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The Worst CS:GO Scammer You'll Ever See..

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Let me know if I should try and contact him... ❤ $20 FOR FREE + Social Media : http://www.MattCS.com ❤ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Outro song: Yung Lean - Metallic Intuition Background music by: https://www.youtube.com/supremetec https://twitter.com/SupremeTec ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► My site: http://www.mattcs.com ► Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattseesass ► Discord: https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap ► Snapchat: MattSeesAss
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Text Comments (252)
Kirrthik Kaz (8 months ago)
Guys I love indian so much and I am indian but I think that guy is indian....
DutchFighterNL (8 months ago)
You are a dutch legend
TheUkor Boy (8 months ago)
He is just a kid...
Katta115 (8 months ago)
I am not skamink can i sine your Dragon Lore? 🤓
Unreal Twitch (9 months ago)
That guy english lmao
*mr.d3s -agario* (9 months ago)
*plz giv 5$😟💔*
Edvard Xachatryan (9 months ago)
Hi! As always cool! Here is promo @Babic for 10$ on dropgun.me.
Kaloneh (9 months ago)
he just wanted to put (opposite/hypotenuse) on yor's skin get it, SINE I'm gonna die alone
cam (9 months ago)
Don’t give him attention
Shamit Rai (9 months ago)
Talk with him
cloUder (9 months ago)
give avp asiom
Šrek1sts (9 months ago)
MattCS You are really good person! Cuz you are giving away skins for free. Thats really nice. Can i give you some cases, for respect? 😄
SPACE_INVADER No (10 months ago)
Ronny RonnyB (10 months ago)
31 Scammers don`t Like this :))
Gdix PvP (10 months ago)
<3 u are god ahahha
Piyush Mahajan (10 months ago)
You need to practice aim m8.
Aron Khomkomphut (10 months ago)
FaNgZ up
IgnoreMyCringeyName (10 months ago)
there's prob still ppl in the comments ooohhh ur accuracy im here for the story not the gameplay so chill hes a good utube so chilp
- ELCRAZYY - (10 months ago)
someone ask to give him my whole inventory (5€) and he will give me a 100€ gift card code...wtf? anyway he was having level 2...wtf,again?and then say that he is trading me a DLORE FN for my Scar-20 Blueprint...BLOCKED
Patrik László (10 months ago)
ofc do it... i bet it's gonna be hilarious :D
JohnThe Baptist (10 months ago)
Give mi nife plz
BlaZe BZ (10 months ago)
Give me knife plz add me
kyogre groudon (10 months ago)
Lmao hahahah self promotion
水karim (10 months ago)
Emircan Avcı (10 months ago)
giv mi kneif pls xd dude love ur videos
André Vaz (10 months ago)
Pls do add him and then give him the felling that you are actuslly going to give the kid a knife and then NOPE
Ben (10 months ago)
Please call him!!
Lythe (10 months ago)
Take a shot everytime his English is not on point. :-)
Edgar Nonsense (10 months ago)
pls pls pls, give knife git scammed ;D <3 :steamscammed:
DrCrypto (10 months ago)
LOL #Thescamdontstop #Grindingaf
Rvln Wanz (10 months ago)
Can i got anythinf free plz? Hahaha
GreenYoshiG (10 months ago)
Can I please have a cheap knife? :(
TheNandinioz (10 months ago)
Your English is super good Matt, I have alot of friends from Nederland but they are not as good as you. that fake matt tried to add me when i left a post on your steam group haha. thanks to this video i knew what to look for :)
Wholegrainbread (10 months ago)
Matt gimme knife blyat
Scott Sting (10 months ago)
You should give him a nice battle scarred knife with a very vanilla skin. That would be hilarious. 😛
Bal500 :3 (10 months ago)
One of my friend and me like scammers... We always troll 'em. If we find one we are going to call each other and starting to troll the scammer :DD
Fade- Dota2- (10 months ago)
Matt will reply to me ♡
MarioGamesBg (10 months ago)
this scamer is probably from australia and he is 9 yo fuck
SPARTAN GAMING (10 months ago)
I need knife to cure my mom in cancer
MARK Dunkley (10 months ago)
yes do it
Happii (10 months ago)
gud England
Don J (10 months ago)
Yo Matt could we play some time
faffaga jdjjdjd (6 months ago)
Don J Nah 4 month no reply so Nah..;D
Thommie525 (10 months ago)
I know some of you hate the mattcs.com sellout, but I went referral to a knife with his codes. They're lucky!
Yes we want pls
Lethalities (10 months ago)
ily matt
lucifer (10 months ago)
He was Fkn trolling
RopeX (10 months ago)
Hi Matt A Nice video again :) But whats your Crosshair?
ForYouAllGames HD (10 months ago)
Talk with that scammer
Astroponic (10 months ago)
He is a waste of time to contact....
Astroponic (10 months ago)
Gib me moeny. pls gib me kniev
JonathanLR (10 months ago)
I avtually got scammed im really stupid i should now it was a fucking fake bot
Latekale (10 months ago)
give me one knife, i can give u case beacuse imma rich boiii
Santiago Colla (10 months ago)
*Pls give me a knife pls*
DexterPlays (10 months ago)
"anyone give me a knife and take dlore" hahahaha
Shamit Rai (10 months ago)
dude i am only that scammer
kr4zyy (10 months ago)
3:47 Oh so just don't be retarded?
kr4zyy (10 months ago)
give me a life please add me
jonah joseph (10 months ago)
This also makes me to scam😡😡
jonah joseph (10 months ago)
Howl.gg beans site a youtuber is a scam...I got scammed they do not refund and they also blocked me in steam group
Ryan Ho (10 months ago)
Prob a jake pauler
SmackFX l Motion Design (10 months ago)
Lekker stukje worst
A Dogtor (10 months ago)
Jonna Nordström (10 months ago)
Bro this scammer Wanna add me haha
k0ntrol (10 months ago)
but matt the hellcase guy who added you with level 181 you told him to go kys. why are u so nice to scammers on ur videos?
Denver Matthew (10 months ago)
2:25 soooo he will sign the skin? Lmaoooo Keep trolling scammers matt! XD
Whip (10 months ago)
mohammad waqas (10 months ago)
Help him
CaptainHydra (10 months ago)
Don't add him he just wants attention...
Drycam (10 months ago)
Matt if u wanna talk with him talk with him with risk, many youtubers have been threatened by their fans.
Olika120 (10 months ago)
giev me an kneiv ples add me
Litho (10 months ago)
Wat kind of crosshair is dat? Can u pls paste the crosshair commands here?
Litho (10 months ago)
I’d like to try it
Hetzr-CS (10 months ago)
my life on csgo Open MattCS.com and gamble a lot of sites,got the skin,and i gamble again,and the i lose.no skin ive got for my inv
Marshall (10 months ago)
He has beryy gut england
fluffy gun (10 months ago)
That english is a disgrace
x d (10 months ago)
DooM (10 months ago)
Ola Connys Orkester (10 months ago)
Aurora (10 months ago)
KSL1 :3 (10 months ago)
What an ugly tag
MattCS (10 months ago)
+Aurora FaNgZ on the rise
RaWr_Xd (10 months ago)
Please call the guy, I miss the trolling scammers vids
Gaxxor (10 months ago)
Giv knif plz
New Gamer (9 months ago)
only if open bob
RedDeadDevil1908 (10 months ago)
Yes plaes
Olika120 (10 months ago)
Gaxxor saem
Killer Sux Gaming (10 months ago)
I wanted MATT to reach 1M subscribers and become famous so that I can say that I got a Sign from him on my profile. and YES MATT you commented "LOL" when I asked you free skin when you were at 10K subs 💜
Surro (10 months ago)
I gave him a frontside misty ft
9DIrstyNotME (10 months ago)
Plz call
WASTEWORLD (10 months ago)
Your shits not hitting my sub box matt.
Anas Malek (10 months ago)
Or giving random strangers knives
Anas Malek (10 months ago)
Like people rapping for a knife
Anas Malek (10 months ago)
Yo dude do those vids u used to do
John Bauer (10 months ago)
Sure. Make a call.
papa smurf (10 months ago)
#notificationsuad where u at
MGZ (10 months ago)
Plz make a video talking to this crazy nigga lol He is so fucking bad
shrimp jesus (10 months ago)
Give bac skinnes mothefuecer
Curlee (10 months ago)
Don't talk to the loser
Kynan Loura #2 (10 months ago)
Do it! talk to him! Like if u agree!
Jaysterific (10 months ago)
Chinese MattCS right there
hehehehehe (10 months ago)
Worst scammer ever xd
CutteCham (10 months ago)
Nkay _ (10 months ago)
I love you matt
João Matos (10 months ago)
Don't add him, DON'T EVER ADD HIM! He might use DDOS to try to enter on your computer, through the steam call, he can export your ID and use that in CMD to enter on your computer. So with this said, DONT FUCKING ADD HIM! (Im studying this, so I know what might happen)
João Matos (10 months ago)
usbstick but accessing internet you can get the ID of your pc
usbstick (10 months ago)
u kno ddos only kills ur Internet right lol
Dominik šimčik (10 months ago)
Instant Like
P4ro (10 months ago)
yes omg pls talk to him

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