ago)
the same thing happend to me
Desync (2 years ago)
This was on the 360
That boy Mustard (2 years ago)
What system is this
Desync (2 years ago)
Still not sure why. I think the game just freaks out sometimes and tries loading singleplayer but picks the wrong character.

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