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How to download and install steam on Windows7/8/8.1 and 10

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This is how you install steam on your PC. 1.Go to your webbbrowse. 2.Type WWW.google.com 3.Search for ``steam`` 4.Go on install steam up on the right side of the sreen. 5.Download it then go on run. 6.Accept the license agreement if you are 13years or older. 7.chose your internet connection and your country. 8.Go install. 9.Finish and thats it :) If your being smart and questioning yourself why does this dude only show us how to do the shit in win 7 then you shoud now that the installation is exactly the same in all the windows versions, if u gett stuck or shit just throw away a mail and i will help ya ;)
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Text Comments (50)
Nelaaa (2 years ago)
and im on window 7
Jake (1 year ago)
im on windows 7 too it didnt work i want to download it for stick fight
Nelaaa (2 years ago)
i need help i cant press the i accept the license agreement it just stay white thing anybodycan help me
NotEvan (3 years ago)
its says close steam before continue plz help someone
MarvelSkywalker (9 months ago)
me too
WTF JACK (3 years ago)
Alwin Joseph (3 years ago)
thx dude
Kaitlyn Leonard (3 years ago)
it says "temporarily unavailable please try again later"
kyjuan donceras (3 years ago)
thanls for the info but can steam be online gaming og left 4 dead 2 respond asap now
Corban Williams (4 years ago)
It did not work
TNN Crift (4 years ago)
It reely help me, I look at screen on site and steam was their!!!!!!
Joe Clemons (1 year ago)
TNN Crift GUD 4U
Tom J (4 years ago)
thank you so much!!
KingDallas (4 years ago)
al li needed to do is the 1st step to go on the website cuz ik how to do the rest
K1llJ0Y (4 years ago)
When I open steam it shows the bar saying "updating steam please wait" but then after a while it says Steam - Fatal Error "Steam needs to be online to update. Please confirm your network connection and try again." I have internet connection without a doubt but how do I confirm or whatever? respond asap please
K1llJ0Y (4 years ago)
i got it it wasnt that... my computer was derping out i restarted my computer and it was fine
KingDallas (4 years ago)
you need to click on steam in the upper left corner click go offline or go online then wait!
GI Jack (4 years ago)
what do i do if it says that the program couldn't respond? it did that 5 times last week!
Ethan White (5 years ago)
I cant find the internet connection :[ Please help me
iCrazy246 (5 years ago)
k thx
TheVRboy (5 years ago)
go on speedtest "dot" net and you can see it there , you can chose any one of them its not imortand to chose right its just for steam statistic
iCrazy246 (5 years ago)
how do i know what my internet thing is?
Kaizoku Da'SpitFire (5 years ago)
i've done that still the same..what should i do ?
Juan Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Antonio C (5 years ago)
How do u find out what ur Internet connection is?
Danial Cavan (5 years ago)
same problem like me .Please help if someone has the solution T.T
Capio888 (5 years ago)
the part after you install steam and you press the finish it tries to but says error: failed to create key
90647118 (5 years ago)
During the install it says updating steam. After a 96mb thing dowload.It says: Extracting package, but nothing happens then. And I click the steam.exe. It just start download a 1,185kb update. Then it says Extracting package again and nothing happens then...... I try many times and feel so frustrate.
TheVRboy (5 years ago)
have you maybe diabled it in the firewall? do you use peerblock because it blocks it to go online? i woud uninstall steam and deet the folder thats left where you installed it then emty the recycle bin and the install it from the beggining.
karcat (5 years ago)
i have a problem something showed up it said steam needs to be online to update.please comfirm your network connection and try again but my internet is ok please reply
Jordyn Lopez (5 years ago)
Thank you so much I was having the same problem and thought I would never fix it... Thanks man :D
TheVRboy (5 years ago)
i'm glad to hear that :)
It works! You got 1 more abon, (:
TheVRboy (5 years ago)
try to name that folder to something else than steam and then do the installation from the beginning.
The computer will not let me delete the map. Something fail number 0x80070570 the file are damaged and can not be deleted.
TheVRboy (5 years ago)
go C:\Program Files (x86) if there is a folder named steam then erase it and follow my installation from the beginning and it will work :)
I am stuck at the destination folder-part. You just click install but on me it say steam must be installed in a empty fodler.
TheVRboy (5 years ago)
do you maybe use peerblock ? if you do then shut it down and try again from the beggining .
Tobi Olufotebi (5 years ago)
i saw at the begging of the install it took time to load and no progress was shown but i waited 5 mins but still nothing any help?
TheVRboy (5 years ago)
hehe do as it says wait :P or try again from begining but dont forget to uninstall that you have installed and delet the temporary files ;)
TheVRboy (5 years ago)
all gaming save data is being storaged in the computer under the folder documents. maybe there is a chanse that the Black mesa storage point is in steams cloud server. if you cant get back your saved data send me a pm and i will help you.
TheBlueDragonGamer (5 years ago)
Hey I played Black mesa a while ago, and i played through half of the game. But then my computer broke(laptop) and it's currently being fixed. Im pretty afaraid of losing the saves for the game. What I wanted to ask was, Are my saves stored on steam? Can i install steam on another computer and still have the saves there? Or is it just on my laptop. This might sound really stupid but I need to know :P Thanks.
TheVRboy (5 years ago)
tel me more about the problem and i will try to help you. cant you download it from the site?
Ohh Damn (5 years ago)
the thing im stuck on is the internet thing
TheVRboy (6 years ago)
the install package that you downloaded, before you are going too double klick it for install right klick and cuse run as adminstartor then it will come a small window with okej/run or cancel go run and continue to folow my installation video and it going to work.
Berry Tillage (6 years ago)
every time i try to install it said error run as administrator and try again
TheVRboy (6 years ago)
after it delets se if its in the task manager ,if it is running in the task manager and you cant see it running on your desktop then right click on valve or steam thats in you task manager and go terminate or close aplikation . then start steam and it shoud work. if not uninstall steam and install it again. takes max 5 min to do it .
Nitesh Puri (6 years ago)
when it updates it deletes itself wut do i do
TheVRboy (6 years ago)
make a folder in partion (c:) -> program -> steam and when it comes that you need to chose a folder(Browse) take the steam folder in program partion c. and it will work . about the internet connection . if you have downloaded the file then you dont need the internet anymore exept when you need to loggin to your steam account. tell me if you have fixed it or not so i can help you on other ways.
Arthur Agnalt (6 years ago)
it stood that it had to be installed in an empty folder so I made an empry folder and installed it there, then it stood that i had to connect to the innternett though I piked the righet one. What shall i do?

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