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s1mple Remembers

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Ukraine was NA's last hope. Song: Goth Von Core - Kay-LynnX10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avEJBuIOXSE https://twitter.com/TheRickyRays
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Text Comments (138)
Davis1337 (3 months ago)
this means nothing
xvolume (5 months ago)
Johnny Gamer1 (5 months ago)
What's next? How Valve treats CSGO ?
Awesome 2.0 (5 months ago)
Teddy Bear (11 months ago)
YouSA! YouSA!
incognito (11 months ago)
How to dump girlfriend
Brax (1 year ago)
i like the fact that u showed a video of fer crying, when the only reason he was crying was because he just won the major against liquid and not loosing to them
Landon Thompson (1 year ago)
Idk, man. Liquid with s1mple > Na'Vi with s1mple.
Ino (1 year ago)
navi's a joke now
001many (1 year ago)
imagine what would happen if she started to blowjob him
Kermit - new keyboard (1 year ago)
Now we need Olofmeister Remembers
Broken Refrigerator (1 year ago)
Niko Remembers
Nelo Angelo (1 year ago)
Ammon Brown (1 year ago)
that makes me so sad
2 close 4 u (1 year ago)
Niko next XD
Branden Blackford (1 year ago)
I watched this late at night, I'm scared...
Akshay Pujari (1 year ago)
Imagine listening to this soundtrack while beating your meat.
SaltySurfer (5 months ago)
salmon is still meat
Deus Ex Machina (8 months ago)
Akshay Pujari I'm pescetarian, I spank my salmon.
Ectos (11 months ago)
Cronquist so you dont fap?
CRONQUIST (11 months ago)
I'm Vegan lmfao
Eeshan Narula (1 year ago)
Akshay Pujari wtf 😂😂😂😂
Roob (1 year ago)
Can we have GTR remembers
KNO (1 year ago)
i member
Huh? (1 year ago)
the american flag flying in the background during all those frags was the best part.
patr1ska (1 year ago)
Guys How I do net_graph like this bottom right
net_graphpos 1 and play on a higher res?
patr1ska (1 year ago)
+TheLen dude I know but net graph style like little net _graph man bottom right
TheLen (1 year ago)
net_graph 1
patr1ska (1 year ago)
+TheLen like a s1mple man I know How I do but s1mple's different in 4:3 little and bottom right
TheLen (1 year ago)
patr1ska really?
KingHelianTheXVIII (1 year ago)
This guy stole your video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kmI3Fib3mI
FuZe SpurkZ (1 year ago)
can you do Niko's Depression by showing him raging and choking with his team while he goes off big in a game?
linkin krap (1 year ago)
ukraien ukraien ukraien
Penny (1 year ago)
KennyS remembers Plzz
Climax (1 year ago)
Will always be remembered!
Ape (1 year ago)
The vietnam flashbacks are the best part, truly amazing work lmao
John White (1 year ago)
wow your video is good bro
Hustin Lou (1 year ago)
Where did you get the flipsid3 coach clip
Kouhei (1 year ago)
the extra pinch of cringe at the end omg
Corvon H Lordhaze (1 year ago)
Wow dawg.
realEpic (1 year ago)
You esse... xD
Cryptt (1 year ago)
I cried a little bit
Ngô Danh (1 year ago)
He's now gone to Navi ;(. Liquid ends here guys.
Koopsxd (1 year ago)
gr8 :D
Velkury (1 year ago)
i love your vids. go on dude!
ConnorJerusalem (1 year ago)
great video as always m8
poops (1 year ago)
best video ever
TheHybridShot (1 year ago)
These Remembers videos are seriously the best ever. Great work!
TheHybridShot (1 year ago)
These Remembers videos are seriously the best ever. Great work!
Beowulf (1 year ago)
Team Clarity (1 year ago)
Literally NA needs EU to be good in NA XD
AJgames (3 months ago)
T u n i o fuck... we need them native Americans up in here
T u n i o (5 months ago)
stewie and autimatic are asian , rush is polish, tarik is turkish what now
Scylla (5 months ago)
Team Clarity c9 lul
Tobias Franck (6 months ago)
man dpg boi are you high?
Epic S1mple is Ukrainian lmfao
Sam (1 year ago)
This is beautiful.
Hamoodi Aljaberi (1 year ago)
the cringr is real.
open (1 year ago)
fucking beautiful
erypto arts (1 year ago)
I don't follow the pro scene please explain.
Jason (1 year ago)
this is amazing
Fifaja (1 year ago)
fucking gold
Grant Dowling (1 year ago)
For those who stepped away from the scene the last year....this is a pretty good summary of that year
Wotsafish (1 year ago)
*this year so far
jdm0521 (1 year ago)
I love you and all of your videos, This was hilarious.
Bosozoku (1 year ago)
I was here at 700
Wieldy Relic (1 year ago)
i was here at 2 lol
Till (1 year ago)
lol great video but what in the fuck was that part in the end...aayy
Capri🕵 (1 year ago)
Holy shit this is intense. I feel like im getting anxiety
ohhsosleazy (1 year ago)
God damn the awkward rocking back and forth during the USA chant is cringy as hell.
Vital CSGO (1 year ago)
Damn, the sync doe, how long it took you to make this?
dom (4 months ago)
Klockrent how is that shit talking you stupid fucking cuck
Mark Moscato (1 year ago)
Jönsson ligan it's a compliment,you probably don't know that because you're anti social
Cyka Blyat (1 year ago)
Vital CSGO plz do kennys remembers
HermzChan (1 year ago)
This isn't shit talking, he complimented the sync and asked how long it took
biffkrim435 (1 year ago)
Vital CSGO vital is the type of nigga to upload the same shit as Ricky BUT shit talks him for uploading this
rap1d (1 year ago)
Who's the F3 girl at the end talking about toxicity and shit? Or where can I find that clip?
rap1d (1 year ago)
+Ricky Rays Thank you
Ricky Rays (1 year ago)
WE ARE FLIPSID3. EPISODE 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ESAV0I_a3I Start at 12:35 if you want that specific time sentence.
Joshua D (1 year ago)
VivaLaRazsa (1 year ago)
lets just lose and go home -Oleksandr Saltyliev also niko remembers
zediaN Parv (1 year ago)
ur mum's phone number
ChocolateGummyBear (1 year ago)
+Ruuska what does niko remember
Ruuska (1 year ago)
niko remembers is a must
Ironic (1 year ago)
The lovestory between simple and hiko is better than Twilight's
Waga CSGO (1 year ago)
The part at the end is so cringey my God.
Kiyo hime (1 year ago)
mishal (1 year ago)
+LowKey Chromey U S A
Bosozoku (1 year ago)
+Waga CSGO U S A
A G0d (1 year ago)
+Waga CSGO U S A
Waga CSGO (1 year ago)
+radica1 U S A
Skitz (1 year ago)
rip Simple
Twop3nny (1 year ago)
good video brah
Retwix YT (1 year ago)
Epsilos (1 year ago)
WreckTangled (1 year ago)
He did not even carry last major lmao
Billy (1 year ago)
+BakexCake Shut up, you un-wanted tard. Literally no one cares, you dipshit.
BakexCake (1 year ago)
+ModernEliteGaming nice excuse, u deserve to get bullied on cyber space
Billy (1 year ago)
+ModernEliteGaming I did not jump on his dick, I simply squatted down onto it.
WreckTangled (1 year ago)
My god, i did not fking know everybody would jump on S1mples dick jesus christ. I wanted to hear the Ukraine lovers <3
BakexCake (1 year ago)
yeah better than fucking koosta or pimp, you faggot
Zephyr (1 year ago)
moso (1 year ago)
Great video but i dont get it xD
moso (1 year ago)
+Ricky Rays Btw ricky, buddy ol pal... the music you use... it gives me.nightmares... the worst one i hav had yet was of steam sales.... so many DISCOUNTS
moso (1 year ago)
+Mr EdSome wow thanks :D
Mr EdSome (1 year ago)
S1mple has had a torrid history with his past teams (Hellraisers and Flipsid3 Tactics) because he rages at his teammates etc. He finally signed for Liquid where him and Hiko (the one who says "I really like S1mple") seem to get along fine but his other team mates nitr0 and Elige seem to hate him still, probably because he expects the same level of quality from everyone (therefore he didn't show any love for their new signing at that time Koosta, who understandably was doing badly. Now S1mple has left Team Liquid main roster (citing homesickness as one of the reasons since he is from Ukraine and was living in the U.S on his own. However he played at both MLG Columbus and ESL Cologne (as a stand in) where he played well helping Team Liquid reach the Semi Finals and Finals respectively This video is basically poking fun at him having flashbacks about the good times he had at Team Liquid with Hiko and how he wants Hiko back and also how Flipsid3 have slumped without him.
moso (1 year ago)
+Ricky Rays I do :D But im confused how it ties to his gf, i know that he had that insane streak in the major then left to go back to ukraine like he did when he left the first time and i guess the how to dump girlfriend makes sense xDDD
Ricky Rays (1 year ago)
Ahaha, you have to be following the CS:GO pro scene to understand the references :P
Awful Aim (1 year ago)
lol ecksdee
vlad blonsky (1 year ago)
rap1d (1 year ago)

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