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bhop_wayz_sr | WR. By Jagg | 49.2

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Exact time: 49.221 Jumps/Strafes: 36/89 Sync: 92.268 1337aa, 100tick, Autobhop
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Text Comments (8)
Rydnex (3 years ago)
Can you Upload your bhop_depot Run? <3 :D
alexis bégin (3 years ago)
ur good jagg.
IBGavin (3 years ago)
methepeoplebmx (3 years ago)
Vantage - Dark is the night
jibblets (3 years ago)
gooooooooooooooooo jegg!!!!!!!
Flipybitz (3 years ago)
what when did jagg get pro????????
eskay (3 years ago)
Didnt even do lvl 10.... Good run jagg
jagg (3 years ago)
i called that that was going to be the first comment lol, this time would have been like 54 or 55 if i did last level but it really was just too annoying so i gave up doing it

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