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The TF2 Team Quiets Down - TFNN #2

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Text Comments (798)
TweekPark (6 months ago)
The fact that tf2 didn’t win labour of love makes me so sad.
Mimic (6 months ago)
Warframe isn't even "long passed" or whatever lmao, it's been out for what, two or three years? And wasn't even popular or well-recieved for half the time it was out. I won't deny it's grown a lot and I honestly love it, they are a hard working and dedicated team, but I don't think they were the best fit for the award
CryfireChannel (6 months ago)
Five years to be exact (2013), which is still pretty damn long, sure TF2 has been around far longer in 2007 but the updates, TF2 had about 647 updates. Warframe has about 751 updates. Overall Warframe has had more updates in its lifespan compared to TF2. Thus imo more deserving of the reward.
Squalington Constantine (7 months ago)
Warframe definitely deserved the reward. The game was WAAAAY in the dumps pretty early on, with many people saying that it was undoubtedly going to be a failure. Yet the devs still stuck with it and turned it into the success that it is now. Unlike TF2, which has been a smash hit with concurrent players since release.
Alex Lindemuth (7 months ago)
If you ever go to valve ever again do you think you could ask about frontline update
John RG (7 months ago)
the catbot people did not make it up, nullifiedcat himself tested it with another account
bhg ortega (7 months ago)
tf2 is still cancer compared to warframe
Meme Man (7 months ago)
Went to the market today on steam, found out that crates are worth 0,47€
Valve's "filmmakers" You know what sort of films I'm talking about.
toplinefool444 (7 months ago)
How will Tyler sell out next?
matthew skullblood (7 months ago)
destroy spy then run away
Not Your Average Jæsper (7 months ago)
Papa Wuise (7 months ago)
When is the next tf2 comic?
Niko _ (7 months ago)
I just love that tf2 is a great game, with a great, but small, dev team. It's the players, however, that destroy the games image.
Mass Assault Doctrine (7 months ago)
Fartmagee (7 months ago)
3:23 About those kids saying uninstall every time they get a kill.
Forgotten Syrup (7 months ago)
at what point where you planning on mentioning how they're quieting down?
Loaf (7 months ago)
I hope valve gets more employers,sooner or later
Todd Overholt (7 months ago)
Not surprised that Warframe won imo. It's definently more deserving of the award with how much time and effort Digital Extremes has constantly put out for it. TF2 by comparison is basically just a valve side project at this point
johnny (7 months ago)
Well I guess we’ll never see the light of comic #7.
Caber Queen (7 months ago)
I just want them to do something about the flame particles, I love TF2 but starting to play less and less because playing against 5+ pyros each time is no longer fun. You can join the w+m1 madness or just get tired of cheap kills.
WilliamAncich (7 months ago)
2:21 Why did you sigh at this? Yes, Team Fortress 2 is over a decade old and Jungle Inferno is probably the best update I can remember, but it came after nearly a year of nothing and even before then updates were scarce. Warframe has gone from a buggy mess to a very enjoyable game. The game isn't perfect, but it has been steadily becoming more and more polished. They deserved it.
Danielsworlds (7 months ago)
They finished the pyro update. They won, they beat the video games. They can all retire
jUppers (7 months ago)
I really hope catbots spread to the point where valve actually needs to do something. right now tf2 is in purgatory, lingering between being an ok game and a pile of garbage filled with terrible experiences because the devs completely abandoned it let alone VAC is a shitty excuse for an anti-cheat software
Danny Delicious (7 months ago)
"I'm free and willing to do voice over work" Dude your voice sounds like shit.
Duck Weeb (7 months ago)
pootric (7 months ago)
Im making a Gmod SFM for my school project.
The Pixel Mudkip (7 months ago)
I mean to be fair Warframe deserves that award more than TF2 "/
MertenNor (7 months ago)
Hey Tylor.. what happened to the Portal Movie??
Nigralurker (7 months ago)
Yeah TF2 should've totally gotten the award. I mean, a game where 95% of its content is community made compared to a game where the developers actually make the content 100% of the time should definitely win it. I mean this is Valve after all, laziness should be rewarded simply because they're Valve!!!
KamiJoJo (7 months ago)
"Fixed being able to shoot flares through objects like setup gates" What a lie :v
christian908 (7 months ago)
Tyler wants a saxxy, like, really bad.
David Blackledge (7 months ago)
Fixedsss Updatedsss and Addedsss ... I loved that.
extinct (7 months ago)
who the hell
deleted user (7 months ago)
Any half life 3 leaks or unreleased maps?
Did this nigga just call a sentry a turret?
Von Nebula (7 months ago)
Ah, I’m going to miss the game. Wish I still had the “want” to play the game but now it feels so different with jungle inferno around. Ah well it was coming at me anyways. Stopped playing on official servers and only focused on user made like freakfortress or Moon Man’s servers
Constantiam dot net (7 months ago)
some shitty game got the labour of love award and tf2 didnt? wtf
romanian scammer (6 months ago)
Okay me
Constantiam dot net (6 months ago)
romanian scammer no u
romanian scammer (6 months ago)
Constantiam dot net ignorant comment from an ignorant
The Derp Scout Returns (7 months ago)
Well, this'll go nowhere for the next few months... see ya next August for the next update... I guess?
Specter (7 months ago)
I mean, Warframe and TF2 are both great games. They’re both standing the test of time, and they’re both very fun to play. It’s just... there are some things that Warframe does better than TF2.
I don't need name (7 months ago)
This is 666 comment I am not satan Nor jesus
I don't need name (7 months ago)
Tf2 new network *intro* •tf2 lose the labor of love award to warfram •people starting to go salty again •cat-bot is back at it again •people start to say tf2 is dead. •volvo still don't care about tf2 again •stickmaster500 is missing (Where is he I mean he doesn't show up here) •people is salty about how tf2 is bad game •people losing hope to tf2 Please valve for the love of god help tf2 can you please hire more programers tf2 need more people to work on it please valve
romanian scammer (6 months ago)
I don't need name TF2 is dead time to move on
Lego Chicken (7 months ago)
So wait the festive australiums were a glitch or they forgot to put it in that it's a thing? If it's obvious to you don't be an a** about it
OzzieGGG (7 months ago)
You dont have to read the entire blog post man.
NOT YOUR BUSINESS (7 months ago)
Harvest was my fav map *WAS*
StrangeDeranged Mage (7 months ago)
I still think the TF team should give its assets to Hidden Path, because they don't have to put up with a dysfunctional policy and developers.
Daniel Leger (7 months ago)
I can't believe tf2 on the console hasn't been updated still
thedungeondelver (7 months ago)
Do you think Gabe cares? He sleeps on a pile of cash HL3 isn't coming
thedungeondelver (7 months ago)
DLC would be better EA admits they hate the fans just read epistle three
Click Bait (7 months ago)
if overwatch was in steam, it would win every fucking year
thedungeondelver (7 months ago)
microtransactions are what customers will get no-one at valve cares
thedungeondelver (7 months ago)
And now, a haiku: valve hates all HL fans tf2 is a hat trading sim no HL3 for you dude
David YJ. Moon (7 months ago)
Im pretty sure after all these updates the tf2 is pretty darn tired so lets let them rest for a while like mabye 2 months would be nice for the team
Ethan Baillie (7 months ago)
Oh man what is your hud? Looks sexy
Miguel Lopez (7 months ago)
The calm before the storm
Painis Cupcake (7 months ago)
funny thing: after 5 years Warframe's amount of players is the same like in TF2 LoL
100 subs no videos LUL (7 months ago)
LocalHero (6 months ago)
Yeah get the fuck outta here with that no skill w+m1 shit you aint getting yo buffs in the heavy update.
100 subs no videos LUL (6 months ago)
pyro toxic kid hehe
pyro (6 months ago)
Yeah get the fuck outta here with that old shit you aint getting yo game go back to sleeping in black mesa
Sebastian Molina (7 months ago)
Gordon Freeman shut up gordon you've already said enough.
LocalHero (7 months ago)
Time, Dr. freeman?
IIIJFRIII (7 months ago)
Thanks man, keep up the great work. Any new news from HL or, HL3 world?
MrBlackSpy (7 months ago)
IT’S OVER TF2 Is Sadly Dead:(
SoundSmith (7 months ago)
Man, I love TF2. But Warframe absolutely deserved that win - their devs are absurdly dedicated and deserve the recognition for it.
CunningCondor (7 months ago)
Though I've never understood why people play Warframe when they could just play Borderlands 2.
mansuy adrien (7 months ago)
The Critic for somebody who IS a cardboard box, I agree
The Critic (7 months ago)
As someone who lives in a cardboard box, i agree
PartyHatGladOS (7 months ago)
Also its wierd that the tf2 community thought that it should win. the two year drought really disqualified them from that "labor of love" part.
Fireork (7 months ago)
SoundSmith As someone who doesn't own a computer, I agree
JanKaszanka (7 months ago)
Drama SFMs are bad
Jimbo Jones (7 months ago)
Oh no theyre focusing resources on the next update instead of fixes oh nooooooooo hurr durr slap lick button adios
Respectable Trash (7 months ago)
The moment I quit tf2, this shit happenes
Gelgoog (7 months ago)
There's always TF2 Vintage
Paige Polaris (7 months ago)
Pft, groans at Warframe winning. Yeah sorry man, it might have only been running for 5~ years, but at least we haven't had long and empty silences with 0 communication from devs.
Eat Mor Vegetal (7 months ago)
Yesss Warframe won 😈
Rainbine (7 months ago)
The cat-bots are back!
adrenalinek1ck (7 months ago)
Warframe deserves the award they won. That game gives new content way more frequently than Tf2 does.
Pedro Catarino (7 months ago)
will launch an engineer update in 2018 (I think)
harrison mckeown (7 months ago)
Tf2 is still good. Ran into 3 hackers today ran into one of thoses hacker twice
Toaster (7 months ago)
warframe deserves the labor of love. it’s community is surprisingly more freindly than tf2 and updates are WAY more frequent than tf2. you guys whining is the reason why tf2 didn’t win.
Toaster (7 months ago)
plot twist: valves filmakers are just a bunch of hamsters that sometimes walk on buttons
Toaster (7 months ago)
watch as we have to wait 2 years for more shitty war paints
Toaster (7 months ago)
am i the only one who thinks the pyro update is garbage?
romanian scammer (6 months ago)
Toaster it is.
Mark Van Gorkum (7 months ago)
Yahoo? You kidding right?
It's really painful to see valve doesn't even support their games properly, let alone making new games.
Adam Burns (7 months ago)
You know, I've played this game since 2009ish and I still get on a kick and play it for a month straight a couple times a year. This game will always be great, and it's always on the top 10 on steam charts no matter what time it is. Its still a highly popular game, and I wish the competitive scene was a bit bigger because I would love to get into it more. Tf2 will always be a fun and fantastic game, and I wish valve didn't ignore it as often just because CSGO brings them in more money.
ThermaL (7 months ago)
Who the fuck would vote for Warframe over tf2
Wabefuhon (7 months ago)
Have to admit, Warframe is good.
Slimey Joe (7 months ago)
I thought you had 2milion subs were did the subs go ?
The Slickest One (7 months ago)
I miss quickplay ;_;
Silver_Ze_Geek (7 months ago)
10/10 birthday gift on the 8th of March
Duck & Noodles (7 months ago)
give em a break. It's not that simple to develope a game...
Johny Huuu (7 months ago)
Anybody knows why the Hot Hand used for the contract dissapeared from inventories? Mine did
Panikiller 2 (7 months ago)
When will new engi pda's come out ;-;
DumbAnimator (7 months ago)
The irony of the sponser and today's video...
Spash PL (7 months ago)
dead gaem
Lazar (7 months ago)
Sickman (7 months ago)
i will put as much effort as posible into mine SFM animation
Panda Cares (7 months ago)
Did you littarely make a video just to tell us Tf2 is doing nothing?
Ravetar101 (7 months ago)
sombrez (7 months ago)
Correction: vMcJohn is not Jill. He is John McDonald, Jill is John Schoenick.
TheBlueKnight (7 months ago)
VAC sucks hardcore... valve make a better anti cheat system for crying out loud.
TacticalBananas (7 months ago)
Catbots Ban em
so★ (7 months ago)
oh more tf2 news.... how about some actual valve news
Mandalore The Proud (7 months ago)
Yesterday I actually saw a cheater get vac banned. It was a day of celebration.
Royal Gopnik (7 months ago)
*They’re called sentries not turrets REEEEEEEEEEEEE*
DimentiosLoyalest (7 months ago)
2:37 Are you fucking kidding me? TF2 aside Warframe is a steaming pile of shit. The fact it even got nominated baffles me. 3:08 Rocket League? Fucks sake. Do people play good games anymore?
I don't need name (7 months ago)
DimentiosLoyalest My english teacher still play rocket league so....
vsauce77779542deluxe (7 months ago)
o i n k (7 months ago)
Frontline better happen I swear...
Jimmy Guo (7 months ago)
Need another Pyro update
LuminZz (7 months ago)
DrIvanRadosivic no a pyro nerf update THEN heavy
DrIvanRadosivic (7 months ago)
you mean the Heavy update, riiiight?

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